driver response


Bitty’s halfway to drunk, clutching his cocoa and leaning dreamily against Jack’s shoulder. Jack, on the other hand, is nursing nonalcoholic eggnog; Coach had deftly removed his mulled wine from his hand and informed him that since Jack was the designated driver and therefore responsible for Dicky’s well-being, Jack wasn’t going to have a drop of alcohol. It had startled him, but now he smiles, thinking about it. They’ve come so far with the Bittles, to the point where they’ve been able to spend a completely lovely Christmas Eve with them. After they take their leave, Bitty regretfully realizing they need to head out if they’re going to catch a flight in the morning, they step into the cool night air. Bitty stops on the sidewalk as they walk to the car. He pulls Jack to him, cupping Jack’s face in his hands to kiss him, and Jack realizes he loves him all over again.Then Bitty shivers from the cold and somehow Jack loves him more. He ushers Bits to the car, draping himself across Bitty’s back. He’s holding Bitty’s right hand with his own, keys dangling from the left, and the clink of their rings together sounds as sonorous to Jack’s ears as the church bells that are just now tolling midnight.




No Control

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“The problem is,” he said as he leans in, “If I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

Summary: Moving across the country.. can’t be too bad right? WRONG! After losing your parents in a horrible incident you had no choice but to move with your uncle in Korea. You knew no one besides your uncle and didn’t know you way around but that all changes when your uncle hires that one boy… the boy with the bad attitude….

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You all got into the van making Yoongi the driver and responsible for the rest of you all. You were sitting between Jimin and Hoseok.

“Have you ever been camping?” Jimin asks looking at you and you looked up at him.

“No… this will actually be my first time.” you smiled.

“Well, if it makes you feel better. I’ll be here to protect you from whatever,” Jimin says causing your cheeks to turn a bright shade of pink and you began to hear laughter from the boys.

“Yah! You just met the poor girl and already trying to hit on her,” Namjoon says and Jimin begins to blush along with you.

“It’s okay tho,” you said reaching over for Jimin hand and you began to hear hollering behind you.

“So childish,” yoongi hisses in annoyance and you rolled your eyes.

“Is he always this cranky?” you whisper to Hoseok and he just nods his head immediately.


“You know Yoongi described you as annoying and irritating but you’re nothing like that at all..” Taehyung says and for some reason when you heard those words… you kind of felt upset..

He thinks your annoying?

“Tae,” you hear Yoongi hiss and you just looked down and then looked up smiling pretending you didn’t care.

“Good to know,” you giggled.

You were expecting Yoongi to maybe change his mind after spending some time with you… But you were wrong..

This camping trip with going to be a long trip


At last you all have arrived to your destination… or at least you think you arrived. You never been camping so this was all so new to you.

“Are we here yet?” you asked looking out the window.

“We are,” Jimin responds and you couldn’t help but to smile.

You all, one by one got out of the car and as soon as you were out you couldn’t help but to just stare at the trees in front of you. It felt like you guys were in a wood where usually killers like to kill their victims.

“Is this going to be another Jason movie?” you asked still staring at the tall tree in front of you.

“You don’t actually believe in horror movies do you??” Hoseok asks you and you just smiled. Should you answer that truthfully?

“Of course not….” you said awkwardly and Hoseok just smiles.

You walked over to the trunk and grabbed your duffle bag.

“Alright now we have to just decide who’s going to be sharing the same tents,” Jin says as you all gathered around him.

“Who here bought a tent?”

Jungkook, Taehyung, Hoseok and Yoongi all raised their hands.

“Great! We will be having two per tent,”

Two per tent… You were the only girl.. that meant sharing a tent with a boy..

This is going to be quite an interesting trip.

“Jungkook who would you like to share your tent with?”

Jungkook looked at the rest of you who didn’t have a tent but looked at Jimin.


The choosing went on. Taehyung choose Namjoon, Hoseok choose Jin and you were left with Yoongi. Yoongi didn’t seem to make any type of reaction. You were actually waiting for him to roll his eyes or make some type of comment but nope.


