If you’re into Retrowave, Film Noir, Hotline Miami, or just bad ass bitches, watch this short film Co-Directed by myself and my partner Christopher Campa. “Flatline”

Petroleum Perfection

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If you like silent movies…you will LOVE this. 

Don’t worry! There is plenty of dialogue, but the best scenes have no speaking at all. The thing I find about actors sometimes is that they spend more time trying to accentuate and express the words they are saying rather than fulfilling their actual purpose which is to express the emotions in the scene. Ryan Gosling, does the latter like a pro. Just looking at the picture above you can see the tension in his fists, but the relaxation in his jaw. His character, known to us as “Driver” exudes the confidence of someone who is calm and collected, when in reality, his rage is stored in his hands and his feet. I don’t know if Gosling did his own stunts or not, but they were amazing.

The opening scene is beyond brilliant, and the way in which it comes together is phenomenal. I’ll be honest if Ryan Gosling does not get an Oscar Nomination for this film then the Academy Voters and dumber than I thought (for not nominating Inception enough last time). Secondly, I often focus on the actors rather than the filmakers so let me just say that the writers of this film James Sallis (Book) and Hossein Amini (Screenplay) are GENIUSES. The silence in the movie produced the best acting because the actors had to rely on their actions to make help the viewer understand what was going on. Carey Mulligan (one of my favourite actresses) was as fantastic as Gosling and so was pretty much everyone else.

Obviously the driving scenes were the main focus of the film, but what was built around that, and the story that came out of it was amazing. Director Nicolas Winding Refn deserves HUGE kudos for shaping such a brilliant project, and let me just say, that in most action films, there is an original soundtrack/score, but Drive just used general songs. Whoever selected the music for all the different scenes is ALSO a GENIUS. When I see blood in films, knowing its fake is what stops me from being horrified. Somehow, despite knowing that the blood in Drive was fake didn’t do that. Another movie win. I felt sick watching a guys arm get slashed open, or seeing someone get stabbed in the neck repeatedly with what I think may have been a fork….yeah, it was slightly gory. 

Essentially, every element of this film was perfect to a T. There were moments I wanted to hold my breath, and moments I wanted to scream. That is exactly what a film should make you want to do!

No doubt about it ***** from me. GO AND SEE THIS FILM I BEG YOU!