When it was raining in New York City, it was either a blessing or a curse. Today it was more likely a curse since it was almost impossible to come from Queens to the Upper East Side without arriving in completely wet clothes. The weight on your shoulders didn’t make it any better. You looked outside the window of the cap as you drove down the streets of the rainy city before your phone made the known noise. 

Can’t wait to see you again. It’s been too long. 

Your heart felt like it wanted to beat straight out of your chest and escape to him. Quickly you typed in your response. 

On my way. Traffic sucks. 

The fact that he thought that this was a reunion between you two after he was away made you feel so bad. Your heart was wildly beating while you were throwing in the thoughts inside your head. On one side who wouldn’t be excited to meet Nate Archibald and have him dearly interested in your not-so-Upper-East-Side self? 

However, on the other who would like to break a good guy like him his heart? I wished you didn’t have to so much. Gossip Girl may called him a man whore or a guy who just stands for his name but has nothing behind it, yet you knew none of those things were true. You never intended to awake the liking of a wealthy Upper East Sider - as much as you never intended to fall for one but Nate was so different than everybody might think. 

Through a sudden and really unexpected meeting you got to know the real Nate Archibald over the summer. The guy behind the big family name and you couldn’t say all those things about him - he was nothing like that and maybe that’s the reason why it was so much harder now to say goodbye to him. 

Nate and you decided to meet at the cafe where you met the very first time. Quickly you paid the cap driver and ran to the cafe before you stopped yourself as you noticed Nate standing outside in the cold rain, seeming to wait for you. His hair was completely wet and messed up due to the rain. The suit that he wore under his trench coat was also soaked. You smiled a little as you walked up to him and pushed your actual plans for a moment in the back of your head. 

“You know you could’ve wait inside,” you laughed as he turned around to you. “I bet it’s much warmer.”

“I don’t care, it was worth all the wait.” he replied and leaned towards you. You frozen, not knowing what to expect before he simply kissed your cheek. That might be something only wealthy, charming people do. “I’m so glad to see you again.” 

“Me too,” you half-lied. It was truly nice seeing him again, now that you noticed that you had been missing him too. But you couldn’t deny your actual plan. His hand moved down to your back as you two got inside of the cafe. It was a little cafe right between the Upper East Side and Queens. Nate took your coat as you two sat down at your favorite spot. “How was your trip?” you asked politely after you ordered your usual drink. Throughout the summer you’ve been here many times together. 

“Yeah, it was alright. Chuck was pissed at me the whole time because I… I just didn’t want to be with somebody during the trip because I didn’t know how it was between us,” he said honestly. “The summer with you was more than great and I just hoped this might be more.” 

The shiver all over your body revealed the effect of his words to you. The shakiness afterward also. “I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t play it with Chuck.” you said. 

“Don’t worry, he will get over it,” he chuckled and you felt like you just got thrown back to your summer together. 

You smiled lightly at him. This was so wrong - he was laughing and maybe having a real good time and you were about to break his heart. You had hoped that he might just thought about this was a summer thing but somehow you should’ve known that he was serious about it. Nate wasn’t the type of guy who broke promise real often. “Nate…” you started and your voice immediately failed. “About us…” 

“You don’t think it’s the right thing, don’t you?” he said so quick that you looked up from your coffee. 

“It’s not that hard to tell, isn’t it?” you answered. “Please, let me tell you something. This whole summer I - a pretty normal girl from Queens - got the chance to have the possible greatest time of her life with a smart, caring boy from the Upper East Side who sadly gets mistaken as something so different from him. I loved our time together and I’d give anything to reset this, just to have a chance to live all of this over again. It’s not about not having feelings for you because I do, I do have feelings for you, Nate. But I’m not made for the Upper East Side or a relationship with you.” 

Suddenly your heart felt so light but it crushed as soon as you saw the disappointed expression on his face. “So, you don’t want to be with me just because you think you’re not enough for this shit part of the city?” he asked. “I don’t care about the Upper East Side and I never did, you know that. Just because you are from Queens doesn’t make you to a less worthy person than I am. I am crazy about you, Y/N and I don’t want you to leave me for the fact where I was grown up.” 