“Aren’t you going to help with the tent?” You asked annoyed looking at Yoongi who was sitting on the log on his phone.

“I’m sure you have the hang of it,”

You stopped trying to build the tent and crossed your arms. This was your first time camping, how were you suppose to know how to build the damn tent?

“Yoongi,” you hissed and he completely ignored you.

“Do you need help?”

You turned around and found Jimin with his hands in his pockets looking down and then back at you.

“No it’s okay… “ You said awkwardly picking the tent from the floor. But however Jimin ignored your respond and began to help you anyways.

“I’m not going to let a pretty girl like you have a bad camping experience.” Jimin says causing your cheeks to heat up.

So far meeting the boys was pretty good. Jimin however was pretty flirtatious and to be honest you didn’t seem to mind that at all. You actually quite enjoyed it.

“Jimin what are you doing?” Yoongi asks finally getting off the log.

“Helping Y/N.”

“Shouldn’t you help Jungkook?”

“We finished,”

Yoongi and you looked over at Jungkook and see the tent well built and set up just in time. Jimin continued to help you and for some reason as soon as Jimin decides to help, Yoongi all of sudden wants to help..

At last the tent was build and you looked at Jimin.

“Thank you, how can I repay you?”

“I’m sure I’ll think of something,’ Jimin says before sending you a wink and walking off. You couldn’t help but feel your heart racing.. If Yoongi found you annoying and didn’t seem to have the same interest you had towards him.. why not give Jimin a chance right?

You grabbed your duffle bag from the log and walked into the tent trying to get your first feel on where you were going to sleep for a couple of days.

Yoongi follows behind you and you two were now in the tent right in front of each other.

“What you like Jimin now?” Yoongi asks you and you looked at him.

“I barely know him… and what if I do?” you asked him and he just looks at you and then pulls out his phone from his pocket ignore the question. Something he is clearly good at doing.

“Yoongi, I’m talking to you…”

No respond.

You got annoyed, you snatched Yoongi’s phone from his pocket and immediately put the phone in your back pocket.


“Well you need to learn to answer people sometimes.”



He looked at you annoyed and you crossed your arms and patiently waited for yoongi to say something.

“I’m just curious.”

“No there must be a reason why you asked me.”

“Can I get my phone back?”

“Stop dodging the question,” you said annoyed and yoongi began to tickle your sides out of the blue.

“Give me my phone,” Yoongi says as he tickles your sides and you began to squirm around and laugh making yourself fall back. Yoongi however seemed to be top of you still tickling you and he even started to laugh hearing your laugh.

However you don’t know what made him stop but he stopped tickling you and just looked at you in your eyes and you two were now just staring at each other then and there…

Your heart began to beat ten times faster and you felt a feeling that you’ve never felt before… You felt like you were lost into his stare and you two were in your own little world.

What was it about Yoongi?

You really wanted him to lean in and kiss you… But… he worked for your uncle.. And he doesn’t see you like the way you see him..

“Y/N! Yoongi!” You began to hear out of the tent coming from one of the boys..

You continued to stare at yoongi and at last reality hit you.

“Um… we should probably get out there..” you said awkwardly and Yoongi realized what position he was in.. So he slowly got off of you and nodded awkwardly and left the tent without saying a word.


Since you all the drive to the woods was pretty long and it took long to build the tent, it was slowly starting to get dark.

You helped Jungkook and Taehyung build the fire with the woods around you as the other boys began to pull out snack from the car.

As you all had everything set up, you all sat around the first and you sat between Jimin and Namjoon.

“Would you like one?” Jimin asks motioning to the marshmallow on his hand.

“Sure..” you said shyly and Jimin hands you a stick and marshmallow.

You slowly placed the marshmallow on one side of the stick and with the other side of the stick you help it and pushed the marshmallow closed the fire.

“You’re still not scared of the woods are you Y/N?” Taehyung asks you and you looked at him.


“Yeah.. Scared that a random killer is going to just randomly going to pop up and kill us?” 

“Tae,” Namjoon says butting in the conversation but you giggled.



