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The Tenth Floor pt4

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times, maybe some slight smut eventually

Part 1, 2, 3

“You seem to be settling in well.” 

You looked up from the files you were re-organizing for Yoongi to see Namjoon standing in front of you with a smile. He had been the one to hire you, but you hadn’t seen him since, and you had to admit it was good to see him. You hadn’t realized it when he interviewed you, but he seemed a lot more sane and normal than any of the other people there.

“Yeah, so far so good.” You returned his smile, bending the truth slightly. It wasn’t like you had expected this to be a dream-job, but also hadn’t realized what a pain everyone else who worked there would be. 

“Yoongi hasn’t been too horrible, then?” Namjoon raised an eyebrow, sitting down across from you. 

You shrugged. “I’m sure running such an important, large company puts a lot of stress on him.” You said rather than answer his question.

“In other words, he’s crazy, but you can handle him.” Namjoon laughed, and you couldn’t help but join in. Min Yoongi was crazy. Not even a half-hour ago, he had started screaming that someone stole his checkbook, only for you to walk in and tell him it was in the top right drawer of his desk (you had seen him put it there the previous day).

“Maybe a bit. But I can certainly handle him.” You agreed. 

“I have a good feeling about you.” Namjoon said suddenly. “I’ve hired people from all over the place, from amazing schools or with years of experience… But there’s something about you. I really think this is going to work.” You were relieved for a moment, thankful that someone believed in you. But then Jimin wandered over, flicking Namjoons shoulder.

“You’ve said that shit before.” He said with a sigh.

“Have not.” Namjoon replied indignantly. 

“Have too.” Jimin snorted. “Remember Mike? You were positive he was perfect for the job. And Melissa? You said there was no way for it to go wrong. And then there was Kevin…”

“Okay, stop.” Namjoon said, obviously flustered. You tried not to be disappointed. The only person who believed in you apparently believed in every other employee who had failed. 

“Face it, Namjoon. You’re a terrible judge of character.” Jimin said, patting Namjoon shoulder sympathetically before walking away. Namjoon turned back to you looking rather guilty.

“I really do have a good feeling about you. And I talked to Yoongi yesterday, he doesn’t seem to mind you.” He was trying to make up for what Jimin had said, but you really wanted the conversation to end.

“Thanks, I appreciate it–really, I do. But is there something that I can help you with? If not, I really do need to get this done and I have some phone calls to make…” 

“Right, yeah, of course you do.” Namjoon stood abruptly, still looking embarrassed. “I actually need to speak with Yoongi for a minute, so if you’ll excuse me…” He nearly ran into Yoongi’s office door in his haste to get away, and you shook your head as you returned to your work. Somehow, you didn’t think Namjoon was actually going to be any help to you while you worked there.

“Let me guess, you missed the bus again?” Kim Taehyung said through the phone. Your day had dragged on for what felt like forever, your lunch break practically non-existent because Yoongi had decided that all of his filing cabinets needed to be reorganized (which they did, they were a total mess, but it was still tedious work that took a while). You had missed the bus again, but at least this time you weren’t soaking wet with a broken heel. “I’m not far, I’ll be there in a few.”

You might have been able to leave earlier if you had really pushed for it, but you were still hoping to somehow get on your bosses good side–though, you were starting to wonder if he even had one. After Namjoon was done talking to him, Yoongi had been in a significantly worse mood. He had complained about everything–his schedule, his coffee, the fact that he thought your shoes were ugly–before dumping piles upon piles of paper on your desk. 

Missing the bus was also a good excuse to call the strange taxi-driver you had met the day before.

“So tell me, how exactly does one barely miss the bus two days in a row?” Taehyung asked when he pulled up, rolling the window down and greeting you with a smile. 

“It’s a long story, but it’s just as well. I have some shopping I need to do anyway.” You said, not sure why you were telling the driver this. “Apparently my shoes are ugly, so I’m going to get some new ones at the mall…”

Taehyung twisted around in his seat so he could see your shoes for himself before he started driving. “They don’t look so bad to me.” He said thoughtfully. “And what do you mean, ‘apparently’ they’re ugly? Don’t you like them?” He pulled away from the curb as he spoke, glancing at you briefly in the rear-view. 