“The Upper East Side is your home, Nate. I know that you’re so different from all the people that live here but they will talk and I don’t know if I can handle that” you admitted and looked down to your coffee. You couldn’t see him in the face. 

All of sudden Nate grabbed your hand and hold it tight. “Give a fuck about what they say. We’re only people, not some royalty. I want to be with you, and I’ll do anything to keep you safe on my side. Give me a chance, Y/N.” 

This words almost forced you to look up to him. You could clearly see that he was more serious than ever before. You didn’t know what to say, you were torn apart between what you thought was right and what your heart told you was right. 

You decided for the only thing that was right. 

After all, you will always need to trust it. 

The decisions of your heart. 

“Okay,” you whispered and hold his hand tighter and yet so gently. 

The smile of his face told you that no matter what was coming, it would be you and him - at least, for now. 

* * * 

I’m currently binge-watching GG again and I needed to get out my Nate feels. More different imagines are coming soon! :) x

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Happy Birthday! || Calum Hood

I M A G I N E 

It was finally January 25th. Your boyfriends birthday. This was the day you’ve been planning months ahead for. Calum and the boys are currently in London, and you were back home in the states. Because of the tour, Calum can’t come home to celebrate. So, you’ve decided to bring the celebration to him. 

“I’ve landed,” you speak quietly into your phone call with Luke. 8 hours later, and you’re in London with a blondie on the line. Tugging your luggage, you find your way out the airport and hail a cab.

“Okay, so, there’s a show in 20 minutes at (concert location), which isn’t too far from your airport,” Luke informs. “You’ll probably get here in 15 minutes, which gives you 5 minutes to dash backstage. Ashton has already informed the security to let you through.”

“Awesome, thanks Luke!” You reply, hanging up and giving the location address to the cap driver. As your ride took a bit, you decided to admire the sights of London and how lovely it was. But all you were thinking about was Calum and how he’s gonna react to your surprise. 

“Thank you so much!” You told the cab driver once you arrived at the stadium. You handed the man your money and left it with your luggage right behind you. Checking the time, you rush over to the ally access of the stadium. 4 minutes, you thought. And, as promised, the security nodded in approval and let you through. You shoot him a grateful smile and rush backstage. On your way, you saw Calums dressing room and quickly threw your luggage in and closed the door. Then you rush over to left wing to see your boys playing on stage. You cautiously hide to make sure Calum doesn’t see you. 

“Another day, the walls are built to keep me safe. I can’t escape, it’s too late,” Calum finished Invisible, his hands gently letting go of the strings of his bass. You beamed at your sweaty rockstar, excited to surprise him. Luke turned to see me and smiled, nodding to confirm the plan is on. He then went up to his mic.

“All right, all right,” Luke started, bowing his hands to simmer down the crowd. “Now everybody knows that it’s a certain Kiwis birthday, right?” Cheering immediately ensued once he finished that sentence. “And we’ve decided to give him a pleasant surprise.” Calum looked at Luke with confusion.

“Mate, what’d you get me?” Calum asked into the mic, chuckling a bit. “I swear to god, if it’s just a man hug from the behind…” The crowd laughed and Michael clapped.

“That’s my gift to you later, Cal,” Michael commented, giggling like an idiot. You couldn’t help but silently laugh as well. Your favorite boys were idiots, but they were your idiots. 

“We got you something a bit better, though,” Luke said, grinning. Then Luke, Ashton, and Michael turned to left wing to face me and spoke in sync. “(Y/N)!” You walked onto the stage, and you heard a lot of cheering but also a bit of booing. The fans never liked their favorite band having girlfriends, and you knew this very well and have gotten used to it. Walking over to Calum, you saw as he practically ripped off the bass from his body, tossed it aside (gently), and pulled you into his strong arms. He held you so tight, you felt like he was going to explode you. 

