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Younger Chloe have a crush in her best friend's brother's best friend.

Chloe Beale’s best friend has a really, really, really hot older brother. His name is Drew and he’s eighteen and wow, he’s just so perfect. He’s got dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes and he’s into music and he’s totally the perfect catch.

Chloe Beale’s best friend is Aubrey Posen and her brother Drew is in his senior year at Barden High. He works in the school’s radio station and takes AP Music Theory and always wears really cool band t-shirts and wow. He’s got a really hot best friend.

Chloe Beale’s best friend is Aubrey Posen and her brother Drew is in his senior year at Barden High with his best friend (who is a freshman year girl, by the way) Beca Mitchell.

And Chloe Beale likes Beca Mitchell.

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Luck- Part 1

Y/N and her best friend, Mia, win a trip to spend a week with the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer. The more time that Y/N spends with Luke, the more she realizes that she has feelings for him. But does he have feelings for her? 

Your “There! I see our names!” your friend, Mia said, pointing directly in front of her.

Looking over you saw a middle aged woman holding a sign with both of your names on it. Grabbing your bag from off the floor, you threw it over your shoulder, while putting your oversized Kate Spade purse on next.

The two of you walked over to the woman, who smiled as you approached. Her shoulder length brown hair was straight and she had just the right amount of makeup to bring out the features of her face. She was dressed in skinny jeans and a white loose fitting tank top. The pair of wedges that she wore made her taller and you had to look up at her as you approached.

“You must be Y/N and Mia,’ the woman said, her green eyes bright. “I’m Caroline.”

Nodding your head, you and Mia took turns introducing yourselves to Caroline.

“You guys must be so excited. I know the boys are!” Caroline said, turning to walk towards the exit.

You and Mia followed behind her as you walked towards the front of the airport. There were crowds of people everywhere. Somewhere leaving to go on trips while others were coming back. The sound of people laughing and talking filled the airport.

Leaving the cool air behind you, you emerged into the sweltering heat. The sun was bright and you had to squint your eyes, not yet used to it. Even if shorts and a tank top you were hot.  

Caroline walked towards the black BMW that was parked directly in front of the three of you. You and Mia followed and placed your bags inside the trunk that Caroline had opened. Slamming the trunk closed, you climbed into the backseat with Mia besides you.

Caroline turned the air conditioner on full blast before taking a final look in the rearview and pulled out into the busy airport traffic.

The drive from the airport to the house would have been quick and easy but the traffic made it painful. On any other day, you wouldn’t have minded the traffic but today was different. You just wanted to arrive to your destination, excited for what was in store.

Finally, after an hour you made it to the house. There was a iron gate blocking the driveway and it opened when Caroline entered a code into the call box.

The medium sized white house was set back from the road just enough that it was hard to be seen through the fence and trees surrounding it. It was two stories high with white siding and blue shutters. There was a basketball hoop in the driveway with an abandoned basketball lying next to it.

It was here. The moment you had been waiting for. Waiting almost three months for. Living with the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer for a whole week. Six nights and seven days.

You had won a contest that invited you to live the boys for the week. You never won anything. When you had gotten the call you had thought you were being pranked. But it was real. After you had lost your mind you had phoned Mia to tell her the good news. The contest allowed you to take one friend and of course you had chosen Mia.  

“Welcome to your home for the next week!” Caroline said, gesturing towards the house.

You looked over at Mia who gave you a reassuring smile. Opening the stepped back out in the hot summer heat. You followed Caroline to the trunk of the car and grabbed your bag, placing it on your right shoulder.

You heard the front door open and close followed by four Australian accents chatting loudly. They smiled as they approached and suddenly you felt yourself become nervous.

The four boys came to a stop next to you and immediately Ashton went for a quick hug.

“Welcome,” he said. “I’m Ashton.”

“I’m Y/N,” you said. “And that’s Mia.”

Ashton introduced the rest of the boys who gave you a small wave. Luke’s eyes lingered on moment too long and you turned away, feeling your cheeks turn a slight shade of red. You looked around at the others but no one else seemed to notice.

