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Short Shorts

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Dean x Reader


You hardly ever wore revealing clothes.

Being a hunter, it was a lot easier - and safer - to just opt for a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a shirt thrown over the top (a habit that you’d picked up from your boyfriend). After all, being chased through a forest by a vamp was easier to do in thick jeans that protected your legs from cuts, rather than a skirt that you would probably be too worried about flipping up and flashing your panties.

However, when it was this hot, you were willing to choose a pair of shorts over your jeans.

You had woken up with Dean’s arm coiled around your waist, pressed to his bare chest. The blankets had been pushed down during the night into a wrinkled heap at the bottom of the bed, and you kicked your feet until they were untangled from the grip of the sheets before sitting up, face scrunching up in disgust as your sticky skin peeled from Dean’s.

There’s sweat, and then there’s that, you think to yourself, staring at Dean’s chest, covered in a sheen of sweat. Though it was an appealing sight that caused all sorts of dirty thoughts to flash through your mind, the feeling of sweaty skin had you itching for a shower, and you decided on doing just that.

Leaving your boyfriend still asleep, you picked your way across the room and shuffled to the bathroom, taking a cooler shower than usual in an attempt to cool down from the humid air that you had woken up to. After cleaning up, you hurried out of the bathroom and back to your room, realizing that you had forgotten to grab clothes. 

Finding the bed empty of Dean, you shrug before kicking the door shut to sort through the drawers in search of cooler clothing. After ten minutes you were dressed, your hair towel-dried and thrown up in a haphazard bun that was already coming loose, and you threw your towel in the corner of the room to deal with later, before leaving the room to hunt down some breakfast.

You stroll in to find Dean sat down, coffee in hand as his eyes skimmed over the morning paper - clearly Sam had already been out. “Morning, baby.” You murmur, kissing his cheek as you passed to pour yourself a mug of coffee. 

Dean glanced up to return the greeting, only to choke on his mouthful of coffee as he took in your attire. 

Your shorts (considerably shorter than you remembered them being) stopped about an inch below your butt, and Dean’s eyes skimmed appreciatively down and up your bare legs before staring at your butt again, tongue darting out to lick at his lower lip as he admired the worn denim, tight enough to reveal the curve of your ass.

A belt clinched the waistband of your shorts, the dark leather catching Dean’s eye as he glanced further up your body. Dean was usually lucky enough to catch a sliver of bare skin whenever you bent over and your shirt would ride up, however, today he thought he had won the jackpot. 

You were wearing a loose white racerback tank, knotted and tucked in at the side to turn it into a makeshift crop-top, and his eyes traveled higher to catch sight of a thin bra strap over your bare shoulder. 

Dean suddenly felt slightly uncomfortable, sat in the kitchen in nothing but a pair of boxers (he had decided that it was much too hot to wear his beloved Men of Letters robe). You turned suddenly, and he hurried to look like he was unaffected, taking a gulp of his coffee as he raised his eyebrows and nodded to you.

One of your brows dipped in confusion, taking in Dean’s clearly uncomfortable expression and the awkward way he was sat, as if he was trying to- oh. A smirk makes it’s way onto your face as you figure it out. “You okay there, Dean?” You ask, voice completely innocent.

“Huh- what?” He blinks, clearing his throat as his voice cracks. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine, baby. Just fine.”

You snort quietly as he stumbles over his words, and make your way over to the other side of the table, taking your time and making sure to add extra sway to your hips to drag the situation out further - it was a rare opportunity to make Dean actually squirm like this, so you wanted to savor it.

Finally, you sat down opposite him, raising your mug to your lips to take a sip of coffee, sighing in appreciation and biting back a smirk at the way Dean’s gaze was fixated on your lips. Deciding to push it a little more, you lower your mug slightly to lick a drop of coffee from your bottom lip, tongue flicking in a manner that you know is anything but innocent.

Dean’s pupils are dilated, his beautiful green irises a narrow ring as he stares, and it takes him a moment to blink away his fascination. 

“So, since we don’t have a hunt today, I was thinking we could go out, maybe to a park or something and relax? Sam could come with us?”

“No!” He exclaims sharply, and you jump at his sudden shout. Red stains his cheeks as he glances away and clears his throat, free hand reaching up to rub at the back of his neck before he looks back to you. “Let’s just, you and me go out for the day, yeah? I haven’t spoiled you on a date in ages.”

“Sure.” You murmur, a soft smile taking over your features as you rest your mug against the table. “Where were you thinking?”

The bedroom, right now, he thought to himself, the vision of peeling those shorts off of you flashing through his mind. Instead, he shrugs and says, “We could go for drive, see what catches our eye? Maybe visit the local drive through cinema tonight?”

Nodding in agreement, you drink the rest of your coffee before jumping up to place your mug in the sink. Turning to Dean, you catch him staring at your bare legs again. Smirking to yourself, you walk up to him, draping your arms over his shoulders as you lean against him. “Baby, you’re drooling.”

“No, I’m not.” He shoots back, though he still reaches up to wipe his mouth on the back of his hand. “I’ll go get dressed quick and then we can get going, okay.”

