drive your car through your house


Stefan x Reader

Requested by Anon

“So, you’re alone for Christmas?” Stefan asked as everyone finished saying goodbye and headed off to their families.

“Yeah but I don’t mind.” You smiled as he walked you to your car.

“You never know Santa might come early.” Stefan chuckled as he slammed the door, watching you drive off before heading to home.

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aries: the feeling of being alive and the rush of adrenaline. burning pictures of someone who wronged you. starring at someone you find beautiful and not being afraid if they catch you. playing with your hair when you’re bored. opening the sun roof and sticking your head out when going under a tunnel. jumping off of buildings, and screaming on the way down. climbing a mountain all the way to the top, and screaming random things because it echoes.

taurus: drinking herbal tea. wearing sweaters in bed while reading a book. cuddling pillows because your the only one home. walking outside and smelling the freshly grown flowers on the first day of spring. traveling through the wilderness with the person you love the most. buying chocolate covered strawberries for yourself. the feeling of being trapped inside yourself and finally breaking free. when you get your first car and leave the house and just drive.

gemini: wind blowing through your hair on a windy day. excitement growing in the pit of your stomach. rain on a warm spring day and playing in the puddles. laughing because you won an argument. breaking the rules, and coming alive at night. traveling in the summertime with all the windows rolled down, singing your favorite songs. hugging someone you’ve wanted to hug for a long time. breaking into an old building and finding new things. the feeling of being intrigued and curiously walking towards it.

cancer: waking up to a beautiful day. going to the beach and hunting for crabs at night. kissing someone first. smiling at the smell of rain, and smiling even more at the rainbow after the rain. picking up a seashell and listening to the sound of the ocean. visiting your family during the holidays and connecting with each and every one of them. sliding on a sled down a snow covered hill, laughing the entire way down. playing in the snow so much your nose turns red from the frost chilled air.

leo: sun kissed skin, and sun highlighted hair. calling someone beautiful and actually meaning it. the feeling of being the lead in a play, and people clapping for you. looking through a book of photos of you and your friends, and smiling because you remember the memories that came with the photos. swimming in a lake on a summer day with friends, sitting around and enjoying life. the feeling of a first heartbreak and the courage of getting over it.

virgo: freckles across your nose, and the one you love kissing each of them individually. finally coming alive and doing what you want. reading books about topics you love to learn about, and being curious of new topics. the smell of vanilla and drinking vanilla coffee in a coffee shop downtown. the feeling of winning a board game, and figuring out something before anyone else does. being able to not wear makeup and actually feel good about yourself.

libra: falling asleep to the sound of rain. laughing through a smile while your lips are pressed against someone else’s. looking out the window and watching all the cars going by. traveling to a country you’ve always wanted to go to, and taking pictures of everything you see. freshly cut grass in the morning, and the smell of it when it still lingers at sunset.

scorpio: going to your first party and getting so wasted you forget everything. short distance traveling, and coming back home to the people you love. sneaking out at night just because. staying inside for an entire week because you just need some time alone. the feeling of finding someone you can be open with and finally not being scared. running so much in the winter that your throat turns cold. the feeling of hot chocolate burning down your throat to warm it up.

sagittarius: laughing with your friends on a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been. getting another tattoo and not even being afraid of the needle. closing people off because you’re scared. walking into a room and people watching you from afar because you light up the room. counting down on new years eve before the fireworks start, the feeling of excitement and impatience that comes with it.

capricorn: going to the fair in the fall, and wanting to run away with the circus. feeling stress free with no responsibilities. the fresh lemon smell of a freshly cleaned house. sitting around a campfire and the smell of it lingering on your clothes for the rest of the night. snuggling with the one you love, and watching netflix till 2 o'clock in the morning, but you aren’t even watching the movie because you’re finally sharing all of your deepest secrets.

aquarius: laying in a field of flowers at nighttime, and looking for constellations. reading a set of rules and doing the opposite because you feel like the rules are not fair. listening to an old record and getting the inspiration to write or draw. going to raves and meeting people who are just like you. learning new things, and sharing them with people. finding something mysterious and you can’t stop thinking about it.

pisces: helping someone in need, standing up for something you believe in. the feeling of knowing someone before they even know their name. the feeling of knowing something no one else does. feeling someones sadness when they walk into a room and crying because you can feel how bad they’re hurting. painting outside and singing while doing so. being the only older person to play with little children, and not caring what people think. living like each day is their last, and only seeing the good in the world.

—  things that remind me of the signs, april 19th
bellamy blake modern day au; INDESCRIBABLY TRUE

PROMPT; modern day au where the reader (female) gets into a car accident, an when she’s discharged from the hospital, Bellamy stay at her house to care for her and it leads to a little bit more than just that. (requested by anonymous)

PAIRING; bellamy blake x reader

WARNINGS; car accident, hospitals, several injuries, swearing, implied smut towards the end then fluff after that.

You swore on your life that you didn’t see that damned car coming when you were driving, and that it had just appeared. You were still blamed for the accident but at the time, you didn’t care. Your head when through the windshield upon impact, because the airbag didn’t deploy.

You ended up being in a medically induced coma for three days as you healed, leaving you with a severe concussion, a broken wrist and three fracture ribs, not to mention the cuts and scrapes and bruises that littered the rest of your body.

After nearly two months of bedrest in the hospital (you hadn’t several surgeries due to your ribs poking your lungs and a bit of internal bleeding), they finally discharged you, but with strict instructions to not do anything because it could worsen your already shitty state. 

And that was when good old Bellamy Blake grinned an offered to take care of you for as long as you needed. You told him it was unnecessary, that you could call up your mother or father, maybe a sibling, but he insisted and you reluctantly gave him a spare key to your apartment. 

It’s not that’s you didn’t trust him, it was just going to be awkward. You and his sister, Octavia, had been the best of friends for years, and you had developed a crush on her charming elder brother, much to her dismay. 

So now here you were, giving him a key to your home and allowing him to help you with literally everything and anything.

“Y/N,” his voice rang from the kitchen. “What do you want for dinner?”

You and him had been on the couch all day binge watching Netflix and eating chips, candy… you name it, before he decided to actually make you something. 

“We can just order pizza,” you said, sitting up a bit. “I have money in the top drawer of my nightstand.”

Bellamy rolled his eyes as he walked towards you, a glass of water and pills in his hands. “I’m not taking your money. I can pay,” he said, handing you the pills then the water. 

You rolled your eyes back at him. “Just take my money, Bell. Think of it as payment for helping me so much.” You quickly downed the bitter pills with a grimace.

“I don’t want your money, Y/N/N,” he mumbled, taking the glass from you and setting it on the coffee table before he sat next to you on the couch. “You keep trying to pay me, or help pay. You don’t have to do any of that. I like helping you, contrary to popular belief.”

You smiled at him. “I’ll pay you. One way or another.” you said, stretching a bit and closing your eyes. When you opened them again, Bellamy was still looking at you. “Bell? You good?”

