“I love staring out the window. New York, it’s like a candy jar - watching people is so phenomenal. Looking at [the couple at the next table] right now, you can tell so much by what they order or their body language. I just find that really fun. It’s kind of like being a detective a little bit.” - Sebastian Stan


me n @backlinerextraordinaire were talking and we realized that aaron has never once driven. as in. never. maybe our memories are failing with old age so correct us if we’re wrong, but:

  • he never drove the old car before it was wrecked by the raven fans
  • because andrew didn’t let him, right?
  • but that car was,,,,technically his
  • pretty sure they bought it using tilda’s life insurance, which would’ve gone to aaron, and who knows if andrew would have gotten any because the whole foster care thing?? don’t quote us we don’t know much about that shit
  • and then we know that once neil buys andrew the maserati, no one is allowed to drive it except andrew and neil
  • so aaron never drove then either
  • does aaron know how to drive
  • does he get married to katelyn never knowing how
  • does katelyn have to teach aaron to drive
  • aaron minyard can’t drive folks

Two pictures from my 2013 March Art Folder! 
I remember being very proud of them and with the second one I realized the type of feeling I wanted my art to have. 

anonymous asked:

but the abdiqvsabsiqvua height difference??? between yuuri and victor??? DECAPITATES ME

boiii me too

  • yuuri shifting forward on the balls of his feet to quickly press a kiss on victor’s cheek
  • victor walking beside yuuri and noticing the tag of his shirt peeking out on the back of his neck so he tucks it in for him
  • yuuri sees that victor missed a spot of foundation on his jaw, and he reaches up to smooth it over with his thumb
  • there’s this lil tuft of hair that sticks up on yuuri’s head whenever he’s slept in a weird position and it drives victor c r a z y like, “vitya what are you staring at” “vitya why do you keep tugging on my hair” “vitya there is an entire smear of shaving cream that’s bothering me too but u dont see me smacking ur face about it”
  • victor bending his knees a little and squeezing yuuri’s waist extra tight and pulling him just the slightest bit upwards when they make out
  • when yuuri bends his knees and wraps his arms around his legs and tucks into himself and victor doesnt know whether to leave him be or rush forward to bring him into his arms
  • when yuuri wants to be the big spoon and has to stretch his arms extra long to *really* gather victor in his embrace. his cold feet get pushed onto the back of victor’s calves but victor doesnt mind because the warmth on his back and on his neck more than makes up for it. yuuri blows lil raspberries by the skin beneath his ear