You nod, pulling away to watch him stand up, biting your lip at the sight of Dean in his boxers. Man am I lucky … You think to yourself, biting back a dreamy sigh as he reaches up and stretches before lazily strolling off in the direction of the bedroom. After a second, you hurry to catch up with him, reaching out to playfully slap his ass as you passed him by.

He let out a quiet yelp before doing the same to you, and you snickered, tossing a devilish grin over your shoulder as you dropped onto the bed and pulled your boots out from underneath. Whilst combat boots weren’t the coolest footwear, they were definitely comfortable (and also the only style of footwear you owned, besides a pair of heels), and you had to admit they looked good with the denim. 

As you tied the laces, you took the time to watch Dean dress - the best live-show entertainment you had ever watched. He pulled on a pair of jeans, low slung on his hips as he threaded a belt through the loops and tightened it, before throwing on a tight black v-neck and grabbing a khaki shirt, though he didn’t put it on. “Ready, sweetheart?”

Nodding, you grab your sunglasses from the bedside table and dart to the desk chair where one of Dean’s plaid shirts is slung; picking it up like Dean, you grabbed his hand and walked out of the room. “Sure am, baby.”

The two of you head off in search of Sam - in the library, no surprise - to let him know that you were going out for the day. As you turned to leave, you didn’t catch the look that Dean threw at his brother, an expression that screamed ‘how am I supposed to last the day with her looking this hot?’, to which Sam shook his head, fighting back a laugh at how completely and utterly in love his brother was with you.

Heading for the garage, the two of you slipped in, Dean rolling down the windows before driving out. Sunglasses on and the wind blowing through your hair, Dean couldn’t help but think that life doesn’t get much better than this - my beautiful girl, Y/N, in my beautiful Baby? What did I do to deserve such a thing . . ?


“I didn’t say it earlier, but you looked hot as fuck in those shorts, princess.” Dean murmurs, pressing a trail of lazy kisses up and down your neck as the two of you lay intertwined on the bed.

You giggle quietly, glancing over at said shorts, tossed on the floor. “Thanks, I kind of got that impression this morning from the way you were drooling.”

“Hey - I didn’t drool.”

“You say that, but I distinctly remember you reaching up to wipe at your mouth when I told you earlier.” You remind him with a giggle, and he snorts before burying his face in your neck, his sloppy kisses becoming more intent and passionate.

“Well, if I’m a drooling mess because of you, it’s only fair that I return the favor, right princess?”

You don’t get the chance to respond before you’re a gasping puddle of pleasure as Dean dives right back into the previous activities that had the two of you sweating more than when you had woken up this morning. 

Jack Gilinsky Imagine for Anon 

I had just finished my last lecture of that day. I trudged my way up to my dorm that I shared with my friend Jack Gilinsky as soon as I came through the door I threw my books and back to the floor before slowly making my way to the couch face planting it groaning.

“Long day?” I hear Jack ask from somewhere in the room, I could hear him chuckle lightly as I nod my head sitting back up running my hand through my messy hair. Jack walks over sitting down next to me draping his legs across mine a smirk plastered on his gorgeous god like face.

He chuckles “Take a picture it’ll last longer” he winks at me pointing out the fact I was clearly staring. “Pfft why would I want a picture of your face” I retort rolling my eyes “No reason just the fact that im devilishly handsome” He winks striking a pose before his face turns serious as he looks me in the eyes “In all seriousness (Y/N) I have an important question to ask you” I nod ushering for him to carry on “I was wondering well if you weren’t busy if you would want to go with me to the drive through cinema tonight” He mumbles biting his lip not breaking eye contact with me.

I smirk “Are you Jack Gilinsky asking me on a date” I chuckle winking a little at him. “Well yeah only if you’d want to I don’t mind rea-” I put my finger up to his lip shushing him “I would love nothing else” I smile moving my hand back down to my lap.

A grin took over his face “Well you better be ready in 20 minuets then” He tells me before walking off into his room. I roll my eyes boy can this boy be a handful, walking in to my small room I change into a simple outfit of a pair of jeans a tie dye vest and a loose fitted sweatshirt, as I comb my hair through I hear Jack call me from the other room saying its time to go. I pull on my boots before walking out to see him standing there wearing a simple black tank top and some shorts. He flashes me one of his award winning smile “You look beautiful” He says grabbing my hand kissing it gently causing me to giggle. He held my hand as he walked me down to his jeep parked outside, we drove in a comfortable silence smiling at each other listening to music .

When we pulled up we were fairly close to the screen. I looked at him confused as I say him get out the car, he came over to my side opening the door for me and helping me out. “Aren’t we going to sit in the car and watch?” I question confusion written all over my face;

“nope” He replies popping the ‘p’ as he pulls out a bunch of blankets from the back he places me on the hood of his car before pulling himself up “We’re going to sit here” He says smiling pulling me closer as he pulls the blankets over us. I smile up him relaxing into his side as my favorite film started playing on the screen. And in that moment I knew this was the start of a beautiful relationship.

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