driver chooses the music

The signs as drivers
  • "My car I choose the music": Aquarius, Libra, Virgo, Gemini
  • "Do not touch anything, do not eat in my car, do not sweat in my car, hell do not breathe in my car": Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Cancer
  • "Wooooo! DRIVING!": Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Taurus

 Summary: Driving! Oh boy

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  •  Oh boy he would be a character. 
  •  He’s always like five minutes late 
  •  He pulls up in a black car, and you can hear the bass of his music from outside
  •  He turns it down when you get in though 
  •  There is still the slight hum of his music, distinct 2004 MCR
  •  "It’s ironically good"
  •  Everything would be fine most of the ride
  •  Won’t start conversations but will respond if you start the convo 
  •  Will randomly sigh heavily if someone low-key cuts him off or something

  •  Will also randomly yell out when someone highkey cuts him off 
  •  "Oh my god I’m not supposed to cuss and I have to be professional sorry"
  •  You just laugh


  •  oh my god okay
  •  He will show up on time, but with fucking All Star playing 
  •  Will deadass only play smash mouth just to annoy you and everyone around him
  •  "Could you change it"
  •  "Could you walk" 
  •  You don’t even get mad you find it hilarious 
  •  You guys make small talk about random stuff like within the twenty minute drive you’ve discussed whether or not the moon is real
  •  He has a very neutral standpoint on road rage
  •  If it’s dangerous he’ll honk, if it’s just an asshole he would mutter under his breath or flip him off
  •  He does not care about being professional
  •  Most definitely wears one of those taxi cab driver hats like in movies okay
  •  10/10 would ride again (wink wonk) 


  •  Poor boy
  •  If you ride with him you will be in the car for so long
  •  He lets everyone cut him off and apologises to people that do it 
  •  This means it takes like an extra twenty minutes just because he won’t get past anyone 
  •  But he’s always early to pick people up
  •  Let’s you choose the music 
  •  Definitely the kind of driver to have snacks and water and chargers
  •  Has absolutely no road rage.
  •  Boy apologised when someone almost rammed into him trying to cut him off
  •  Then apologised to you bc “oh my god you could’ve been hurt I’m so sorry”
  •  Overall all is good
I like that one

It had been a few years after the year of Jason Blossoms death. Betty and Jughead lived together in a small apartment close to the Riverdale University campus. They were sitting on their soft worn out couch watching UP on their small TV. 

Betty snuggled closer into Jughead’s side leaning her head on his chest. He gave her a small kiss on the top of her head, breathing in the scent of her peaches and cream shampoo. 

Betty let a few tears fall as they watched the married life montage. Knowing that at sometime she would either have to leave Jughead or he would leave her like Ellie left Carl made more salty tears fall down her soft cheeks. She turned her head so it was in the crook of Jughead’s neck as he leaned his head against hers. 

“We’re going to be together for a long time. Right Jug?” Betty asked out of the blue, now looking up at her long term boyfriend. 

Jughead gave her another small kiss on the head and leaned his head back on hers. “Longer then a long time Bets.” He said turning his attention back to the movie. 

About 30 minutes later they were still lying on the couch cuddling. They were at the part when the talking dog Dug came in. Seeing the dog on the TV gave Betty an amazing idea. 

“Hey Jug?” Betty asked, looking back up at the beanie boy. 

“Yeah Bets?” he said, looking down at her and her batting eyelashes.

“Wanna get a dog?” she said, her right hand playing with one of his suspenders. 

Jughead raised one of his eyebrows and grabbed her hand. “Why do you suddenly want a dog?” he asked, rubbing his thumb over her soft hand.

“I don’t know, the dog in the movie is just so cute.” she said, turning her head back to the screen.

Jughead was still looking at the ponytailed beauty. “Are you sure that’s it?” he asked, playing with a few strands of her honey blonde hair.

Betty just sighed and continued to look at the movie. “I don’t know. You said we would be together for longer then a long time. I was thinking that if we got a dog together it would prove that were really committed to each other. It would be like a promise ring.” she said as she shrugged her shoulders, sitting up crossed legged on the couch.

“Like a promise dog?” Jughead asked, pulling his girlfriend back into his chest, chuckling.