“Let me carry your bag,” Ashton said, taking your bag off your shoulder.

Calum carried Mia’s and the of you followed them into the house with Luke and Michael right behind you.

Ashton placed your bag at the foot of the stairs and you laid your purse next to it. Your first thought was that the house was clean for four boys living together.

Looking around, you could tell that the house was medium sized but large enough to accommodate the six of you. To the left was the living room with a good sized couch and the boys guitars all lined up perfectly in their stands. To the right was the dining room with a table that was big enough for all of you. Directly in front of you, was the kitchen. There was a large fridge and an island with a bar in the middle. There were four bar stools lined up against it.

You followed Ashton into the kitchen where he pulled out two water bottles for you and Mia. Thanking him, you took it out of his hand and drank half of the bottle, not realizing how thirsty you were.

“Do you guys like pizza?” Calum asked.

You and Mia nodded. “Who doesn’t like pizza?” Mia asked.

Calum laughed. “Good point. Any specific toppings?”

Shaking your head, Calum nodded and pulled his phone out of his pocket, ordering the pizza.

“Luke and I will show you where your room is,” Ashton said.

Mia and you followed Ashton and Luke out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Ashton had stopped to pick up Mia’s bag and Luke picked up yours.  

At the top of the stairs, Aston gestured to the left and pointed out the two rooms, identifying them as Luke’s room and across the hall Calum’s room. Directly in front of you, was Michael’s room and to the right was Ashton’s room. Across the hall from his room, was your and Mia’s room.

Following Ashton and Luke into the room, the boys set your bags down on the bed before turning around to face you and Mia.

Your eyes met with Luke’s blue ones and he gave you a friendly smile, turning a slight shade of red in the process.

“Do you girls need anything?” Ashton asked.

You shook your head as the boys headed towards the door. Luke gave you a final look before the closing the door behind him.

Your room was a decent size. There were two dressers on opposite walls with a king size bed taking up the majority of the floor space. On either side of the bed was a night stand both with matching lamps on them. There was also a huge walk in closet that was connected to your own bathroom. You had never seen a bathroom this big. The bath was the size of a jacuzzi and there was a huge shower that could probably fit at least all four grown adults comfortably.  The counter space was endless. There were two counters on parallel walls both with their own sink.

“Luke was totally checking you out!” Mia said as soon as the door was shut.

“Shut up! No he wasn’t!” you shot back, feeling your cheeks turn pink. However, you were completely ok with this since Luke was your favorite member of the group and Mia knew that.  

“Y/N, I’m serious!” Mia said, dropping a pile of clothes into one of the dresser drawers.

You shook your head and unzipped your travel bag, unpacking your clothes into the large walk in closet. Mia and you unpacked your belongs in a comfortable silence, with the occasional laugh coming from downstairs from the boys. As soon as you pulled the last shirt out of your bag, the doorbell rang. You immediately heard the boys cheer and one of them race to the door.

When the door slam close, the two of you headed back down the stairs to join the boys. Walking into the kitchen, you immediately noticed three boxes of pizza sitting on the kitchen table.

The door slammed close and Calum called everyone to the kitchen. When you walked in, you immediately noticed three boxes of pizza sitting on the kitchen table and the smell of cheese and pepperoni made your mouth water.

Luke was grabbing a slice of pizza when you walked over. He offered you the plate that you were holding and you graciously took it.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling.

“Your welcome,” Luke said, his strong Australian accent making you weak.

You followed Luke into the family room, where the rest of the boys were settled on the couch, arguing over what to watch.

“You guys wanna watch a movie?” Mike asked you.

Nodding your head, you sat down on the floor, next to the coffee table. Luke was sitting on the other side and smiled at you. Mia sat down on the couch next to Ashton.

“Let’s move the coffee table for more room,” Luke suggested.

