Despite the fact that it’s pretty goddamn crazy that there’s a talking bear in a duffle coat, most people react to Paddington not with amazement, but with prejudice. Like the cab driver who charges extra for bears.

Even Paddington’s adoptive family try have him fit their mold rather than learn about his culture. Instead of taking a few minutes to learn his Peruvian name, they literally give him the first “English one” they see: the name of the goddamn train station they’re all standing in.

It’s pretty clear that Paddington’s story is meant to represent the immigrant experience in England – but it’s likely an even more specific commentary than one might realize. The location of Paddington Station was one of the means by which a large influx of West Indian immigrants entered Britain in the 50s. The racial tension bubbled up into the brutal Notting Hill race riot in 1958 (not to be confused with the Notting Hill riots from 1999, when people demanded Hugh Grant’s head). Incidentally, 1958 is the same year the first Paddington book was published.

The recent movie adaptation didn’t ignore this context, incorporating calypso music in the soundtrack as a reference to the Notting Hill immigrant culture. Even Paddington’s distinctive suitcase and “Please Look After this Bear” tag aren’t totally apolitical – they were inspired by the author’s memories of children being evacuated during WWII, standing in a train station with “a label round their neck with their name and address on and a little case or package containing all their treasured possessions.” So, yep, Paddington is a refugee.

6 Children’s Books Whose Real Story Flew Over Your Head

road trip with monsta x

• lots of car games (I spy, guess the license plate, etc.)
• you’ll end up reminding him not to pick up strangers or hitchhikers
• would buy all kinds of souvenirs from places you go to
• like a t-shirt that says “I went to ___ and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

• he would document everything: loads of picture taking (selcas, signs on the road, food from the convenience store…)
• would make sure you see as many fun sites as possible
• sing-along (very loudly) to every song that plays on the radio!
• would book cheap hotels 

• he’ll be ready with the maps (should you require it), trash can, first-aid kit, cleansing wipes, batteries, chargers etc. 
• would argue with the GPS “I think we should turn right.” “No, I don’t trust it”
• very planned and organized trips 
• would make up road games with you 

• “are we there yet?” “i’m hungry” “I need to pee.” 
• would stick his head out of the window when he’s in the passenger seat
• kind of a reckless driver; might fall asleep in front of the wheel
• would get lost (probably) and refuse to ask for directions

• would take charge of all the music played throughout the journey
• “I’m the driver, I’m in charge of the music” *wink*
• would probably drive so far that you can’t afford to get back.
• would drink a lot so he would also stop a lot to pee

• he’ll be pretty much asleep most of the time probably
• or would be complaining that the backseat is not very comfortable
• nighttime road trip ends up into stargazing!
• “I got you this flower from the gas station”

• would want to try different kinds of food everywhere. Food trip!!!
• so the car would end up with lots of rubbish 
• wouldn’t consult a map or GPS so of course you’ll get lost but you’ll discover so many cool, new places
• “It’s all part of the adventure!” 

Shit I love Technical Theater
  • The sound of everyone’s feet on a stage during a black out
  • when 5 techies go on stage, move a piece and it looks like no one did it
  • the sound of a smooth fly system
  • the feel of a screw driver with a newly charged battery 
  • at the end of an act or a show and the curtains close and ten techies converge on the stage at once to do their job
  • being able to see in the dark 
  • the satisfaction of building a piece and seeing it on stage knowing how hard you worked on it
  • fixing shit the actors break 
  • the sound of ripping gaf tape
  • saying jokes into the mic during sound check because ‘Testing 123′ is boring
  • going to a restaurant at the last show
  • watching actors cry about never seeing each other again and knowing that you will always be back
  • getting a cue just right
  • always wearing black
  • when a scene change goes faster and smoother than planned 
  • saving something before anyone notices it’s wrong
  • watching actors freak out when something goes wrong and being the only person calm enough to fix it 
  • putting 100% of yourself on stage and no one knows you were there
  • learning that the best validation can only come from yourself
  • learning to be creative, quick minded, resourceful, quiet
  • learning to be humble 
  • knowing that sometimes you don’t have to be loud to be productive
  • knowing that you don’t have to be seen to do something incredible 

( swim in my currents )

Group: BTS


Summary: You can’t forget the stormiest one night stand you had.

