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They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

Just 75 miles from the bustle of Washington, D.C., Shenandoah National Park is your escape to cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas and one of the best drives on the east coast. There are 75 overlooks along the park’s Skyline Drive that offer stunning views of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley to the west or the rolling Piedmont to the east. So roll down your windows, feel the breeze and experience every curve and turn of this beautiful drive. Photo from The Point Overlook at milepost 55 by National Park Service.

Pass Out

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Summary: You pass out during one of Shawn’s meet and greets and he get a little over protective. 

“Are you sure your ok?” Shawn asked for the billionth time, lacing his fingers with mine. I smiled and nodded.

“I’m great. Now go and stop worrying. Your going to get worry lines and nobody likes a guy with worry lines.” I joked.

“Ha ha.” Shawn stated sarcastically. “I’m your boyfriend. It’s my job to worry.” He said placing a kiss on my forehead. I took a deep breath as the world started to spin around me.

“Mendes! Your up.” I heard someone say. I gave a quick smile as he was whisked away to his meet and greet. The world started to spin again. This time it mad eye nauseous. I swallowed hard as I tried to steady myself.

“Y/N, are you ok? Your not looking to good.” I heard Andrew say next to me. I nodded my head.

“I’m f-“ That’s when everything went black.

I woke up to harsh whispering. One of the voices was defiantly Andrew and the other sounded like an extremely angry Shawn.

“Why didn’t you tell me the second she passed out?” Shawn whisper yelled.

“You were busy at the time. You would’ve canceled the entire meet and greet.”

“My girlfriend passed out! Damn right I would cancel the meet and greet!”

“Watch your language with me, Shawn.” Andrew warned. I heard an frustrated sigh.

“Y/N always comes first, Andrew. Always.” Shawn stressed. I’ve heard enough. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Shawn was beside me in seconds.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You passed out. Andrew said you hit the ground pretty hard. Are you in any pain?” Shawn asked eyes full of concern.  

“My hip hurts.”

“She needs to go to the doctor.” Shawn stated.

“It’s just her hip. It’s probably just a bruise.” Andrew said.

“No, Y/N needs to go to the doctor now.” Shawn said standing up. I knew what this is about. He’s worried something happened to the baby when I hit the ground, but my hip took most of the fall. At least that’s how it feels.

“Shawn. I’m fine.”

“No, your not. Your hip hurts.” He said looking me in the eye. He wasn’t going to drop this.

“Shawn-“ Andrew started.  

“Y/n is pregnant, Andrew. She needs to go to the doctor. Now.” He said with authority. Andrew looked from Shawn to me. I swallowed hard and wrapped my arms around my stomach. This isn’t how I wanted him to find out.

“I’ll go…get someone to drive you.” He said stunned by the news, leaving Shawn and I in an awkward silence.

I’m going to miss hiking every day, my boots and legs stained with red dirt, taking in the vast skies and the endless landscape. I’m going to miss driving down the most stunning roads, hiking up to lookout points for sunsets, and enjoying the most beautiful views for each water break. The mountains, the canyons, the red rock - they call me. I know I’ll be back. Til next time, Arizona.


the weekend // colorado // part I

[part II]

i spent the long weekend in colorado with john + it was a one for the ages! we spent friday night and all of saturday in denver. after he scooped me at the airport, we grocery shopped and cooked dinner at home together. on saturday, we went on a 7-8 mile trail run [which was beautiful + fun, but kicked my non-altitude adjusted tail] and spent the afternoon at the park with his cousin mike. we had a nice dinner out together that night before meeting up with his friends.

on sunday morning, we packed our gear and headed south to explore great sand dunes national park. the drive was stunning – highway 285 might be one of my new favorite routes. once there, we backpacked into the foothills of the sangre de cristo mountains to camp. this area was fascinating to me because the topography and flora is so diverse. there is everything from wetlands to aspen tundra, shrub grasslands to coniferous forests. we set up camp, relaxed in the hammock, took a sunset walk, and settled into our tent on the early side to play cards, since campfires aren’t allowed in the park. the park ranger had told us that any clouds clear after around 9pm and sure enough, we poked our heads out later to check the stars and were greeted with a clear, deep sky full of bright stars. the next morning we backpacked out and spent the afternoon hiking up the sand dunes themselves. it was hard work, but the views from the top + the runs/slides down were worth it!