Betty giggled at the thought of a promise dog. “Yeah. But, if you don’t want to, we don’t have too.” she said, going back to playing with his suspenders.

“No Bets, let’s do it. Let’s get a dog. I am totally in love with you and if we have to get a dog to prove that let’s do it. Plus, I love dogs.” he said, kissing her forehead. “We’ll head to the shelter tomorrow. Deal?” he asked.

She just shook her head yes and snuggled in closer to Jughead’s toned chest, finishing off the movie. 

The next day they both got up and started to get ready so they would be the first to get to the shelter. Betty decided to wear a pair of light wash jeans and her famous blue cardigan, while Jughead wore his famous dark jeans and flannel. They both pulled on their coats and headed out to the used jeep wrangler that they shared.

“Ready to get a new family member?” Betty asked, as she sat in the passenger seat finishing tying up one of her white converse. 

Jughead felt his cheeks heat up to a scarlet colour as she mentioned family. “Let’s do it.” he said as he started the car.

On the way to the shelter Jughead let Betty roll down the windows and play her music, something that she was never really allowed to do. Jughead had a rule that the driver gets to choose the music. But he realized that she was so excited about this that he let her do what she wanted. It was her day.

They walked into the shelter and Betty’s face instantly lit up. They talked to the lady at the counter and then were allowed access to the back, where all the dogs were kept. 

When they walked beside all the cages, Betty had to stop at every single cage and look at all the dogs, while Jughead just walked around aimlessly. 

Betty turned around to look at her boyfriend and show him what she thought was the perfect dog. It was a medium size german shepherd that was already potty trained and was named Daisy. When she turned around he noticed Jughead standing outside of the cage at the very back of the hallway. She walked up behind him and hung onto his arm. 

“See something you like?” she asked, leaning her head against his shoulder. 

Jughead shook his head, bringing himself back to reality. “Hm? Oh, no. We’ll get which ever one you want.” he said. Betty started to tell him about the german shepherd but soon realized that he was still standing outside of the one cage. 

“I like that one.” she said, going back to stand next to him, pointing at the dog that he was staring at. Jughead gave her a huge smile and kneeled down so he was eye level with the dog. The dog was a large size and was white and shaggy. He had deep and dark brown eyes, but you couldn’t really see them because of the long fur that was covering most of his eyes. He had a black nose and a cherry red tongue. 

Betty went and told the lady at the front that they had chosen a dog, while Jughead stayed in the back, bonding with his new best buddy. 

When the lady and Betty came back into the kennel Jughead stood up from his sitting position and grabbed Betty’s hand. 

“This one?” the lady asked, pointing to the white shaggy dog. Betty and Jughead shook their heads, smiling. “Lucky for you, this one was just found. He doesn’t have a name, so you get to choose. Well get a name tag for his collar. So, any ideas?” she said, smiling. 

Betty turned to Jughead and hung onto his arm. “What are you thinking about right now.” she asked, looking up, tucking the one curly strand of hair behind his ear.

Jug looked down at Betty with a puzzled look on his face. “Um… Hot Dogs.” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Ok,” Betty said, turning back to the worker, “His name is Hot Dog.”

The lady just smiled and walked towards the front so she could carve his name into his tag.

“Betty,” Jughead said, “Hot Dog? Really?”

Betty just chuckled and grabbed both his hands. “I want to remember this day forever. If hot dogs were what you were thinking about, I want to remember it.” she said, giving him a small kiss on his cheek. 

Betty and Jughead smiled as the lady came back with a bright red collar with a gold tag on it. It read HOT DOG on it, and they loved it. Betty went and bought a matching red leash and other stuff that they would need as Jughead continued playing with him. They payed for all the stuff, attached the leash to his new collar and walked out of the animal shelter, heading to there car. 

As Jughead stepped into the car he gave his girlfriend a kiss and messed up their new dogs fur. He started the car and said,

“Welcome home, Hot Dog.”

Hey! I just wanted to say thank you to @bugheadjones-the-third for this idea! I hope you liked it :)

All the hate in the Ereri and riren fandom is really getting me down :( Could u help remind me how awesome the ship is, because a lot of people think that riren makes the characters ooc. My whole life has been a lie… Not really lol, just need some reasurrence that riren can be shipped for good reason.

riren/ereri it doesn’t matter! Whenever people want to reduce a ship down to where the peen goes, I’m a little concerned because 1) there is more to sex than penetration and 2) there is more to a relationship than sex!

