driving around his princess

dating stiles stilinski would include...

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- cute forehead kisses 

- playing with each other’s hair 

- laying in his lap 

- him kissing all over your face 

- being human with him 

- being each other’s anchor 

- papa stilinski loving you 

- lydia always being there for you when you and stiles get in an argument 

- cute dates 

- calling each other babe or baby 

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anonymous asked:

Can I get Xander and Leo for the sharing one bed cliche imagine?

Xander: He insists that he lay down on the floor. It’s nothing new for him, as he’s travelled greater leagues than you. It looks terribly uncomfortable, and you can’t just let him lay there while you’re all in this bed–as lumpy at it is. There’s more than enough room for both of you, you tell him, but he only shakes his head in response.

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