we’d originally planned to go back to denver that night, but when the time came, we weren’t ready for a return to civilization. john knew of a great spot about halfway home – on twin lakes, under mount elbert – and we decided to stay out another night. we stopped in nearby buena vista for pizza at eddyline brewery before heading out to set up camp. he was right. the spot was to die for [mountain/lake photo above] and we had so much fun building a fire, playing cribbage, drinking tequila, and talking about everything under the sun. or rather, under the moon.


I much prefer the vibe of weekend Sam to weekday Sam.

Friday afternoon C and I took off for Casper, WY to retrieve the kayak I purchased. Driving down and back that night wasn’t our smartest choice, as we didn’t get home until 1 a.m. and then spent most of Saturday exhausted.

Sunday morning we took off for East Rosebud Lake in the Custer Gallatin Forest. Sadly, due to the awesome snowpack runoff we’re having, all of the rivers and creeks around here are RAGING. This lake is essentially a pooling spot of a mountain creek, and the high flows have turned the lake into an extension of the creek.

You can’t really tell from the photo, but the current was SO strong in the lake. We watched a guy launch his pontoon boat, paddle like crazy, and go nowhere. Unfortunately, you can only launch from one spot on the lake, which is right where the lake turns back into the creek. There’s not a lot of room for error before you get swept down into the pictured creek. C did not feel comfortable, so we ended up not paddling there. The drive was stunning though. #worthit

I don’t know if this is a residual issue from my hip problem, but my back has been a nightmare since last Wednesday. I stupidly pushed through it on Wednesday and lifted anyway. Dumb move. By Thursday night I couldn’t stand upright. The 9 hours in the car Friday night didn’t help matters either! It’s finally feeling ok-ish today, but I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday because of it. Unless you count lifting kayaks above my head and dragging them around.

I’m having a really hard time with consistency right now, both in sticking with my workouts and my meal plans. I’m trying to show myself grace and do what I can when I can, but I’m feeling pretty frustrated lately. Today’s a new day though and it’s a chance to be better.

Have a great day friends!

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Hello! Can you do headcanons for what kind of dates the paladins would take their s/o on please?



-You’d think his dates would be cheesy and cliche but NO
-He’ll start by taking you guys to a park where it’s nice and relaxing and you two can talk
-The date will then move to an event going on at the center of the park that he swears he knew nothing about (he lies)
-After that you two have lunch at an outdoor market
-You two spend the rest of the date checking things out at the market before it gets dark
-He politely offers to escort you to your car right after he gives you a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers


-Help him he does not know the function of a date
-He kinda googles what couples do on dates
-He takes you to the movies where you both sit in awkward silence save for the times you’re both laughing (it’s an action comedy)
-Afterwards he takes you bowling because that’s what google said would be a good idea (he lets you win he says, he lies)
-You two grab a bite to eat at an Italian restaurant (once again, google)
-The rest of the time you two spend together is doing google advised date things like roller skating, photo booths, and talking about themselves
-Low and behold Keith scores a second date thanks to google


-He nervous but happy but clueless but happy
-He starts the date off by giving you a little flower bracelet he made while waiting for you (to help calm his nerves)
-The date begins with you two in a national park sight seeing
-During which you two take a lot of picks of the nature and animals and you two
-You two eat a wonderful lunch that Hunk packed
-The rest of the date is spent with you two finding a spot to watch the sunset
-Once you two have seen the sunset it’s time for you two to go separate ways, but you two will be seeing each other again