Genre: light smut, wizard au

Length: 1k

Warnings: sexual acts

A/N: i love writing tae

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You knew when you had first locked eyes in the club that you would not be leaving alone; he had been dancing with a group of friends before he had seen you walk in. You felt like a princess the way his eyes praised your figure that was barely covered by a pair of silk shorts and bralette.

You liked the way he admired you, his tongue coming out to lick his bottom lip before he was walking towards you, dodging other party goers before he was in front of you, he smelt like the sea and you bit your lip as he smirked at you, “let me be blunt. You’re coming home with me tonight.”

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This is not a pothole

Potholes can cause issues on the road for both drivers and the authorities charged with their upkeep, as well as being a general eyesore. However, the potholes of Chicago have become public works of art thanks to Jim Bachor, or as he’s known locally, the Pothole Guy.

Credit all images: Jim Bachor

Jim employs the same techniques and materials used by archaic craftsmen to create authentic mosaics in the street. The pieces are made up of marble, glass and mortar, a strong combination capable of withstanding years of wear as seen by the presence of ancient mosaics in the modern day.

The pieces of art that adorn the Chicago roads are modern takes on the traditional mosaic, and now number 45 pieces in total. Each mosaic takes Jim around 8–10 hours to complete, and a further two days to install in the hole.

Chicago’s mosaic potholes have become a tourist attraction, as well acting as a durable repair to it’s roads.

This is fucking ridiculous.

I’ve been silently paying attention to the latest Discourse, and I’ve finally had enough of it. 

For those that haven’t been paying attention, Cousin Ben Week is coming up. A bunch of writers and artists in the Reylo fandom were planning on a stretch of fics and art featuring Rey and Ben Solo as cousins, and I think the Sin Anthology was participating. I don’t have full details, mostly because I’m not planning on participating.

In response to the long-planned event, some other members of the fandom have been calling people out about it this week. I don’t know what all has been said, or who’s been saying it, but I do know that a bunch of people are upset.

For a fandom that spends so much time talking about freedom of expression, feminism, civil rights, and “it’s not wrong until it’s wrong”, this is about the most hypocritical thing I’ve seen this side of American politics. For fuck’s sake, why is there a problem getting on about what gets y’all off?

Originally posted by twinpeaks3

Honestly, I thought at first they were talking about more Ant bullshit.You know, it’s been a week, and the response to bribery allegations wasn’t appropriately outraged, so a few people decided to go cause a ruckus. It really struck me as weird that the call-outs were from other members of the ship. The last thing we need ever is to start sounding like Ants, and to start harassing each other.

Part of the point of fandom and fan works is to explore characters and universes that the original creators don’t get to or don’t want to. 

I’ve been following this fandom for about six months, and part of what I like about it is the quality of the material produced, and the quality of the people around it. Some of the nicest, coolest people that I’ve seen on the Internet are in this fandom, and that’s amazing to me. This shitstorm obscures all of that. If this had been going on when I first started poking my head into AO3 and Tumblr, I would have written this community off. Who knows, there may be people like me right now who are writing all of us off because we’re sitting here kink-shaming or watching the madness instead of carrying on with the art and writing that was being produced just fine last week.

Who am I to say that? Nobody. That’s just the point. All of us are faces behind a screen to other people here. For all that you know, I am a super-intelligent river otter. For all that I know, half of you are Adam Driver. We aren’t in charge of one another, we aren’t here to be. Well, I’m not. I’m here to look at meta discussion and laugh at memes.

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Let’s just take a step back, breathe, and keep scrolling past what doesn’t work for us. “Don’t like, don’t read”. 

Vigan2017: A Travel for two

In celebration of our 9th anniversary, Luis and I decided to go to Vigan. It is our dream place since we started working and when he arrived in the Philippines last February we decided to pursue our plan. 

Finally, after 9 long years a LEGIT couple travel!

What to ride:

We’re staying in Pasay City so we opted to take the nearest Partas Terminal. We booked our ticket two days before our date of departure. We took the 10:00PM trip of Friday. They will let you choose what class you’re going to take: Deluxe, First Class or Ordinary. In our case, I told the girl to book us a Deluxe class but when we arrived on the day of our departure we were booked in the First Class Bus. Anyway, we were charged PHP700-800 each. We travelled 9-10hours to reach Vigan.

Tip: Bring thick jacket with you! The aircon is freaking cold!

Where to stay:

(photo not mine)

After several internet research about good hotels in Vigan, we chose to book at Hotel Ni Among. We booked the Small Casita for two that costs PHP1,512/night. It has an aircon, cable TV, CR, pillow and blankets. This comes with FREE breakfast plus (the thing we enjoyed) FREE access to their swimming pool!