You shrugged, looking down at your flats. You didn’t think they were ugly, but you weren’t sure you wanted to put up with another day of Jimin and Yoongi both criticizing them. 

“I wouldn’t have bought them in the first place if I didn’t like them.” You sighed. “It’s other people who have a problem with them.” 

Taehyung raised an eyebrow. “And you care what they think?” 

“I mean, no, but–”

But you’re going to replace perfectly good shoes because someone whose opinion you don’t care about says they’re ugly?” You weren’t sure how you felt about Taehyung-the-taxi-driver hinting that you were conforming to other peoples standards, and shifted slightly in your seat. Taehyung didn’t wait for you to answer, simply continued with another question. “Are they against your companies dress code or something?” You assumed he was referring to your shoes.


Taehyung seemed to be personally insulted that someone had a problem with your shoes, which was very odd. “So what difference does it make to you what other people think about your shoes?” 

You wanted to argue that you didn’t want to give Jimin a reason to bully you, or for Yoongi to have another reason to hate you, but it sounded childish in your own mind. What did you care if Jimin said rude things to you? And if Yoongi fired you over your shoes, then maybe working for him wasn’t worth it after all. “It doesn’t really matter…” You agreed slowly, and Taehyung pulled over.

“Good, so I’m not driving you to the mall, right?” He looked at you in the mirror again, grinning so hard that his smile looked more like a box than anything else. 

“I… Guess not? But…”

Taehyung blinked, then laughed. “So are you free the rest of tonight?” 

You couldn’t believe this. Was your taxi driver asking you out? That was ridiculous. “I don’t know…” You started. You really should catch up on sleep, this job was draining and you needed to be alert in the morning. 

“Nothing weird, I promise. There’s just something I’d like you to see.” 

The last part could be taken in a number of ways, but there was something about Taehyung that made you think he meant it in the most innocent way possible. “Okay.” You agreed, not entirely sure why. There was no reason for you to go anywhere with him, unless it was to drive you home.

“Fantastic. I promise you won’t regret it.” Taehyung pulled back into the street quickly, before making a U-turn and driving the other way. He didn’t tell you where you were going, and you didn’t ask. 

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Mystic Messenger e-mail answering guide FULL VERSION

Hey, just to start, apologies for any grammar mistakes I will commit during this post. I am having internet connectivity issues right now so I am writing this on phone.

There are 4 types of e-mails after you are done with the invitation to the party, the FAILED, which means you did not manage to invite that person, the COMPLETED in red or green, that means the person may or may not come, and the COMPLETED in blue in which the person is coming to the party.

So here goes the list I have until now:

Blue completed:

Indie games developer: Scheam, Nameless, Game convention
Youngest College Students: Jaehee, playing games of drinking soda, because you are too smart.
Oil Company:We have very big parking spots, we have american TV, the bald one.
Barista Group: Arabica coffee, Drip brewing, italy
Models: yes will there be a lot of companies, zen, look of yourself reflected into woman’s eyes
Tetris guy: battle 707 ate the party, stick, we have a new tetris series ready.
Wine Producer:red wine, ice wine, Jumin
Indie movie enthusiasts: environment ( he one that is not r- rated stuff), realism, Cannes, Venice & Berlin.
LOLOL guild: headset, make the stats balanced, blood dragon.
Narcissist association:Lock up in a room full of mirrors, takes a lot of selfies, Lake na.
Secretary association: a rational boss, well payed, normal outfit
Monogamy group: cross-stitch framed, handcuff her, give her flowers.
Musical Supporters: Zen, the jalapeno topping was pretty spice musical, the one that doesn’t say to ask someone for tickets.
Bankers: 100% interest deals, swiss bank, 1.2 million.
Private investigator: Yes I wanna invite you to the party, the heroine that uses violence, It really matches you.
Long cat: meow meow, (with the comma),  miumiu , nyannyan
Tradition: Whoopee~~ Beat the drums~~, Whoopp~~, Oh my dear sun~~ lay your passion upon us~~. 
Hospital: Hippocrates, exam results, compare hospitals.
Culture: Borborry, verragamo, there will be many handsome man.
Artwomen: monet, louvre, cantabile.
Floppy:  rainbow floppy, windows 8.1 3711, obtain a limited cassette tape.
Cat Project: Please come, feed them and wait, social media.
Allergy: Cat allergy, beef and seaweed soup, guests not attending to parties.
Frank: All to the bank, bank passbook, put on various bank accounts.
Solo: Hi I’m Youngsoo. I got your number through Chulsoo, watch, consider the other person’s feelings.
Uranai: I have plenty of time, Jumin Han, old man under the moon
Smartphone: leave the phone on the living room, leave the battery half charged, popcorn brain.
Badcomment:, I will be watching the next one, report them.
Nolam: Baleman, Otherstellar, Leonardo Dicappucino.
Tom: call the zoo, stock price of peaches will go down, you are getting two F’s.
Chef: 3 cups, you mix as if you are cutting, 20 minutes.
Rui: Elegant , Olympusx20, ganon
Cherryfarm: green, take out the stem and use a staw to push out the seed, diamond.
LOLOL: Dia, hunt the new zombies, invite her to play lolol
Romance: He will, Your one and only top star, kiss
Naming: Luciel, Your character’s name, Jaehee
Medicine: Tiarnol, tiarnol, tiarnol
Hyoja: fillial piety, confucius, health
Smoking quitter association: scold him, your girlfriend will love it, scold him again
Golf Association: Driver, shoes that dry quickly, gloves that don’t wear out easyly
Roastery: Antigua, whole beans, 15 days
Bracelet: various kinds of organizations, Lock U Up silver bracelet, mall
Pancake: silvervine, salmon fish sauce, fish-shape
Security: Korea, because it’s cool, gold
Writer: art-related organization, X0X0foreverurlovely#1star★ , flies off to space
DocLee: the seal is unlocked!!!, black , the rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!
Meteor study club :  first kiss, hungry, make a wish
Tuition Committee: Noon, Yellow and Black, Candlelight
Cat hotel: Cat buffet, Putting on a show, Cat limousine
Driver Kim: Compete with your son, Drifting, young Pong
Hacker: Lucky Kim, 80 years old, Grandmother
Students living alone: In the freezer, Bubblewrap, Fried Rice
Shoes association (Toeic): Small feet, chinese,  Nimtendo
Homeless rescue team: there will be potential donators at the party, warm rice, soup, green salad, baked salmon, and fried eggs.  + sell small issue magazine (third reply; i got blue completed)
Press: netizens, a law must be implemented that protects reporters, i cannot tell you that
God: the one where you said you’re excited talking to him, the one that didn’t ask for money, i think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person
Detective: i know the vanished seven treasure islands, yoosung’s lolol exploration, chief assistant jaehee kang.
Keyboard: ergonomics, control+C,  movi 83.
Monnami: best pen of the nation: BIC, sear the end with a lighter, classic is best
Emotion: i’d like to help you, the movie one, i really hope you come to our party.
Chicken: Youtube,  face of a generous looking grandfa…I mean you, the owner!,
Wrongmajor: What are you interested in, not too late, convince the parents.
Basketcase woman: green, long enough to do well with my eyes closed,  get a camel through the eye.
Catlovers: head, odd eye, crystal litter.
Stock: Invest the stock, not lose your money, chief assistant Jaehee Kang.
Lame (Haejung): Call the police, Say Hello!, I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt.
Marc: Bae screen wedding,  triple tipt invitations, use the screenshot.
Cream Roll: Imagine Mythical Creatures, limited edition name change ,Banner for the winner
Star: first kiss, shiny moon makes me hungry, wish on a star
Mira: pink bandages, coffin with lace all around, Life size marble statue of the Pharaoh

If you got full completion on other e-mails or have any more info to update the list just reply here, leave a note or send me a private message, I will add your name to the contributors.