Together Luke and Michael moved table to the other side of the room. Ashton handed you and Luke your own pillows so that the two of you could lay on the floor. You placed the pillow in front of the couch and laid down with Luke laying next to you.

Somehow during the first movie, you and Luke ended lying close to each other. His leg was touching his and his hand kept brushing yours. As you went to pull your hand away, he whispered, “You don’t have to move it.” His blue eyes met yours as you smiled as left your hand where it was.

For Those Concerned About Rick's Safety

For @sweettayjax, @supermichonnethequeen, and @loveremains4eva  based on the Richonne Head Canon Bingo I submitted to @richonnejustdesserts

Michonne was washing dishes when he pulled into the driveway. Carl was at basketball practice and Glenn had picked up Judith for a playdate at the Atlanta aquarium with Hershel Junior earlier that afternoon. The week had been long for her, with depositions, late hours in the office researching, and having to run back and forth from preschool to high school to care for the children.

It had been seven weeks… seven long weeks since he’d left on an assignment up north. For the kids, it seemed like an eternity, since their school hours and his unusual work schedule kept them from conversing regularly. For her, it was interminable.

While they talked regularly on the phone, she missed his company in the evening and she knew he missed her as well.

Nights she spent in their lonely bed, yearning for his touch. His breath on her skin.

Watching the truck drive up, she felt her body grow warm in anticipation. It was a feeling she was used to around Rick, ever since she had met him.


A deep breath and she smiled. “In the kitchen.”

Despite a heads up, her imagination had kept her from moving away from the sink, so his voice brought her out of her revere. She heard the telltale click of his old weathered boots on the hardwood floor and she turned in time to see him stop at the kitchen door, looking at her as if he were just seeing her for the first time.


She quivered.


“Where are the kids?”

“Away.” His eyes, startling blue and piercing her soul, observed her with the utmost reverence, taking in her plaid pajama pants and a sports tank top. She took the same opportunity to admire him, noting his growing beard and wrinkled shirt with a smile. “Glenn and Maggie have Judith.” When he did not respond, she tilted her head to the side and caught his gaze before it travelled lower. “Rick?”

“God, you look beautiful,” he whispered.

She snorted. “I’ve been cleaning all day,” she began, looking down at her pants and tugging on the fabric. “Carl put a load of his laundry in and I was gonna do some of mine… Rick,” she swallowed when he crossed the distance between them and took her hips firmly in his hands. Their bodies were flush and Michonne’s heart raced at the abrupt feel of his lean body pressed against hers. Their breaths mingled, skin caressing slightly as smiles graced their faces.

“Hey,” he managed, his entire body on fire. Despite her words contrary, from the moment he saw her all he wanted to do was devour her. For seven weeks, all he had was the memories of their times together and his imagination for things to come when they reunited. Now that he had her in front of him, breathless, stirring, and captivating, he wanted nothing more than to lose himself in her, pleasure her…

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Jack Gilinsky: New Girl pt. 4

Pt. 1:

Pt. 2:

Pt. 3:

“Jack? I know what Sammy told me about you and Leigh… But what’s your side of it?” I ask him as I sit on his bed Sunday afternoon. He looks up at me and furrows his eyebrows together. “What do you mean?” He asks. “Well, Sammy said you really loved her.” I said to him. “I did. Until I saw her fucking Eric on my bed. Then every ounce of love I had for her disappeared.” Jack said to me. I nodded my head before looking back down at my History textbook. “Why the sudden interest?” He asks. “I dunno. She just seemed like she still cared about you.” I said. “Still think I have feelings for her?” He asked. “I don’t know, maybe. You’re a lot different that what I had imagined and I just wanna make sure you’re not just using me to get over her.” I said to him. “You don’t have to worry about that. She means nothing to me.” He said. I smiled a little bit. “So does that mean you’re interested in me?” Jack asks. I look up to see him smirking at me. “I didn’t say that. But in case I end up having feelings for you, I don’t wanna be hurt.” I said. Jack sat up and grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into him, causing me to wrinkle tons of papers. “I would never hurt you, baby girl.” He whispered in my ear as his thumbs rubbed circles on my hip. I closed my eyes and leaned my head onto his chest. He continued to rub circles and then used the other hand to run his fingers through my hair as he kissed the top of my head. “We need to get back to work…” I said, pushing off of him. “Oh, yeah. Right.” He said, laying back down on his bed and pulling his math binder to him.

