driving impression

I see your “If they ever met, Cassandra would make one perpetual disgusted noise every time she’s around Zevran”

and instead offer you “Cassandra and Zevran would bond over smutty literature and practice sparring. Cass kicks his ass every time and Zev would probably thank her for it” 


This is a rather impressive drive, Kotsifou Canyon, on the island of Crete. Much of Crete is uplifted limestones and I think this canyon likely is as well.


└  Side-stepping 蟹智 vs 猿智

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Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 05.11.2016

What the APH Balkans are made of
  • Romania: Wine and unholiness
  • Bulgaria: Sticks and yoghurt
  • Greece: Impressive sex drive
  • Turkey: Good fashion choices
  • Serbia: Rage and rakija
  • Montenegro: Sleep and laziness
  • Macedonia: Positivity and flowers
  • Croatia: Serbian tears
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ćevapi and swear words
  • Slovenia: Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • Albania: Pretty mountainous landscapes and cannabis
  • Vojvodina: Sugar and spice, and everything nice
  • Kosovo: Teen angst
  • Srpska: Admiration for Serbia

cheery jily oneshots that should exist but don’t (for marionetteblues)

  • One backs themselves into an awkward/embarrassing corner and the other discreetly saves them from cert humiliation.
  • Lily brings home a kitten and she’s pregnant so she gets what she wants. They try to casually ignore the increasingly obvious fact that James is (definitely) allergic to cats.
  • Lily & James can’t choose just ONE song to capture the essence of their love, so they add songs to a running list as they have great experiences. Eventually they like 30 and realize some tough choices have to be made.
  • Lily & James go to Hogsmeade. Alone. They both think it’s a date but everyting is terribly ambiguous and there’s no snogging so they both have minor nervous breakdowns in their respective dorms later.
  • Lily teaches James how to drive because he begged her to. Problem is, she may have slightly exaggerated about her own driving experience/ability to impress her boyfriend. Disaster ensues.
  • Very pregnant Lily discovers a spell that lets James experience what a contraction feels like.
  • James and Lily go to a professional Quidditch match and they get kicked out because one of them accidentally gets into a very minor tiff with the referee.
  • James and Lily try to assemble a piece of prefab furniture, except James doesn’t know what a screwdriver is and Lily’s dad taught that her directions are for the weak. It’s supposed to be a chair but they paint it yellow and use it as a plant stand.
  • James accidentally become a crazy cat lady and Lily is forced to intervene.

Every year Instagram creators worldwide host an community event centered around one common theme. This year’s theme is kindness so in that spirit we are hosting a clothing drive. Come Dress to impress and donate the rest! Myles and I will be offering 2$ portraits in which all proceeds will go to black owned organization Thrive dc to further fight homelessness in the DC area. We are accepting lightly used clothing items such as large jackets, t shirts, and sweats with expandable waists. Please come out tomorrow and show the community some support!

“Two Headlights Shine Through the Sleepless Night”

A Calum Hood one shot inspired by the lyric above from “Treacherous” by Taylor Swift

The summer night’s air was warm and wet, the humidity making your thighs stick to the leather of the passenger seat you sat in, windows open and wind wildly whipping your hair. Thumping through the stereos was a song you weren’t quite familiar with but bopped your head to the beat nonetheless, your companion’s music selection never failing to impress you. Driving at a speed you could only guess was illegal, you and Calum sped through the night like two bandits on the run; not really knowing where you’re going but believing anywhere was better than the place you’d left behind. The clock on the dash read 3:24 but time felt non-existent; like every other thing in the world was put on pause except the two of you, racing away from your problems with nothing but each other on your minds.

The beautiful landscape bathed in moonlight around you seemed to stretch on for miles, but you’d given up on looking at it in lieu of staring at the man next to you; one of his hands loosely holding the steering wheel while the other held your hand in his, resting atop of the divider between you. His eyes never failed to leave the road in front of you, but you knew his attention was still locked on you by the way his fingers drummed against the back of your hand in time to the beat of the music and squeezed your palm against his every time a particularly cheesy line was sang. 

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