I suggest you book at least 3 days before the date of arrival. You can contact them through these mobile numbers: 0917-5298107/0917-5684662. They answer your texts/calls right away, I swear!

Means of Transportation:

Calesa and Tricycle. You can choose between the two. Of course, it was fun riding the Calesa (hello for pete’s sake you’re in Vigan) On the other hand, tricycle driver charged PHP10.00 each person but when after 6PM they charged more than PHP10.00, it depends to them.

What to try:

Kusina Felicitas
Vigan Longganisa

Itinerary for Two:

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supercat week 3: day 2

Monday, April 17 – Dreams, anything involving dreams (e.g., sharing dreams, visions, alternate worlds, Black Mercy, etc.)



It starts with an uncomfortable feeling in her chest, sometime during the night and Cat can feel it constricting her so very, very tightly, but a dose of painkillers dulls it enough for her to return to sleep. But in the morning when she returns to CatCo, it burns incessantly. Cat knows that things have been stressful lately, what with Adam, however…

“I am not having a heart-attack,” she makes herself clear to James, who she is using as a balance right now. Concern is all over his face and he helps her sit down. “I’m not having a heart-attack.”

“I believe you,” James says, worry in his voice. He crouches and if Cat weren’t feeling so out of sorts she’d reprimand him.

She tries to distract herself. “Where’s Keira?”

James looks over to where Winn stands just inside her office, exchanging a glance that has Cat narrowing her eyes before she sees double- no, somewhere else. The sky is orange and Kara is holding some small object, obviously confused, a dark-haired woman behind her with her hand on her back. Cat stares for a moment, before her office flickers back into being.

“There’s something very wrong with me,” she whispers, before realising her skin is itching. Letting go of James finally, she pulls up her sleeve, sucking in a pained gasp. Where her soulmate’s Picture once rested was bare skin, the stencil of a face with red, blocked-in eyes gone. “What the hell? No, what’s happening to her?”

James speaks to her, but it’s as if he’s underwater and the constriction around her chest aches sharply for a few seconds before Cat is in that room again with Kara. She watches her hug a tall, salt-and-pepper haired man in a dark blue suit of some kind that matches the red-haired woman’s dress.

“Kara, what is happening?” Cat interrupts their little reunion, causing Kara to spin around, eyes wide.

“Ms Grant! How- how are you here?”

“First, tell me where here is,” she looks around more, not quite deciding whether or not she appreciates the minimalist décor. “The sky is orange, so I’m going to assume this is not Earth, despite how I was in my office only a brief moment ago.”

“This is Krypton,” Kara says nervously, before the man and woman step in front of her.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” The man questions, “This is a private set of apartments, reserved for the House of El.”

Cat ignores him, looking at Kara, who presses past him. “Father, this is my- Cat, this is Cat Grant. She’s from Earth. She’s a friend.”

“You know, Keira, both Superman and Supergirl are both insistent that Krypton exploded,” Cat says in a reserved tone, causing Kara to nod shakily.

“I don’t know what’s going on. How are you even here?”

“I don’t know, but I do know that something is going very, very wrong with me.” She looks to her still rolled-up sleeve, Kara gasping at the lack of face. “Pictures don’t just disappear, Kara…” and that’s when Cat suddenly realises something very important about Kara’s appearance.

When Kara had first come to her that Tuesday morning at ten fifteen, one of the first things she noticed after the bright purple sweater, glasses and golden blonde hair was the writing all over her body. The English alphabet was sewn over her skin, making hundreds of thousands of tiny, tiny words and sentences, quoting both classics and new novels, some that Cat had even read.

Here, Kara’s skin is clear, completely Blank.

“What happened to you?” She almost reels back, but instead takes a step forwards as Kara’s brows knit together, before her eyes trail to her hands, widening at the sight of them. She grips them, shoving up her sleeves and pulling up her floor-length skirt briefly, to the shocked noises of her father and – presumably – mother.

“Kara, do not be so undignified!” The woman orders, looking horrified on Kara’s behalf, even as the blonde rushes over to Cat, taking her hands in an oddly close gesture. Like every time they touch, Cat can feel the heat of her, an omnipresent warmth that she knows she could take advantage of if ever reason called for it – though it never did.

“What’s going on? What’s happening to us?”