His lips were suddenly on yours, your eyes almost widening before your hands found their way to his neck, pulling on the small hairs there as he pushed you gently back, weary of your injuries.

He shifted himself so his hips were between your legs, spreading them lightly with his knee. His lips left yours and trailed down your neck, leaving the lightest of marks that could blend in with some of your bruises. 

“Bellamy…” you whispered, your cheeks a shade of red darker than they should be. His hands rested on your waist, eyes skimming your face in fear he had done something wrong, or maybe that he was forcing this on you.

You just smiled lightly at him, your hands resting on his cheeks as he came closer and kissed you again, leaving you on a world of pure bliss. 

Looking back on it now, you don’t remember much of that occasion, just the fact that you two were the only ones alive at the moment, that the other was the only thing that mattered. It was a night of passion, a night of intimacy that went slowly but on a good way. 

It was gentle, he was gentle, for fear he would hurt you in any possible way. He drank it all in, as did you, and that was all the both of you could remember. 

But now you lay in your unmade bed with your head on his chest, his arm around you as your legs tangled with his and the sheets. The pain of your recent accident was forgotten, leaving you purely happy, happier than you had been in a while.

And Bellamy couldn’t help but agree. It was indescribably true.  

TOP Album winter aesthetics:

No Phun Intended: Unfinished basements full of abandoned Christmas decorations, walking home from church in a long coat and seeing your breath under the streetlamps, the fog of idling cars at the end of winding driveways.

Regional at Best: Driving through quiet neighborhoods to visit family, lighting a candle and holding your finger over the warmth, old blankets and pillows embroidered with snowy scenes. 

Twenty One Pilots: Walking on paths through the forest and being blinded by the sun reflecting off the snow, skating endless circles on the ice, warm hands on chilly cheeks.  

Vessel: Shivering in the winding isles of a chaotically organized antique store, heavy leather couches in wood paneled rooms, tiny houses on the outskirts of the city.

Blurryface: Dancing in hot nightclubs in the middle of the night and stepping into the frozen air, blanket forts in a hidden room of a party, thick headphones that block out the sound of the wind.


Jax Teller Imagine #6 (request)

warnings: profanity

Hi i was wondering if u can do an imagine where the reader female is hurt after protecting abel  from a rival mc? If u cant thats fine. (reader insert)

You were in your car driving up to the front of your house after a long day. Abel was going to be spending the night with you while Jax was busy doing whatever he was doing. You sigh as your car came to a stop. You were finally home.

Abel is still awake when you peer at him through the mirror, but you could tell he is about to go any minute. His eyes keep closing slightly, then opening again at every sound he hears.

After exiting the car with him, you unlock the front door while balancing Abel on your hip and his baby bag over the other shoulder. You immediately drop his bag on the floor so you can quickly put him to bed and out of your hands before you did anything else. Once he is in your bed surrounded by pillows, you run back downstairs to shut the door.

You stop in your tracks, when you notice a figure to your right. You quickly turn to see there is a man standing in the kitchen.

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Imagine spending the day at the beach with Luke. You would drive down at 8 in the morning while blasting a Spotify playlist you both made the night before through the car speakers. And when you finally get to your little brick house, you unpack everything, get your bathing suits on, and go straight to the beach. You guys would spend the whole day there, laughing about how sun burnt Luke was after he fell asleep with his sunglasses on his chest or how you fell while trying to set up your lounge chair. After your day at the beach you would shower, get dressed, and go to the board walk. Every ride was lit up with red, yellow, and blue lights; you name it, that color was there. You’d both act like little kids, going on every single ride you were eligible to go on (Luke wouldn’t be allowed to go on half of them because they were all for kids and he is too tall aWH POOR BABY). And at the end of the night you two would go on the colorful ferris wheel, while Luke made sure your cart stopped at the top by giving the employee a $10 tip. Once it stopped, you could see everything. It was like the whole world was right in front of you. Luke would have his arm around you the whole time while you leaned your head on his shoulder, admiring how beautifully lit the sky was, and how the waves crashed against the shore. It was a moment you would keep in your memory forever, and Luke would too.

I’m here - James McAvoy x Reader

warnings: major character illness/death, quite sad

summary: Exactly one year after it happened you finally bring yourself to visit your spot. Unaware of how this will change your life forever.

a/n: inspired by Free People’s “The Letter”


It had been a three hour drive when you finally pulled into the small road that led to your cabin in the woods. You had spent every summer up here. You smiled as you got out of the car breathing in the familiar air.

With the wind blowing through your hair all the memories came flooding back.

It felt like an eternity since you had last been here. A peculiar feeling.

You strolled through the small house, running your fingers through the floral curtains and embracing every memory they brought with them. 

You could hear the birds singing in the garden which brought the memory of this one wild karaoke night back.

The tap in the kitchen was apparently still leaking which made you remember the time James and you went skinny dipping in the middle of a storm. You chuckled.

When you walked into the bedroom you felt at home. You smelled a pillow from his side of the bed as a single tear rolled down your cheeks. 

You turned around to the bedside table staring at all these pills. You felt your stomach turn around and your chest tighten. You couldn’t bear reliving those memories.

You walked into the garden and sat down under your favourite tree when you felt something metallic under the leaves. It turned out to be a small box and when you opened it you found an old picture of you and James on your first date. You remembered the story behind the photo so clearly. Obviously no one takes a picture on the first date. But your best friend was a huge fan of James and couldn’t believe a famous actor actually hit on you. So you basically took the photo for her. You were certain he would be creeped out by it but he found it cute.

With the photo there was a letter in the box. You held your breath as you carefully opened it.

“Dear Y/N

It was time I suppose, we all come and go. 

That’s the truth of things, 

things between us may not have always been easy but when I think of my life, 

I think of you, how far you have gone, the woman you have become. 

There will be moments in your life that will be hard, 

it’s okay. 

Don’t forget to smile. 

To love. 

To be young before you are old. 

It’s okay to hold on tight, 

and to let go… 

Be present, look around you, this world it feels so big. 

Remember, I’m here.”

You held the letter to your chest tears rolling down your cheeks. 

“I know, my love. I know.”

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WWE Imagine

Requested- Finn x Reader- Finn is playing with Lego’s, and Y/N wants sex, Finn says after he finishes with his Legos, but after Y/N goes under the table ;), he gives in.

Word Count: 1401
Warnings: Smutty smut, language.
Author’s Notes: Love this request soooo much! Finn *Heart eyes*


As you pull into the drive-way, you smile. Finn’s car was parked in your usual spot a day early. You all bout bound to the front door, sliding your key in and stepping through the doorway in a fluid movement, dropping your car and house keys on the counter just inside the door and hanging your damp coat on the hook next to it.

Walking around the corner you call, “Finn?” But it was without need because as soon as you walk around the corner into the living room you share, you see him, shirtless sitting at your kitchen table, bright Lego pieces scattered into piles according to color.

 “Hey Y/N. how was your day baby?” He asks, his eyes never leaving the beginning of the ship he was making.

 “It’s better now.” You giggle, walking to stand in front of him, folding yourself onto the chair next to him, your head resting on his chiseled shoulder.

