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Fences (Part 4)

Dean X Reader 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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I can feel the sharp sting of the gravel on my cheek, cutting my skin as if they are tiny shards of glass. I feel the hand cuffed around my ankle start to tug; pulling my body across the gagged ground. I want to scream, but with the world warping around me, all I can do is shut my eyes again and pray to Cas, hoping he will hear me.

Dean’s POV:

The scene around the impala is shocking. The windows are smashed and the trunk is left wide open. My first thought is that (Y/N) was angry and wanted revenge, but as I get closer I see the blood. A shiver runs down my spine as I take in the blood drenched ground. Walking around, I see the driver’s side has a large amount of blood on the back door, with an even bigger puddle underneath it.

“Sam!” I motion Sam over, gesturing to my recent findings.

“You think?” he doesn’t get to finish his thought, as I take off following the trail of blood.

Quickly and quietly I follow the blood trail. Coming up to fence I hop over it, needing to find her.

“What the fuck!” I exclaim.

“what?” Sam asks looking around for danger.

“The blood, it just stops!” I point to the ground. Kicking the tree in frustration I start swearing, not caring that I’m leaving us open for attack.
“Dean!… Dean! Calm down, we’ll find her!” Sam grabs my shoulders, trying desperately to stop my outburst.

“I don’t know what to do Sammy. I can’t lose her. I just can’t.” I run my hands through my hair in frustration.

“Well, this is where (Y/N) would come in handy, she is great at these kinds of weird puzzles; I swear its all the video games she plays.” Sam realizes he is going off track and returns to his point. “So anyway, what would (Y/N) do?”

“Well, first she would say ‘Guys, it couldn’t have just vanished’ then she would have said ‘it couldn’t have moved forward, since there’s no more blood, and it couldn’t have moved backwards, otherwise we would have run into it. Therefore, it had to of gone straight up or straight down’.’” As I say the words I figure it out.

Taking a cautious step, I place my foot on the leaves that have her blood on them and sure enough my foot contacts something metal.

Crouching down, I brush the leaves away, reveling a small trap door. Looking at Sam he notions towards it. “You first.” Rolling my eyes, I pop the door open, finger on the trigger incase anything decides to pop out at me.

Sam and I quietly creep along the hallway. “It makes sense now why we didn’t see any buildings; they are all underground.” Sam whispers. I grunt in reply, too focused on finding (Y/N).

(Y/N) POV:

The chains cut into my wrist as I hang from the ceiling. I can hear my blood dripping onto the floor. A sudden light appears, blinding me, until the door frame is filled with a large figure.

Dean’s POV:

Prying open the first door we see, I strain my eyes to try and see through the immense darkness. After a few seconds I see her, dangling there.
Almost dropping my gun, I run over.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) can you hear me?” She lets out a small groan.

“Dean?” As she says my name she chokes on her own blood.

“Hey, hey. It’s okay I’m here now.” Tears roll down her cheeks as I cradle her face in my hands.

“I… I don’t think I am going to make it Dean.” Her words are so quit, I’m not sure I didn’t just think them myself.

“Sam we need to get her to a hospital.” I refuse to acknowledge what she said as I work to get her hands free.

“Dean…” If I can just get her hands free, I can get her to a hospital, then I can tell her how much I love her. We can finally be together. Happy.

“Dean!” Her voice comes out a little stronger, demanding my attention.

“What?” I say, finally freeing one of her hands. I catch her weight as she slumps forward. Sam keeps working on her other hand.

“I love you.” Her tears make lines in the blood and the dirt on her face.

I look straight up, unsuccessfully trying to keep my tears from falling. When I look back down (Y/N) eyes are closed.

“(Y/N)…?” I shake her slightly “(Y/N)!!!! NO, NO, NO!!!!” I keep shaking her, begging her to wake up.

“Dean! Dean!” I vaguely become aware of Sam shouting at me.

He got (Y/N)’s other hand free, just as the vampires show up.

Partners - C.H.

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This is part 2/4 to the gang!5sos mini series.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” Calum said taking the money from the man that traded him the wad for an ounce. He made his way back around the corner to the beat up corvette he had, y/n’s legs sticking out of the passenger side window, cigarette dangling from her lips as an overplayed Nirvana song blasted through the speakers. She had on a pair of high waist shorts accompanied by one of Calum’s flannels unbuttoned and over her upper body, chest covered by a black bandeau. “Where to next?” he questioned hopping in the driver’s side.

“Declan’s and that’s it,” she hummed just after taking a drag, smoke falling from her lips with each word that left her mouth, Calum nodding as he took the car out of park. She looked over to him, eyes studying the way his hands gripped the wheel, veins in his arms clearly visible. The hat on his head driving her wild. He looked like sex on legs. “Can I stay at yours tonight?”

“I’m staying at BJ’s,” he said back referring to the bar Ben and Jack owned that housed their clubhouse underneath. It was how they were able to hold the space without getting caught.

“Well, can I stay with you? Dani’s on a bender again and I’ve been clean,” she said simply as he hummed in response. She knew he wouldn’t have an issue, but it was still better to ask than to just assume. “Thanks babe.”

“Hmm,” he hummed in response taking the corner lightly before pulling over quickly. “You know the drill.”

“Calum, you don’t need to mention it every time you go to do a deal. The mini’s in my shoe, handgun’s in the pocket in the door. And, I know how to drive stick. I think I’m good,” she said as he rolled his eyes at how she was acting, but she was right. They’d been ‘partners’ for over two years now, Jack pairing the two together when she first joined because he felt Calum could deal with her carefree attitude.

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Hello From The Other Side (Kylo Ren x Reader)

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Authors Note: This is my first Imagine. It sucks. Let me know if you like it then I will make more.