So whenever people fight over ririviviviivivireererereri nonsense, I make up my own positive headcanons:

Eren loves ice cream, but Levi is lactose intolerant so he gets sherbet.
Eren likes the ostrich on the carousel, Levi likes the tiger, but both are fond of the wonky eyed horse.
Levi doesn’t like it when Eren buys oversized sweaters because Levi likes to borrow Eren’s sweaters so that just means it’s three times too big for him. Ah, who are we kidding, he likes those too.
Levi is remarkably good at winning goldfish at the ring toss. Eren’s aquarium is overcrowded.
Both claim to like creepy horror flicks, but somehow have never made it an entire movie without turning it off. But only to makeout, not because they were scared or anything.
Eren is banned from most putt-putt golf courses, especially the one with the windmill. In protest, Levi stole three boxes of golf pencils.
At the beach, Levi sunburns easily. Eren writes, “I love you!” on his back in sunscreen.
Eren tells the waitress it is Levi’s birthday so they get free dessert. Levi hides in Eren’s armpit when they sing him happy birthday.
Levi is really good at “crack the whip” in roller and ice rinks. Eren crashes into the snowbank.
Levi’s Valentine’s Day cards to Eren have stenciled letters on the front. Eren’s explode in glitter. Eren spends Valentine’s Day cleaning up the glitter.
Because of his insomnia, Levi takes catnaps during the day. Eren rigs up a hammock in the backyard and often finds Levi there, the watering can on the ground and his large gardening hat still on.
Now which one of those mini headcanons is ereri and which one is riren? I can’t really tell.

Oh, I have a good one: Eren thinks Levi’s nose is adorable, and sometimes when Levi is talking to him, Eren will space out and then slowly raise his finger up and press the tip of Levi’s nose and say “Boop!” (He does the same thing to his mother’s cat.)

Sunday morning is banana pancakes morning.

Whenever they’re in the car, the rule “driver chooses the music, shotgun keeps their mouth shut” is the first thing that goes out the window. They settle it with rock paper scissors instead.

Levi always winds up eating the pickles out of Eren’s cheeseburgers and the olives out of his pizza slices.

Levi likes the regular goldfish and Eren likes the flavor blasted, but they fight over the pretzel all the time. They end up sharing it on the couch with a movie on.

Eren eats all the food in the house and won’t buy more until Levi throws money at his head and makes him leave. He laughs all the way down the street, but Levi waits until he’s around the corner before laughing.

Eren is pretty good at video games, so when he’s gotten a good streak, the only way to break him out of it is for Levi to join the game and kick his ass. This is only used in dire situations as Levi doesn’t like to mess with Eren’s ego too much.

Levi always buys silly string and sprays it on Eren on their birthdays. Even though it’s a pain in the ass to clean up, it’s worth his reaction.

When they go on an airplane, Eren likes the window seat and Levi secretly prefers the middle because he can lean on Eren and he’s small enough not to get squashed. Eren always gives Levi the little snacks claiming that he doesn’t want them, but when Levi puts one in his mouth Eren kisses him to get it back. Levi pretends to be annoyed, but he always goes along with it.

Levi normally doesn’t like PDA but has been known to make out with Eren shamelessly if someone makes a homophobic comment.

Eren and Levi have a little unspoken competition to see who can carry the other more places.

Eren talks in his sleep and Levi pretends to be annoyed about it, but he actually finds it very cute.

Levi really likes it when Eren wears bright pastel colors. Flower crowns are a plus too.

Both Eren and Levi (though Eren more so) get jealous pretty easily and if someone flirts with Eren, Levi tends to be very blunt and specifically points out they are together. Whereas Eren gets really touch-feely, such as throwing an arm around Levi’s shoulders, waist or grabbing his hand. Even, going as far as kissing him- on the cheek or mouth.

Eren has a habit of chewing on his pens when he’s thinking. Levi tries to get him to stop, but after a few weeks Eren catches him doing it. He teases him about it for a month.

Levi never starts a tickle fight, but he’ll finish one.

When they watch a movie together, Eren throws whatever snack they have into the air and Levi has to catch it in his mouth so it doesn’t make a mess.

