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Desi Women saying that they don’t want to be with Desi Men is not the same as Desi Men refusing to be with Desi Women. Why? Because usually a Desi Woman’s refusal to date a Desi Man is driven out of the need to exist outside an extremely misogynistic culture and society. A Desi Man refusing to date a Desi Woman is usually because they’re upholding sexist beliefs also while pursuing the ideals of “purity” and White Supremacy.
Scientists react to Earth’s warmest year: ‘We are heading into a new unknown’
15 scientists react to news that 2016 was the warmest year on record.

I queried 15 climate scientists about what they feel 2016’s warmth signifies.

The great majority said 2016 offers further evidence that climate warming is real, driven by human activities, and is leading to consequential changes in extreme weather. Several urged action on the part of decision-makers.

A minority of respondents replied the global average surface temperature is limited as a metric and pointed to satellite temperatures which, while warming, show a less dramatic rise.

None questioned that 2016 was the warmest year in modern records.

Their answers follow, some edited for length . ..

Reaction: ‘We are driving into a new unknown’

The warming is consistent with observations of greenhouse gasses, climate model projections, and 150 years of known physics.

Politicians and policymakers can’t say they weren’t warned.

We are heading into a new unknown. It’s like driving on a new road, at night, at speed, without headlights, and looking only through the rearview mirror. Hope we don’t meet Thelma and Louise along the way.

The question remains: What will it take to convert a vague sense of awareness of the warming climate into sustained, deliberate, and bipartisan action to decarbonize the global energy system?

David Titley, director, Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk, Penn State University

I don’t normally post on here.
But TLD really messed with my head. Almost the whole episode was from the perspective of drug-driven Sherlock, but that’s not the point. I rewatched it and I’ve got a theory. Eurus is the East Wind from Greek mythology, right? So that would make the siblings personifications of the Winds. We’ve got the sister, Eurus Holmes, East Wind. We have extremely cold, logic-driven, most powerful man in Britain, Mycroft Holmes, or the North Wind, Boreas. Then, Sherlock Holmes, most important in his life is emotion, not thinking (as Mrs. Hudson said), he is Zephyrus, West Wind, connected with spring, gentlest of the Winds, who fell in love with the mortal prince Hyacinth, Apollo’s lover. (Zephyrus’ interference in their relationship caused Hyacinth’s death, but homosexuality stood out to me.)
Now, the Winds are four. And people always stop counting after three. Maybe there is a fourth sibling, this could be Sherrinford (Notos, South Wind), but we know nothing about him now, except that he had to look after Eurus.
So, the four Winds.
I can’t wait for TFP.

negative aspects+capabilities of each moon sign
  • Aries moon:
  • Stubborn and capable of extreme self-destruction
  • Taurus moon:
  • Holds too many grudges and capable of letting regret eat them alive
  • Gemini moon:
  • Overthinks everything and capable of never letting anyone see their true selves
  • Cancer moon:
  • Remembers too much and capable drive themselves crazy, extremely self-absorbed
  • Leo moon:
  • Cripplingly insecure and capable of being ruthless
  • Virgo moon:
  • Emotionally repressed and capable of being cold and cruel
  • Libra moon:
  • Emotional detachment and capable of tolerating extreme mistreatment from others
  • Scorpio moon:
  • overwhelmingly emotional and capable of destroying the very things they love
  • Sagittarius moon:
  • Extremely selfish and capable of neglecting the very people they love
  • Capricorn moon:
  • Driven by ambition and capable of being emotionless
  • Aquarius moon:
  • Extremely detached emotionally and capable of loosing touch with their emotions altogether
  • Pisces moon:
  • Extremely emotional and capable of carelessly destroying themselves

Just like my #2 pick, I’ve already blabbed volumes about this wonderful surprise hit on ANN already, so rather than talk about what made this anime so special on its own for the billionth time, I’d rather talk about the incredible impact it had on its viewers. Anime fans are used to occasional megahits busting out into the mainstream, like Attack on Titan or One-Punch Man, but those titles usually have something in common: they’re Western-friendly, spectacle-driven action shows that basically anybody can appreciate on a simple visceral level before even getting into the meat of their story and characters. So on paper, there was basically zero chance that an extremely emotion-driven gay romance about professional ice skaters, made predominantly by women for women, would end up being one of the biggest and most beloved series of the year within anime fandom, much less bursting outside of it.