-The Next Day-

“What’s cookin good lookin?” Sammy asks as he walked up to open his locker. “Wow, you’re so cool. No wonder all the girls swoon over you.” I say, rolling my eyes. Sammy laughs and pulls out his English binder. “Did you do the English homework?” He asks as we walk to the classroom. “Yeah. Jack and I did it at his house last night.” I said to him. “So are you and him like a thing now?” He asks. I shake my head. “Nope. Just friends.” I say. “Oh c'mon! I can tell you like him and everyone in the school knows he likes you! So what’s holding you back?” He asks. “I’ve been here a week, Sammy. I’m not ready to be someone’s girlfriend yet.” I say to him. Sammy nods his head as we enter the classroom. I sit down next to Jack and Sammy sits behind me next to Nate. Johnson comes running into class, trying to hold all his stuff before the bell rings and he sits on the other side of Jack. “You good, man?” Jack asks, laughing. Johnson lays his stuff on the desk and looks over at Jack. “What do you think?” He asks. Jack laughs and turns to face me. “Hey, you wanna come by my place today and hang with the guys and me?” He asks. “Yeah! That would be so much fun!” Nate adds in, grabbing Jack by his shoulders. “Yeah, you should come!” Johnson adds in. I turn to see Sammy nodding his head with a big smile. “I don’t know, guys…” I say. “Pleaseeee! I’ll make you cookies!” Sammy pleads. I giggle and agree, earning “yes!"s from all the guys. "But I do need to make some girl friends, you know!” I say to them. “Why!? What’s wrong with us!?” Sammy asks. “Well unless you guys are fine with me calling you up to complain about period cramps…” “OKAY WE’LL FIND YOU SOME GIRLS!” They all say, cutting me off. I laugh and turn my attention to the class.

-At Jack’s-

“How about we play some hoops?” Nate asks. “Yeah! But we have an odd number…” Johnson says. “Well Y/N’s a girl so she doesn’t really count…” Jack says, causing “oooo"s from the other guys. "Well I just so happens, Mr. Gilinsky, that I’m amazing at basketball!” I say to him, causing another round of “oooo"s. "Sure you are, sweet cheeks.” Jack says winking at me. “Fine. Then it’s me Nate and Sammy against the Jacks!” I say. “Fine.” Jack says to me. We go out onto Jack’s driveway with a basketball. “I’ll let your team start since you have a disadvantage.” Jack says, tossing me the ball and winking. I immediately start dribbling the ball and Jack comes up to guard me. Normally being tall in basketball is a good thing, but I like to use my shirt height as an advantage. Jack holds his arms high so I can’t pass it to Sammy, who was open. I sprint under Jack’s arm and go up and shoot the ball, making the basket. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!” Sammy and Nate yell. “Lucky shot.” Jack says to me. “Mmhmm sure.” I say. Jack takes the ball and starts to dribble it as Sammy and I go to guard him and Nate guards Johnson. “Bet careful, baby girl. I don’t want you getting hurt.” Jack says, teasingly bouncing the ball higher than my head. I roll my eyes and take his distraction to my advantage and steal the ball from him. I dribble the ball up and shoot another basket. “Had enough yet, Gilinsky?” I say, teasingly. “Alright, Y/L/N, no more Mr. Nice Guy.” Jack says. I roll my eyes and pass him the ball to start with again. Sammy and I go to guard him again but he sprints past us and goes and dunks the ball. “How’d you like that, Y/N?” He whispers in my ear as he runs by me. The game continues on back and forth. Sammy and Nate making a few shots and Johnson making a few. But mainly me and Jack, wanting to be the winners. Jack goes for goes for another dunk but accidentally hits me while running past, causing me to fall to the ground. “OWE!” I yell. Jack immediately stops and runs to my side, placing the basketball down beside me. “Baby, are you okay?” He asks, with worry in his eyes. “Jack, it hurts really bad…” I whimper while rubbing my bleeding elbow. “Oh god, here hold-” “GOTCHA!” I yell and toss Sammy the ball. Sammy immediately goes up and dunks the ball. I run up to him and high five him, while Jack still sits on the ground in shock. “HAH! WE WIN!” I yell, doing a happy dance. “What the hell!?” Jack yells, getting up from the ground. “Maybe you shouldn’t be such a big softie! Girls aren’t as weak as you think!” I say, poking his chest. “Y/N, I seriously thought you were hurt! I was freaking out!” He said, getting angry. “Jack, it’s a game.” I say, running my hand up his arm, calming him down. “Yeah, that he lost!” Sammy yells. “Oh you better run, boy.” Jack mumbles as he takes off at Sammy who turns to run for the house. “That was really good, Y/N.” Johnson says walking up to me. “Yeah, you really shocked all of us!” Nate says. “Thank you, boys.” I say, hugging both of them.