Eren always sits on Levi’s lap, which is a good idea at first, but as Eren gets taller, Levi gets squashed.

Eren picks up Levi’s habit of holding cups funny and Levi thinks it’s adorable.

Levi got glasses before Eren did, and Eren would steal them off his face and wear them around the house until his vision got worse and he realized he could see better wearing them. They went to the eye doctor the next weekend. Eren still does it every once in a while.

Eren loves playing with Levi’s hair.

Levi is bisexual, so Eren made him a bracelet that alternated black links and the colors of the rainbow because “it’s as gay as you are!” He learned that there are bisexual colors the next day. Levi only takes it off to shower.

Eren likes drawing butterflies on Levi’s binders.

On laundry day, Eren and Levi have a sock fight to sort the socks. Levi almost always wins.

They switch iPods for a day every week.

When one of them has a bad day, they blast Taylor Swift and jam out until they can barely move. If it’s a really bad day they get ice cream first.

Whenever they go to a restaurant, no matter how fancy, they always get into a game of footsie that escalates into a full on foot war. Eren tends to win these, but most games remain unfinished.

Sometimes when Levi is reading a book Eren likes, Eren will read over his shoulder and poke him in the side if he closes it.

Eren mouths words of songs to Levi that he thinks represents their relationship.

Eren and Levi wear matching shoes every once in a while. Hanji is the only one who’s ever noticed.

When Levi stays up late working, he uses Eren’s stomach as a pillow.

Eren loves apple juice and leaves empty bottles everywhere around the house. Levi doesn’t mind that much because he thinks watching Eren drink it is so cute.

Levi is left handed and always wears his watch on his right. Eren wears it on his right hand as well, but he is right handed.

Eren has ADHD and has to take medication for it. Levi gives him extra hugs when he’s on the come down.

Eren tends to get out of control angry but Levi’s always the one to calm him down.

Levi has a tendency to fall asleep in his desk chair working, but Eren’s learned to see when Levi’s about to fall asleep and lifts Levi into bed.

Levi always complains about the mess Eren makes when he’s doing art, but secretly Levi enjoys the gentle curves of concentration between Eren’s eyebrows and the way he sticks his tongue out when he’s focusing on little details.

Eren and Levi have a neighbour who complains constantly about their noise levels, so just to annoy them, Eren buys a dog whistle and blows it every once in a while during the night and complains to the neighbour upstairs that their dog keeps them awake. Levi says Eren shouldn’t do it, but he really finds it funny when the neighbour was completely baffled about their dog.

Eren has a tendency to leave paint streaks on his cheeks, and Levi never says anything about it.

Levi isn’t a really big fan of dogs due to hair, but when he comes back to Eren cuddling a puppy, he decides he can live with it.

Eren snores, and Levi finds it cute until he realises he really can’t sleep with Eren’s snoring. Levi ends up kicking Eren during the night to make him shut up.

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Part One

Ridiculed today as the essence of obsolescence, the clunky, primitive 8-track tape brought about a social change of the same magnitude as the epochal Supreme Court decisions and the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

The 8-track tape, introduced in 1965, consisted of an endless loop of standard ¼-inch magnetic tape, housed in a plastic cartridge. On the tape were eight parallel soundtracks, corresponding to four stereo programs. Although it was developed by Learjet for aviation playback, the technology became an instant success when auto makers began installing tape decks in cars. Prior to the 8-track tape, music playback at home was limited to vinyl records, expensive reel-to-reel decks and the radio,and, in the car, to AM radio only. The easy-to-use, self-activating decks and small, lightweight cartridges for the first time allowed the driver, and not the radio station, to choose the music, thus insuring the format’s success. The popularity of the system encouraged the rapid development of 8-track tape components for home stereos, capable of recording and playback, making it possible for listeners to access their music on a single, portable format, at home and in the car. With its ease of use and flexibility, the 8-track tape quickly overtook the sale of large, heavy, fragile,vinyl records, to become the largest segment of the retail music market in the early 1970s.