And yet, here we are. If Yuri!!! on Ice’s goal was to bring the world together in a mutual celebration of love and diversity, it achieved that more wildly than any anime I have yet seen. I saw fans from Southeast Asia and Kazakhstan elated to see themselves represented in an anime with respect and nuance, along with latino Americans rejoicing that the US champion, Leo de la Iglesia, was a guy who looked like them instead of another blond-haired-blue-eyed stereotype. I saw many world-class ice skaters who don’t otherwise have time for anime excitedly shotgunning the series over a couple days, including gay athletes like Johnny Weir and Adam Rippon who were elated to see their work reflected in its cast.  I remember when these rare anime like Space Brothers would air, and I wished that non-anime fans who loved space exploration or even worked at NASA could be introduced to it more easily, despite knowing that the “anime ghetto” so often kept gems like this from reaching a wider audience. In a world where this only seems to happen for the occasional teen-aimed action series, Yuri!!! on Ice finally broke through to tell a mature and thoughtful story about love and artistic expression around the world, and I got to see people from all walks of life embrace that message in a year that threatened to overwhelm many people with grief and fear. I saw so many people say that watching Yuri fight his way out of self-doubt and learn to love himself and others week after week saved them from depression in 2016, and even if the show wasn’t a beautiful and heartwarming character drama on its own merits, that spark of hope it gave people would be more than enough to make it my #1 anime of 2016.

—  Jacob Chapman’s thoughts on Yuri!!! on Ice in ANN’s 2016 Best of Anime Feature ALSO filled me with feelings. 

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arent you worried about finding a job after college?? thats what worries me the most if i decide to go to an art college

Yes, I am worried to a certain degree, but not because I am an artist. I would still be worried if I were a marine biologist, a botanist, or a lawyer. Going to art school has nothing to do with my worries of not getting a proper job. In fact, it’s the complete opposite since Ringling is one of the best art colleges to attend if you want to get a job right out of college. Recruiters are here every other week and I’ve heard countless success stories from Ringling alum. The reason I am worried is because I have this fear that I might not love the first job I land. I have set a bar for myself and I am scared that if I do not reach that, I won’t feel completely fulfilled. I am an extremely driven and ambitious person but for some reason I have this fear that I won’t achieve all that I wan for myself and my future. That’s why I’m trying to start to market myself as early as I can–out of sheer anxiety.

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Hello, I am a big fan of your character analysis and theories. It seems you are a fan of both the Harry Potter series and Durarara. How would you sort the Durarara characters if they attended Hogwarts and what is your reasoning behind it?

I am actually not a fan of the Harry Potter series, I only watched a few movies, didn’t read the books. I only liked Draco for some reason that’s all, I didn’t like the golden trio much though I didn’t dislike them either I read Drarry fics because they were interesting.

So I actually don’t know much about house sorting lol but I can try. I took the traits from the Harry Potter wiki. 

Izaya: Slytherin

A key feature of slytherins is that they have ambition and go against the rules and Izaya does this to the extreme. He’s driven by his ambition, his goal to love humanity. He also has cunning and resourcefulness. Even before the Shinra stabbing incident when he was in middle school, he was already handling gambling rings with his resourcefulness. He’s so resourceful he took the crisis situation and turned it to his own advantage and made Nakura his pawn. As an information broker he cunningly divulges information to either watch them rise or fall, all for the sake of his hobby human observation. While he could be in ravenclaw because of his wit and wisdom, they are to fuel his ambition.

Shizuo: Gryffindor

Shizuo can’t be in hufflepuff because he has no patience, he would probably get mad at the sorting hat talking inside his head lol. I considered ravenclaw since he learns and can be witty but I think his ‘daring, nerve and chivalry’ is more apparent, such as how he got angry at the Dollars kidnapping women. Gryffindors can also be quite reckless (and may have a short temper) Shizuo is reckless, like how he wanted to kill the Slasher when he found out it attacked Celty, and wouldn’t listen to anything else. And though Shizuo thinks he’s a coward, he’s brave for confronting his cowardly feelings. He’s brave for admiting his cowardice. He’s brave for having been socially isolated because of his strength but wanting to make meaningful connections with people.

Shinra: Ravenclaw

Shinra is not a hufflepuff, he has dedication and loyalty but only to Celty but most of all he doesn’t value fairplay. He’ll do whatever necessary to live a peaceful life with Celty and to keep Celty with him. He could be a slytherin, but unlike Izaya he has no ambition (if you don’t count keeping Celty with him). He’s got a lot of wit and able to adapt to any situation, and he’s ‘wise’ in the fact that he can see through Izaya at first glance. He could be the weird ravenclaw that almost became a slytherin (but asked to be put in ravenclaw so he could be closer to Celty and not cause her trouble because of his slytherin status) Or he could be the weird slytherin that the other slytherins look down on because he’s not ‘cunning enough’ But Ravenclaws are eccentric yet accepting and Shinra can accept not only Celty but also Shizuo and Izaya.

