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okay so what if for their honeymoon the two are all like ‘hey lets go to texas and see the place that maya is always making fun of’ and everything. but on the drive there they get into an accident (drunk driving on the other person behalf?) and lucas is the one who got severely, life threateningly injured. and so they’re rushed off into the hospital immediately, and maya is cleared instantly and shes just pacing in the waiting room for lucas because “he is going to make it out, he is” but then the nurse comes out and she tells her that he didn’t make it.

which (obviously) crushes her and she falters and slides down the wall and kind of goes in a daze and lays there on the floor. and then the matthews come and take her back to their place and for a while shes just in a daze and is kind of just there physically but mentally shes thinking of all of their times and stops smiling and ohgod im crying ;-;

MY HEART!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?? (*whispers* send me more..)

Ok so

I know tumblr is US-centric as fuck but today is Canada Day so as a request from someone who knows several combat vets, can any Canadian folks firing fireworks in their backyard fucking not? That’s not only illegal but you don’t know what you could be triggering for your veteran neighbour, thank for your time

For a lot of these people fireworks sound awfully like gunshots or combat explosives

Also if you’re gonna go and get hella drunk or throw some kinda party where alcohol is being served for the love of fuck don’t spike peoples’ drinks and as the host don’t let them drive home drunk; call them a cab or if the distance is short enough walk them home

Other than that, get out your red and white and have an awesome Canada Day

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I don't need a religious reason to be pro-life, in fact, when I was in a almost atheist phase I never let to be pro-life! But I can't understand how someone who believe in the Catholic Church, or even only in the Bible can be pro-choice...

It’s interesting, because I’ve met some atheists who were pro-life because they believe human life is like the highest form of existence (or something like that). So they sought to protect it.

I think that pro-choice people tend to argue from seemingly righteous grounds (personal freedoms, individual rights, etc.), and I think that Americans can identify with that specifically.

But, when your actions cause direct harm on another, innocent person – doesn’t matter if it’s abortion, drunk driving, physical assault, domestic violence, or anything – we Americans and fellow citizens of the world must fight to protect the weak, defenseless, and innocent from those who might do them harm, regardless of their reasons.

when my parents were still together sometimes we’d all go out to eat. after dinner my mom n dad would figure out who was the least drunk, so the less tipsy parent could drive us home. this was something i grew up with???? i went like 18 years before learning that that kind of behavior isn’t safe or normal, lol. i’m very lucky to have never been in an accident. DON’T DRIVE DRUNK!!!

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I asked the instructor after class why, & he said because it would be their fault. Like, you wait until they get out of the way,& then go so you dont get sued! He fucking said that to sophomores who believe him & he admitted to drunk driving. So idk

That instructor is wrong and needs to go back to school himself. It is the pedestrians right away when crossing no matter what.

Some time ago a boy who was driving drunk invaded my road, hit my car frontally and I found myself down in a ditch.

I never felt more scared in all my life, and the pain I had to go through after that, along with the memory, was the worst of all.

And now, JUSTIN BIEBER drives drunk and his fans support him?


Driving drunk is NOT a mistake.

You are insulting ME and all the people who had and even died in a car accident because of the idiots that drive drunk.

I feel so enraged, so disgusted.

Come to my face and say that the guy who hit me “made a mistake” and I will personally dig you a grave and bury you alive.


“Foolish” - Ad Campaign by Florida Department of Transportation

Agency: Dunn&Co. United States

“Campaign by Dunn& Co, Florida for pedestrian and bicycle safety and the effect impaired driving have on the victim’s life. Including the one they would have lived if they had not been killed.”

Very long read, but the ad makes it’s point

Oh yes, it is so cute and historical Justin Bieber that you were arrested and charged with a DUI in Miami for racing drunk, Apparently it is perfectly fine to avoid all safety and responsibilities when you become famous  because you are just so0o0o0o wealthy.. You some how become like a god because you have money so you are not bound by any rules that can possibly kill you or other people.  Nope. Doesn’t matter in his book. I can do watever I please becuz I’m Justin Bieber tehe. Yea no, fuck you.

Becuz It is just so0o0o0o funny that you could have killed people because you are a careless little brat that thinks you can do whatever you want because for some reason you think that laws don’t abide by you, Well keep it up buddy, you will be sent back to Canada in no time. You will be missed by so0o0o many..haha just kidding. Please leave. No one wants to hear about you anymore. You are beyond pathetic.