“Thank you so much!” Calum practically yelled in your ear. He was thanking the boys, of course, while being audible as the crowd was roaring loudly. And then he started crying in the crook of your neck. You couldn’t even believe it! He was so happy to see you that he began to cry. “I’ve missed you so much, (Y/N), you have no idea! I love you!”

“I love you, too, ya Kiwi,” you joke, grabbing his face from your neck to latch his lips onto yours. Surprise, surprise. 

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Steampunk costumes as a trend fad look like just what they represent - a futuristic yet underdeveloped style reminiscent of something out of a Jules Verne or HG Wells science fiction novel. Imagine a mixture of present day Goth and futuristic Goth rolled into one! The look is not objectionable, and in fact is kind of cool looking and brings on an edge! Picture Edward Scissorhands meets Elvira Mistress of the dark and Xena the Warrior Princess meets Sherlock Holmes meet. Sort of.

A number of the more widespread apparatus involved in Steampunk clothes is as follows:

Spats; old fashioned albeit with a Steampunk fashion that is awesome
Fingerless gloves, leather of course
Machinist goggles, I don’t know what they are riding but apparently they want eye protection
Long old English coat with tails, top hat or bowler (cane discretionary)

A completely different appearance for Steampunk clothing to get a man is of a Victorian driver:

Herringbone cap
Pouch belt; this resembles something one might carry ammunition in, which gives an entirely new meaning to the expression ‘road rage’
White ruffled shirt (with ammo…)
Brown suede jacket with fur collar and 'badge’ of types

Another look for men, the 'Studly Gentleman’:

Grey jacket with braided decorations, golden buttons at each braid-end (reminiscent of civil war coat cosmetic design)

Now for the women:

Skirts that are frilly however somehow find a way to share a tough and rough exterior
Small tops with plenty of ruffles and sequined studs emitting exactly the same atmosphere
And, machinist, you guessed it goggles

Or perhaps:

Miniature small bowler hat hair pinned to the very top of her head, Janis Joplin -esque round glasses that are tinted
Leather choker with attached gold brooch, leather belts worn diagonally from shoulder right down to waist (ammunition belt style)
Only a little brownish short vest over kick butt, and a tight short black dress, high heeled boots to die for!
Various bobbles, trinkets, badges, pocket watches, brooches, chains studded leather arm and wrist bands and as such serve as Steampunk jewelry and accessories.

Cyberpunk and Steampunk are often incorrectly associated with each other.Interesting Steampunk Costume Ideas

Think before you speak

Jugkook angst-fluffy scenario (Yoongi BIG appearance)

Summary: You have recently moved in Korea. You first get to know Yoongi, and then you learn the other BTS members. You fell in love with Jungkook and he did too. So now he is your boyfriend. But Yoongi will never stop being your beloved best friend. ~~You say to your boyfriend about that annoying fan girl and Jungkook tells you his thoughts about your relationship with Yoongi. So…you ended up fighting. You go to Yoongi, to calm down the situation…

So many fan signs! So many concerts! You had to see your boyfriend for 1 month. You finally had the opportunity to see him again. He had a full week off.

“Happiness” you thought while you looked yourself in the mirror. He said he will come from your house and take you somewhere good. He also said he had a surprise.

*Beep Beeeep* you heard outside the door.

‘What is this now? Is it a car?’ you opened the door carefully. You saw Jungkook with a car. A CAR?

'Y/N! I was sure you would open the door’ he winked at you and he quickly hugged you tight.

'What is this, Jungkook?’ you tried to avoid the car and focus on him but you couldn’t understand.

'The surprise! I have a car licence now! And a car… So I thought I can…you know… surprise you’ he winked at you again.

'Oh God, really? A car? I had no idea…How did you–’

'Oh come on now! I am an adult, so I went for the exams and I passed, so here I am! Anyway, are you ready, or…?’ he said and he looked behind the door.

'Yes, wait a minute to take my bag and my coat’ You closed the door and you kissed Jungkook, because you didn’t before, with the whole car thing. He smiled at you and he held your hands tight.

'So…where my baby wants to go?’ he asked you cutely.