@jessrine made a spreadsheet table with all this notes if you prefer to read that way here is the LINK

I Would not be able to do half this list without the help from LittleredLilly/ @paranoialover , thank you SO much!

Thanks SO MUCH for all the help: Himeka1238, Calligor, MarchFairy, LittleredLilly, Midnightkitsunepei, @nohrslittleprincess , @sicheynne, @xxblackrabbit18xx @zelchex @syun0acute @kalelofkrypton @akechu @ledragonprince @creafujo94 @otomesiren @pescado-diabolico @yuuki-kawaii-makoto @vedrane @flibbertigibbetjie @amethystcria @magicalthingy

So this morning while I was grabbing coffee at a cafe/bakery before work, I heard the screech/skid of brakes being slammed on and turned towards the sound just in time to see a car crash through the wall and window. I’m fine (it was twenty feet away from me) apart from breathing in some debris, and no one was hurt upon initial inspection apart from the one guy who was sitting right next to the now-wrecked wall, but is injuries amounted to cuts and scratches from the glass, which almost exploded from the panes upon impact. I saw him roll away from his chair just in time to get out of the way. Good job with the reflexes, kid, I wouldn’t have managed that if I were in his shoes. 

The driver was fine, and so were the kids that were in the car with them. The employees of the cafe approached us and the other customers to very courteously apologize for having to close the cafe for the day and asking us to leave. I think I sputtered out a “why are you apologizing?” before kind of stumbling out the door. 

The funny thing is that my brain moves so fast these days and I’m so preoccupied that I moved on and forgot that it happened within a few hours (probably because no one was hurt! I’m sure I’d have been traumatized otherwise). A coworker asked me about what had happened a couple hours ago and it took me a little bit to even parse out wtf he was talking about. 

There’s no point to this post other than it was an interesting thing that happened to me and I just remembered that it happened just now haha So here’s me talking about it. 

Fic Writing for Money

Hey y’all, I need to raise some cash ASAP for some emergency stuff that’s come up, and I’m writing fic again, so here’s what I think: I can sell fics? 

- 500-1000 words for $3
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I’ll basically write whatever you want from any fandom I know (new SW, Baby Driver, I kind of remember SPN, Hannibal, Marvel, AFTG, and if you have something else you want we can talk about it). Here’s a link to my AO3 to see my writing style. My usual style is a bit darker but I am capable of fluff if you want that. 

I also do 1-card tarot draws for $3 or 3-card draws for $7. 

Basically I’m begging for some help and these are my only marketable skills right now. My PayPal is Also if you need a Newt Scamander coat or some awesome SA Baby Driver shoes (or just some slick Frye sneakers) I’m selling those, post is here

Please let me know if you’d be interested in this, I can get writing right away!

Giving Love a Shot ❤ part 1

Of all the codes there are for friendships, not being at your best friends birthday party is the one code you absolutely cannot break, I mean it’s not my fault I was forced to go somewhere, Today is the day that I will ask forgiveness.

Before we get started I’ll let you know a little bit about me my name is Han Jae Ha, I’m 24 years old, I am an only child, growing up I’ve been fortunate to get whatever I wanted, Personal maid, my own driver, brand names clothes, shoes, purses, you name it I have it.

At a very young age, I realized that some people only like you for what you have, and for popularity. I don’t have friends, I’ll rephrase that, I have many acquaintances and a few really close friends, and the one I spent most of my time with is Byul well mostly because we live closer and have a different bond with her.

We met when we were in high school. Even though we’re from different social class, she always treat me like a normal person, and not just some rich kid.

I missed her birthday party last week, because I had to attend some fancy dinner with my parents. She work at a coffee shop, she makes the best chocolate milk

Hopefully she won’t be too furious.
(♥  In the cafe ♥)

Byul:  hi can I help… you?. What do you want?

Jae: I’ve been trying to call you all week.

Byul: well, I don’t have anything to say to you.

Jae: it’s not my fault, I tried to come but I had to be at a dinner.

