drive or get shot


This is my lovely dog May although she’s better known as Meebles! I got her from the pound when I first moved out and we’ve been best friends ever since. She loves going driving (as long as she gets shot gun) and is the greatest adventurer that I ever could have hoped for 💞

- diaryofashowgroom


The Valentine’s Chocolate Gacha!

Happy Valentine’s, NEETs! As part of the second NEETfes, Oso-Sanpo is having a special gacha to collect chocolates. Once you collect 10 chocolates for a certain sextuplet, you can go to your bag using the pine symbol and turn them into heart shaped boxes. These boxes are used as bait, to try to collect the Valentine’s matsus. Before you can get them, though, you have to agree to that notice in the middle. Basically, you are not guaranteed to capture your Valentine’s NEET using the chocolate box, and if you don’t get one, the box won’t come back. Make sure to walk/drive around to get your best shot at catching them.

Oh, and you can recycle extra gacha items too. Click the little yellow button in the upper corner of your item list, and you’ll be brought to this screen:

You do have to recycle four at a time, and I’m not sure what you get in return….

Yet more info to come this afternoon!

- Mod Oso

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Not sure when lou took that piste of his cute little feet on the dash. Like did he drive around till he found the poster. Did he come up on it while waiting for the paps to tell him to walk out of the car? Either way can't you picture his mischievous grin when he spots the poster and takes the photo. Oh that delight. Thank you Louis. Thank you.

Or is it close to where he drives regularly so he knew just when to get the shot so it was in the background? Haha either way he’s a gift. Haha

fahc headcanons based off of the snipers vs stunters 3 video:

- trevor and ryan get along really well because they both have a thing for knives. ryan prefers throwing, while trevor carries a butterfly knife with him at all times. 

- when gavin first saw ryan throw a knife, he turned to complain about the “creepy bastard” to the nearest person in the room. that person happened to be trevor, who was twirling his knife around as easily as though it was a part of him. gavin still doesn’t fully trust him because of it.

- jack has bulletproof tires on all of her vehicles- cars, bikes, hell, even the landing gear on her planes. she says it’s the most practical way to do things. she’s right, but geoff won’t listen to her.

- whenever she drives the crew cars, which isn’t often, she always gets the tires shot out. always. geoff still refuses to switch to bulletproof. it drives her nuts.

- gavin has really bad luck with cars. not just when he’s driving them, when he almost always hits something, but also as a pedestrian. he gets hit by a car at least once a week, oftentimes more. the guys keep count on one of those “___ days since last accident” boards.

- he’s also the first to get hurt on any job. if they do something and only one person ends up in the hospital by the end, there’s a 90% chance it’s gavin.

- trevor is afraid of heights. most of his work is done on the ground anyway, so it usually doesn’t matter, but he’s the kind of guy to pray the whole way through a flight, and he’s not even religious.

- jeremy can do all kinds of cool tricks in land vehicles. flipping cars, jumping bikes, you name it, little j can pull it off. he can’t, however, make a three-point turn. nobody’s quite sure why.

Looks like a lot of you want to know the geography of our home town. I asked the gang and we decided to give you a photo tour!

This is me and Shaggy next to the town sign. This thing has been here since the 60s!

Here’s Coolsville High school. Looks empty, but that’s just because we took this at the weekend on a quick drive-by, so we couldn’t get any shots of the inside. But it’s a fairly standard high school setup, classrooms, lockers, gym, science labs, auditorium, horrible cafeteria. (Fred accidentally got his finger in the shot!)

This is my house, the place of residence of Dale, Angie, Velma and Madelyn Dinkley. It’s not much, but it is home. My sister and I share a room. Someday we’ll have to give you a photo tour of our bedrooms, but we didn’t have time today.

The Blake family house. It’s more of a mansion. Home of Bartholomew Blake, his wife Nancy, and their daughters Dawn, Daisy and Daphne. Plus a butler, the maid, the gardener, and the gardener’s wife. And Mr Blake’s valet.

And here is ‘Casa de Jones’, as Freddy insisted I type. He lives here with his parents, Skip and Peggy.

This is Shaggy’s house, or, his mom’s diner, which the Rogers family lives above. Compared to the rest of us, Shaggy lives right in the centre of Coolsville, so he’s much closer to the weirdness. We tend to use 'Rogers’ Good Eats’ as our official headquarters (not just because we get free milkshakes!) But it’s the place we spend most of our time when we’re not on investigations. 


Filming the Bellarke Hug in 3x13

Crew: Okay guys. They asked for us to keep this scene totally platonic. So it’s gonna be a quick one and hopefully we’ll all be home before 9pm.

Crew: *films the hug from ten different angles*

Eliza & Bob: Can we stop hugging yet?

Crew: Soon! *gets in helicopter to take birds eye view*

Eliza & Bob: Are we don-

Crew: *Takes a 360 shot*

Crew: *Drives by in a rover to get a run by shot*

Crew: *Takes a close up of a tear rolling in slow motion down Bellamys cheek*

Crew: Oh… Is that the sun!? I don’t think we got everything we need. Sorry you’re both going to have to come back tomorrow night and do it all again.

Imagine being a Dragon skin-changer and at first refusing to help fight the orcs but end up saving the line of Durin in BOTFA

For @live-in-your-imgination-deactiv :)


Those Dwarves dare to come into your mountain and drive out your father, Smaug, only to watch him get shot down over Lake-Town?

You fumed with a rage that you had never felt the like of before. The sorrow and gut wrenching sadness you felt consumed your very being at the loss of your father, the only one who accepted you as you were, a dragon skin-changer. The only one who protected you was gone, shot down like a bird out of the sky and plunged into the depths of the icy lake.

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into that secret place where no one dares to go (rickmorty)

what i should be doing: finishing beta on two quality fics about to hit fandom

what i am doing: drinking wine and 

Summer helps him spread the ashes over the ice oceans of Europa, but she’s not thrilled about it.  When they arrive back on Earth she drives them to a bar, gets him a beer and herself three shots of well tequila to slam back one after the other. 

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If anyone is planning on drinking on 4th of July, (which let’s face it, that’s about 90% of us) PLEASE call a friend, a cab or an Uber. Don’t make the fatal mistake of drinking and driving. Its not worth risking the lives of others.
You only get one shot at life, so make the right decision.

Here’s my Uber code, you’ll get $10 off your ride and avoid ruining a life: hx8yxue

Please make the right choice and be safe ^^