driver airbag

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prompt: andrew and neil get in a car accident

Oh wow. Okay, I’ve never done prompts before but I’ll try? Fair warning, I’m terrible at mimicking characters to replicate what their like in the books ;_;

  • Neil and Andrew decided that instead of taking the bus to their out of town game, that they’d ride together
  • Nicky begged to come along, but Andrew was adamant that it was to just be him and Neil
  • Kevin warns them that if their late, he’ll kick their ass
  • The game is nine hours away, some school out near the mountains which means the route is twisty and slick from the November frost
  • Neil smirks across from the passenger seat, his eyes set on Andrew
  • Andrew knows Neil is staring, but looks gruffly ahead until Neil leans over and places his lip gently on Andrew’s neck right beneath his jaw
  • Soft sighs and kisses are shared, Andrew fights to keep his eyes on the road while Neil continues his affectionate antics
  • It takes seconds - one glance down and the wheels catch on a patch of black ice
  • there’s screeching and the car in flung sideways into the metal barrier that borders the sheer drop
  • The sound of crashing metal and squealing tires fills the air alongside Andrew’s alarmed cry
  • Neil’s head connects with the dashboard before the airbag explodes outwards
  • Andrew’s face meets the driver window before his airbag goes off
  • Silence
  • Andrew doesn’t know how long it is before he peels open his eyes, head swimming and ears ringing - he’s taken back to a younger self sitting in a wrecked car, a dead woman at his side
  • He remembers Neil, he shouts Neil’s name, trying to swallow his fears
  • Did he just kill the one thing that made his world bearable?
  • Looking over he sees Neil is unmoving and bleeding
  • Andrew slams himself into his door, trying to get the bent metal to cooperate - finally it gives
  • He’s tugging on the passenger door before he even has time to think
  • Neil is slumped forward, blood dripping from a gash on his forehead
  • The seat belt comes undone and Andrew hauls Neil’s limp form to the asphalt
  • “Hey. Hey! Don’t make me go into the minus percentile. Don’t you dare do this to me, Neil!” His words are breathless, no longer hiding that he cares or that he’s scared 
  • because Neil has always deserved someone who cares
  • A cough and a sputter comes from Neil, his blue eyes open and rest on Andrew
  • “Are you okay?” The words come out in a whisper
  • “I’m fine.”
  • This time he means it. Neil has Andrew, and Andrew has Neil, so he is fine
  • “I guess this means we’re going to be late”