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Hudders knows

Something to consider: at the end of tsot, John tells us that Mrs. Hudson has walked in on them dancing together.

And then, the morning of the wedding, she walks in on Sherlock dancing with the ghost of John in his arms.

“Road testing” works as an excuse if you didn’t know what Sherlock was referencing back to…but Mrs. Hudson knows. She knows.

“Are your fantasies something you’d like to put into action? Or something you just think about?” Jimin quickly glanced at you, his eyes locking with yours for no more than a mere second, but even that second was enough for you to notice the lust in his eyes, which meant he could have noticed the same feeling in your gaze.

Sin City [five] by @btssmutgalore

So apparently we need to clarify this AGAIN


Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction.

Some aces still have sex drives. I mean hell, some aces still have sex, it’s just that we do not find anyone sexually attractive.

So no, not all asexuals are incapable of getting aroused. Some asexuals have sex to satisfy their libido. Some asexuals just masturbate. Some asexuals don’t care either way. Some asexuals don’t have a libido.

But for gods sake, stop defining asexuality as “lack of sex drive” because that’s not correct. It’s lack of sexual attraction.

have you ever fallen for someone and learned and loved everything about them? and then they leave and it makes you sick every time you come across those things they taught you? because somehow, even though you still love them, they tainted all those memories for you.


Bonnie & Clyde - Song Title Posters

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Newsies, Wicked Part 1 / Part 2, Something Rotten!, Les Miserables Part 1Part 2 , Waitress, Cinderella

make a man go doot doot

this got so long I can’t believe myself why did I do this

also debating going through and deleting my old posts and redoing them or just let them die because I’m so unhappy with most of them but eh some of them have like 500+ notes and I don’t wanna burn that along with my bad writing you feel me

- the reason he’s so awful at driving is because he plays grand theft auto s o much

- it’s canon that he has a “ gray station ” ( play station ) so i mean boi why not

- so he tries to use of those dynamics when he’s driving and o h my god driving with him is hell

- he has gotten in car wrecks before and injured

- not too badly usually just cuts and bruises but he did break his arm once

- he didn’t know which hurt more, his arm or the fact his dad didn’t show up at the hospital when he heard his son was in a car accident

- he just told him that Jumin would brush it off and be back in the office in no time

- Jumin didn’t know how to react to that so ,, he kind just accepted that’s the way it’s supposed to be regardless of how he feels

- ok let’s get off of sad stuff my heart

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One of the reasons why the 2016 adaptation of Dirk Gently works so well is that, like the books, Dirk isn’t actually the main character. He’s the titular character and one of the major protagonists and an overall driving force, but hell. I’m rereading the first book on my Kindle and Dirk isn’t mentioned until 16% of the way in, and doesn’t appear until 34% of the way in. That’s huge.

I love the psychic bean dearly but as far as I’m concerned, season one is the story of Farah Black’s quest to save Lydia, assisted by two weirdos with nice jackets and a distinct lack of boundaries. She’s introduced to the audience in a position of complete hopelessness, caught up in a situation she had no hand in creating, with glaring personal flaws that she needs to come to terms with and a “sin” that she feels that she needs to atone for (Patrick’s death and Lydia’s kidnapping).

The story ends with her killing the villain, being personally validated and financially rewarded by the person she saved, and (importantly!) being left with A New Quest™ for season two (working with two chronically ill siblings and a smol anarchist vampire while coordinating Operation Save The Psychic Murder Children).

Derek Hale One Shot / Blurb

Prompts: “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked" + Bed Sharing

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sort of sexual implication at the end? Also quite short.

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You watched the storm going on outside the large panelled windows, your knees tucked to your chest as you sat at the desk chair, a thick blanket wrapped around your body. You didn’t hear Derek come out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist as he walked to stand beside you, his arms crossed against his chest.

“It’s just getting worse,” he said, the wind whistling loudly outside and you could barely see through the street below due to the heavy rain.

You picked at loose threads on the blanket, “mmh, it’s going to be hell to drive in.”

Derek let out a humourless laugh as he began to walk towards the clothes he’d set out for himself. You raised an eyebrow, pulling the blanket tighter around you.


He shook his head, “I just think it’s funny you think I’d let you drive out in that. You can barely drive when it’s not raining, (Y/N). I couldn’t drive in this either.”

Derek pulled on his boxers from underneath his towel, knowing full well that he had an audience as he got changed. You’d now gotten out of your seat, walking towards him with your blanket pulling along almost like a cape. When you stopped in front of him, you pulled your angriest frown and did your best to keep your eyes from wandering down from his face.

“Am I supposed to just wait until the storm passes over? It’s nearly midnight and the news report said it wouldn’t break until mid-morning!” you said, trying not to seem flustered but he knew you were. He was kind enough not to laugh at your attempt to be intimidating.

Derek did his usual response – he shrugged.

“You’ll just do what most people will do. You’ll sleep and when you wake up, it’ll be over. Now go to bed, you get cranky when you’re tired.”

He picked up his t-shirt, pulling it over his head and you attempted not to seem disappointed that you could no longer sneakily ogle at his chest.

“You know,” you began, not being able to help yourself, “I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.”

Derek smirked, beginning to walk back to the bathroom, “that can always be arranged, (Y/N).”

You had no idea how this happened.

You were laying on your side, fully aware of the close proximity between you and Derek and you tried your best to steady your breathing. He was so close – you could feel his body heat and hear his quiet breathing. You wondered if he was asleep, too scared to roll over and see for yourself. If you ever told Lydia about this, she would get annoyed with you for not taking the opportunity to make a move on Derek as she’d been pushing you for months to even just admit to yourself that you had feelings for him.

Lightening cracked suddenly outside, causing you to flinch at the sudden noise. You heard Derek hum to himself, signalling to you that he was awake and he shuffled closer to you.

“Relax,” Derek whispered in your ear, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you towards his chest, “it’s just noise. It can’t hurt you.”

Your breathing hitched as he used the arm wrapped around you to lazily trace patterns along your body with his fingers.

“It’s not the storm that’s making me anxious.”

Derek fell silent and his fingers stopped tracing patterns along you. Your body was covered in goosebumps and you let out a small gasp when he shifted your bodies. Now, you were lying beneath him – his hands resting on either side of your head and his face dangerously close to yours.

His lips ghosted over yours, a smirk coming to his face, “relax. I’ll take care of you.”