 “I missed ya’ darlin’.” Finn says, resting his head against yours for a moment, his hands still working over the little pieces.

 “Mmm, I’ve missed you too.” You purr into his ear, your hand grazing the inside of his thigh, running up to his crotch, his boxers betraying his excitement.

 “Stop Y/N, I want to finish this ship first, it’s almost done.” He laughs, his hand finally releasing the toy vessel, brushing yours off his leg, his gleaming ocean eyes finding yours for a moment, his lips pressing quickly to your own, erasing the newly formed pout.

“After, I promise.” He murmurs against your lips, his gaze going back to his project.

  You sulk for a moment, but you were stuck with a idea, so you get to your feet quietly, heading up the stairs to your shared bedroom, closing the door behind you out of habit. You make quick work of your shoes, placing them in the closet with the others, your socks, pants, and shirt being discarded into the hamper that sits in the corner of your bedroom.

 Walking back down stairs dutifully wearing only your bra and panties, you round the corner, and quickly sink to your hands and knees, crawling under the table to where Finn sat, his attention completely on his project. He hadn’t noticed you re-enter the room and you smiled broadly when he gasped at your touch, jumping slightly.

“Hey! Whater’ Ya doin’?” He chuckled, his eyes falling down to where you knelt, you hands, yanking his boxers down easily.

 “Nooothing.” You giggle, taking his cock head into your mouth quickly, sucking hard, making a ‘Popping’ Noise as you release him.

“Shit Y/N! You couldn’t wait five minutes?”  He hisses, his hand coming down to rest against your hair, gripping you tightly, guiding your head back and forth on his huge cock.

 “No.” You try around his length, gagging slightly, your eyes watering as you stroke what wont fit in your mouth with your hand, the other resting on his now bare thigh for support. His fingers tighten in your hair as you gag once more on him.

 “That’s right, that means you’re doing your fuckin’ job.” He growls, thrusting up to meet your mouth.

  “God Ya sur’ do look beautiful with my cock in your’ mouth baby girl.” he continues, suddenly he slides his chair back, pulling you out from under the table, taking in your appearance. His tongue runs over his full bottom lip, leaving a wet shine in it’s path.

 Suddenly he whirls you around, shoving you over the table, your face just missing a pile of brown Legos, his hand hard on the back of your neck.

“Finn!” You  giggle, yelping when his hand comes down on your ass, sending hot waves of need to the apex of your thighs. Your breathing hitches when his lips press to your neck, just under your ear, and his hips press into your ass, his hard cock throbbing as he press it into your ass.

 “Ya’ want my cock deep in dat tight little pussy Y/N?” His breath was hot against your neck, his tongue rolling over your bare-skin.

 “Please, Finn, Please fuck me?” You whimper, wiggling back against him, your body screaming for some kind of stimulation.

  “Oh, I tink I will.” His accent warps the word, making you giggle. “Somehting funny?” He asks, his hand coming down hard on your ass once more, stinging.

 “No!” You yelp, writhing under his grip on your neck. He hooks his finger under the waist band of your panties, yanking the fabric to the floor, tapping the back of your thighs lightly, asking your to step out of them one foot at a time.

He pick the material up off the floor, shoving the cotton to his face, inhaling deeply. “Fuck I’ve’ missed ya.”  He groans, pushing his hips forward and sinking the head of his large cock into your dripping core.

 “Oh Finn!” You exclaim, he pushes in slowly, allowing your body time to adjust to his length and width, his free hand coming down to grip your hip hard, his fingers digging into your sensitive skin.

 “Ya like Dat Y/N? Like my cock in your tight pussy?” He growls, his hand circling your neck, dragging you up to nearly standing, his cock still thrusting deep into you.

You whimper in response, your voice coming in little squeaks as he drills into you, his shaft throbbing as his hips slam into yours, bottoming out in you over  and over. You reach one hand behind you, gripping his hip hard, your other hand flat against the table, a small Lego pressing into your palm.

 “Finn oh fuck, please, p-please!” You find your voice, pleasure rippling through your dripping core, need for release building up in your stomach.

“Please wha’?” He asks, his voice husky behind you, his grip tight on your throat, making your breaths come short and ragged.

 “Please, don’t stop! I’m going to C-Cum!” You scream, your hand flying from his hip to his wrist, gripping him tightly for support as his relentless rhythm sends you over the edge, your body clenching around him as you shake, tremors of pleasure ripping through your body, making you cry out.
 “Shhhit! Ya feel so good Y/N!” He growls his face pressed into your hair, his breathing heavy as he picks up his pace, his hand releasing your waist, moving around your body, his palm flat on your belly as he bends you over the table once more, your cheek pressing softly into a small pile of deep red block, the tiny tiles pinching at your skin, but you were to caught up in the pleasure to bother moving them.

  “God, Ya’r Beautiful.” He groans, his fingers lacing into your hair as he pushes into you over and over, his cock hitting your cervix with every thrust. You moan out a slur of curses and syllables of his name, your fingers gripping the edge of the table hard.

 “I’m gonna cum! Where’d wan it?” He crys out, his voice strained as he thrusts you once more.

“Mouth.” You manage, sinking to your knees as he pulls out of you quickly, his cock finding your mouth, his fingers in your hair once more.

 You take the tip in your mouth, swirling your tongue over the crown, taking as much of the length as you can into your mouth, the taste of him and you lingering there.

 “Mmm.” You giggle as he groans, shooting rope after rope of hot cum into your throat, throwing his head back, breathing heavy. He pulls you to your feet, his blue eyes hazed over with lust, sweat pooling on his forehead.

 “Aye, that’s mine.” He smiles, pulling a small red block from where it was stuck to your cheek. You smile and breath out a shaky breath, plucking the brick from his fingers and sinking into his seat at the table, placing the block where it belongs on the bow of the ship.

 “Jesus, I Love Ya.” He chuckles, sitting next to you, picking up another block and getting to work on the mast.


ARIES: Falling asleep with my head on your shoulder during long car rides. Walking around our neighborhood with our dogs at dusk and telling you everything. The way your ambition inspires me, and the way your words are always exactly what I needed to hear. How I think of your voice whenever I get sad.

TAURUS: Staying up talking at sleepovers after all our friends had fallen asleep. Driving around everywhere after you first got your license and spending more money than either of us had. When you stole beer from your parents and we walked through the park in the middle of the night. 

GEMINI: Your big personality and stupid jokes and expensive coffee. Sitting around a bonfire at an after party and smelling 3 kinds of smoke. Sitting on top of our friend’s car in front of your house on a summer night and all of us looking at the stars. The weird texts you send to our group message.

CANCER: Going to our first Homecoming and you looking like a princess. Sitting next to you at the funeral service and feeling as if at least that one thing could make all of it bearable. Early morning Starbucks runs before school and affectionately referring to my old white clunker of a car as Greased Whitening.

