driving is not a crime

Headcanon for while Hughes was trying to catch Scar: every time he got a phone call from the MPs saying “we got another dead State Alchemist,” he’d be so afraid that their next words would be “looks like it’s Roy Mustang.” A couple times, the MPs weren’t able to identify the body right away (they just found a pocket watch on them). Even though Hughes knew Roy was all the way in East City, he spent the entire drive to the crime scene silently pleading “please don’t be Roy. Please don’t let me pull back that sheet and find my best friend in a pool of blood”


“We drive them and they kill us”

“We don’t want to be killed”

On 2 December 2016 taxi drivers of Khabarovsk participated in memorial action after they collegue 29-year-old Evgeny Kuznetsov was brutally killed by two teenagers who wanted to rob him. Evgeny’s collegues claim that he died because of people’s indifference since he managed to escape the attackers and was alive for a while, asking for help which he didn’t receive. Dozens of taxi drivers are being killed in Russia every single year. The price of Evgeny’s life was a cellphone.

I came home right after I saw “Civil War” and had to make this. I call it “Captain America: Road Trip” Marvel, can you please make a movie where these three guys just drive across the country fighting crime on their way to iconic tourist spots? I need the bromance to continue. I think we all do.

Drive Like Jehu // Do You Compute 

Do you compute?
Do you compute?
Do you or don’t you?
I think you do

Don’t need it proven
Don’t wanna listen
Don’t need a tour of the pieces I’m missing

As if you were put here to straighten us out
And everything you said was being written down
You weren’t and it isn’t and nobody’s listening
And nobody gives a fuck what you go do with your life

To be honest, it doesn’t bother me that we didn’t get to see the whole proposal. I liked that we got to see Andy go down on one knee and Sharon’s look of surprise. Don’t get me wrong I would have loved to see the full proposal but this was also enough to make me happy. The looks they gave each other throughout the episode was adorable.

At the beginning of season 5 would this have pissed me off? Yes. Over winter break I was able to step back and look at it differently. Without Rusty I bet we wouldn’t get half the shandy scenes we do. He’s not my favorite but he’s grown back on me. I also found that getting pissed off about a show that wasn’t going to change did nothing but make me enjoy the show less.

This half of the season I’ve been able to enjoy the crimes, other character’s stories, and the shandy moments we do get. Not every episode is perfect or my cup of tea but I want more seasons. I want more small shandy scenes. Last, I want all you amazing fanfic writers to keep writing the amazing add on scenes and AUs! I can’t get enough!

From atop a shadowed throne, 
Hades watches the seasons pass.

He grieves as the first buds of spring push
their way up through the frozen earth.

He thinks how cruel it is, that the days
should be so much longer in the months
they must be apart.

He wonders if it was Zeus who ordered
Apollo to drive his chariot more slowly
across the sky in summer, as punishment
for the crime in which he too played a part.

Surely, taking her from him for half the
year must be punishment enough?

But even through these endless days
he cannot summon an ounce of remorse.

He could steal her a hundred, a thousand
more times, and still it would be a drop
in the ocean compared to how completely
she has stolen him.


The very name holds him prisoner
as he wishes away the seconds.

From atop a shadowed throne,
Hades watches as the first leaves
wither and fall from their branches
and he rejoices.

She will be his again soon.

—  she is mine but half the year, and I am hers always

Thank you Anon for your prompts, I try to answer the other two asap!😘

MSR prompt/47 - Things you said in the hotel room/Cancer Arc

*Disclaimer: English is not my first language, please excuse my mistakes.*

The world cracks open for those willing to take a risk

He is back in his motel room, scanning through different television channels, trying to occupy himself. Nothing interests him, nothing can take away his thoughts of her partner. They were in the car, driving back from the crime scene when it happened again. Blood started to stream from her nose. Of course, it’s not the first time this happens and he keeps telling her to slow down. He keeps telling her they shouldn’t investigate too many cases, they should travel less. She doesn’t listen. She keeps insisting on ‘being fine’.

She is driving him nuts and slowly destroying him by making him a bystander of her disease. He can tell that she is overwhelmed and exhausted, the chemo taking most of her strength and sometimes even her willingness to live. The frequency of these nosebleeds is drastically growing while her weight is drastically decreasing. He doesn’t dare to say anything, but he does notice.

He knows everything, and he can do nothing. He can hear her during nights like this, throwing up in her hotel room. He can hear her during the day when she runs to the bathroom. He goes after her every time. Every time she sends him away. He tries talking to her, smoothen her and he really does try helping her but she refuses. She is so damn stubborn, sometimes it really does make him mad. The last time he went to her place, they argued like never before. She was shouting and swearing. He has never heard this voice of hers before and he prays every night that he will never hear it again.

That’s right. He ‘prays’. Or at least he is trying his best. He knows it’s more her way, believing in a higher power, but he has to try. He could not live with himself if he’d know that there was something he could have done but he didn’t. So every night, he is praying to God (or anyone really) who has the willingness to listen to him and has the power to make Scully healthy again. He keeps offering everything he has - including his life - in exchange of her well-being. No one seems to listen to him. No change in Scully’s condition so far. So here he is, cursing himself, every night because the best thing he can do for her, is to keep trying. That’s it. He is not even succeeding in anything but he keeps trying. He can and never will give up on her. It’s bad enough that she’s given up on herself.