“I don’t know, Kara, but this can’t- isn’t, real. If this is Krypton,” Cat holds Kara’s hands tightly, only loosening her grip when Kara makes a pained face, jerking in her hold slightly, “then it has to be fake. I don’t know how you’ve done it, but you’ve got us stuck in this fake world-”

And then everything disappears, her office coming back into focus. Her employees are at the entrance to her office, Winn keeping them back as James speaks to her urgently.

“Cat, Cat, speak to me-”

“What happened?” Cat questions even as the tightness around her chest abates suddenly, leaving a kind of hole she can’t explain. Looking to her arm in paranoia, Cat becomes boneless in her chair at the little stencil reappearing. “Thank god.”

“Cat, are you okay?” James questions, the care in his voice only barely preventing Cat from snapping at him as she gets to her feet, plans swirling in her mind.

“Back to work,” she orders her employees at the door, “I’m fine. Someone call my driver. James, you’re in charge for the rest of the day.” Picking up her phone and gathering the rest of her things into her handbag, she texts Kara. That had better been because of some alien superpower regarding soulmates rather than because something was trying to kill you. Again.

“Ms Grant, are you sure you don’t need to go to a hospital?” James questions, causing Cat to wave him off.

“I’m fine. Make sure CatCo is running smoothly while I take the day off. Winn has my passwords.” Leaving quickly, Cat looks to her phone, watching it the entire time down her elevator. Kara doesn’t reply until she’s well on her way to her penthouse.

Are you okay?

Cat replies quickly. Yes. Tell me what happened.

It was the black mercy. My uncle sent it to kill me. It puts you into a dream world and slowly sucks the life out of you. My sister said my Pictures had faded while under.

At that, Cat shivers. Pictures are sacred, Pictures- Cat doesn’t reply via text, actually calling. Kara picks up immediately.

I’m sorry.

“Don’t be,” Cat shakes her head. “That little dream sequence revealed to me exactly who you are.”

“…Ms Grant, I’m sorry I lied-”

“No, no, lie all you want, Keira, I just thought that you might have trusted me more, before this.” Cat grips her phone tightly, shutting her eyes as theories flash through her head. “But that doesn’t quite matter right now, I don’t think. What does matter is how I was drawn in, in the first place. That white mercy-”

Black mercy.

“-tried to kill you and your Pictures started fading, but so did mine and I was pulled into your dream.”

There’s a short silence before Kara replies. “We should talk about this in person.

“I agree, soulmate,” Cat says, voice not as bitter as she wants it to be and far softer. She hears Kara suck in a breath on the other end of the line as she feels her marks start to fade, seeing them disappear on her arms and legs. Her neck itches and she takes her pocket-mirror out of her handbag, opening it in time to see the ink turn red. A diamond sits in her clavicle, full of little lines and squares, surrounded by a symmetrical border of curved lines and arrows.


“Do you have the same as me?” Cat murmurs.

I felt it appear on my back. I think it’s pretty big, but not a full portrait? More like…like lines.

“Mmm,” Cat says before hanging up and taking a picture of her chest, easily visible due to the deep V of her shirt. Sending it to Kara seems strange and vaguely perverse – she’s her assistant still, nothing has been properly organised so they can’t call her incompetent and-

Kara’s calling again. Cat picks up. “So?”

We’ve got the location on my uncle. I’m going after him, but we’ll talk later?”

Cat blinks in surprise, mouth opening in slightly shock. “What?”

I have to go. I’ll float in front of your penthouse window tonight.” And then she hangs up. Cat looks at her phone in disbelief before glaring, clenching her jaw.

“Steven! Get me home, double-time!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Often (Yoongi x Reader, mild smut)

a/n: i put research into this and found out that the 192 proof alcohol if you take more than like two shots you are likely to get alcohol poisoning

“Are you going home with anyone tonight?”

He raises his eyebrows, standing straight again.

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

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When someone kills another person robbing a 7-11, no one says “Walk a mile in his shoes; he was really broke-lack of services.” When someone drives while intoxicated and kills a carload of teenagers, no one says “Walk a mile in her shoes; she was drinking because she couldn’t get into the treatment center-lack of services.” When someone who is living in abject poverty kills another person, no one is there saying “Walk a mile in the destitute person’s shoes-lack of services.” Nope. They slap the person with a murder or manslaughter (in the case of the drunk driver) charge, have a trial, find the person guilty (if that can be ascertained from the evidence), and assign a sentence. No one finds it necessary to defend people who murder because they are poor, stoned, broke, or in other difficult situations. And they certainly don’t blame the victim. And they don’t ask you to walk in the murderer’s shoes. And they don’t tell you to shut up if you won’t.