'Well, to be honest, I don’t really care. Take anywhere mr cap driver!’ you yelled happily. He laughed and he opened the door for you.

'Oh thank you, thank you’ you said and kissed his chick.

He quickly went inside too and he started driving. The whole route was so happy and awkward for a reason. Times to times, he was holding your hand and he was kissing it, while he was saying 'I missed you so much’ and you could feel your cheeks red.

You arrived. It was a park. An empty park. Since he is an idol he can not go everywhere. He needs a personal life too. You bought something sweet to eat and you sit to the swings like you were kids. You were talking and kissing trying to replace all this time you weren’t together.

Suddenly, you heard a voice. It was a girly voice.

'Jungkook. OPPA JUNGKOOK!’

'What is this?’ you said really annoyed.

Both of you turned around and saw a girl with brown hair and a cute hat running to you. You could totally recognise her face. But from where? Oh yes! She is that girl that stalks BTS ….Especially Jungkook. She goes to all the fan signs and hold hands with him…right, right.

You knew it, because you follow all these pages that upload videos from their fan signs and stuff… She is a crazy fangirl… But she stalks him even outside?? What is this???

'Oppa!’ she said and reached the two of you.

'Oh….hi…’ he said REALLY awkward. She told him something, it doesn’t matter what. Probably she asked a photo because you saw her putting her phone in front of their faces. But you didn’t care. She STALKS HIM. YOUR BOYFRIEND and HE does NOTHING!

You finally, saw her bowing and went away happily. Jungkook made sure he went far away and he said

'Well, probably we should just go now. Let’s go home. It’s not safe here. She may be behind the trees. Let’s just go back to my car and go home…’

'Yeah, yeah…’ you said. You were FURIOUS. What JUST happened? Like you were not right next to him. On your way home, none of you spoke. Not even hand kisses. You were feeling confused. You went back to your home.

Jungkook closed the door behind you and you looked at him.

'What just happened?’ you ask him.

'Oh, I was sure you are mad about this.’s this girl. A REAL STALKER. She follows me EVERYWHERE. Cute but dangerous.’

'Cute?? You find this cute? I can not believe it. She may have pictures of us! She does not respect you. And you find this cute? She doesn’t care about your life! What are you talking about?!’ 'Oh come on baby, she is just a girl…that loves me…haha’ he said with a childish smile. 'What if tomorrow pictures of us can be seen on the internet?!?!’ you said really worried and furious.

'No… I can not believe she would do something like this…’

'Why don’t you just say someone to stop her?!?’ after this, a weird silence betweet you two.

'Why don’t I put someone to stop you?’ he murmured and his face turned dark.

'What? Me? What for? Stop me from what?’ you said now calmly and anxious.

'You know… It is not only your fears… It is not ONLY you. I feel like the things that I love are being touched by someone else! Have you ever asked me how do I feel when you hug and kiss Yoongi-hyung? Like it doesn’t matter!’ he yelled.

“What he just said?” you thought. “Is he serious?”

'My relationship with Yoongi has nothing to do with yours! You are the love of my life, not Yoongi!’ you tried to calm him down.

'Then why? Huh? WHY?’ he said while he came closer to you 'Why are you keep on kissing him and hugging him? Why?’

'He is my best friend! He was next to me when I was new here. He helps me even now. Don’t forget, he was the one that helped us be together! You really don’t have to worry about me and Yoongi–’

'What is this? Don’t I care about your problems? Don’t I love you? So you say, that I have to share you with him because he helped us time back then?!?’ he was SO angry.

'What? I never said you don’t care about me! And what again? Share? What share? I just hug him and kiss his chicks. Is this a share? What is the big deal?’ you started to remember your furiousness.

'This is how I see it Y/N! Someone else can kiss you and be kissed as many times I can, so it’s a share’


'I feel shitty. This situation makes me sick. I want you just for me. Can’t you understand it?’ he said a little bit calmed down.

'Then get rid of this girl. I’m out’ you murmured and you opened the door to leave.