LEO: Texting you when I was falling apart at 2 am and always getting an answer right away. Going to my first concert with you and losing our voices and having drunk people spill beer all over us. Driving around past curfew with our heads out the windows and getting icees barefoot at the gas station.

VIRGO: Trying to start a conversation with you and not being successful for weeks, but never being able to shut you up after that. The concern in your eyes when you knew I was going through something. You listening better than anyone else. Appreciating the way you know when sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.

LIBRA: Going to your room after I had a bad dream and sitting with you in the rocking chair in our living room. When we took a road trip to pick up our new puppy and stayed in a seedy hotel. When I told you I was scared of losing everything and you said you’d always be there, and how you haven’t let me down once.

SCORPIO: Ordering a pizza and paying for it all with coins. Watching the way your eyes crinkle up when you laugh and listening to you talk about the most mundane things like it was wisdom from above. When we argued about nothing because we were both too stubborn to back down.

SAGITTARIUS: Laughing at your strange doodles and the weird things you mumbled. Not worrying about judgment when I talked to you and telling you I loved you and how you never need to change because I think you needed a friend who would say that to you. Making plans that we never follow through with but knowing that I’ll always (figuratively) leave the light on in case you want to be as close as we were again.

CAPRICORN: Our first date, when we went to the beach boardwalk and stumbled through the haunted house and rode the ferris wheel over and over. Our second date, when you kissed me in the rain on the sidewalk outside the train station. Months later, when your heart went numb and you left without a trace.

AQUARIUS: Wanting to be your friend before I even started talking to you. Both admiring and resenting the way you said everything that popped into your mind without filtering it first. Knowing you for so long but still feeling like I knew so little about you. The respect I have for you for having such an established sense of self.

PISCES: Laughing hysterically in the backseat of our friend’s car while the rest of our friends try to figure out what was so funny. Crying on your living room floor after hearing the worst news. Missing my curfew because we were having a deep talk in a parking garage for two hours after seeing a movie.

Night of the game

So this is my first Dan X reader imagine on this blog!

It’s really bad 😁😁

Hope you enjoy!

“Bye Phil, Have a safe trip!” You called out as you saw him get in the car and drive off down the busy streets of London. Today Phil was heading off to Ireland for the week. So that meant that you and Dan had the house to yourselves.

You and Dan have been in a relationship for almost 8 months and you felt incredibly lucky to have him in your life. You loved him and I’m pretty sure he loved you just as much.

You walked into the the living room to see him sitting on the grey-coloured sofa, scrolling through tumblr. He was so attractive, it was unbelievable. He was way out of your league, however he was yours.

“Y/N?” Are you okay?“ It suddenly occurred to you that you had been staring and he had noticed.

“Oh yeah sorry!” You answered back, cuddling into his chest. His smell was so beautiful. You wished that when you die, it could be pumped into your coffin (if you don’t get that, we can’t be friends 😝 jk)

“Oh shit!” He suddenly burst, closing his MacBook and running out of the room. I started to worry. What was wrong? Did I do something? All these questions were running through my head until I saw Dan run back in, holding his tripod.

“Me and Phil was supposed to film our gaming video but as you can see, we forgot and Phil just left. So would you?”

At first I questioned it. Me and Him haven’t announced to any of his fans that we were thing. I don’t think I could handle all the hate that was yet to come. On the other hand, I decided to do my boyfriend a favour by filming with him.

“Okay Daniel” I said, hauling myself up from my comfy position of the sofa. “What are we playing?”

Dan smirks and holds up the case of “Just dance” He knows very well how my dancing is and let me just say, it’s not something you would call amazing

Noticing my face of horror, he pulls me in close. “You’ll be fine, honest” he whispers “And if you do fail, just watch my old videos and you’ll feel much better”

I forced a little chuckle however I was still terrified. But I had to stay confident until it was over.

•a few minutes later•

“You ready?” Dan asked, his finger hovered over the record button


“Hello everyone!” He started.

•••Time skip•••

“Take that howell!” I shouted as my score went up way above Dan’s.
I just beat him at Just dance, a game he claimed he was good at.

“Phil if your watching, that was for you!” I went up to the camera and smiled. That was so much fun, I didn’t even care if I failed.

“But I don’t understand! I’m usually better than people at games” he pouted

I went up to his face “Well you thought wrong! Your the loser!”

As Dan did the outro, I decided to do something silly and touch is neck. This resulted in him lunging forward and slipping onto the ground

Luckily, no one got hurt and he pulled me down. By now, I was laying on top of him, staring into his beautiful brown eyes. He licked my nose and I squirmed. I was so lucky to have this living meme as my own

Sorry it’s quite short!

Requested by @r5sos-me

Through the Window (Part 5)

Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

TTW Masterlist for all other parts

You wake up on Friday for school to the sound of your walkie talkie crackling from your desk. With bleary eyes you roll out of bed and grab it.

“What Steve?” You mumble, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

“You want a lift to school today?” He asks and you smile, warmth spreading through you. Things were finally back where they should be.

You meet Steve outside your house at the usual time and hop into his car, finding yourself unable to stop smiling.

“So how are things Steve? Like really? We haven’t spoken properly in so long.” You ask once he has pulled off his drive.

“It’s alright. I’m better now. I wanted to apologise actually…for what I did.”

“No no honestly. It’s fine. You weren’t in a good place.”

“Yes but that doesn’t excuse what I did. I am truly sorry.” And he sounded like he meant it.

“Well… thank you Steve I appreciate that.” You turn to look at him and see him already looking at you, a smile on his face. His hand moves to your knee and sits there for a while. You feel yourself tense under his touch, confused. But he just squeezes your knee reassuringly and puts it back on the wheel, turning to smile at you again.

“So how is it the land of (y/n)?” He asks, leaning back in his seat casually, one hand on the wheel.

“Yeah alright I guess. Can’t complain. I’m just looking forward to getting this year over with now to be fair.” You say with a chuckle, Steve nodding along.

“Ok I’ve got a question for you.” Steve says suddenly after a moment of silence.

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so punk luke would pick you up from school one day with ashton, calum, and michael and you open the passenger door in the front seat and you can hear their punk music blasting through the car, with other students staring at you as you sit inside. luke kisses the side of your head as you put on your seat belt as the other boys sing loudly/scream the words and headbang in the back seat and luke turns off the punk music for something really cheesy and romantic like “mine” by taylor swift and the guys groan in the back complaining like “really luke” “dammit loverboy” “NOOO” and you both smile at each other and luke takes your hand as he drives off to his house so you can cuddle as you do homework


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When he saw you, he could think of nothing else but to go over there and talk to you. He wanted to know all the things you had been through, wanted to know all about your wonderfully ordinary human life.

But smething held him back, something he couldn’t quite place. It wasn’t until another person came out of your house, carrying a giggling child that reached it’s small hands out to you as soon as it saw you, that the Doctor realised what was wrong with him talking to you now. He had no part in your life anymore. He realised through the pain of loss that you had settled down and that it was good. He realised he had no right to jump back into your life and possibly rip open the wounds you had worked hard on healing.