Celty: Hufflepuff

Because she has no memories, she treasures and is loyal to the people making up her current ones, especially Shinra. Celty works hard to live in normal human society, and is loyal to the people important to her like Shizuo and Shinra. She’s patient with Anri and Mikado (before he went all boss) She also has a very strong sense of fairplay, as shown by her dislike for Izaya and her incredulity at Mikado’s actions, attacking the Yellow Scarves. Even when she got back her Head, she wanted to reverse the impact of her actions on the city, saying that if she hadn’t come to Ikebukuro, the individual Ryuugamine Mikado wouldn’t have gone down such a disastrous path.

Mikado: Gryffindor

I could see him as Slytherin because of his ambition with the Dollars but I think he’s a Gryffindor at heart. I read a theory somewhere that Harry was supposed to be in Slytherin, Hermione in Ravenclaw and Ron in Hufflepuff and the reason why they were put in Gryffindor was because they were brave, and anyone an choose to be brave. And Mikado has his pride and desire for an exciting life, but he’s also brave. Unlike Masaomi who ran away, Mikado faced up to his insecurities and even when he had no power, tried to stop the Dollars from causing trouble. He’s not cunning like Izaya, he has a pure heart though his ideals are twisted. He’s an ordinary high school boy who came from a peaceful town but he became one of the most extraordinary people in Ikebukuro through his own actions. I see him as someone with Slytherin traits and was supposed to go into Slytherin but went into Gryffindor for his courage and bravery.

Masaomi: Gryffindor

Masaomi’s a tricky one. He has wit so he could be a ravenclaw but he falters in front of people like Izaya while Shinra has no issue with him. He could be hufflepuff because he’s loyal and dedicated to his best friend Mikado and he seems to have some sense of fairplay. But I think Gryffindor would suit him because although he’s a coward, he’s also brave. He’s a coward for running away from Saki, for leaving Ikebukuro, for not daring to talk to Mikado. But that makes him brave, because even after being such a coward, he’s able to muster up his courage to take Mikado down. He’s determined even when faced with a gun, he’s clearly scared but he pushes on with his courage. I guess he would be like Ron in this case? Probably could have been a hufflepuff but when it comes down to it is there for his best friend.

Anri: Hufflepuff

Anri probably wouldn’t be in Gryffindor, because she sees things through her picture frame in an attempt to detach herself from reality, unlike Shizuo who’s also seen as a monster but faces reality head on. She doesn’t really have any ambitions and doesn’t have the eccentricity of a ravenclaw. Hufflepuff would suit her most I think because she’s never really had friends except Mika but she’s loyal to Mika and thinks she’s amazing and she’s dedicated to Mikado and Masaomi, confronting Izaya when she found out he was behind everything, when usually she doesn’t acknowledge her reality. 

Aoba: Slytherin

Similar to Izaya, he has cunning and ambition. And he’s resourceful, while his expectations were upset by Mikado he bounces back and uses Mikado’s new attitude to his advantage, willingly being subordinate, letting Mikado use him as he uses Mikado. 

Vorona: Ravenclaw

She’s an information seeker who wants to learn more about human fragility. Initially she wanted to kill Shizuo but in the end when he became a monster she went to prevent him from killing Izaya so he would not become a monster. While that could make her a hufflepuff, her dedication and loyalty, Vorona is smart and eccentric (her thinking about humans’ fragility) and she’s ultimately an independent assassin and individual. Compared to people like Anri and Celty, Vorona seems more like a Ravenclaw. Her ambition to learn about human fragility could make her a slytherin but ultimately it’s driven by her desire for knowledge. 

Namie: Slytherin

Namie doesn’t care about anyone other than Seiji. She doesn’t care about knowledge unlike Vorona unless it fuels her ambition to protect Seiji. Even though she’s been Izaya’s secretary and the person he talks to, it doesn’t matter to her as she told Seiji she’d kill Izaya for his sake and go to jail if it’s for him. She’s willing to break the ‘rules’ for the sake of her twisted love for Seiji, like tricking Mika and wanting to operate on her face. But when Seiji ‘kissed’ her she forgot all about that because she was doing it all for Seiji. Namie and Izaya are similar in that they’re single-minded on their ambitions, are willing to achieve their ends through twisted means and won’t let anyone get in their way.

Kadota: Gryffindor

He’s a big name of the Dollars and when he was hospitalized there were people worrying and lost without him. He probably gives them courage, and like Erika said, is the type of good guy in manga you wouldn’t find in real life, someone who’s chivalrous. He’s a team leader, but is courteous enough to accept people who don’t want be in a team like Shizuo, and he won’t speak badly about Izaya, stating he’s also human too.