Ricardo Espinoza got tagged by a drunk driver recently. Aside from a couple bruises and broken bones he walked away from this.

Sadly the passenger in the drunk drivers vehicle passed away on the seen.

They said he got tagged at about 65 and the driver didn’t hit his brakes as there were no tire marks on the ground from braking.

If you are thinking about drinking and driving just don’t do it. I’ve seen way too many of my close friends lose their lives because of people being idiots.

I’m sad to see his car like this because it was his pride and joy but at the end of the day car’s are replaceable lives aren’t.

Stay safe out there…

What exactly do lawyers that deal with DUIs actually do?

All sorts of things!

Making sure that the police had probable cause to stop the vehicle in the first place. No probable cause for the stop, whole case gets tossed.

Making sure that the police used appropriate methods for determining that there was probable cause to test for DUI. Unless they’re doing a checkpoint (for which there are strict rules), they can’t just stop you for an illegal turn and ask you to take a breath test because they feel like it.

Making sure that the methods used to determine BAC were reliable and correctly used. Police departments fail to calibrate their equipment–and lab results get lost/corrupted/switched–more often than you’d think.

Making sure that any interrogation/questioning conducted back at the station was proper and did not violate any of the defendant’s rights.

Etc. It’s not about “proving” that the defendant didn’t commit the charged offense. Criminal defense work rarely is. It’s about making sure the state isn’t cutting any corners. Which, unfortunately, happens all the time. Convictions can only be based upon evidence which supports guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Poking holes in the prosecution’s case can be an incredibly effective way of doing that, though in DUI in particular it’s more about keeping improper evidence out than casting doubt on the evidence as such.


Wow, so basically Chile federation just said that Vidal made a mistake but that they still needed him so he was still going to be part of the squad for Copa America… this guy is lucky to be alive and to have no killed anybody else after recklessly driving under the influence of alcohol while being in concentration with his NT in a tournament being played at home, but he still doesn’t deserve punishment?!!! Where’s FIFA at tho?????

signs as dumb things
  • Aries:distracted driving
  • taurus:drunk driving
  • Gemini:transphobia
  • Cancer:screamers
  • Leo:harmful pranks
  • Virgo:the economy
  • libra:the word moist
  • Scorpio:shaming women
  • Sagittarius:biphobia
  • Capricorn:smoking
  • Aquarius:animal abuse
  • Pisces:sea world
When you’re driving, please take it seriously

once I saw a snap chat where I saw a friend of my friend smoking a bong and driving at the same time and I got so mad. When you drive please:

  • focus on the road

  • don’t be distracted whilst driving

  • don’t drive drunk

  • don’t drive high 

  • its not only you on the road, you actions can hurt someone else 

  • Your actions can also hurt you

  • if its illegal to text and drive please don’t

  • please follow the law, be safe and buckle up
Memo to the “Blaming guns for gun deaths is like blaming cars for drunk driving deaths” crowd:

You fucking jackass.  

You disingenuous piece of shit.

A car is a means for transport.  For mobility.  For getting from one place to another.  It’s a tool.  Mainly used by law-abiding, responsible people who do not drive drunk.  It’s purpose is to allow a person or person to get from Point A to Point B and then maybe take a side trip to Sonic for a cheeseburger and fries.

A gun only has two uses: 1) kill people, or 2) wound people.  Dictionary definition I believe.  Just ask the more than 100,000 people shot in America every.  Fucking.  Year.  Ask their families too!  The same families who are probably driving cars, but probably not shooting guns.

A gun kills or maims.  Those are its only goals in life.  If a gun could write out a resume, its address would be “Everywhere, America” and under “experience” it would simply list “KILLED A LOT OF PEOPLE, CHILDREN TOO” and it would be the thickest resume ever after detailing all of its highlights!  Columbine! Newtown! Arizona!  Brooklyn!

“You’re hired!” says the NRA.  

So again: a car is a tool for transport.  A gun is a tool for murder!  Got it?  MURDER.  And that’s true whether or not the user is sober or drunk and you fucking know it so please, shut the everloving fuck up and if you want to hunt, then for God’s sake, pick a bow and fucking arrow already because fuck you, you’re alive and get to play with your toys and nine innocent people just died at the hands of a racist, terrorist white guy who GOT A GUN FOR HIS 21ST FUCKING BIRTHDAY.

And who, BTW, used a car to flee.

His car didn’t kill anyone.

His gun did.

Fuck you.