So he said nothing, just watched you three climb into the car and drive off. And he swore himself yet again to make every second with you count.

Maybe It's The Alcohol (Jungkook Smut)

CAR SEX, Thigh Riding, Orgasm Denial, & all kinds of smutty goodness.

That fucking jerk. You gave him your everything for 2 years, & you catch him in YOUR house, in YOUR bed, with his new little slut?

You were outraged with your boyfriend- well, now ex-boyfriend. You packed your things, threw them in your car and started to drive.

It was late at night. You had no idea where you were going. You honestly had nowhere to go.

You just knew you weren’t going back there.

You drove through the crowded downtown streets, your mascara drenched tears fell into your lap at a “tap-tap” rhythm that made you cry even harder.

Your mind wasn’t processing right.

You needed a drink.

You pulled up to the nearest bar. You unbuckled your seatbelt, & looked back at all your packed luggage in the back seat.

“I want to get dazed to the point where I can’t even see any of this shit anymore.”

You took out some napkins from your glove-compartment and cleaned your face free of smeared makeup & broken promises.

You walked through the doors to the dark club. It was lit up by colorful lights and loud music. You felt the vibrations of the songs, but your thoughts swarmed your head to the point of being deaf to the outside world.

You wobbled your way through the crowds, pushing and shoving until you sat yourself in a bar chair.

“Give me whatever can make me forget about this night, then keep ‘em coming.”
You said to the bar tender.

You sat alone. You scrolled through your phone a few times.
You continuously looked back at the dance floor to see how everyone had so much fun , & at how care-free they all were.

You sighed and went to finish your third glass when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

“Hello, there. Is this seat taken?”

You looked the boy up and down.

“No, no, go ahead.”
You said through sniffles.

He sat down & looked up at your eyes, that you tried to hide from the entire world.

“D-do you wanna talk about it?”
He asked shyly.

You looked up at the boy. He was gorgeous. Probably young, just around your age. He had brown fluffy hair and deep brown eyes. These eyes were very attentive and round when paying close attention. Very plush pursed lips, a rose shade of pink

“Are you okay?”
He asked, snapping you out of your daze.

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry about that.”
You sighed.
“I’m just having a bit of a crisis I guess.”

He looked at your 3 empty glasses & looked back at you.

“Then it’s settled, I’ll be your friend tonight!”
He smiled and waved at the tender for a drink.

You giggled. “Alright then what’s your name?” You asked.

“I’m Jungkook, & you?”

“I’m Y/N.”

He looked at your eyes while picking up your hand to lay a gentle kiss on it.
“It’s wonderful to be your acquaintance, Y/N”

You felt your blush.

You night progressed as you and Jungkook laughed, told jokes and drank away the night.

All was fun, until-


You looked down at your phone.

You opened the message.

It was from your boyfrie-
Your ex-boyfriend.

The texts read:

“She wasn’t important”

“I miss you”

“Come back”

“She’s nothing”

“You’re the one I want”

“Come home”

“Forgive me”

“Let me explain”

“We’ll talk this one through”

You dropped your phone.
Your hands flew to your face.

The phone repeated it’s buzzing on the floor, but you couldn’t look at it anymore.

You can’t let yourself fall into this trap.

You began to sob into your hands.

Jungkook stood from his chair to pick up your phone.
Only when he did, he saw texts you didn’t see after you dropped the phone.

Your ex’s mood completely changed after you didn’t answer to his “nice guy” attempt.

“Fine, You weren’t the only one anyway.”

“I never needed you.”

“I bet your sleeping with another man you filthy slut”

“I bet you had sides too, huh?”

“Ask him how my dick tastes, won’t you?”

“I was tired of you anyway, ugly trash.”

“Never fucking come back.”

Jungkook read these texts. He was furious.

How dare he? She was marvelous. “Ugly Trash”? Y/N is the most beautiful, stunning and sexiest woman in this place- no in this TOWN.

Jungkook deleted the messages and blocked his number.

He would never let you see these messages.

He ached for you. How long did your boyfriend treat you like that, when you were such a treasure?

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was his anger, whatever it was, made him grab your hand and lead you out of that bar.

You looked up at him.
“J-Jungkook what’s going, what are we-”

Jungkook turned around to face you.
He held your shoulders to keep you in place.

“Are you going to go back to your boyfriend?”

You were still. Your mouth hung open.
Why did he care?

“Are you?”
He asked again.

“N-no, I can’t. He cheated. I’m not dumb. I don’t want him anymore…”
You sniffled.
“..Why though Jungkook?”

Jungkook looked down.
“You deserve alot better. Let me show you.”

“What do you-”
“Which car is yours?” He asked dragging you behind by your hand.

“That one.” You pointed while unlocking it with the button on your key ring.

You made it to the car and Jungkook swang the door opened, he pushed your bags onto the floor and turned to you.

“Can you trust me?”

Maybe it was the alcohol that made you say-


Then Jungkook grabbed your shoulders and pushed you into the car, as he shot in after you . You locked the doors and wrapped yourself around his body. He looked at you in the eyes, then kissed you so gently. He rubbed up and down every part of your skin that showed, your arms, your legs, like a delicate flower.

You felt yourself melt into his kisses. The kisses got deeper each time. Your tongues danced as you took in the wonderful taste of love and alcohol, a taste so addicting you could stay in this moment for hours.

Then he snuck his hand into your shirt. He lifted your bra over his hand so he could knead your breats. You let out a low groan that let Jungkook know you needed a little more.

He moved his hands to lift your shirt over your head and sling off your bra.
Jungkook started to suck on your nipple. His toungue traced and outlined
your breasts. Each flick of his talented tounge gave you goosebumps, you wanted so much more from him.
His hands lowered themselves down to your thighs. He rested them there before he started slowly rubbing up towards your heat. Once contact was made, you squealed with impatience. He started rubbing you through your tight shorts and you tried to ride his fingers.

“Now this is where it gets fun”
Jungkook said very breathy in your ear.

“-I’m going to do whatever I want to you, & if you slip up, I’ll start all over again.”

You squealed at his sudden dark dominance. It intrigued you.

It almost made you want to slip up.

You stopped riding his fingers immediately and tried to stick your legs to the seat as if they were nailed there.

Jungkook continued to rub your clothed crotch, but he seemed displeased. He stopped and you gasped to the loss of friction.

“Take off my pants” he instructed.

You didn’t have to be told twice. You lowered down and unbuckled and unzipped him. You only pulled his jeans halfway until he kicked them off himself. In return Jungkook slid your shorts of aswell. Leaving you only in underwear.

Jungkook licked his lips at the sight of you.
“God damn, I can’t wait to tear you the fuck apart.”

How could this be the same person you met at the club?

Must be the alcohol.

With his words, you felt the heat rushing to your core, you needed him so badly.

“Lay down.” He said coldly.
You knew exactly what was about to happen.

You nervously shimmied your langerie down your leg & sat down against the door.

Jungkook looked at your sex and licked his plush lips.
“ If you act up, I’ll start all over again.”

You moaned.