-Wut r dates
-She too googles dates because she might be computer smart, but date smart…nope
-She ends up tweaking the first suggestion of take them to a movie and creates an outdoor movie theater, which ended up being a huge success
-Instead of bowling, the both of you battle robots (she wins ofc)
-You two end up eating a a buffet because she likes choices
-After that you two end up doing whatever you suggest because she’s ran out of ideas and she’s obviously smarter than google sooooooo
-When the date ends you comment on how much fun you’ve had and she’s just so relieved it wasn’t a total bust


-He’s an adult, he shaves, he can do this
-Your date with him is a mix of relaxed and refined
-You’re both wearing nice clothes, his suit is magnificently stunning
-He drives you far away from light pollution and to where the stars are the brightest
-You two sit on a large blanket with comfy pillows watching the stars and space ships go by
-He’s brought an array of snacks and drinks for you two to enjoy
-As the date goes on he turns on some old times music and asks you to dance with him
-When the date ends and he takes you home, you both know you’ll be seeing each other again soon

Perfect Portrait

Wishing @svu-stories a very Merry Christmas!!!

“You’re really not coming with me?”

Rafael looked up from his files to see you wearing a white sleeveless gown that hugged your curves in all the right places. Or so you hoped. The idea of going to a party instead of working the event had you in the salon by ten. Your hair was swept up, your nails coated with silver sparkles befitting the season. True it was just a shindig at Lucia’s school, but didn’t you both deserve a night out?

Mi amor, I have to finish this. Justice doesn’t take a holiday.”

“Did you just come up with that? Or have you been saving it to give me the brush off?”

Groaning as he pushed away from his desk, Rafael crossed his arms over his chest and raised one eyebrow.

“If you’d stop talking I could finish up and get home. We’ll have all day tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much for remembering me,” you hissed. “Maybe you should just set up a tree right here and have Christmas with your witnesses.”

“Don’t be like that,” he said.

“I’ll see myself out.”

As you stormed away from his office, you half-expected him to leap up and race after you. You paused before the elevator bank, your finger trembling over the button. Did you dare glance over your shoulder? You had to hope…

No Rafael. Not even the sound of his voice begging you to come back. Taking the stairs in your fancy heels, you hurried to the street and thought that this was too much even for him. Maybe a part of him was bound to stay married to his work. But tonight of all nights you should come first. So much for him telling you over and over again that he loved you in two languages. Now he couldn’t get the words right in one. Settling in a taxi, you were about to give the driver Lucia’s location. No. Things might have thawed on that front but in the end she would still cut for her bebé precioso. Maybe you should take Derek up on the offer to join him and his boyfriend for goose and pudding even if your garb was far from Dickensian. Scratch that. Why make him miserable? All dressed up and nowhere to go. What was a girl to do?

Opting for the nearest bar, you slid into a quiet corner and ordered a Jack and Coke. Kicking off your shoes and muting your phone, you looked at the chintzy decorations and listened to Andy Williams’ smooth voice pouring through the speakers. A gaggle of girls at the bar exchanged chocolates and lotions. A couple lingering just outside the large window kissed in the snow. Even an old bar maid clapped as coworkers let her sit, and dished out Egg Nog, and set up Skype so she could chat with her grandkids. You lost count of your drinks as a tall man with dreadlocks hovered over your lonely table.

“What?” you asked in a slurred tone.

“Think it’s time to cut you off,” he said. “Looks like there’s somewhere else you’re supposed to be.”

“Shows how much you know,” you spat and demanded another drink.

“It’s almost closing time, honey. I’ll call you a cab.”

“Can’t wait to get rid of me, too, huh?”

You swatted his hand way as you clumsily stood, stumbling as he called you back.

“So now I can stay?” you asked.

“Don’t forget your shoes.”

Hugging the heels close to your chest, you barely felt the cold as you moved down the sidewalk. Pausing beside a street lamp, you looked at your phone. Not so much as one call from your husband. Plenty from Lucia and you turned the phone off when you spied a greasy spoon still open for business. Craving seasoned fries and a cheeseburger deluxe medium rare, you fell into the first available booth.

“Why so sad tonight?”

A waiter with kind eyes and a plump belly to best Santa’s nearly made you laugh.