But, if the deceased or almost-deceased person has a disability, defenders crawl out of the woodwork from all over.

—  Paula C. Durbin-Westby on why the only reason we are asked to “walk in the shoes” of parents who murder their disabled kids is ableism

Power Up On The Go

A major concern for people thinking about buying their first electric vehicle is something that has come to be known as range anxiety, the fear that the car will run out of juice before they get to their destination or a recharging point. The perception is so widely felt that it’s considered an obstacle to large numbers of consumers adopting the technology. Yet experts say electric vehicles powered by renewable sources like the sun and wind are necessary to achieve energy independence and to slow human contributions to climate change.

One way of extending electric vehicle range besides the difficult road of improving battery technology is to build recharging infrastructure like that which has been developed for gasoline distribution and sales. But the act of recharging itself also throws up obstacles for widespread adoption–getting a quick boost to extend range by 50 miles can take 20 minutes using DC fast charging, and connecting to a regular AC household plug can take 20 hours to refill a depleted battery. 

A few groups of researchers around the world are looking beyond these early issues in the developing electric vehicle industry. Instead of building refuel points like those used in the gas station model, they are working on delivering electricity to vehicles while they’re on the go, no stopping needed. It’s called wireless power transfer, and it is starting to show promise. Learn more and see the video below.

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Cops Use Traffic Stops To Seize Millions From Drivers Never Charged With A Crime
VideoLicense, registration—and your cash. A deputy for the Humboldt County’s Sheriff Office in rural Nevada has been accused of confiscating over $60,000 from drivers who were never charged with a crime. These cash seizures are now the subject of two federal lawsuits and are the latest to spotlight a little-known police [...]
By Institute For Justice
emergency contact ~ l.h.

“Is this Luke Hemmings?” asked the unfamiliar voice on the line. 

“Yeah, who’s this?” He was tired beyond belief (although to be fair he was almost always tired) and the boys were ushering him to go to the after party when all he really wanted to do was lie on the floor and not be bothered.

“I’m calling from Aspen Memorial and–”

“Aspen Memorial?” The name hardly rang a bell, and he wouldn’t have hesitated hanging up (goddamn wrong numbers) if he wasn’t avoiding the boys so much.

“The hospital?” The woman offered. Confusion littered his senses, and he didn’t respond, so she continued. “You’re the emergency contact we have on file for a Miss–”

You’re the emergency contact we have on file.

Emergency contact.


There was only one person he was the emergency contact for (he really didn’t understand why his brothers didn’t trust him so much) and he had completely forgotten about it until now. You’d never needed him for an emergency, or really, anything. It was one of the reasons he’d left you.

Ugh. Just thinking about it made him feel like such a dick. 

“Mr. Hemmings?” The woman (nurse, he assumed) called him back to attention, and he stuttered out a response.

“What’d you say?”

“Is it possible for you to stop by so we can further discuss her situation and options?”

“Can’t you just tell them to me over the phone?” So apparently he didn’t know how to stop being an ass, and he could only imagine what this lady was thinking about him right now. 

But he couldn’t go back. He would readily admit he was a fucking coward when it came to you, and even if he did have the strength to look you in the eye after what he’d done there was no way he’d be able to deal with your reaction.

“I’m sorry Mr. Hemmings, but I’m not allowed to talk about these matters over the phone. Since you are the emergency contact, the decisions fall to you.”

“Um, okay.” It did not help he was currently continents away. “I have to get a ticket–” A thought suddenly occurred to him. “Is it serious? I’m not in the country right now so it’ll take time for me to get there.” He said frantically, delayed thoughts of you seriously injured or dying crawling into his head.

“She can wait, but it’s imperative you get here as soon as possible. Her condition could worsen.”

It was chaos as he grabbed his things, trying to keep his band in the loop so they could explain his sudden absence from interviews and such, and grabbing his ticket back to you. Thankfully as soon as he’d entered the hospital and said your name, there was an explanation awaiting him.

Phrases like “drunk driver” and “pressing charges” filtered through, but his only concern was you. 

“How is she?” Luke cut the doctor off. 