To be sure, 8-track tapes had their drawbacks. While the self-playing, endless-loop required no attention while driving, it could not be fast-forwarded, rewound or cued, only played through. To hear a certain song, one had to listen the entire track. Fitting the 10-12 songs of an album into the tape’s four 10-minutes segments meant that the track order of vinyl recordings was not respected (a huge problem for albums without breaks between tracks like Dark Side of the Moon or clear narratives like Tommy). The most egregious offense was the sometimes-unavoidable splitting of longer songs between two tracks, which entailed a fade-out mid-song, a long silence followed by the tape head (loudly) shifting to the next track and then a fade-in to the rest of the song. Serious audiophiles and fans stuck with vinyl.

Inferior in sound quality but capable of rewinding and allowing for a kind of random access, cassette tapes replaced 8-tracks in the early 1980s. While the tapes are now emblems of the past-ness of the 1970s, the 8-track inaugurated the era of portability, multi-platform capability, and, most importantly, personal choice in music–the basic functionalities we expect all devices to provide. Modern consciousness radically differs from that of even 50 years ago because we now have life-long, always available, highly-personalized soundtracks running constantly and shaping our days. We may have different equipment but we still inhabit the 8-track conceptual framework.

About my car

1. Driver chooses music
2. Passengers shut their cake hole
3. No cigs in the fuckin car
4. I’ll kick ur butt into the middle of the damn highway if you even take that one small one out.
5. No exceptions.
6. Don’t like my rules?
7. Walk then bitch.
8. Enjoy the ride

I'm on a road trip

So I thought I’d write a small road trip headcanons thing I don’t fhakccking know.

Kuroko: Sits shotgun because he’s the calmest tbh and can mediate any fights over music or directions or food or bathroom breaks. But if people start to annoy him he’s gonna purposefully blast shit music who the f cares about the whole “driver chooses the music” crap.

Kise: banished to the farthest seat in the back bc he’s too excitable. Is the one who marvels over the scenery and takes all the road trip pictures, especially ones of anyone who dares fall asleep around him. Constantly needs bathroom breaks.

Midorima: Driver. Incredibly stressed the whole time. Swears up and down that he’ll never go on another road trip with anyone who is in the car with him. Is constantly threatening to “turn this damn car around” or “drop you on the side of the road”.

Aomine: Fights about music the most. Is not above getting into petty fights about anything. Falls asleep like three hours in. Physically beats anyone who tries to wake him up. Claims an entire bag of chips for himself, refuses to share.

Murasakibara: Asks the “are we there yet??” question like seventy times. Is the one who keeps careful tabs on exactly who ate how much, and how much everyone can have. Falls dead asleep a quarter into the drive, misses every bathroom and snack break, then acts grumpy and claims no one woke them up.

Akashi: Human GPS, and backseat driver. Keeps everyone in line the whole time, remarkably doesn’t sleep. Practically runs on coffee. Also drives. Has a last say on anything. Makes sure everyone in the car doesn’t get lost. Is the one who asks random people on the street for directions.

Today my boyfriend and I were driving in his car and he was scanning through the radio to find something to listen to. On one of the stations was playing Fall Out Boy, but he skipped right over it. I yelled at him for passing it and asked why he was choosing music.  He turned to me and without hesitation said: “The driver chooses the music,  and shotgun shuts their cake hole.”

when certain songs come up on the radio
  • Song: starts
  • Friend: Oh shit.
  • Friend: What did I do to deserve this.
  • Friend: Could you just -
  • Friend: Or just even not harmonize
  • Friend: I hate you
  • Me: CUE THE DRUMS /bangs on steering wheel
"New(er) Music" One Shot

Title: New(er) Music

Author: assbutts-and-asgardians

Original Imagine Link: Sort of based off this Imagine ♦️  

Warnings: No triggers, no cursing, just lots of fun really.

Word Count: 1,255

Summary: You and Dean are on a beer run, and you listen to Evanescence on the Radio, and surprisingly, Dean likes it. I would recommend listening to Bring Me To Life whilst reading. Listen to it here.

Link to Fic: ♥️

“Hey! Paws off the stereo, driver chooses the music!”
“Jesus Christ, Dean, I think I’m gonna go insane if I hear the same kind of songs again!”
You and Dean were on a beer run since he had had the last one the night before when researching a case. Sam was elsewhere doing FBI interviews, Cas was no fun to talk to, and you didn’t want to be left in the bunker all by yourself, so you went with Dean instead.

Keep reading