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You loved to dance. The feeling of the music flowing through your body, the stretch in your muscles as you moved to the beat, the way your thoughts slowed and your world became nothing but dance; it was the best feeling in the world. However, there was a slight problem.

As much as you loved it, you couldn’t dance to save your life.

Despite your two left feet, you spent as much time as you could dancing. You practiced routines ranging from those you saw online to ones popularized by idol groups. You worked hard to try and get better and better but it never really seemed to work. And because of that, you were driven to extreme circumstances.

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❤️ Becky Shaknovich - Unbelievably Fashionable ❤️ 

I am a librarian, beauty & fashion enthusiast, amateur baker, voracious reader, yoga lover, feminist, activist, and dog & cat mom. I work for the Free Library of Philadelphia as an Adult/Teen Librarian & Branch Manager at the Whitman Neighborhood Library.  My personal Instagram handle is @beckyshak

Here’s what Becky’s crush had to say about her:

I wish I could be her! She is extremely intelligent, driven, and caring AND she’s unbelievably fashionable! She handles herself with authority while demonstrating compassion and service to her community…while looking impeccable!

That hat has us dreaming of summer! Congrats on being a 2017 Crush, Becky!

Things I Think About

- Murdoc has a doctorate.
- Murdoc can speak Spanish, German, and French.
- Murdoc built a cyborg.
- Murdoc painted a giant pile of trash bright pink.
- Murdoc built the Plastic Beach HQ building.
- Murdoc wrote all the songs on Plastic Beach.
- Murdoc sacrificed himself for his band.
- Murdoc is rotting.
- Murdoc cares so much.
- Murdoc talked a kid out of committing suicide.
- Murdoc was raped when he was nine.
- Murdoc has a lot of pain.
- Murdoc is extremely driven.
- Murdoc has a great sense of humour.
- Murdoc is not as bad as some people make him out to be.

Earth Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn)
  • - They are the most practical signs out of all the zodiac signs
  • - Not really a big fan of change or new situations
  • - They are very dependable and loyal
  • - Extremely driven and focused with a desire to ultimately succeed
  • - Can be quite stubborn at times
  • - They appreciate honesty and truth, even though they are scared to hear it.

Scorpio Gay men

October 23-November 21

Element: Water
Mode: Fixed
Ruling Planets: Pluto, Mars
Erogenous Zone: Genitalia
Best Traits: Emotional depth, charismatic, driven
Worst Traits: Domineering, secretive, extreme mood swings

In Life:
Mr. Scorpio is intense and driven and there’s no in-between with him. He knew from an early age that sex could be used as a weapon. Probably it was used on him in a threatening way. As a boy, he developed a sense of his own power and a fear of it, too. He can’t help but suspect danger all around him because he knows just how dangerous people can be, especially people like him! Generally, gay male Scorpios come in two varieties: those who strive for truth and pure goodness (with a lot of pleasurable and sexy escapades thrown in, too!) and those who move primally from person to person, draining the power from others to enhance their own sense of power. In short, they are either good or evil. In the case of Mr. Scorpio I will not include my usual condition of “depending upon his other planets… ” No. In this case, he’s either one kind of animal or the other.

Ruled by Pluto, the violent planet of transformation, every Scorpio man will at one time or another battle with himself and come out on one side or the other. This battle will probably take place over time. This man invented the concept of “the dark journey of the soul.” And it is a journey, baby. If he makes it to the good side, he’s quite a force to be reckoned with, in the best possible sense. He’s loyal to those he loves and fiercely protective. He’s driven, funny, sexy, and confident with a strong and deep sense of intuition. If he doesn’t war with himself and come out on the evolved side, he can be a most dangerous man to deal with, one who will destroy himself and others, without even fully understanding why he is compelled to be so violent.

If he has a purpose in life (and he almost certainly does), he will strive to achieve his goal, no matter how long it takes. Even the most evolved Scorpio men do have to wrestle with their dark side, though. He has a naturally addictive personality. At times he may turn to sex or drugs to soothe his hurts. But he is just as capable of purifying himself to the extreme. He may kick all his bad habits at once: from promiscuity to pot. That’s just his way. So what does he do when he’s not swinging on a pendulum between the forces of life and earth?

Well, he’s probably having fun somewhere, enjoying some verbal repartee with a challenging naysayer and a roomful of fans. Or he may be out taking classes, working out, or researching a pet obsession. The man knows how to live life to the fullest. And he is never at a loss for energy, enthusiasm, and emotion.

From Queer Astrology for Men

By Jill Dearman