He placed kisses on your inner thighs.

Then his lips were on your clit. He licked you once down your slit and you tried with all your strength not to buck up your hips and ride his face as he licked repeatedly, agonizingly slow.
His toungue was sin that made you blissfully intoxicated. He kept licking upward until he started ending his long strokes by flicking at your clit.

You jumped and groaned in the pleasure you were receiving.

Damnit Y/N! You can’t jump! If you move at all, he’ll start over and you couldn’t survive if he ate you out like this again.

You kept your body firm on seat, you could almost feel his smirk. He felt you jump, so now he turned up the volume. He started to hum and entered you slightly with his toungue, only to exit and give a long slow suck on your clit.
Your entire body arched off the seat as you groaned. Your pleasure sensory was fucked, you were so close.
Only he moved back with that damn smirk on his face.

“Tsk tsk, oh no, you moved before I could finish.”
You groaned in disbelief. Again?

Jungkook placed a hand on his chin and looked you up and down, as he licked his lips clean of you.

“Alright, sit on my lap.”

You looked puzzled, but you obeyed.
You wondered, is disobeying his orders a good thing or bad thing ?

You stood over Jungkook and he patted a seat on his thigh. His thigh was a hard muscle, you straddled yourself over him, embarrassed about how wet you were on his bare thigh.

He leaned back against the seat with his hands on your hips.
“You like to try and ride my face knowing it’s against my rules and move to your own liking? Do you wanna please yourself Y/N?“ You shook your head ”-So the best way you can please yourself is a little bit of thigh riding, then you won’t need my help.”

You looked down at yourself against his thigh. You never done this before.

Jungkook leaned forward, you felt his breath behind you, on your ear as he nibbled on it aswell.

“I know you can do it baby..”

Then you started rocking back and forth.
Now you feel it.

You tried to go faster as you were recovering form the previous high you had earlier, but Jungkook’s hands on your hips made you go slower.
Which felt so fucking good, but so good you could feel your vision blur.

He was repeatedly denying your orgasm because he wanted to please you in the best way possible.

Jungkook would let you speed up as you got louder, he knew you were getting close.

Your sounds were echoing in the car and you were reaching your climax.
Then Jungkook picked up your hips off of him.

Again, for the third time he rejected your high. You groaned in annoyance.

Jungkook slapped your ass one good time.

“Is that attitude I hear?”

Uh oh.

“Alright, fine-”

Jungkook kicked off his boxers.

“Ride ME then.”

You turned behind you to see his pulsing red cock. He wrapped his hand around it and started pumping just looking at you.

He was pleasing you so good this entire time you forgot he was probably so turned on. You were right, he was so hard that he was leaking precum.

Now you wanted to do something for him.

Jungkook was pumping his cock so fast. You turned to face him and shooed his hand away. You then lowered yourself onto his length.

He yelled.

You sunk down until you were seated pretty on his thighs.

His reaction was explosive. He started bucking into you as you bounced slightly up and down on his cock. You threw your head back, & he leaned down a few times to leave hickeys on your neck and chest.

“You’re so fucking sexy Y/N.”
You moaned at his words, & started riding him and pushing him down, taking control.

“Oh really?” He said, then he pulled your hair to make your head fly even farther back as wrecked you, pumping in and out of you at a crazy speed.

Looks like Jungkook’s the type who wants all the control.
You stopped moving and let dirty nothings slip from your mouth as you let him pound into you.

“Thats a good girl.”
He let go of your hair and moved that hand to your clit, earning a moan from you.

He moved in fast, messy circles, & you were getting close.

You started bouncing, grabbing on anything you could to make sure you survived this high. Then you came around his still hard cock. Walls pulsing around his making him hiss and buck into you even faster.

You stood limpless as he pounded into you, trying to find his high. You wrapped your legs around his body so he could get endlessly far into you. You kissed his neck and whispered every dirty sentence you could think of into his ear.

Then he came, filling you up with a satisfied “Mmmm fuck Y/N.”

Then it went blank.

You found yourself in your car, laid up in the back seat snuggled up to a naked Jungkook. His eyes drifted down to yours and smiled. You looked at him and wrapped your arms around his neck.

You looked down at your luggage and smiled.

“So many drinks and I can still fucking see these bags” You sighed.

Jungkook looked at you. “Huh baby?”

You looked up, smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Let’s go somewhere, Jungkook. anywhere.”

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#64 Harry Styles - Gemma

You and Harry have been a couple for a few months now and it’s a secret relationship. From the begging both of you knew that it would only be the best to keep it as a secret for as long as possible. No one was allowed to know. Not even family or best friends. Not even Gemma. Seriously no one. Just you and Harry. It’s hard, for both you, to not say anything to your parents or siblings though. 

When you visit Harry at his house, knowing that it’s just the two of you, you always have to lie and say that you go to the library or something. No one thinks it’s any special that you go out at least four times a week.

So today, it’s one of those library days. You leave your house and drive over to Harry’s house. When you get out of the car, you make sure that no one sees you and then let yourself through the gate with the key that Harry gave to you. Quickly you get into the house and take off your shoes as you shout “Harry! I’m here!”

Harry comes running into the hallway with a big smile on his face. “I missed you.” He mumbles as he puts his arms around you. He pulls you into a hug and kisses your cheek before pulling away and cupping your cheeks with his big hands. Harry attaches his lips to yours and kisses passionately.

“I was here yesterday.” You giggle when you pull away from each other.

“I miss you every second that you’re away from me, (Y/N).” Harry smirks and sits down on his couch. “I already prepared the movie.” He smiles proud. You sit down next to you and cuddle into his side as he presses play. The movie starts and you and Harry cuddle but mostly talk and don’t really pay attention to the movie.

When you suddenly hear the door unlock, you pull away from your boyfriend. His face has become as pale as yours. “Harry it’s me!” It’s Gemma and you can hear her walking towards the living room. There’s no place to hide now and you start blushing as Harry’s sister arrives in the living room.

“(Y/N)?” She looks at you with wide open eyes. “Harry? Wait!” It didn’t even took her a minute to figure out what’s going on. “You are dating!” She exclaims, a smirk forming on her lips.

“Surprise?” Harry shrugs, smiling at Gemma.

“Since when? Tell me everything.” She says and sits down on a armchair.

“Well…” You tell her the story of how you and Harry met and how you fell in love with each other and the reason why no one knows about it. When you’re done, Gemma is bigger smiling than before and her eyes are sparkling.

“Oh my god, I’m so happy for you guys!” She smiles and gets up. She hugs Harry and then you. “Do you love each other?” She asks once she sits back on the armchair.

“Of course we do.” Harry says and puts his arm around you. You cuddle into his side and he kisses your temple.

“Awww!” Gemma smiles.

stoner!5sos drunk minds speak sober words [calum]

stoner!calum, crying through the phone as he calls you up from the front steps of some party that he shouldn’t have gone to because it’s god knows what hour [2 AM actually] but you pick up the phone cos you know you’re the only reliable friend he’s got.