Byul: so the dinner was more important to you?

Jae: no, but I snuck out of the house the previous night, and I got caught that’s why I had to go.

Byul: well, that’s too bad for you, now I have to go back to work, and you can just leave.

Jae: you want me to leave?

Byul: *crosses her arms and looks away* yes

Jae: ok, I guess you don’t want your present.

Byul: no

Jae: ok I’m leaving, but can I ask you one last  question?

Byul: what?

Jae: do by chance know anyone who’s looking for a front row tickets and backstage passes to a AOMG show?

Byul: WHAT??!!!!

Jae: *sigh* I guess not, well text me when you’re not angry anymore..

Byul: you are so evil?

Jae: still mad? *smile and wink*

Byul: I’ll get your drink.

I knew how much she likes them, so I had to pull some strings to get them for her.

Byul: where did you get those?

Jae: I pulled some strings

Byul: do I want to know?

Jae: not really.

Byul: ok, I’ll leave it at that

Jae: well *hands the tickets to her* Happy Birthday.

Byul: when is it?

Jae: This Saturday.

Byul: what are you wearing?

Jae: *sipping* for what?

Byul: the concert silly.

Jae: I’m not going.

Byul: what?

Jae: I don’t want to go

Byul: why not?

Jae: my parents are going back

Byul: even better.

Jae: just because they going back doesn’t mean i can just do what ever, and besides I have piano lessons.

Byul: I’ll help you with that.

Jae: how are you going to do that? I don’t remember you ever playing the piano.

Byul: well there’s an app, an you can look it up online

Jae: I cannot believe you just said that.

Byul: you can’t just let me hanging..again

Jae: you have other friends

Byul: but I want to share this with you, Come on, and besides you’re the one who missed my birthday party.

Jae: no sorry

Byul: pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Jae: I am really going to regret this.

Byul: maybe you wont, you might meet your soulmate.

Jae: I doubt it.

Byul: oh which remind me, I had a dream about you

Jae: oh no thank you, the last time you started a sentence like this, I was grounded for a month.

Byul: that was like years ago let it go, do you want to hear the dream or not?

Jae: no, But you gonna say it anyways right.

Byul: you going to  kiss someone under the moon light.

Jae: you’re the one who’s hasn’t date in like 4 years, why don’t you just worry about getting yourself a boyfriend

Byul: whatever, and it’s 2 years

Jae: Like it makes a difference, anyways I have to go now

Byul: see you Friday, you little prick

Jae: Yea Yea good riddance.

Byul: love you

Jae: right back at you

I wish I could escaped her, but I have no other choices but to go, I did missed her birthday.

The following day we had to go shopping, to get her all pampered for the show, I try to be in the spirit just so I wouldn’t ruin her birthday mood, but to tell you the truth these concert things just isn’t my cup of tea, I hate people sweating, and stepping on my shoes.

*Day Of Concert*

Even though my parents aren’t home, I still have to sneak out of the house, they have eyes everywhere.

Byul: hey, I’ve been waiting for hours

Jae: Byul, the show starts at 8:45

Byul: I know, we should get there early?

Jae: for what?  it’s 6:45, and you have front row seat, no one’s going to take it.

Byul: I know, let’s just go enough with the complains

This girl is driving me crazy, why should we get there extra early anyways?

we got to the place at 7:55, apparently people were already waiting, thank you VIP passes, because no way I was going to stand in the line in this outfit.

when we get there actually no one was inside besides the performers, and the people who we’re fixing the wire things, the only reason they let us in is because of our gold passes, and man is it awkward just… well a bit embarrassing since Byul cannot control herself.

Jae: hey can you just relax , don’t bring the attention here, it’s already weird that we’re in here.

Byul: chill out, you’re being too uptight, I’ll just walk around.

Jae: and I will be at the bar.

Sometimes, I think she’s like a little sister that I need to keep an eye on, even though she’s months older than me.

To be honest there are some  really good looking guys here. It’s not like I’m interested and all but they’re just really… good looking, from performers to dancers.