He waits till he can hear her finishing up in the bathroom and going to bed. He gives her the space she needs to clean up after the incident in the car and after only he dares to check if the adjoined door is open. He slowly pushes the door and enters her room. She finds her under the big, dark blue bedsheets. She looks up at him and gives him an encouraging small smile.

He closes the door and sits down next to her on the bed. Before he has the chance to form any type of sentence, her eyes travel from his lips to his cheeks to arrive gazing into his eyes, begging for silence. He understands but before settling on her bed he quickly jumps back up to disappear into his room again. Only a couple of seconds later he reappears, holding a book in his hand. Her mouth gaped open when recognising the book.

“Mulder where did you get that?” – Her voice is so weak, it’s more like a whisper. He takes a seat on the bed next to her, his left hand is inches away from hers. The other hand holds up the book in front of her eyes.

“Oh, this book, you mean? – Smiles innocently at her.

“I found it on your bookshelf last week. I read the introduction and I quite liked it, so I kept it. I was thinking that maybe once I’ll have the chance to read it to you. Would you mind that, Scully? If I’d read to you tonight?” – Scully sits up on the bed, hugging her knees. 

She only looks up at him when asking her question. He is studying her face, noticing the wrinkles of surprise appearing on her forehead.

“Why would you read this to me, Mulder?”

“Well, I did a bit of research and allegedly this book has a great atmosphere, teaches you some new Italian recipes and makes you wanna fly to Tuscany. I happen to know that you can go quite far to get your hands on a good bottle of wine, and I can do crazy things to have a delicious lasagne.” – He can see tears are welling up in her eyes, but she is still not turning away from him. 

“And so, I was thinking that when you get better we could take some holidays - and if the book really is that good – we could go to Tuscany and eat fresh, healthy Italian food, enjoy the best wines and the scenery. I’m pretty sure Skinner will even pay for our flight tickets if he can get rid of us for a week or two.” – This made her giggle, just like he intended to. 

Her sparkling, blue eyes meet again his eyes, and he is slowly reaching up to the back of her neck, pulling her closer to him. He kisses away the tears, whispers in her ear and she shudders against him.

“What do you think, Scully? Would you visit Tuscany with me?” – Her feelings are suddenly flooding her. She gently brakes down into his arms, hers are hanging onto his shoulders as they’d be the only thing keeping her above water. Her tears run freely from her cheeks down to his neck, making a path down on his T-shirt. He holds her there, against his chest, her head just above his heart. They stay like this for long minutes.

‘He finally tried hard enough and she let him in. His heart is broken into a million pieces to see her like this, but he believes - no scrap that – he knows that this is just the beginning. From now on, he will be there, they will fight together and they will win. They always do.’ 

After her breathing is back to normal, and her tears seemed to dry up he pulls her down onto the bed with him. He positions himself against the headboard and Scully is laying atop on his chest. With one hand he is caressing her back and the other is holding the book; Under the Tuscan Sun - Frances Mayes 

“What are you growing here?“ the upholsterer lugs an armchair up the walkway to the house but his quick eyes are on the land.

“Olives and grapes,” I answer.

“Of course, olives and grapes, but what else?’

I’m fairly certain that the people who make the “batman could make himself obsolete by using his money to solve the economic strain that drives many people to crime” posts are only familiar with Batman through Will Arnett’s spoof performance in the Lego movie, since that’s the only version of Batman I know where he isn’t hiring so many ex-convicts at his company so they have a legitimate source of income and using so much money to fund social programs that all the other bigwigs at Wayne Enterprises hate him and want him gone

Literally every version of his origin story I can remember involves him realizing that he can’t just treat the symptoms as Batman, he has to treat the root cause as Bruce Wayne. A huge part of the plot of “The Dark Knight Rises” is that his company is on the verge of bankruptcy because Bruce keeps spending all their profits on things like “clean energy” and “food and shelter for orphans.”

The opening of “Arkham City” shows him campaigning against mass incarceration because the majority of the inmates in Arkham City are not public menaces like the Joker, they’re desperate people with no other options, and Gotham should be providing them with legitimate means of stability rather than punishing them for having none.

Especially since the majority of his villains are independently wealthy people (doctors, lawyers, business executives) who are exploiting people’s desperation in order to get themselves henchmen, and the henchmen almost always have jobs with a living wage waiting for them on the other side of their sentence, and Bruce has a standing offer to pay out-of-pocket for the therapy of any of his villains whose crimes are the result of a mental illness (which Bruce is sympathetic to since he is mentally ill himself)

But what’s really damning about these posts is that a lot of them suggest Bruce should use his money to give the police the resources they need to deal with crime on their own, which makes it clear they’ve never actually consumed a piece of Batman media, since the issue with the Gotham Police is not that they’re underfunded. They have a bloated budget, they’re almost militant, and they’re so corrupt that they actually encourage crime, both violent and economic, because they’re on the payroll of the richest criminals. 

Also, some of them refer to Batman as a “old rich white man’s wet dream” and I really disagree here. A story that says the only rich dude in the world who’s not a criminal drain on society is the one who spends the majority of his hefty inheritance and all his corporate profits trying to correct the imbalance that allowed him his wealth in the first place, whose staunch belief is that the best crime control policy is building a world where no one feels crime is necessary, as well as refusing to support mass incarceration or police corruption, systems which stand to benefit him financially? Batman is an old rich white man’s worst nightmare