“what’s the address?” the familiar words slide off your tongue like they do almost every night, it seems. soon you find yourself having slipped on some joggers and a sweatshirt, discarding your pajamas on the floor, and taking the car downtown, navigating with your phone’s gps and cutting through allies. you know if you’re not their in a certain amount of time calum’s going to have done something stupid, that surely he’d regret.

you’re driving down the street parallel to the sidewalk that the house is on, and you stop short when you see calum sitting on the curb, a few houses down from the party house, what, with all the flashing light from the windows and bass that you could swear was moving your car. rolling down the window, your nose wrinkles when you see him pulling a joint from his lips. eyes, red and hair messy. “get in.” you’re a little snippy at this point. yes, you cared about calum, yes, you were there for him, but the late nights (or should it be early mornings) that came so frequently had you concerned for calum’s well-beings as well as your own. you’d barely gotten any sleep this week, hell, calum probably sleeps four hours tops.

“hey, [y/n]” his lips curl into a lazy smile and your eyes glare at the blunt, he gets the message. making his eye-roll obvious, he tossed the wrapped up marijuana out your window. calum knew you didn’t necessarily approve of his habits, but to you, calum hood was calum hood, and if smoking weed now and then (or more often than not) was who he was, so be it. you couldn’t change him and calum couldn’t change himself at this point in time it seemed.

the car ride seemed to drag on, and calum rambled about stuff as usual that you didn’t always listen to, and now and then you pulled over so he could vomit the contents of his stomach out the window. calum was so smashed. “don’t take me home, [y/n]” he pleaded to you as you were about to reach the turn to the apartment he shared with a couple of his mates, “we went off at each other earlier today, and well,” the truth started to spill out of him, “that’s why i just left. didn’t really say anything, but can i just stay at your place tonight?” you sighed, nodding your head. last time he stayed the night he promised it would never happen again. “i know i promised i know. but i, i just,” the water works started. he usually stopped crying after you two hung up, but the only other time he’d actually cried in front of you was years ago, before he’d gotten himself into the tangled web of his new life.

i’m sorry.” his voice was small, but it actually caused you to slow the car down a few streets before your turn. parked along the sidewalk, the air was stale with the stench of his clothes, and the tears rolled down his paled cheeks, his eyes more bloodshot than ever. “i’m sorry that i keep doing this to you. i’m sorry that we’re constantly going in circles.”

“calum–” you opened your mouth to speak but he whimpered in response silencing you.

he was breathing heavily, “you don’t understand. please don’t tell me it’s okay because it’s not. it’s not okay and we both fucking know it.” and you weren’t able to utter another word.

“we both know by now my head is dizzy and numb, i know. and also i know i’m not sure about a lot of things, and i know i tend to break promises that i’ve sworn to keep, but i sure as hell know one thing.”

your eyebrows furrowed as the car door opened on his side. his knee was bouncing up and down and you swallowed thickly, looking through the dashboard and at the constellations. the next words calum said echoed in your brain for weeks; months even. because through i all, you felt it too.

i love you, [y/n].”

and then he was gone.

Easter Surprise

word count: 1.4k

a/n: Happy Easter! Here is the highly requested Michael writing! Hope you all enjoy and I hope your day is wonderful! Once again @jetblack-ash helped me write this so give her some love!

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Music was playing softly through the car speakers as your fingers messed with the hem of the pink dress that hung loosely on your body. Michael was driving the both of you to his parents house for Easter dinner with his family, your family, the boys, and all of their family. It was a rare occasion that everyone was going to be together in one place at the same time, so the both of you were very excited, but for some reason Michael was acting different than his normal giddy self. He was much more quiet, and he seemed distant from any conversation that you tried starting, “Michael are you okay?” you whispered as you moved your hand to rest lightly on his leg. Your touch pulled him out of his daze making him look over at you causing one of his signature smiles to form on his face from how gorgeous you were. “Yeah. I’m okay. Just anxious to get there ya know?”

After a few more songs, and many laughs later the medium sized house came into view from the blacked out car windows. Cars lined up and down the street since you and Michael were a few minutes late considering Michael couldn’t figure out what to wear. In a few swift movements he parked the car behind one of the boys’, and you were both getting out to move up to the front door to be bombarded with tons of ‘hellos’ and ‘how are yous’.

His smaller hand knocked on the white oak door as the other hand found it’s way around your back onto your waist. He gave you a reassuring squeeze before the both of you could hear movement on the other side of the door, and soon after the door was flying open to reveal Karen wearing her signature cooking apron, “Come in you two! We have been waiting for you!” She squealed as she ushered the both of you into the house before capturing you into a hug that you swore took all the oxygen out of you. Being here always made you happy, and she always made you feel like you were apart of the family.

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You were in the car with your boyfriend Ashton. You were driving to his parents house and it was getting dark outside. You noticed him getting a little groggy, so you slipped your hand onto his thigh, which made him jerk his head at you.

“Eyes on the road Ash” you said smirking. He gave you a look before turning back to the road. You started rubbing him through his jeans, you could feel his length hardening. You unzipped his pants and pulled them to his knees as you did with his underwear too.

“I swear to God” he said, having trouble focusing. You starting stroking his length, before putting your mouth over it. You started sucking, taking all of Ashton in. You licked up his shaft and licked the head of his cock, making moans come from him. You proceeded to suck, hollowing your cheeks. His hips were thrusting and spasming as he was coming close to his high. Right before he came, you came off of his dick.

“wHAT THE FUCK??” Ashton said confused and angry, “you can’t just fucking do that.”

“oh really? what’re you gonna do about it there big boy?” you said tempting him.

“I’m going to punish you, kitten.” he said and pulled over onto the side of the road. He crawled into the back, bringing you with him. He laid you down on the back seat and roughly stripped your clothes off. He started fingering you. Fast and hard. He inserted up to three fingers before kissing and sucking on your neck, leaving marks all over your body. The overwhelming feeling made you hit your high. You began to relax when you heard Ashton chuckle.

“oh no princess. don’t relax just yet. this is a punishment.” he said smirking as he brought his face down to your heat. He started teasingly licking making you want to grind into him. He put a finger on your clit and started making fast, rough circles. He then deepened his licking. You squeezed your thighs around his head and came once again, moaning loud and shaking.

Ashton then came up and started deeply kissing you, and lined up his dick with your folds before pushing in, making you moan inside his mouth.

“Oh you like that don’t you” He said and thrusted hard, emitting a moan from you. He laid on his back and you sat on his cock and started riding him. You could tell he loved seeing you bounce on his dick. His eyes were rolled back into his head and he was moaning and sweaty. He quickly switched positions before coming and started pounding into you, fucking you hard. You clenched your walls, coming for the third time, body shaking with pleasure which made him come. He moaned your name loud and threw his head back and and came inside of you.

“Now wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to let me come kitten?” He said getting back into the drivers seat.

Old Friends, Feelings and Fireworks! (Part 1)

You were on your way to your parents house in Cheshire. Visiting them for the weekend was something you loved doing, on a Friday after work you would always drive to their house. This time, they had friends over for a few drinks and dinner, something they did regularly.