“Because I can’t have what I want most.”

“And what’s that?”

You wanted Rafael to drop everything and say that you looked beautiful. Forget the thing at Lucia’s; you’d be just as happy if he was here asking for a Reuben with black coffee. You’d tell him that the contrasting flavors didn’t quite fit. He’d steal a fry off your plate and give you the look from your fifth date, the smoldering smirk that made you fall in love.

Some people might say that we don’t fit.

And what would you say?

That a man only needs to look into your eyes to lose his heart.

So much for those sweet words now.

“Miss?” the waiter asked.

“Mrs.,” you corrected him as you waved your ringed hand in the air. “Not that that it matters. Just bring me a burger.”

You feasted on the overcooked beef, the lettuce and tomatoes a little soggy. Cover that up with some ketchup. Once you felt sober enough to try your luck on the subway you thought better of it and fired up your phone.

Only to find a million missed calls and just as many texts from your husband.

Are you alright? Mami said you never made it to the party.

Can you just call me?


Finding another cab, you almost phoned him as your head tiredly lolled to one side. He was angry. By now he had to be home. So this was going to be a battle into Christmas morning. Maybe you should go to Derek’s. No. You wanted your own bed. Even if it was bound to be lonely without the man you loved most in it.

As soon as you pulled up to the curb, Rafael was right there, pacing through the freshly fallen snow. You tipped the driver and steeled yourself for words far harsher than the wind…

…when Rafael raced to your side and collected you in a fierce embrace.

“Do you have any idea how worried I was?” he said.

“Thought you were more pissed than anything else.”

“Why would you say…?”

Pulling back to stare at you, Rafael’s cheeks were tinged with the cold, his eyes glistening with more than the frost in the air. Your heart ached at seeing him sad and scared, and you tried to touch his face when he held you again, his kisses rivaling the flakes falling all around you. His lips fell to your ear, warm breath seeping into your skin as he swayed with you in the snow.

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to go down,” he said.

“What wasn’t?”

Mi amor, I came to the party. Mami’s kids had it all worked out.”


“Meaning your—”

His voice gave out as your legs buckled and Rafael was quick to catch you. Suddenly you were so tired and just wanted him to take you home. Any explanations would keep.

But where did things truly stand?

“Let’s get you inside.”

Somehow he balanced your body as he carried you up the steps, and he pushed the door open with his shoulder

“You left it unlocked?”

“It’s fine,” he promised. “I’ve been right downstairs forever. Where were you?”

“Drowning my sorrows.”

Easing you to the couch before the tree speckled with gold and green lights, Rafael fell to his knees and started to massage the cold from your feet as his hands drifted up your skirt.

“In ketchup?”

The stain sitting on the bodice of your gown was something that you could not hide, and you fell back to the cushions with a heavy sigh.

“Call it Christmas dinner,” you said. “You should have been there.”

“I tried to call you,” he insisted. “Since when don’t you pick up?”

“Since my husband would rather work late than be with me.”

Now he would get angry again; the fight was inevitable. Curling up on the couch, you felt him leave the room. Silent treatment? Almost wishing that you didn’t have tomorrow off, you shot up at the sound of rustling from a cardboard case.

And were those chimes?

“What’s that?” you asked.

“My grand plan,” he started as he set the box down. “Give me your hands.”

His fingers curled around yours as he sat close and rested his head to your brow.

“Picture this. You would think that we were just there to please my mother.”

“Lucia’s been great lately,” you said. “And I bet the kids were cute.”

Lonely little ones that had to count on Senora Barba’s charity to have anything close to Christmas. You should have gone even though he said no. Despite any hurt you still would have smiled.

“We had it all worked out,” he continued. “One little girl was going to give you yarn. Another a bottle of milk.”

“Those were your ideas of gifts?”

“No. This was.”

Opening the mysterious box, he revealed a sleek tabby cat. It’s eyes were greener than Rafael’s and your hands flew to your mouth as he delicately placed the feline wearing a collar of bells in your arms.

“You said you wanted a cat. This little one turned up behind the school last week. She needs a good home.”