“She’s conscious, but she hit her head pretty hard. There are lapses in memory, and we thought it best if someone came by to help her out.” Luke breathed out a sigh of relief. Lapses in memory he could work with. “However, the main reason we called you is because we need you to sign off on a surgery.”

“Surgery?” His heart spiked. Couldn’t they tell him the bad stuff first?

“Her leg was twisted up, and we think some bone may be caught in the muscles. Without surgery to remove it, there’s a possibility of the bone tearing through and she could bleed out before anyone knew what happened.”

She could bleed out before anyone knew what happened.

“Where are the papers?” His hand shook when he signed, and the doctor led him to your room. 

“We’ll be back to prep her soon, but we’ll give you some time together before we bring her in.” Luke nodded in thanks, hesitantly approaching. Despite your open eyes, you refused to acknowledge the giant sulking by the door.

He cleared his throat. He could almost taste the tension. “I’m glad you’re alright.”

No answer.

Okay, so small talk wasn’t going to work. Time to address the elephant in the room.“I think we should talk about this.”

“Well, I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Look, I know you’re mad at me–”

“You left me, Luke. I said we’d talk about it later, I left to grab dinner, and I come home to an empty apartment and a note. A fucking note. So excuse me for not wanting to see you.”

He’d kind of hoped the whole “memory lapse” thing would’ve made that part at least fuzzy to you, but he couldn’t blame that.

“I know.” It was quiet, and you still weren’t looking at him. “I shouldn’t have done that.” 

“Is that supposed to be your apology?” The bitterness of your question overcame the sarcasm.

“I’m sorry for leaving you without saying goodbye. That I left you a note instead of actually talking to you.” Still nothing. “It seemed easier, what with all our fighting lately.”

At this, it was your turn to look apologetic. “I guess I… haven’t been too easy to be with these past few weeks.”

“No, you haven’t.” You shot a glare at him, and he chuckled. “But I was still an ass for leaving like that. Relationships that are worth it aren’t going to be easy.” He stared at you like you were his whole world, and even though you weren’t touching in the slightest, you felt a warmth that only he could give you flow throughout your body.

“I–” you started.

“Sorry to interrupt,” a nurse knocked on the door lightly. “But we have to prep you for surgery.” You could see Luke swallow nervously before he turned to you.

“I’ll see you when you come out.”

“Promise?” The last thing you needed when you came out of surgery was another fucking note that said he left. He clasped your hand tightly, as though he’d read your thoughts.

“I won’t leave again.”

thanks for the request, bandsarecoolish! hope you enjoy :) 

also, i just made up a name for the hospital to make it vague about where “you” live/reside

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I would like to share something with you guys . You see the guy all the way at the top ? His name is Adedire , Dire for short . He’s the man behind the camera . Im pretty sure you guys have seen a few of these photos all over the place . Dire is known as one of the best photographers on campus . Not only is Dire a photographer, He’s a friend , a mentor , a frat brother , a comedian , & an inspiration . He’s an angel really . My feelings are so hurt by this but Dire was taken from us December 17th , 2015 because of a drunk driver. Dire had goals . He had plans, he had ambition, he had so much going for him . He accomplished so much at such a young age & when I tell you perseverance was his middle name , that’s no exaggeration . When I heard the news I kept checking my messages , we were just talking so it couldn’t be that real , I just shot with Dire so he can’t be dead . Yesterday I had to face the sad reality when we lowered his body into the ground . Knowing Dire he wouldn’t want me to be sad for too long , he wouldn’t want anyone to be sad . Dire is so genuine , his art inspired so many people to do things they would never do . His art and his essence brought so many people together . Honestly we didn’t deserve Dire , he was too perfect , but Dire did not deserve to die at the hands of a man whose money is more valuable to him than his morality . Dire your body rests but please believe your spirit lives on . You are so loved and Dire you are so missed . I say all of this to say , please support my angel & sign this petition .

Dire was killed by a repeated drunk driver , all charges were dropped . This sounds all too familiar . I just want justice for my friend . As much as he’s done for so many people , I just don’t want my friend to die in vain like that … Rest on Dire💜 I appreciate you so much . Love you

A Tesla Model S was just hacked from 12 miles away

Researchers at Keen Lab, a Chinese security company, said that they were able to remotely control a Tesla Model S. They were able to hack into the vehicle’s firmware after the driver searched for a charging station — or, connected to the internet. One researcher was also able to access one feature of the car that could hugely compromise passenger safety.

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