driving driving far away

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Can u adopt me pls??????

ya i will but we would both die pr obably bc i cant drive u 2 ur soccer pracice bc i hate driving  but i mean i will drive if its not 2 far away  and i will bake u sweets n make sure u have water on ur nightstand b4 u go 2 bed just incase u get thirsty…………but like i dont make Enough Mone y to suport u so we have to find a sugar daddy ok i love u xoxo

My grammar is On let’s dive into theories

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If I had a car, nonetheless a driving license, I would take that car, drive away, far away, until I saw the sea. I would sit down by the shore, just sitting and listening to the waves and remember. Maybe I would cry a little - just like I always do, when I remembering and thinking of you. But most of all I would just sit there, wishing everything would be different, somehow, until I got over myself and could drive back, and once again , existing like nothing ever happened.

I keep forgetting that Dan and Phil are actual real people


need help with driving I think

we were driving today in Driver’s Ed and at one point we hit the gas instead of the brake :(

we were p dissociated

we cried but luckily the teacher didn’t tell the parents that

we’re dissociated all the time and we’re a ok driver but when we drive it almost feels like no one is driving, or like us as a whole are driving, but really far away

but like anyone have any tips?

we aren’t Dxed and we can’t get a Dx of any dissociative disorder right now

slightly scared to drive now. plus even if we do pass driving we’ll have to take a handbook test

Like Beckham


Not that there was anything wrong with college transfers - especially when the one you’re being forcibly moved to had far superior facilities in the athletics department - but it was always an incredible hassle, and not to mention the paperwork! It was a lot for Ventus to really understand and get his head around, but since it wasn’t his exact idea, the documents were being handled by his manager, and former college professors.

The new place of education - errr some name to do with ‘Twilight Town’ - was a fair way from his old campus. Like, really far away, a minimum 30 minute drive. Driving would take 30 minutes, and if it weren’t for the athletic training in his daily class schedule, he’d walk. But knowing his coach, he’d be worked to death, so… 

Thank God he had a motorbike at least.

Right now though, Ventus was quite… upset, was the right term. At this new campus - it looked lovely though, he wouldn’t deny that - His former coach was now speaking with the College Dean, out on the enormous grass lawn that stretched across the entrance of the college itself. A soccer ball was the victim here, the only object Ven could really throw out his anger onto. With heavy swings of his leg, he’d punt it against the stone plaque that held the sign of the School, bouncing back - only to be booted back with the same amount of force. The safest way to let anger out right?

“And of course, we do have the next problem of possible publicity…”

The sound of his superiors were drowned out by the echoed clang of the ball hitting stone, and the repeated slaps of his foot making contact with it. Oh he was super pissed, but hopefully it would pass. Anger never lasted long with him though, but when it happened, it was intense. A particular wave hit him and without realizing, Ventus stared the ball down as it bounced back off the plaque - and kicked it with incredible force, shouting with frustration as it flung into the air, curving towards the walkway and…