The sound check is finish, and I still have no idea where Byul vanished to. Sitting alone, Finally the show is about to start, and the lost child  find her way back.

Jae: where have you been? *glares at her*

Byul: what? I went back stage, and damn I didn’t regret, they were all shirtless back there

Jae: you have no shame, so you went back there to see naked people?

Byul: you need to calm your uptight ass, and have some fun, it's  not like your parents are here, live a little.

Jae: I am living, I’m just not a fan of having people sweats rubbing off on my skin like that.

Byul: that’s why you should’ve worn long sleeves

Jae: whatever.

one of my pet peeves are having other people skin touches mine, especially when they’re sweating. I just can’t handle it, people said that it’s because I’ve never been that close to another guy to that level.

There is a HUGE difference between stranger’s sweat and someone you love or like, not that I’m okay with either, but I’d rather it’s not stranger’s.

Being in front row is nice, but I find it a bit awkward when you eyes locked with the person, and you’re trying to look away, but don’t want to seems rude and stuff.

*Show ends*

the show, was nice all the songs were ok, not my cup of tea, but I especially like two songs

Jay Park’s Solo, and 2nd thots I wonder who hes talking about.

Byul: oh that was soo much fun, now let’s go back stage.

Jae: didn’t you go already?

Byul: come one, you’re just ruining the mood

Jae: fine

After allowing her to dragged me back there, I regretted it.  I lost her in a crowd full of people. These Girls have no chill, they’re walking on each other like calm down they’re just singer. I guess I see it that way since I can easily get back stage passes, but come on I’ll just go in one of these room and let the stampede go bye no way I’m going to find this girl now.

*open a random*

Jae: *mumbling* don’t people knows how to walk properly anymore, stepping all over my shoes, like I just bought that.

*door busted open*

Byul: hey what are you doing, you cant just walk in the rooms like that.

Jae: where were you?

Byul: I was, looking for you, what are you doing in here?

Jae: all these people were rubbing off on me and stepping on my shoes,  so I come in here to let them go by, I hate having other people sweat on me and you know that. these girls are so wild,  don’t people knows how to walk properly anymore? *mumbling*

Byul: stop whining

*throats clears*

 *turning around the room was actually fill with people who got quiet because of our conversation, I know I’m bold and all but having all these eyes looking at me once all at on freaks the hell out of me for a bit*

Byul: ooh shoot, we are so sorry.

Jae: sorry

Jay: It’s okay, wait you guys were in the front row right? And I heard that you two were like the first one to get inside

Byul: yes, we were. do you guys mind if I take a picture with you.*looking at someone*

Jay: ooh Gray’s fans are all over tonight.

Gray: shut up, sure * motions her to go over*

well, she was supposed to take one picture now she’s taking with everyone.

Jae: I’ll just wait outside.*walks out*

Byul: wait, *follows her* why are you acting like this.

Jae: it’s not like I’m trying to kill your mood and stuff, but I’m just not really in the mood for all of this Right now.

Byul: maybe  just you’re paranoid about your parents.

Jae: maybe, you’re right

Byul: if you had stop being uptight you probably would’ve have some fun

Jae: I’M NOT UPTIGHT! *clenching her teeth*

 Byul: stop yelling.

Jae: stop calling me uptight.

*not realizing the group of people staring at us*

Gray: are you guys ok? *everyone out of the door*

Byul: oh were fine

Gray: ok just making sure, so your name is Byul Right?

Byul: yeah * smiling from ear to ear like the big Idiot she’s acting like *

Gray: we’re going to an after party, would you like to come?

Byul: *looks at Jae*

Jae: Don’t look at me like that.

Byul: *looks at Gray *

Gray:*looks at Jae*

Jae: you owe me big time *clenching her teeth with a fake smile*

Byul: thank you *whispers*

Gray: cool, are you guys ridding with us or?

Byul: sure * looks at Jae*

Jae: *this chick is not expecting me to leave my car in a parking lot and go party to who knows where, is she? And she’s okay to go ride out with strangers like that?* what about my car?