'Yeah, go to Yoongi. I am sure he will make you forget eeeevrythiinggg’ he said. And he meant something dirty.

You couldn’t believe your own ears. You turned around and reached him. He closed his eyes as he thought that you were about to slap him. You didn’t, so he opened his eyes. He saw your face.

'I will’ you said and you shut the door behind you.

Jungkook stayed there, looking at the closed door.

‘PERFECT’ he yelled, and he sat on the couch. He realy didn’t meat to hurt you, but he was furious and he had to say someting. He was feeling so bad about your relationship with his best friend and he didn’t want to show this jealousness. That’s why he said all these things to you. He couldn’t keep it enymore inside his head. He wanted to tell you. He knew you were right, but couldn’t thing properly.


You closed the door and you started running. You stopped.

'Idiot’ you said as you saw Jungkook’s car and continue running while hot tears full of fear and sadness were running down your cheeks.

You couldn’t believe that your boyfriend, the one AND ONLY MAN that you loved, said these things to you. Like, what was he thinking? Yoongi is nothing more than a best friend. You were far way front your house.

You saw behind you. Jungkook wasn’t there. You thought that he didn’t care anymore. You thought it was over. You looked at your phone. It was already night.

'What to do now?’ you said. And you started running again at Yoongi’s house. You could have go with a taxi, but no. You had no money but also you were too angry to just sit somewhere without crying.


You arrived at Yoongi’s house. You knocked the door.


Anyone could have understand that you were crying, from your voice.

After one minute, Yoongi opened the door. He was wearing a bathrobe and his hair, wet.

'What do you want here, that late at night? And why are you yelling?’ he said. You saw his face and you felt that you were stupid.

“Right. I am an idiot. He may be busy.” 'I am sorry. I am an idiot. I’ll leave’ you said and you turned around, but he saw your wet face and he could understand you were crying from your cracked voice, so he grabbed your hand and he made you get into the house.

He leaded you to his bed and he said

'Well, I’ll be back in a few minutes. I want you to tell me.’ he left 'OH, and don’t cry.’ he winked at you and finally left you alone.

You saw your phone, it was 11:00 o'clock. No messages or phone calls from Jungkook.

'I have to calm down.’ you murmured.

You stood up and went to Yoongi’s wardrobe. You took an oversized blouse and you changed.

You lied down to his bed and you hugged one of his pillows. You closed your eyes. You could smell Yoongi and this relaxed you. But suddenly, all these bad memories came back to your mind.

“How? How he said these words to me?” you suddenly opened you eyes and you could feel tears coming.

'I’m back’ Yoongi said and saw you.

'Explain to me what EXACTLY are you doing. You know this is my pillow. Oh, and this is MY blouse. Did you-’ your tears stopped him.

'What now? Am I that rude?’ he asked you. 'Yoongi’ you looked at him and he understood you weren’t crying about his speech.

'Ok. Right you were like this before my words…So I guess, I am a good man’ he winked at you. He was trying to make you forget what happened before even know what happened.

'Yoongi, I am seRiOus.’ you said and you cried more.

'OK. Where is Jungkook? I’m gonna call him. His girlfriend needs him’ he said and handed his phone.

'DON’T!’ you shouted.

'Shhhhhh! Don’t shout at me!’ he said. You looked deep inside his eyes.

'Sorry. I should have tell you what happened. I fought with him. And I don’t think he wants to talk to us.’

'US? US? I wasn’t even there!’ 'You see…Something happened and….’ you murmured and drowned your head in his pillow.

'Tell me.’ he said bored as he placed his body next to yours, leaving his phoned next to him. He hugged you, took the pillow and let you breath.

'You see. It’s that girl. THAT GILR. A completely mess. She is a stalker Yoongi. And she seem to have a weird obsession with Jungkook. She is going to every fan sign and she is holding hands with him. But it’s ok. THIS is ok. I think… But she is following him. And we were siting at an empty park and after a while, she came and took a picture with him, I guess…and left. She saw as together, but Jungkook said NOTHING. Like this girl has a phone that can afford only 1 picture or something. He said that he finds this cute…but dangerous’ you mimicked his voice.