You were so caught up in the conversation you didn’t even noticed that you began to move the marshmallow closer and closer to the fire as you continued to talk to the boys near you. You felt a hand on yours and you looked to the right.

“Careful! I don’t think you want to eat a burnt marshmallow,” Jimin says and you began to giggle.

You looked down at your hand that was being held with Jimin’s hand and you became more of a blushing mess.

“Aw! Look at the new couple!” You hear Hoseok blurt out and all the boys began to stare at the two of you and Jimin pulls away and starts to become a blushing next to you.


Yoongi’s Point of View 

Back at the tent.. the more I kept looking at her… the more I realize what is happening to me.. 

Is it wrong that I’m slowly starting to like Y/N? 

We haven’t known each other for long but everytime I seemed to be around her… my heart starts to beat faster than it should… I begin to feel butterflies in my stomach and I just can’t stop staring at her. 

The temptation of kissing her returned when I was on top of her looking down at her but i stopped myself… 

One rule her uncle did have was not fall for his niece… 

But that rule was far too late to stop now..

As we all approached the fire I sat down and got into my thinking mode.. But the problem was I kept thinking about Y/N… 

“Aw look at the new couple!” I hear coming out of Hoseok mouth and I glanced at Y/N and Jimin and I see Jimin hand on top of hers causing me to fist my hands.

New couple?

This wasn’t happening…

Or was it?


Your Point of View 

After all eating cooked marshmallow under the fire and telling each other scary stories, the boys ended up getting tired. 

However you didn’t seem to be tired one bit.

Was it wrong to want to explore the wood at night?

You know this is how you get killed in horror films but was it worth the risk?

You walked over to your tent and grabbed a flashlight you had in your bag. You glanced at the boys putting away the fire and without saying a word telling them where you were going you began to wander off the woods on your own.

There is nothing wrong for wanting to explore.


The woods in summer night was beautiful. You looked up at the sky and could see a million tiny stars. In the city, looking at stars was never possible because of the city lights.

You smiled and just admired the beautiful surrounding till you began to hear noise..

Your eyes widen and you frooze from fear.

What is that? 

The noise began to get closer and closer causing your heart to jump out of chest out of fear. Why did you have to go and explore now?

You slowly began to walk trying to make no noise but that was impossible. You didn’t notice you stepped on a stick which instantly made a crack noise.


“Y/N?” You stopped and turned around flashing the light in front of you. And you see Yoongi standing there and there.

“Y/N! What are you doing here alone at night!!” 

To be continued.

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How come no one talks about Maya being afraid of car crashes? Or more specifically, zoom over unusually shaped rock masses and soaring through the air while in The Dust? Sounds like something people would talk about, if only a little.

maybe we all responsible drivers………….

okay no but i assume this is talking about the Noise™ she makes when her car flips around. which, tbh, i’d make that noise too if my car just flipped upside down on me

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33,34,49 myan with Fahc au pls

33. Who would wear ‘not guilty’ t-shirt / who would wear ‘sin’ t-shirt?

Ryan thinks that ‘civilian’ clothing is still big on ironic statements so he loves wearing the ‘not guilty’ shirt and when he catches himself in the mirror will sometimes even laugh at himself because he’s a huge fucking nerd. Michael probably picked up the ‘sin’ shirt accidentally and wears it when he goes out to a club for fun.

34. Who would wear ‘if lost return to…’ t-shirt / who would wear ‘I am…’ t-shirt

Trick question they both have the first shirt and it says ‘Return to Jack’ and Jack refuses to wear the shirt out in public ever again after the Incident.

49. Who is the driver / Who is the passenger?

Ryan is the more responsible driver and Michael’s road rage is horrendous so the driver/passenger things depends on 1. Where are they going?; 2. How fast do they need to drive? and 3. Does the car have to be in tact when they get there?

signs driving

aries: no cop no stop 

taurus: nicest car but not enough cup holders

gemini: best person to talk to during a road trip

cancer: I will remember your license plate if you cut me off  haha (:

leo: *that person who revs up their engine for attention*


libra: scenic drives fuel my soul

scorpio: SHOTGUN

sagittarius: fuck the speed limit 

capricorn: the responsible driver who needs everyone quiet in the car

aquarius: I know there’s 4 seats but we can fit 7  people trust me 

pisces: why would we play your music when mine’s better ?