Warning: None

You woke up. To find yourself in a room with metal walls. You looked around for awhile trying to process every thing. After a few seconds you started to freak out. You tried to get free from the restraints. That covered your arms and legs.

“She’s a wake, go alert Kylo” someone said. But you couldn’t see anyone. Then you heard a door open and close. The name Kylo reminded you of someone, someone you missed very much.

 "Ben" you said in a soft whisper. Ben was your best friend since you could remember. Ben and you were training to become jedi’s. Until he turned to the dark side of the force. You never new why. He was always a good person with a good heart.

“Leave us” another voice said. You assumed was Kylo’s voice speaking.

“Yes sir” the other voice said. You still couldn’t see anyone. Only just hear there voice. The door opened and closed again. And you hear foot steps coming closer to you. For some reason you were nervous. Or were you scared cause you don’t know what Ben could be capable of.

But why would you be scared it was only Ben, he could never hurt you. Or could he? “Hello (y/n)” he said. You turned your head to look at Ben but he had a mask on. “How are you, its been awhile since I’ve seen you” You just stared at him wondering what happened to him.

Not giving any sympathy you said. “What do you want Ben” You could hear a light chuckle. Along with a shake of his head. “I think you know what I want”. With those word anger started to boil inside you. You knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted to know where Luke Skywalker was.

“I don’t know where he is” you said. And that was the absolute truth. After Ben turned to the dark side Luke disappeared He left you to fight Ben. But back then you didn’t know it was Ben. Until his mask came off. Luke's been gone after the word got out that Ben Solo turned.

Luke felt he was to blame. “Even if I did I would  not tell you” Ben looked at you through his mask. His head tilted a little. Has trying to figure something out. “Who said you where going to tell me”

That’s when your heart started to speed up. You knew he was going to go though your head to find what he wants. “What happened to you?” you paused for a second “What happened to you Ben?” You were holding back tears.

“Nothing happened I just found my true self.” At that you were broken. This couldn’t be Ben’s true self. “You don’t need to hide behind a mask Ben”. You don’t know why you said this. Maybe cause you wanted to see Ben’s face.

With that he took his mask off. Ben placed it on a small metal table. Ben hasn’t change much he still had dark black hair. With His dark eyes. But something was different he had that dark look on his face. At that moment you knew that wasn’t Ben, that was Kylo Ren.

“So I’ll give you one more chance where is Luke?” as he said that he put his hand near your face. You could feel your head starting to hurt. You pushed you head against the head rest. Your head felt like it was about to explode.

You were shaking. You shut your eyes and yelled “I don’t know!” Then he stopped. His hand went back to his side. You no longer felt the pain in you head. Your breathing was all over the place. You looked at Ben sort of disappointed.

Ben started to pace back and forth in front of you. “Come on (y/n), you have to know something” But you didn’t know a damn thing. You could sense he was started to get frustrated. “I don’t know anything, I haven’t seen Luke in years” you said hoping he would believe you.

He turned around a punched the chair you where in. His hand near your face. You closed your eyes. You were afraid he was going to hurt you. Then Ben touched your face, his hand cupping your cheek. You flinched at his movement.

“Its okay I’m not going to hurt you” That was the Ben you knew. Not Kylo Ren. His hand made its way to your chin. His thumb touching your bottom lip. Your eyes still closed. Then you no longer felt his touch.

You missed it. With the lose of contact you opened your eyes. Ben was staring at you. Straight in your eyes. “What now. You cant keep me here, I cant give you want you want” you said without breaking eye contact.

He looked at you, trying to figure out what to do with you. “Well…there are other things I want”. He started to walk around you. Then you feel his warm breath near your ear. He breathed in and said “I want you”.

Schrödinger's patient.

When I was a new EMT and chatted with my jaded colleagues, only once did I hear the words Schrödinger’s patient, and when I did the conversation ended quickly. I pressed, wanting to know more, but I was firmly instructed to leave off.

I pondered it every now and again. I’d seen most every callout type. From minor fender benders, fraught roadside scenes of dismemberment or deaths on impact, and everything in between. I became jaded too. When you do the same thing, day in and day out, for long enough, even scraping brains off the pavement becomes routine.

So naturally, this call out was just like any other.

I approached the car, just as I was trained. There was a single passenger, a woman who held her hands to her face in shock.

I told her I was here to help. I opened the driver’s side door. She looked at me. I could tell she had been crying, her mascara had run and covered most of her cheeks. As I leaned over to undo the seat belt, she groaned at me. I told her what I was doing and she moaned even louder. I reassured her that other paramedics would be on their way, that she could see someone, that how she was feeling was completely normal when you’ve been in a car crash. But all she did was moan through her fingers that were gripping her face and chin.

I unlatched the seat belt. By that time more paramedics had arrived and brought a stretcher. I told her I was going to lift her out, she didn’t appear to weigh more than eighty pounds, a weight I could easily carry. I slipped my hands under her legs and back. She screamed in pain. I asked to check her neck, that she probably had whiplash, nothing more serious. I had never seen anyone so scared in my life. I said, You need to move your hands, honey. She wouldn’t move them for dear life. I soothed, everything will be okay, I just need to look at your neck, otherwise I can’t put you on the stretcher. She didn’t relent.

I should have asked one of the other paramedics to help. I pulled her hands away from her face. Her head fell and rolled side to side, the skin around her neck the only thing holding it to her body. She had an internal decapitation. I was told she wouldn’t have felt a thing as the nerves that were left were severed. But that is no consolation for me.

My colleagues have told me there was nothing I could do, that she was a Schrödinger’s patient, someone who’s alive and dead at the same time, they look and are alive, but when you interact with them, they die.

When I close my eyes at night, and all I can see is her holding her head in her hands, I wish I had never had to help Schrödinger’s patient.