’ I said to him to ask for help from someone, and he told me-’ you stopped there. Could you say what he said to you. Will this destroy their friend ship?

'Tell me…’ he said and he cared you hair.

'Fffff…’ you covered your face.

'If you are not gonna tell me, I’ll call him’

'I’ll tell you.’ you said quickly.

'He said that he thing he shares me. Because I hug you and I kiss you. And I said that you are just my best friend. And that you help both of us. But then, he told me that this is how he sees it,’ you again mimicked his voice 'and I then told him that he should feel jealous of my brother!’ Yoongi laugh.

'Oppa! Stop it’ you complained.

'Okay, okay. You are right.’ he said, he kissed your head and hugged you tighter.

'And then he tried to end it, BUT NO, I was too furious and I left…And…he.….’ your chicks red. You looked at him. His chick was on your hair and you saw his closed eyes.

'Don’t stop. I have ears. Tell me anything.’ he reminded you.

You took a deep breath

'He said to me to go and come here…and that you…will…make me…forget….what happened. AND HE MEANT-’

'Shh.. Aish, what an idiot. He really needs a doctor.’ he said while he opened his eyes and saw your red face that was ready to be wet again from your tears.

'Well, if he said something like this is because he was angry. I mean it’s okay to feel jealous. You should listen to him. As you said, I am jus your best friend, so I wouldn’t mind if you would defend Jungkook. On the other side. Oh My God. He is such an idiot.’

'I am an idiot.’ you murmured.

'When I was about to leave, and heard him say these nonsense, I turned around and because I didn’t wanted to hit him, I said “"I will”“. ’ you said and you saw at Yoongi’s face.

'IDIOT’ he yelled and hit your head.

'I know, right.’ you started crying again.

'Shhhhh. I hate it when you cry. Stop.’ he complained.

'I don’t cry often.’ you said.

'Thank God’ he said and looked the ceiling. Yoongi hugged you and kissed you wet chick.

'Well. Everything will be alright. Trust me.’ he said.

'Yeah. I am a 100% sure that my clothes are out of the house right now.’ you said. Yoongi couldn’t stop laughing.

'Well…’ he said and he said and saw his phone

'He will come and take you home. Just wait’

'Oppa! YOU CAN NOT UNDARSTAND? He was so happy! With his new car and…and that he saw my face again. I think. And I DESTOYED EVERYTHING!’ you were crying again.


You turned your back to Yoongi, hug tight his pillow and cried loudly.

'Ok….that’s enough. SEND!’ he said and pressed the *send* button at his phone.

'WHAT SEND?’ You looked at him anxiously.

'I recorded everything. Since we started talking. I don’t think he is going to think that this is a fake record…’ he looked at his phone.


'Shhhhhh…don’t shout. He’ll come in 10 minutes.’ he said and dragged you next to him again.

'I can not believe what is happening.’

'Me too’ he said. 'I was waiting too see you and you came like this?! What an irony.’ he teased you. You said nothing.

You just hugged him tighter and he laughed playfully.


After 13 minutes, you heard the door bell.

'Well, I am going to open the door, and tell him to come. Don’t cry again.’ he said to you and left you.

'Hyung?’ you heard Jungkook and you blushed.

'Where is she?’

'My bed’ he said.

'Don’t you dare shout at her.’ he warned him.

Jungkook lowered his head and open your door.

He saw you there. Sitting on his bed. He quickly closed the door behind him and hugged you tight.

You couldn’t help it. Tears again. But you felt Jungkook’s tears too.

'Y/N. My Y/N. I am sorry. Don’t ever leave our house again.’ he said, he cared your head and you felt his other hand hugging you tighter.

'I am sorry. I said stupid things to you. I shouldn’t’ you said

'Do you still love me?’ he asked you and you felt your hair wet from his tears.

'Of course I still love you. I will always love you. No matter what’ you said while you touched his cheeks, saw his wet eyes and he smiled at you.

