drive that baby home!

as we were driving home i noticed that there was a baby cow (calf) stuck in a fence in a pasture so we turned around & pulled up to the gate & the weather was/is disgusting but we helped it & i just started cry*ng for like.. no reason at all.. but! safe cow! i got to wave to it & the other cows 🌾🐄✨

The Fantastic Four!

Team USA – Chris Fogt, Curt Tomasevicz, Steve Langton, and Steve Holcomb, AKA The Human Torch, The Invisible Man, Mister Fantastic, And The Thing, Hope To Slide To Gold In The Second week Of The Games!

Drive That Baby Home, Mates!

IMAGINE... (Part 5)

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The baby’s wailing lasted the entire drive home. Patrick, stressed to his eyeballs, was relieved to just get him out of the carseat. The baby turned his head to Patrick’s chest, gripping his father’s shirt.

“Ohhhh no, baby boy,” Patrick said. “That’s something your daddy can’t give you.”

And not for a while. The milk still had to thaw in the bag before it could reach the baby’s lips. But neither Dad nor baby could wait that long. Desperate, Patrick dumped the frozen milk block into a cereal bowl and heated it in the microwave. He went ahead and took out the bag of frozen chicken thighs and legs for the adobo while he was at it.

Milk melted and ready, Patrick poured it into a bottle and gave it to his hungry child. Cradling him, Patrick made his way slowly to the bedroom and sat on the rocking chair. Declan and Batman followed.

Patrick exhaled, watching Declan climb into Mommy and Daddy’s bed. He wiggled his way under the covers.

Patrick looked at the clock. 3:20. If they could get 45 minutes, they’d be golden.

“Close your eyes, Dec,” Patrick yawned, slipping the bottle away. His younger son’s eyes fluttered shut. And so did Patrick’s.

Seconds later, or so it felt, a faint coo awoke Patrick from his slumber. The baby was awake. The remnants of sleep still blurring Patrick’s vision, he shook off the blur, moving his eyes toward the bed. Declan was still asleep. Batman, for whatever reason, had made its way to the floor. Patrick chuckled, next moving his eyes toward the clock.



He looked again. That was right. It was 5:10.

He yanked out his phone from his pocket. Elisa’s fateful text was situated on the screen, timestamped 10 minutes ago: Heading home.

Patrick moaned. No time to make the adobo now.

(Part 6)


swanfire tallahassee au aesthetic 

The lost boy and lost girl find their way home together. Driving across the country hand in hand, baby clothes shopping together, saying their vows to each other at city hall, family trips to the beach, building the home they always dreamed of. 

(for the lovely @reeseneseira)

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Niall tfln when he's looking after the children when you're out on a girls night please xx

Niall would be so sweet and attentive to his babies, especially when his missus is out and about with friends, and his daughters and sons are reliant on Daddy’s help and bedtime stories to fall asleep, his kisses goodnight and silent ‘I love you’s’, before bed, and he’d be laying in bed, with his glasses perched on his nose, a smile forming on his lips as he admires his missus’ figure quietly tiptoeing through their home with care as to not wake up their children.

I absolutely love this.

Let’s talk about Niall and Harry. Send your ideas, suggestions, questions, or ideas, here, and we can chat about our favourite boys.

All of my love,
Caitlin xxx

Niall. Missus.

Hey, baby.

How’s your night going?

Rosie driving you home?

Hey, babe.

It’s getting alongst nicely.

We’ve finished dinner, and we’re about to start dessert. We told our waitress to bring out Jenna’s cake, now, so we should start singing soon.

I should be about another hour and some. Rosie will drive me home.

I miss you and my babies.

We want you to have fun. Don’t miss us too much.

We’re doing okay, over here.

Adie and Michael went down without a problem. Oliver is taking a bath, now. Ophelia is finishing her homework.

I miss you, too.

Maybe I’ll sneak you a piece of cake.

Now, we’re talking. x

Shut up. x

I have tomorrow off, by the way.

Professional day. I’m ahead in my grading and don’t have to go in.


We’ll have the little ones play outside.

We’ll play inside. x

Ooh, baby. x

Yes, please.

Cuddles, we haven’t had time alone together in a long time.

Give me a few minutes, Oliver’s done with his bath. I’m going to set Ophelia up in the shower and put Oli down.


Give my babies a kiss goodnight and a hug, for me. x

Don’t worry, I will. x


Ophelia and Oliver said, ‘I love you, Mumma!’

Awe. I love our babies.

Our babies love you, too.

How much longer until you’re home?

We’re leaving the restaurant, now.

I’ll be home in about twenty minutes.


I love you. xx

I love you, too. xx

See you soon!


Based on the request: Could you possibly write one where Crowley flirts with the reader physically when no ones looking and kinda falls into his lust. Then maybe he seduces her or something but Dean and/or Sam find out and come after Crowley. Thank you and your work is absolutely gold 🙌🏼❤️ by @randomvlogstuff 

Pairing: Crowley/reader

Warnings: none

Authors note: This was really something new for me… I would be really happy about some feedback and I hope that you like it!! Thank you a lot for your request

You are sitting in the Impala, after a long and hard hunt. The wendigo was really something new to you and those creatures are creepy, even for you as a hunter with a lot of experience. So you and the boys are happy to finally get back home, to the bunker. Dean is driving his baby through the night and you can recognize how tired he is by the fact that his typical rock music isn’t on but some calm songs in the radio. While he tries his best to keep his eyes open, Sam is sleeping on the seat next to him. His head is leaned against the window with closed eyes. He is in this position for at least two hours already and given by how loud he is snoring, he won’t wake up in a long time. You are sitting on the backseat of the Impala, looking out of the window and try to figure out where the hell you actually are but you only see the miles after miles of highway in the middle of nowhere. Not a single car passed you the last hour and you can’t wait to finally lay in your bed.

