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I really look forward to an interview with Adam in which he discusses Kylo’s love connection with Rey. I imagine it will sound something like:

“The way Kylo feels towards Rey is….conflicted but drawn. He feels as if she’s a missing piece in discovering himself or filling a long empty void within himself. He thinks that he’s supposed to treat her as an adversary, but knows she’s so much more. There is a whole lot of passion he feels for her, and she feels the same to him. He’s astounded by her power, and views her as a potential ally. Maybe even something deeper.”         

7theresia  asked:

Hello ^_^ I dont know where to send a message concerning merch, bcs from Zagstore nobody replied to my question :/ Could you help me? I wanna buy chat noir headphones but haven't found detailed specs about quality :/ Where could I find it, please?

The specs for the headphones are as follows:

Comes with Smart Mic: Vol Control.

8mm Dynamic Driver – 20-20KHZ 16ohms impedance – Sensitivity: 105 +/-3db

3 earbuds S/M/L

Hope that helps!


First Look: The Volkswagen T-Roc

Volkswagen is extending its model range by adding a compact-class crossover: the T-Roc. The new crossover from Volkswagen brings fresh impetus to the compact SUV class. It offers maximum personalization, leading-edge driver assistance systems, dynamic engines and above all modern, expressive design. A car that is just as much at home in the city as it is on rough terrain.


The Mclaren 675LT Spider

The 675LT Spider, only the second McLaren in nearly two decades to wear the LT – or ‘Longtail’ – name, stays true to the spirit of its iconic predecessor with aerodynamically optimized, dramatically enhanced styling that results in 40 percent more downforce than the 650S Spider.

As with its namesake which debuted in the 1997 GT season, the 675LT Spider – alongside the 675LT Coupé – is the most track-focused model in the McLaren Super Series, with a power to weight ratio that eclipses its rivals. Embodying the ethos of the F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ it focuses on 5 key characteristics: lightweight, optimized aerodynamics, increased power, track-focused dynamics and driver engagement.

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Water Planet

The abundance of water on Earth has shaped nearly every aspect of our lives, even if we are not directly aware of it. Using data sets from a variety of sources, including NOAA and NASA, water is shown to be the primary driver of Earth’s dynamic systems. It is the source of all life on the planet, which is astounding, considering just how rare and precious Earth’s fresh water resources are.

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