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Home and Exalted Placements

Aries Sun

With the sun in its exaltation, this person’s strength of character is outstanding and their belief in themselves is, rightfully, likewise strong. They see life as a set of challenges - often a competition… and they will make sure they win.

Aries Mars

This person will teem with energy and intensity. There’s certainly no holding them back. They find that they are easily aroused to passion about a given subject, and it is easy for them to harness their drive.

Taurus Moon

Having the moon exalted can only result in one of the most sensitive and protective individuals possible. They make, arguably, the best parents, and are committed to finding happiness for themselves and those they love.

Taurus Venus

With Venus in its home sign, this person is full of aesthetics, harmony, and sensuality. No matter their gender they have a somewhat feminine air about them. They are slow in love, but highly affectionate.

Gemini Mercury

This person is a quick learner, avid communicator, and perhaps even a gossip. They live to convey information of any sort. Their mind is constantly abuzz. They are easily bored, because they long to always be thinking and talking.

Cancer Moon

Having the moon in its home sign results in an emotionally intense, private, and sensitive person. They are highly protective over those that they care about, and yet their feelings sway with the phases of the moon.

Cancer Jupiter

The generation of Jupiter in Cancer have an opportunistic take on life, tending to be kind, thoughtful, and spiritual people, who may take a keen interest in moral philosophy. They seek to make the world a better place.

Cancer Neptune

(Note: The exaltation of Neptune is as yet under debate.)

The generation of Neptune in Cancer tend to be often lost in their heads. They have long and accurate memories, and their emotions are as vivid as their imaginations. Good-natured, peace and happiness manifest in their dreams.

Leo Sun

This placement is arguably the strongest available in a person’s chart. This person has a strong self-belief, and an admirably unrivalled awareness of their own character. They radiate ‘it’s all about me’.

Leo Pluto

(Note: The exaltation of Pluto is as yet under debate.)

The generation of Pluto in Leo is one to which power is crucial. They may have revolutionary ideas about sex. But transformation is not necessarily key here, instead, the area of control becomes important with these people.

Virgo Mercury

With Mercury in its home sign, and exaltation, this person is probably one of the most intelligent available. They process information cleanly and tidily, and their knowledge is reliable. With learning, routine is important to them.

Libra Venus

This person is romantic, sensual, and flirtatious. Aesthetics are important to them, so they may invest a lot of energy in the way they look. They tend to put their partner before themselves in a relationship.

Libra Saturn

The generation of Saturn in Libra see teamwork, order, and justice as key to preserving the morals they hold so dear. They tend to be strict about their rules, and are best described by the phrase ‘firm but fair’.

Scorpio Mars

(Note: Mars is no longer always seen as influencing Scorpio.)

Having Mars in its home sign, the individual with this placement overflows with drive and intensity. They may be quick to anger and tend to be sexually active. However, they value control when expressing this passionate energy.

Scorpio Uranus

(Note: The exaltation of Uranus is as yet under debate.)

The generation of Uranus in Scorpio want to revolutionise and transform the world around them in every way - politically, morally, and psychologically. They have no patience for tradition and a zealous passion for carrying their beliefs.

Scorpio Pluto

The generation of Pluto in Scorpio is one to which transformation, control, and sex are key. They may be secretive and dynamic individuals who are utterly unpredictable. Their time in positions of power will be unequalled.

Sagittarius Jupiter

The generation of Jupiter in Sagittarius are opportunistic, good-natured, and spiritual people who are always looking for ‘more’ - more exploration, more knowledge, more religion, more everything they can.

Capricorn Mars

With Mars in its exaltation, this person’s drive is worthy of applause. They know what they want and they get it. They are also one of the most sexually intense signs who express lots of passion in physical relationships.

Capricorn Saturn

The generation of Saturn in Capricorn are law-makers. They know their limits and play to them, whilst happily writing the rules for their successors. They, out of everyone, have the best knowledge of the limitations of modern life.

Aquarius Saturn

(Note: Saturn is no longer always seen as influencing Aquarius.)

The generation of Saturn in Aquarius let themselves be limited only by their own creative power. They are rule-breakers rather than rule-makers, but in that regard, they understand the power of decree.

Aquarius Uranus

The generation of Uranus in Aquarius are rebels who wish to revolutionise everything around them, especially in a political and humanitarian sense. They should make sure they do not find themselves rebelling for the sake of it.

Pisces Venus

This person is romantic, yes, but when they find a lover, they tend to express their affections in a more spiritual way. Aesthetics attract them, but it is the wholesomeness of their love which makes them stand out.

Pisces Jupiter

(Note: Jupiter is no longer always seen as influencing Pisces.)

The generation of Jupiter in Pisces are moral and good-hearted people who tend to look favourably on others no matter their crime. They seek spiritual understanding of themselves and others.

Pisces Neptune

The generation of Neptune in Pisces seem always to be lost in their head, and indeed, they are the greatest dreamers imaginable. Whether these daydreams are spiritually important, or simply amusing, we may never know.