“Hello Boys“, you hear a well- known voice and all of a sudden Crowley sits next to you in the car. “What the –” you start surprised but he holds his finger against your mouth. “psst” he whispers with a smirk. “Or do you want to wake up moose?” You shake your head slightly and he takes his finger away. “Good girl” Crowley chuckles lightly, taking care that his voice isn’t loud enough for Dean to hear. When you turn your head to him you realize how close he is actually sitting to you. Only a few inches of air are between your left leg and the demon in the fancy dark suit and even in the darkness of the night you can perfectly see his paisley tie around his throat.
“What are you doing here?” you ask confused, pressing your legs together. Something about having him so close to you is making you nervous.

“Hell was boring, so i thought that i just come and visit my favorite little hunter”. His lips form into his typical ironic smirk and he gives you a wink. Now you are really happy about how dark it is in the car because the redness of your blush fills your cheeks. Of course, he is just flirting a bit but that doesn’t make it better. You have a soft spot for him, something about him being caring but yet dominant makes your legs shiver. Suddenly you feel something on your leg.

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Literally just hoping from place to place. Drink a beer. Stay for an hour. And then onto the next one.

It was really good seeing my aunt and just giving her the biggest hug. We didn’t talk much but I will see her Sunday.

I am not as versed in Beyoncé as I thought and every time I’m out with robin I remember how white I actually dance but the baby shower was A+.

Now to drive home, park my car, then take the bus to the last stop of the night and probably end up driving too too much.

i wanna live i wanna sing to my babies n my girly while i drive them home from da beach.. i want my garden n my flowers i want loveeeee

“I mean the way he does anything just drives me crazy. ”
You were on the phone ranting to your best friend about your boyfriend Sammy. At first, you were a bit skeptical about being with Sam because you thought he would hurt you. But, ever since your first date you guys have been going strong and really love each other.
“Even after two years he can still drive me insane y/bf/n.”
“Y/N BABY I’M HOME.” Sammy had called out from a close distance. You ended your call and went to greet Sammy with a hug and a kiss.
“Hey babygirl what were you doing.”
“Nothing much I was just on the phone with y/bf/n.”
“What were you guys talking about??”
“Nothing much.”
“Oh my God y/bf/n Sammy is just such a tease and he is so beautiful and fantastic.” Sammy said mocking you.
“SAMMM stop ease dropping on other peoples phone conversation.”
You picked up a pillow and threw it at Sam. Only for him to be a little tease and bit his lip.
“That’s it Samuel Howard Wilkinson. You’re gonna get it. ”
And with that being said you chased Sammy around the whole house until you both got tired and crashed on the bed.
“I love you babygirl.”
“I love you too you little tease.”

The Following Friday


If at any point Dean had considered his life good it was today, the Roadhouse had been dead so he was getting off a little early, which was great cause his back was still pretty damn soar, he’d had a few drinks with Ellen and Jo, was bringing home some left over cheese fries, driving his baby which he had gotten finished that morning and he had tomorrow off. Oddly actually really oddly, him and Jo had discussed it, Ellen and Bobby had some secret thing they both needed to do out of town, not together, so they claimed. Neither of them believed them, they’d been getting’ kinda close here lately. It was his fault really Bobby been givin’ him a ride over there from the shot while he’d been fixing baby, had come in for a drink and flirtin’ with Ellen. He had half a mind to text Sam and tell him but he was still off overseas with Lucifer and not due back for two more days. So much for two day trip.

Parking Baby and locking her up he made his way in waving at the night Lobby attendant who’d he gotten to know two nights ago when he had forgotten the key card for the front door with his wallet inside and he had needed to ring Gabe to come and let him down, who of course hadn’t woken up and so he’d ended up having to call Michael. Today he was good and it was still early enough that even Adam should be up. Riding up the elevator he pulled out his phone sending Sam a text about Bobby and Ellen anyways for whenever he got done doing whatever he was doing and looked.

Walking in the door he kicked off his boots and shrugged out of his coat before walking over to drop on the couch with Adam and Gabe, “Hey shrimp,” he grinned at Adam as he watched Gabe take the lead in front of him.

“Hey angel,” he added, nudging him in his side making him lose control, wining and cheering ensuing from either side before he decided he should move, Gabe was dangerous with his feet when he was mad. Moving couches he dropped onto the one next to Michael. “Hey you,” he grinned leaning in to kiss him before getting his cheese fries out.

Callie knew that she never should have done it. She should have stopped doing drugs the moment she got pregnant. She had tried, really hard, to stop, but it hadn’t worked out. She hadn’t been able to stop. And now they were driving home from the hospital. There was an empty baby seat in the backseat. There should have been a baby in there. “I’m sorry- I shouldn’t-” But she couldn’t even finish her sentence. She felt horrible about what had happened and she just wanted to cry all day. “I’m really sorry,” she whispered, wiping her cheeks dry with the soaked sleeve of her sweater.