You pulled up in your mum and dads driveway and turned your car engine off. Sighing, you heaved yourself out of the car, achy legs from work that day. Walking up to the side gate into the back garden, you saw the family dog Blue standing at the gate, patiently waiting to greet you. He was 8 years old and you remembered just how much you missed being home.

‘Hello, I’m home!’ You called out, Walking through the back door and into the huge kitchen.

'We’re in here,love’ your dad called from the dining room.

Walking into the dining room, you saw Anne and Robin and Anne’s son Harry at the table. You knew them for years, they were practically family.

You smiled at them, glad to be home, to see some friendly faces. 'Hey guys’ you smiled.

'Oh it’s good to see you love, I’ve missed you’ your mum fussed, hugging you.

'You remember Anne and Robin and Harry Don’t you?’ Your mum sat back down, finishing her meal.

'Of course I do, but it’s been ages’ you plop yourself down next to harry, feeling 14 again. Turning to smile at harry, he gives you a cheeky grin back. Your parents (and step) always did this. Family meals, pool party’s, holidays. You knew harry and his sister Gemma who couldn’t be there tonight.

'Oh love, we haven’t seen you since the pool party last year!’ Anne smiles.

'I know, and you were all together at Christmas’ you say.

'How was work darling’ you dad asks.

Sighing, you tell him all about work and how well you’re enjoying it.


After dinner your parents and Anne and Robin went into the lounge for coffee. You and Harry were washing up at the sink, Harry drying the dishes.

'So, how’s touring and being a pop star then’ you smile over at harry. You two were close, him being a year older then you and generally just spending so much time together. You clicked and became friends.

'It’s been great but just miss being home, how’s your work going’ he looks at you, taking the glass out of your hand.

'Ah it’s ok, hard work. Working at a riding school though, it’s what I’ve wanted to do forever’ you smile.

Harry admired you for that, he knew you always wanted to work at a riding school, eventually own your own and teach people how to ride. He would listen for hours to you talking about what you wanted to do, your plans. You did the same for him too. In your bedroom at the age of 15, That’s when he knew he liked you, maybe even love. He always had, christmas party’s, birthday celebrations, dinners. He would always go along, to see you. He never stopped liking you.

'I know, we used to talk about it for ages’ he chuckled. You missed that, his chuckle and the way his dimples would pop if he laughed extra hard. The way it was easy to talk with him, how you didn’t even need to say hello, because it never felt like you said goodbye. You just picked up where you left off.

'Well, I would talk you would listen. I remember you fell asleep once, must have bored you to much’ you laugh, drying your hands on the tea towel.

He laughed, leaning against the kitchen counter. 'That was only once! But I haven’t seen you in almost 8 months and you haven’t even hugged me yet!’ You chuckled, going to hug him. 'Nope, I’ve not forgiven you. You can’t hug me now!’ He pulls a serious face, crossing his arms and moving away. You could see the hint of a smile on his face.

Poking his sides, he jolts to the left, giggling. 'Hey!’ You laugh, putting your arms around his waist with your cheek against his back. 'I’ve missed you, it’s been ages since I’ve had a harry hug’


It was late at night and you were all sat on the deck in the garden with wine. You were waiting for your siblings to come in from being teenagers, missing them was the hardest, you loved annoying them.

'I remember these two, running around when they were about 8. They did not bother with clothes!’ Anne laughs, pointing to you and harry, sat on two garden chairs next to each other. Around the big table.

You and Harry both laugh, remembering your childhood is something that made you instantly happy.

'I remember going swimming in our garden, harry wore nothing!’ You laugh, turning to a bright red harry.

'Hey guys I’m home’ your now 16 year old brother comes through the garden gate, back from his college party.

You smile, jumping up and surprise hugging him. He hugs you back, he didn’t hug his other siblings or his mum or dad, he didn’t even show emotion that much, but he hugged you, because you understood. Harry watched you, interacting with your siblings. He loved watching you, just from afar where he could admire.

'I’ve missed annoying you, how’s college. Got a girlfriend yet?’ You bug him. Your brother chuckled, 'No girlfriend sis, how’s your boyfriend?’ He laughed.

Harry’s heart dropped, he knew you had, had a boyfriend when you last saw him but, seeing you again after 8 months brought back old feelings.

'He is fantastic, he’s currently in a stable. Munching on some hay, Ya know’ you winked, you loved horses and they became part of your lifestyle.

'Oh my goodness, please get a life’ he shook his head.

Harry smiled, knowing you hadn’t changed after all these years.


Everyone had gone inside, to be next to the fire. You and Harry decided to stay outside, you first went and got a jumper each, now huddled on the cushioned swinging bench with a hot chocolate. You always did that.

'So how have these past 8 months been?’ He turned to you.

'They’ve been alright, broke up with me boyfriend, how have yours been?’ You sighed.

'What happened, you said you were happy? Amazing, but I don’t want to talk about that. I’m harry, from Holmes chapel today’ he had furrowed his eyebrows, making him look adorable to you.

'I was, he wasn’t. He cheated, guess It wasn’t meant to be. I know, that’s how I like you’ resting your head on his shoulder.

'He’s a prick then isn’t he. You didn’t deserve him’

'I know, I thought I loved him. I was stupid’ you sniffled.

'Hey, don’t get upset, I promise you you are worth so so much’ he kisses the top of your head.

'Thank you, I have really missed you’ you snuggle further into his side.

'You want to know something?’ He says.

'Yeah’ you say excitedly..

'Our mums are watching us out the kitchen window’ he chuckles.

'They have always wanted us to get together.. They ship us’ you giggle. That’s when his heart beats faster and the butterfly’s set off in his tummy. He wants that.

'Maybe we should kiss’

Let me know if you would like part 2 and if i should make a series! :)

the big growth industry right now is totalitarianism.

that’s not some intense rhetorical statement or political slogan, it’s a fact by the definition of the word.

the rise of ‘smart’ technology–cities that monitor the motions of their citizens, cars that report to insurance companies what you’re talking about, thermometers that keep an eye on where people are in the house and run that through a third-party database, and most of all google (alphabet now actually, google is just a subsidiary) which is contending for the richest company in the world–are based off expanding a practice of total universal data control and “realtime behavior modification”–usually through negative incentivization: if you talk about driving dangerously, your car tells the insurance company who increases your rates. this is the purpose behind ‘gamifying’ structures as well, to build a video-game-like reward/punishment system into capitalism where one’s behavior is constantly supported or opposed. functionally, tech bros are imposing a bad videogame morality system onto real life. or, not “are imposing” so much as “have imposed”, given how such a thing already defines how we interact with each other online. it is formalized, incentivized totalitarianism, to a degree that the totalitarian governments of the past couldn’t imagine (this totalitarianism is decentralized, abstracted to trends and aesthetics and the logic of capital).

they are trying to push total complacency as we move into the era of climate collapse. and it’s happening so fast, so efficiently, and so differently than people expected, no one knows how to respond.