He let out an awkward laughter before he kissed your lips.

'Well…’ he said and saw what you were wearing.

'Prepare your self. We are going home. I will wait for you outside. I heard the what Yoongi sent me, and I really have to say some things to hyung…’ he said.

You agreed and saw your boyfriend close the door behind him.

'He still loves me.’ you said to yourself and smiled.


'Hyung…I have to apology…’ Jungkook said but Yoongi said that everything was ok.

'I just want you to remember. Make her happy. I hate it when she cries. She really needs you. She needs you more than me. More than her family…more than her brother.’ he laughed and Jungkook laughed too.

'Oppas?’ you said while you opened the door and saw them laughing.

"Everything’s ok.” you thought and smiled.

'Yoongi…’ You hugged him and he cared your back while he smiled at Jungkook. 'Thank you.’ you whispered.

'I love you, little baby.’ he said and kissed your cheek. You turned to Jungkook.

'Oppa?’ you asked him.

'Well…Let’s go home. It was a big day for us.’ he said and huged Yoongi.

'Goodnight and sorry’ you said to Yoongi, he smiled and closed the door. He huffed and said to himself

'These kidoz love each other.’ he smiled and went back to his bed.


'Y/N, you know…’ Jungkook said while he was driving.

'I said my company about her. And they’ll take care of her.’ he said and smiled proudly.

'Thank you so much Jungkook. Oh, oppa! I love you!’ you yelled.

'Well…I really missed you.’ he took you hand and kissed it tenderly.

'I can not wait to go home.’ he winked at you.

Your face red once again.

'Promise me we are never gonna fight again. I hate it, even if it makes want you even more harder.’ he said

'Jungkook, my man’ you said.

You reached his neck and kissed him.

'I promise you’.


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pippinfox  asked:

I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for a certain pic of Chris wearing one of those newsboy hats/drivers caps. I can't find it anywhere. Would you happen to know what I'm talking about? I need it for something :( anyway, if you have it, please send it along!

m It’s sad that I even remember stuff like this haha, but these are the ones I remember for sure, there are probably others (Hope one of them is the right one)

Top Left is from Paleyfest 2011, Top Right is from ‘Best in Drag’ benefit show, Bottom left is from William Rast/Target event, Bottom right is from MTV appearance 2011.

(Pretty sure they’re all the same hat)

anonymous asked:

It’s so funny that Dan’s driver cap with the whole American flag and everything isn’t available in the US like I’m from the US but the cap is way too patriotic like bring it down a bit haha but regardless of it not everyone can get it but hey seeing Dan model the cap should be enough like check out that scruff 😍

like ya it’s nice n all but like … £36 plus delivery … for a hat …

I imagine Kris riding a taxi then an EXO song came up..

Kris: *listening….*starts humming…*slightly doing small little moves…

Driver: *looks up in the mirror* Hey boy, You seem to like the song, you know those guys who are singing this song, are really talented, they also lost a member whose name is…umm..I forgot it, anyways, they are so strong to stand up again after losing that certain guy.

Kris: *smiles* yes they are talented, good guys, fun to be with…*continues* *reminiscence*

Driver: *confuse at the guy who seem to know them really well*

Kris: …….and really really strong..*a sudden tear escaped from his eyes*

Driver: *realizes* hey, are you–

Kris: nope, I’m just a regular fan who loves them *lowers cap*

Driver: *speaks in mind* ..these boys…they really are ONE.. *smiles*

Last First Kiss - Part II

Note: So the wonderfull @wakandasoldier​ wrote this great one-shot called “Last First Kiss” (Clicky here to read it) and I just had to take my spin on it. So be prepared for the One-Shot for the One-Shot!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: Thank you Miss. T for letting me do this!

Originally posted by sssmcdlove

You found yourself unable to hide inside the motel room much longer. They had indeed found you a car and Bucky had smiled sadly as you sat behind the wheel, kissing your head. You smiled back at him, tears threatening to fall.

“Please be careful…” you ask, even though you knew that it was out of his hands even if he want to.

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