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Tom can’t win with Star no matter what he does. He gives her attention and she gets mad because she wants to be left alone, he leaves her alone and she gets mad because he’s not paying enough attention to her. It’s quite honestly infuriating.

MoMA PS1: Warm Up

What are you doing this weekend? Summertime is Warm Up time at MoMA PS1! Baltimore’s TT the Artist, fresh off the release of her debut album Queen Of The Beat, will perform her fusion of EDM and party rap, accompanied by special guests Cakes da Killa, Spank Rock, and Dai Burger. Lil Durk, the French Montana-affiliated Chicago rapper just added to the line-up, will perform songs off of his recent album, “2X.” And Swizzymack, Philly’s hottest young DJ and Diplo protegee, will show why he is the driving force behind Philly Club. Alongside these emerging talents are Baltimore born-and-raised DJ Class, and two of the leading names in Jersey Club, DJ Tameil and DJ Jayhood.

Use code WARMUPFAM for discounted tickets and start planning your day full of dancing, food, and art.

[TT the Artist. Photograph: CALY. Styled By Joshua Holloman] 

(via MoMA PS1: Warm Up)

(a cute little reigisa tidbit from the interview)

The driving force behind the Swimming Club are the saviours of the Swimming Club! The Continuation of the Comedic Duo!

With only three members on the swim team, forming a medley relay team was impossible! So that’s why Nagisa sought out Rei. At first Rei exclaimed “If people evolved to walk on land then it makes no sense for them to return back into the water!!!” but because of Nagisa’s persistent persuasion, he entered the Swim Club. Trying his hardest to catch up with the others along with Nagisa who follows with all his might, the two make an uneven combination, but only they can eventually calm the tides of the Swim Club.

EDIT: I JUST REALIZED THE PICTURE THAT SHOWS NAGISA SWIMMING SAYS THIS: “While swimming the Medley relay during Nationals, Nagisa felt Rei’s presence beside him.”

credit goes to natsui for the scans!!