You savored the soft purrs and the feel of the sandpaper tongue on your palm.

“You didn’t have to do this, Rafael.”

“I wanted to see you smile. To get it just right.”

“But then why didn’t you just come with me?”

“You’d be surprised how hard it is to get a cat groomed. Guess everyone wants pictures by the tree. She was the last appointment before they shut down for the holidays.”

“So you were—”

“Stalling,” he admitted. “I was always going to get to the party. Should have found a more subtle way to throw you off the scent.”

None of that mattered as you snuggled the cat closer and stared into his eyes.

“Let me get this straight; you spent the last week rescuing a stray, making her pretty and getting Lucia’s kids in on the big reveal?”

“Is that too much?” he asked.

Shaking your head, you cuddled into his embrace and wished that you would have seen this coming.

“You amaze me,” you murmured. “If only I hadn’t been such a spoiled brat.”

That was not part the plan.”

You tried to beg his forgiveness when he cupped your chin in his large, warm hands.

“But it was so you,” he said. “Always surprising and stunning and driving me crazy.”


“No. It’s why I love you.”

He kissed you deeply as the cat shared your laps and his lips came to rest just below your ear.

“I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

The cat appeared to nod in agreement but even as you kissed the soft, silky ears you sought out his stare.

“Every time I look into your eyes I lose my heart.”

“Good. Because I’m never going anywhere, mi amor.”

And you sat in the rays of the rising sun, a perfect holiday portrait come to life as you looked forward to the next day and every Christmas yet to come.

One Direction’s Carpool Karaoke: The Best Bits

It feels as though we have been waiting forever to watch One Direction’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on The Late Late Show, but we are pleased to report that it was definitely worth the hold-up.

With it being the last official time we will see the four boys together as they embark on their 2016 break, fans were left chuffed to bits at how fun, light-hearted and ruddy hilarious the thirteen-minute clip is.

There is everything from an ‘official’ No Control music video to Niall Horan admitting he’d marry Selena Gomez, so of course the only reasonable thing for us to do was study the video many, many times to countdown the definitive best moments.

Although we’re not going to lie; there were a lot so we had to be a bit selective.

1. Squashed Liam, Harry And Louis

With Niall seemingly having the foresight to call shotgun, his three bandmates were left with no choice but to squash into the backseat of James’ car.

Of course the trio looked utterly adorable all squished together in thirteen minutes of closeness and 'next to you’’s that we used to think only dreams were made of.

Then, as if our heart wasn’t already melting enough, Louis goes and showcases his safety-concious side, shouting at the other boys to put on their seatbelts.


2. They. Are. US.

Okay, so they are hotter, richer versions of us but they are still definitely us during every single car journey that we have taken in the last five years.

The aggressive singing along to 1D songs, the dance moves, the head thrusting and finger pointing - if you filmed us driving to work every day you’d probs see the same thing.

Especially James’ on-point 'fade out’ during Best Song Ever - be honest, who hasn’t attempted that at least once in their life, eh?


Yet again, One Direction show their protective side when they practically scream at stunned fans driving by them to drive safely and keep their hands on the wheel.

Liam then realises that he recognises one of the fans, leading to Louis’ heartwarming anecdote about a 45-year-old Twitter follower of his hand-delivering milk to his hotel room when he tweeted about not having any for his tea.

Now THAT’S dedication.

3. Harry’s Sipping

We saw images of One Direction driving by a fast food chain to order food whilst taking part in the carpool, and we have to admit that we are pretty disappointed that this part of the drive ended up on the cutting room floor.

However, the evidence lived on in Harry’s hands, with the curly-haired star sipping on his drink throughout the drive.

Well, you have to keep hydrated, don'tcha?

4. Harmonising

The impromptu harmonising would have been good no matter what, but James insisting that the boys follow his lead was perhaps one of our fave things to happen this year.

5. No Control Music Video

Guys, it finally happened!

