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So Sherlock deduced that Faith is suicidal because she’s walking around with a cane, no coat on, a gun, and no plan to get home. Which we are then, on camera, explicitly told parallels ASIP John Watson.

So he comes up with a reason to have Faith by his side so he can help her through her danger night.

Which is not at all dissimilar to having John tag along to angelo’s, go on a chase, and spark a joy for life again.

Sherlock knew. When he summoned John across London on that fateful first night “just to send a text”, it wasn’t because he was being a prat, he was trying to save John’s life.


Fenris: I saw you casting spells inside. I should have
realized sooner what you really were.

BTS While Driving

Jin: *Stare at himself in the mirror* *Crashes car* 

Suga: Suga don’t need no driving lesson because Suga has swag *Start car* *Car explodes* 

J-Hope: *Yells words of encouragement to every passing car* 

Rap Monster: *Accidentally breaks the steering wheel* Gosh darn it

Jimin: I’m trying to switch lanes here stop ignoring me and let me pass 

V: *Gets pulled over by a police* Don’t fail me now 

Jungkook: *On a toy car* They see me rollin’ they hatin’

Headcanon for while Hughes was trying to catch Scar: every time he got a phone call from the MPs saying “we got another dead State Alchemist,” he’d be so afraid that their next words would be “looks like it’s Roy Mustang.” A couple times, the MPs weren’t able to identify the body right away (they just found a pocket watch on them). Even though Hughes knew Roy was all the way in East City, he spent the entire drive to the crime scene silently pleading “please don’t be Roy. Please don’t let me pull back that sheet and find my best friend in a pool of blood”

When BTS Saw You Crying

Jin: *Wipes your tears using his thumbs* A pretty girl like you should not cry. 

Suga: *Helps you stand up* Don’t waste your precious tears in such useless things.

J-Hope: *Run his fingers through your hair* Everything will be alright, you’re with me. No one can hurt you. 

Rap Monster: *Place your head on his shoulder* Just cry until you feel better 

Jimin: *Hug you tight* I don’t know why you’re crying but I hope this make you feel better

V: Hey beautiful look at me *Makes funny expression to make you laugh and you did* You are the most beautiful girl when you laugh* 

Jungkook: Noona don’t cry *Give you a tissue*  Want me to sing you a song? 

“Are your fantasies something you’d like to put into action? Or something you just think about?” Jimin quickly glanced at you, his eyes locking with yours for no more than a mere second, but even that second was enough for you to notice the lust in his eyes, which meant he could have noticed the same feeling in your gaze.

Sin City [five] by @btssmutgalore


Satine Kryze in 3.05

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if that happened there’d be robin movies off the chain. we have to catch up with spiderman, i say, so we make 8. 9. all in one decade.

there is a catch; each is about a different robin, who is only ever referred to as ‘robin.’ the robin suit stays the same. the movies are released out of order. you see, to get a more total batman experience, we want to encourage the audiences to become detectives themselves, by trying to see if they can guess which of the robins was actually in the movie. the hints will be minimal.