Byul: oh..right

Jae: it’s cool, I’ll just follow you guys, you can ride with them.

Byul: you sure?

Jae: and make you miss this great opportunity, I’m not sure I’ll be able to live of that day.*sarcastically*

Byul: *elbows her side*

Jae: ow

Gray: you guys are cute, are you related?

Jae: no, we’re just good friends.

Byul: I owe you one *whispers silently as they walk to the parking lot*

Jae: the hell you do *whispers back as she smiles at her*

Byul: is it just me or Jay can’t stop starring at you?

Jae: really? I couldn’t tell?

Byul: you know, that sarcasm was not necessary, but he’s been looking at you ever since we were in the room.

Jae: can you blame him tho? I look good tonight *flipping her hair*

Byul: *looks at her* can you be serious for once?

* finally in the Parking garage*

Gray: we’ll just walk you to your car? which one is yours? *looks at Jae*

Jae: this one *pointed at the two door red Camaro convertible*

Gray: That’s your ride?

Jae: yup

Gray: nice one.

Jae: thanks, we’ll I’ll just follow you guys

Gray: you sure you don’t want anyone to ride with you?

Jae: I’m sure I can keep up. *smile*

 * soon in the car*

Jay: is your friend always that anti-social?

Byul: no, she’s just having a bad day

Jay: oh ok

*30minutes later*

Gray: great driving skill.
Jae: thank you.

Gray: shall we go?

*everyone walks ahead except for Jay who walking alone in the back with a couple of friends *
Byul: *hold Jae’s hand*

when we got inside it was like a bar, which is nice cause half of them scattered the second we get inside to go talk to their friend, in the meantime Byul and I made our way to the bar.

Jae: *starring at Byul*

Byul: what?

Jae: it’s just that-

Gray: do you want dance?

Byul: sure *smiles* we’ll talk later

I mean, seriously I know she’s a fan of him, but right now she looks a bit desperate if you ask me, but if I say anything I’m the bad guy. Again I’m left alone, and quite annoyed the fact that I didn’t want to go out in the first place, and I spent half of the night alone.

hey, why the long face?

Jae: *turns around it’s Jay*

Jay: *sits next to her* do you want something to drink?

Jae: I’ll have a water please.

Jay: water?

Jae: yeah, I’m driving

Jay: oh Right, oh I didn’t formally introduce myself I’m- J

Jae: Jay, I know.

Jay: and you are?

Jae: I’m Jae

Jay: Jay?

Jae: that’s Jae with a E

Jay: really? nice to meet you, Jae with a E

Jae: *smile*

Jay: woh finally a smile

Jae: at least one of us is having fun *looking at Byul*

Jay: you’re not having fun?

Jae: honestly I would rather be somewhere a little bit more quiet.

Jay:* pulls her arm*

Jae: hey what are you doing?, where are you taking?

Jay: *smiles* somewhere a little bit ….more quiet.

Jae:*follows him*

we made it on the roof of the building, and it was so beautiful, the night lights, the city was looking as beautiful as ever.

 Jae: wow, it looks so cool up here, and peaceful.

Jay: glad you like it, sooo Jae ?

Jae: mhm*turning her attention to him*

Jay: did you enjoy the concert?

Jae: yeah, it was pretty good.

Jay: what were your favorite song?

Jae: mhhm I Liked Solo, it’s pretty catchy


Jae: but?

Jay: but?

Jae: 2nd thots doe? *shaking her head*

Jay: *bust out laughing and slightly embarrassed * what?

Jae: nothing

Jay: come on tell me.

Jae: nothing, I’m just sorry for any females who pisses you off.

Jay: *laughs*

Jae: am I wrong?

Jay: *shy*

Jae: don’t be embarrassed  *Shivers*

Jay: you ok?

Jae: yeah, it’s just a bit chilly out here

Jay: *removes his leather Jacket and put it on her shoulder*

Jae: thanks

Jay: you’re welcome, *smiles and stares at her*

Jae: spill it

Jay: what?

Jae: that look on your face you want to ask me something.

Jay: ok, the car you drove
Jae: my car? what about it?