After weeks of campaigning to even get the song added to One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour setlist, we finally have an actual, official music video for the sexy track… Erm…  Kind of…

Under James’ guidence the boys even attempted choreography for the clip and we never knew just how much we needed to watch One Direction point to their crotches whilst wearing double denim until now.


6. Niall Would TOTALLY Marry Selena

The karaoke was filmed a couple of weeks back, which was before Niall had hit the headlines for reportedly romancing the gorge Selena Gomez.

And that’s probably why James asking who he’d want to sleep with, marry, and go on a cruise ship with out of Tina Fey, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez is so ruddy brilliant.

Without a moment of hesitation Niall said that he would marry Sel, sleep with Tina and cruise with Demi - leaving the 'Nelena’ ship to sail at full speed.

We’re just gutted that James didn’t play the same game with the other three boys.

7. James Corden’s Rap

Let’s be honest, James Corden has been trying to weasle his way into the band ever since Zayn Malik left an opening back in March, so his latest effort to impress the boys had us in hysterics.

Pulling out all of the stops, a desperate Jimbo insists that the singers pay attention to him because “this is what he can bring to the band”, leading to a note-perfect rap, perfectly complimented by Louis’ quick quips.

We don’t know how One Direction felt about it, but we’re definitely convinced.

8. Harry’s Drag Me Down Fail

Oh Harry, we all know that you have the voice of an angel and can sing like a pro - which is why we enjoy seeing you make the occasional mistake.

After impressing his fellow passengers and the live studio audience with his huge 'Drag Me Dooo-ooo-ooo-owwwwnnnn’ note, Hazza goes to do it again before his voice cracks and he bursts into fits of laughter.

Liam, also laughing, then clutches his ear and jokes about being deafened by Harry’s note.

All in all, it was just the perfect display of everything that we love about the boys; their friendship, their talent, their sense of humour… And the fact that they’re not always perfect.

Have a good break, lads - you deserve it. 

little possessive billdip things:

  • “we’re going steady,” bill brags whenever someone asks, but there’s a hint of challenge in his voice, his smile becomes sharp and his gaze evil; fingers dig into dipper’s palm as he locks their hands together and bill lifts his chin: try to stop us.
  • when dipper unbuttons the cuff of bill’s sleeve and rolls the fabric back to reveal his tender wrist, his soft inner arm—dipper will plant kisses there, drag his teeth down the sensitive skin, not enough to pierce, but plenty for bill to swallow hard.
  • the dig of bill’s thumbs into the muscle of dipper’s shoulders, working out the knots of tension in his neck, the bite of pressure painful and relieving at the same time.
  • the way dipper instinctively slides an arm around bill’s waist when they’re in front of a mirror together.
  • very early mornings where dipper catches bill tracing triangles into his skin.
  • arms reach out to grab at him greedily, weight sinks into his lap; “i’ll take care of you,” dipper says to soothe the whimpers, hands stroking to ease the trembling in bill’s spine.
  • the way dipper can drive bill to stunned silence with just his hands.

bookie2924  asked:

Could you do rival sports teams for the seven pretty pretty please?

I love the idea of like a baseball vs. softball rivalry between the boys and girls a la Sandlot 2 lmao 

  • they’re all like 12/13 
  • Jason is the pitcher for the boys and Annabeth is the pitcher for the girls 
  • she wears a shiny red headband 
  • Hazel is the catcher for the girls and Frank is the catcher for the boys
  • Percy and Piper both play outfield 
  • Leo is 3rd base
  • Reyna is 1st base 
  • the two teams meet when they show up to play at Lupa Field at the same time so they decide to play each other and winner gets the field “until the end of time" 
  • the game is at a deadlock until Katie Gardner nails Travis Stoll in the stomach with a line drive, stunning the boys long enough to get the winning run to home 
  • the girls take pity on the boys and say they can stay as long as they treat the girls to a picnic so they run back to Percy’s place and his mom makes them all kind of food while asking about the cute blonde Percy argued with 
  • before long they’re all snacking on the bleachers, playing catch with each other and mixing teams, playing til the sun sets 
  • they play like that all summer