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I'm having a really tough time trying to get this game to run! I've completed every step exactly as I was supposed to up until the part with the installer. I try to run the installer, but it gives me the C: drive error message. I'm trying to follow your solution to fix it, but it won't work for whatever reason? Like, I find DMMD.exe (the game itself) through browse, but once I double-click it, nothing happens! I just go right back to nothing.exe! I don't have any errors in wineskin, either?

Hello. Try to type in the path of the EXE on designated field (i.e. Windows EXE: /Program Files/NitroplusCHiRAL/DRAMAtical Murder/DMMd.exe).  If it doesn’t, your last option is Fuwanovel. Hope that helps! ^^

wine log

11 log ,

i’m getting the “No new executables found!Maybe the installer failed…?If you tried to install somewhere other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too.  All software must be installed in C: drive.” problem 

i saw you answered a similar question but i just have no idea what to do now thank you for any help 8(

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Yeah, I’ve answered it here. Aaand you’re problem is for Fuwanovel install? Basing on your wine log, you’ve successfully installed the game. You just have to set the .EXE like this:

Also, you have a missing .DLL which you can fix by installing it through winetricks. Simply go to winetricks, tick the custom box, and type in “mfc42”. Hit “Run” button and wait until it’s finished. Close everything and relaunch the game. Rebooting your system might help. :)

I can't find my drive c folder?

I looked everywhere and followed your instructions on how to find and locate the drive c folder for wineskin, but i can’t find it

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Hello! I’m not sure why you are looking for the drive c… Are you stuck in a step, i.e. updating the game? or applying the no-cd crack? or moving saves? I have answered an ask similar to this before but I can’t find it so I’m putting it below the cut.

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Hi (: I'm sorry for the bother, but I'm getting that C drive error message that a few people seem to be struggling with. I've read your advice and I've tried finding the original source folder, but when I hit browse and go to program files, I can't find a nitropluschiral folder there at all. :/ I also have no dmmd.exe folder, just the setup. I'm new to all this; is there anything I can do to get the game up and running?

Hello! The only option left is to try the Fuwanovel download. Here’s how to install this version. You don’t need installers here so you only have to copy the files into the Wrapper. I hope it works for you. :)

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hi there, i've just tried to install the game and then when i was waiting for the install wizard to load it said one wineskin that there was no executables found and if i had tried to install somewhere other than the C drive would not work and that all software must be installed in the C drive HELP ME PLEASE >.<

Hello! I’ve received a similar ask before was it you?! lol. I suggested rebooting their system and/or reinstalling in a new wrapper (like what I did when I experienced this dilemma) but both didn’t help. :\ I’m sorry if I can’t really help. ;;;;;;;

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Sorry about this.. but I'm also getting the C: drive error and I've tried rebooting it, but it doesn't seem to do anything. The first pop up window to install the game opens fine, but as soon as I click on 'ok' a message pops up saying "No new executables found! Maybe the installer failed...? If you tried to install somewhere other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too All software must be installed in the C: drive" Is there something I need to do? sorry..

Hi! I tried looking into it. Here’s what I got: (quoting eridani)

Well Wineskin sometimes fails detecting if new .exes were created. The important thing is:

  • Did the installer really failed?
  • Or is just Wineskin which is not seeing that the installer succeeded?

If 2 is true, then just look for your new game.exe as you would normally do via the Wineskin’s configuration panel.

If 1 is true, then use your own wrapper and check what logs says >.<

Here’s what you have to do if 2 is true:

Then continue with the guide (i.e. updating the game, applying crack, applying english patch).

However, if 1 is true, here’s how you can look into the logs. Try to consult your good ol’ friend, Google, first before sending it to me, ya? You just have to look at the error line in the log.

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oh, sorry! it's works fine when i click the .exe from the iso to install it, but then when i actually click the install button, it loads for a bit, and then shows the C: drive error (that no new executables were found and such). is that enough information for you to tell what i need to fix?

Oh, yes that’s enough. Thank you ^^ I’ve experienced this before. Rebooting the system fixed it for me. 

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every time i click install i get an error saying that no new executables were found and that all the software needs to be in the C: drive. can you tell where i went wrong or if something isn't working properly?

Hi! Um, is this when you try to install the game? I mean, when you’re about to select the installer exe from the DMMd ISO? Can you elaborate more on your problem and the things you did? I’m sorry.  >_< This hasn’t happened to me before. That error only shows up AFTER you install/copy something via Wineskin’s Installer and Wineskin can’t detect any EXEs from the program you installed.

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