The Story of My Death

OK, technically I was born in 1972 (yes, I know, a million years ago) in the state of New Mexico.  I moved around a lot after that… Oklahoma, Iowa, North Dakota, Illinois.  All that time I used the birth certificate my parents were given from the hospital and no one (school, sports, band, social security) had a problem with it.  Just before my 17th birthday, I went to get my driver’s license and the DMV insisted on the legal birth certificate that was issued from the state.  Well, I never had that one so we wrote off to get it from New Mexico.  NM wrote back that they received my letter but placed it in a pending file… according to their records I was dead… had been dead… I was classified as an infant death. (Here’s where it gets a bit soap opera like) I had a twin who had died at birth and they totally screwed the records up.  So legally I was dead until the fall of 1989.