Roadtrip! Junhui (Jun)

- always has snacks

- if there ever comes a time where he doesn’t have snacks he’ll always have money to get more

- is a responsible driver

- will drive so you can sleep

- but you usually don’t sleep because you enjoy talking to him while he drives

- always has the radio on but still complains about how crappy songs on the radio are nowadays

- that doesn’t stop him from belting out the lyrics to nearly every song that comes on

- but eventually he gets sick of radio songs and pulls out the mix CD he made especially for this trip

- “junhui + y/n’s roadtrip adventure mix!”

- you hadn’t heard of a lot of the songs that he put on there but you liked them anyway

- drives for as long as he possibly can but eventually gets too tired to even keep his eyes open so he stops so that he doesn’t put your life in danger by driving while sleepy

- is a little paranoid about gas

- so he’ll stop at every gas station he sees just to make sure he has enough to last him until he finds another one

- this of course prolongs your road trip a lot

- you don’t really mind because it just means more time with him

- tries to hold ur hand while he drives but you always swat his hand away to make sure he has full control of the car

- snack bag is always full somehow

- “i don’t need any stinkin’ gps ok i got this”

- gets lost

- u guys end up parking somewhere for the night

- he curls up next to u in the backseat

- puts his jacket on top of u for a blanket

- “wow y/n looks like we’ll have to share :^)”

-  in the morning u guys get coffee and share waffles

- then u gotta get back on the road

- “junhui pls just use the stinking gps”

- he finally gives in and u feed him jelly snacks while he drives to make up for it

- “wait where are we going again - oh yeah”

Day6 as drivers

Jae: Too chill driver, sings along with every song playing on the radio and probably tries to head-bang but manages to hurt himself. Performs ‘California stops’ how he hasn’t gotten a ticket yet is anyones guess.

Sungjin: You know that mom in Monster’s University that listens to heavy metal music? That’s him. The responsible driver. Also a beast at parallel parking.

YoungK: That one friend who never knows where they’re going and last minute changes lanes. Constantly yells at cars and people who don’t cross the road fast enough. Someone take his license away.

Wonpil: Happy driver who always let’s people go first. Causes traffic because he gets out to help little old ladies cross the street. 

Dowoon: Stress driver. Always looks scared and about to die when behind the wheel and drives well under the speed limit. Super careful and thinks he’s being stalked when a car follows him for a while. 

AMG GLE63 S Coupé “The Big Styler”.

High agility, distinctive engine sound and typical sports car acceleration are united with poise and assurance, tremendous pulling power and perfect traction. The AMG GLE63 S Coupé combines the sportiness of a coupé with the strengths of an SUV.

The typical SUV raised seating position and effortlessly unhurried superiority on the road, paired with typical AMG longitudinal and transverse dynamics as well as the direct response to driver commands, result in an intense driving feel. The wide choice of different worlds of experience is based, among other things, on the DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes, which for the first time permit such a wide spread of driving dynamics.

Mercedes-AMG M157 V8 biturbo engine 5.5L 585HP and 760Nm of Torque. Handcrafted by Michael Kübler @f1mike28 in Germany Affalterbach.
Driving Performance is our Passion! Mercedes-AMG the Performance and Sports Car Brand from Mercedes-Benz.
Mercedes-AMG the Home of Driving Performance in Germany Affalterbach.
Mercedes-AMG Handcrafted by Racers.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda uncomfortable with some of the actors’ baby pictures and old school pictures and stuff (as cute as they are) making the internet, haha. Like…did they agree to have them go on the web? Imagine if it were you- suddenly your terrible 2nd grade photo is on display. Stardom’s rough, man. Enjoy and have fun, guys, but remember the actors are *separate* from their characters and have unique and dynamic lives outside of what you see on the screen. :)