Once again, sorry for a sucky chapter😔 guys it might be a while till I can update cause I think my friend might be staying with me for a week so I won’t have as much time. I’ll update asap though ❤️

I pulled up to a house with two small boys in the driveway.

They were playing basketball and it was raining.

Each boy had a basketball.

The smaller boys said, “Did you come from the pizza man?”

I said, “I am the pizza man.”

I saw his eyes fill with respect. 

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Drabble. Everlark. High school. Katniss is paired up with Finnick on a project. But when she shows up at his place to work on it he & Peeta are playing basketball shirtless.

Of all the people she could have gotten paired with it had to be Finnick Odair. Mr. Abernathy, their chemistry teacher who is always grouchy and tired, actually smirked when he paired them so she knows he did it on purpose.  This is because she corrected him the other day when he balanced the equation wrong on the whiteboard.

And, of course, when Finnick sidled up to her in class, smiling with his confident grin, he said, “So, Kitty Kat, I have swim practice after school all week, but I can do Saturday,” as if he actually knew her and carried on conversation with her ever.

He got yelled at by Mr. Abernathy later that day and she honestly wonders if their grouchy professor paired them because he thinks she’ll kill Finnick and neither of them will have to deal with him again.

She rounds the corner.  Finnick, of course, lives all the way across town from her.  He has a car and she mentioned maybe he could come to her house.  But, nooo, that would be too much effort for the Great Finnick Odair.  Instead, Katniss has to take the bus and then walk an additional twenty minutes just to get to his house.

He lives in one of those neighborhoods where you have to enter through a single entrance that has a nice stone nameplate.  A community with those huge McMansions. And the name is so pretentious too - Victors Village. She rolls her eyes at it and adjusts her backpack.

Finnick’s house is on the first street about four houses down - blue siding with a stone section on the front for decorative detail.  It must be about eight times the size of her own house and she knew that, but she still feels a little out of her element.

In the front driveway, Finnick is playing basketball. His shirt is tossed on the ground, his skin glistening with sweat, and she clenches her fists as she walks closer to the house. If she has to wait for Finnick to take a shower, she’s gonna -

Peeta Mellark walks out of the house and her thought drops right out of her head.

She has had a crush on Peeta Mellark since she was eleven and she thought, for sure, it would disappear as she grew up. But it didn’t.  She and Peeta haven’t had a class together since they were freshmen though and she doesn’t have the courage to say anything to him. Ever.

And yet here he is. At Finnick’s house. Shirtless.

Oh, God.

He looks up and grins, waving in her direction.  “Hi, Katniss!”

Finnick turns too. “Kitty Kat!”

She is stone still at the end of Finnick’s driveway, unable to move in one direction or the other, and wishing she had just told him that she’d do it all on her own.