Jay: is it really yours or your boyfriend’s?

Jae: nope its mine

Jay: really?

Jae: why are you surprise? Oh you thought I drove a mini car?

Jay: yeah…sort of.

Jae: no, I like big stuff

Jay: big stuff *raise his brow*

Jae: hey don’t be a pervert. I have a thing for cars, as weird as it might sounds to some people.

Jay: I’m sorry, can I ask you a question?

Jae: sure, what’s up?

Jay: never mind

Jae: hey, you can’t do that.

Jay: I’ll save it for the next time we meet.

Jae: next time?

Jay: Yea, we’ll see each other again right?

Jae: uhm I-

Loco: oh there you guys are?

Jay: what’s up?

Loco: Gray tell me to tell you that he’s leaving?

Jay: what?  I didn’t drive I rode with him

Loco: well he just left, I was looking for you.

Jae: I should go back down.

Jay: already? Why?

Jae: we’ve been up here for a while now, and I have to go look for my friend.

Loco: oh she left with him

Jae: what?

Loco: she said that her phone died, you should text her when you get home.

Jae: I have to go

Jay: why?

Jae: I need to make sure she’s home.

Jay: oh ohk

*Jae makes her way downstairs*

Loco: you feeling her aren’t you? *sitting in the now empty spot*

Jay: no I’m not

Loco: come on man, we all noticed how you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her in the  dressing room, and- where’s your jacket.

Jay:  Jae has it

Loco: her name is what Jay?

Jay:  yes, Jae with a E, and I’m not falling for her, I don’t even know her.

Loco: you wanna bet? I’ll bet,  you’re gonna be in love before you know it.

Jay: I doubt it.

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Resurrection Mary -

One of Chicago’s most famous and often sighted ghosts. Resurrection Mary is a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed girl dressed in a white dress, white dancing shoes and a thin shawl, and sometimes clutching an evening bag. She is named after Resurrection Cemetery where she is supposed to be buried. She appears on the road and sometimes asks for a ride, before vanishing when the car reaches the cemetery. 

Sightings of Mary go back as far as 1936. According to legend, Mary was killed in a car accident on a winter night in 1934 after an evening of dancing. She got into an argument with her date at the dance, left the ballroom and began walking home. She was struck by a car and killed. The driver left the scene and was never found. Her parents buried her at Resurrection Cemetery in her white dress and dancing shoes. 

Many drivers have offered Mary a lift over the years. In most cases she gets into the car, talks to the driver as though she were a normal girl but promptly vanishes when the car passes the cemetery. In other cases she will ask for a lift to the cemetery and the driver is unaware that she is a ghost until she gets out of the car and disappears through the locked cemetery gates. She has also been see staring through the bars of the gates. Other motorists have reported hitting a girl in a white dress who suddenly ran out in front of their car. Sometimes the car passes through her and on other occasions they have thought that they have hit her and the body vanishes when they call for help. 

She has been reported dancing at the old ballroom that she left on the night of her accident until closing time before asking someone for a ride to the cemetery. Those who say that they have danced with Mary describe her as aloof and cold to the touch. 

In 1976, a man was driving past the cemetery late at night when he saw a young woman in a white dress standing inside the gates of the cemetery clasping the bars. The man reported to the police that someone was locked inside the cemetery. Officers who investigated found no one inside, however, two of the iron bars of the gate where the girl had been standing where found pried apart and bore what looked like human handprints seared into the metal. 

Sometimes my favorite looks are also the most simple. Remember to focus on two important things. Fit and colors. If you are going to reside in an urban area it’s even more important to wear clothes that are properly tailored and fitted. Not to be mistaken with “tight fitting” clothing.

Oxford: Ralph Lauren

Tie: J.Crew

Sweater: Club Monaco merino

Shoes: Cole Haan Air Gant driving shoes. (there are many colors just Google Air Gant.

The watch is the “Timex Weekender and the strap is from J.crew. They have tons of different straps. They also carry a few gorgeous watches that you should check out.

Happy Shopping