Transcript from a Bridgeton, NJ police traffic stop on Dec.30, 2014, that ended in the fatal shooting of a passenger, Jerame Reid. (Via
  • OFFICER BRAHEME DAYS: How are you all doing?
  • LEROY TUTT (driver): How are you?
  • DAYS: Officer Days, Bridgeton police. The reason I'm pulling you over ... you went right through that stop sign back there.
  • TUTT: Where at?
  • DAYS: Right on, uh, South Pine Street.
  • TUTT: Alright.
  • DAYS: You got your driver's license?
  • TUTT: Yeah, I've got my driver's license.
  • DAYS (to passenger): What's up, man? Can you grab it for me? (to driver)
  • (Response unintelligible.)
  • DAYS (draws gun): Show me your hands. Show me your fucking hands! Show me your hands. Don't fucking move.
  • (OFFICER ROGER WORLEY comes into picture, gun appears to be drawn.)
  • DAYS: Don't fucking move! Don't you fucking move! ...Get him out of the car, Rog. We've got a gun in his glove compartment. Don't you fucking move.
  • (DAYS appears to remove a silver object from the car, possibly a handgun.)
  • JERAME REID (passenger): I've got my hands up.
  • DAYS: Don't you fucking move! Show me your fucking hands!
  • WORLEY (simultaneously): Don't move! (speaks into radio)
  • DAYS: Don't you fucking move!
  • WORLEY (into radio): Let's get more units out here.
  • DAYS: Don't you fucking move!
  • REID: (unintelligible)
  • WORLEY: Don't fucking move!
  • DAYS: I'm telling you, I'm gonna shoot you. You're gonna be fucking dead! I'm telling you.
  • REID: I ain't doing nothing.
  • DAYS: You reach for something, you're going to be fucking dead. I'm telling you.
  • REID: I ain't even reaching for nothing, bro. I ain't go no reason to reach ...
  • DAYS: I'm telling you ... I'm telling you. Keep your fucking hands right there. Hey Jerame, you reach for something, you gonna be fucking dead.
  • (WORLEY speaks into his radio)
  • REID: I ain't reaching.
  • DAYS: He's reaching! He's reaching!
  • REID: I ain't reaching.
  • DAYS: Show me your fucking hands!
  • REID: I'm getting out and getting on the ground.
  • WORLEY: Yo!
  • REID: I'm getting out and getting on the ground.
  • DAYS: No you're not! No you're not!
  • WORLEY: Don't get out of the car!
  • REID: I'm getting out.
  • DAYS: No you're not. Don't fucking move!
  • REID (standing up): I'm getting out.
  • (Car door opens, Reid stands up.)
  • DAYS: Don't you—
  • (Officers open fire. DAYS appears to fire up to five shots; Worley, one. REID falls to the ground.)
  • DAYS: (to driver) Don't you fucking move!
3x01: Wreckage

As the family deals with the aftermath of the car accident, Stef is determined to find the driver responsible for the crash.

Callie continues to volunteer at the drop-in center where she meets AJ, a foster teen runaway searching for his older brother.

Brandon starts at the Idyllwild Music Program and quickly realizes that he will be faced with serious competition.

Jude tells Connor he prefers to keep their relationship private at school.

Two people around Holmes actually told us Sherlock was going to die by his own hand, and they all did it in the very first episode. Doing her duty as a TV cop (that is, being antagonistic toward the brilliant outsider who always turns out to be right), Sergeant Sally Donovan says this early on in the episode:

“One day we’ll be standing around a body and Sherlock Holmes will be the one who put it there.”

She’s convinced he’s a psycho, and to Sally’s credit, he is, but it’s also true that at the end of Season 2 the police end up on the scene of a death Sherlock was responsible for – his own.

Even more chillingly, the taxi driver who’d been responsible for all the murders throughout the first episode turns out to be a pawn in Moriarty’s cat-and-mouse game with Sherlock, and even says this to the detective:

“I’m gonna talk to you, and then you’re going to kill yourself.”

5 Movies and TV Shows With Brilliant Clues in the Dialogue