drive or get shot

I’m convincing people on Omegle that in the 50s you could vote by putting a bumper sticker of your preferred candidate on your car and driving down the highway, and that I was one of the guys who counted them up, and that we were legally obligated to shoot at any red cars that had a bumper sticker for a socialist candidate, and that’s why Ferraris are red because they wanted to appeal to communists who wanted to drive fast enough to not get shot


“Is it on?”

“Don’t you see the red light?” Bill shook his head and thumped his hand on the side of the bulky camera. There was a few seconds of frizzling sounds before it beeped awake. He looked through the viewfinder and was able to get a slightly foggy vision of their classroom, he moved slightly and it zoomed right in on Richie’s gigantic glasses.

“Get my good side Bill!” Richie chuckled as Bill tried to figure out how to zoom out.

“You don’t have one!” Came Stans voice from his desk to the right. Bill followed the sound and focused directly on him. Stan was sitting at his desk with folded hands over his color coded binder. He avoided looking at the camera entirely. Bill looked down at the blinking year in the corner and smiled.

“Where d-do you think you’ll be in t-ten years, Stan?” Bill asked the one question he’d been assigned to ask his senior class. Though he knew he would end up without much footage of anyone else besides the losers club.

“Hopefully I won’t know Richie anymore.” Stan joked and Richie objected loudly from his desk. Bill zoomed in on Stan writing his name in the corner of his paper, writing the date of their last day of high school. “I don’t know…a teacher maybe?” He shrugged. The bell rang momentarily and Bill moved to get some shots of the approaching senior class. Their teacher hopping directly out of shot.

“A-and there s-s-she is, finally.” Bill teased and moved the camera onto Beverly, five minutes late. She curtsyed and gave him the finger. She narrowed her eyes at the camera and inspected it.

“What’s with the camera?” She crossed her arms.

“He’s filming the last day of high school cause he’s a dork!” Richie shouted once again from his desk and Bill got a beautiful shot of Beverly throwing her head back in laughter. She glanced back at the camera from over her shoulder.

“W-where ya gonna be in ten years, B-Bev?”

She tapped her chin in thought and licked her lips. “Well I’d like to be in art…Y'know drawings good.” She shrugged, a little awkwardly. And Bill took the opportunity to zoom in on her. She glared at the sound and pushed him away. The screen going black. The last thing heard was a teasing “Fuck off Bill”


The fuzziness focuses to the setting of the lunch room, Bill twirls the camera around to spy on fellow students before he heard a voice call to him “Get footage of the cutest couple in the school!” so Bill turned back and adjusted the camera to capture Mike giving him the thumbs up as he leaned in front of Richie who had his arm slung over Eddie, dragging a pen across an open yearbook. 

“What are ya d-doing, Rich?” Bill asked and zoomed in on the fast moving pen. 

“Signing Eds yearbook.” He smiled proudly and held up his work, The camera caught it before Bill could process what it was and what it was, was a crude inappropriate drawing. He quickly pulled the camera away, landing it on Ben who was working hard on decorating his graduation cap as a ‘Ah Jeez Richie, you couldn’t just sign it could you?, you shit!’ could be heard in the background.

“A-and w-where will you be in ten years, Ben?” Bill made sure to show off Ben’s handwork on his hat. Bev was curled up on the seat next to him, watching over his shoulder with a neglected peanut hanging from her hand, pointing towards her mouth. 

“Hopefully in architecture….”Ben glanced up at Bev when he thought she wasn’t looking, Bill caught the flicker in which Ben thought ‘And I hope she’s with me’. He smiled proudly at the shot. 

“Mike, t-ten years?” Bill moved over to get Mike in shot, who was throwing peanuts into Richie’s mouth. He made a long shot and smiled triumphantly. 

“With you guys, for sure.” Mike said without even a thought and tossed another peanut and the six of them ‘aw’d’ simultaneously. Bill couldn’t hold back his huge grin, but the camera blocked most of his face from his friends. He followed a lone peanut as it soared into Richie’s mouth. 

“R-Rich, Eddie, ten years?” 

Richie pulled Eddie close to his side. “With Eddies mom for sure.” Bill zoomed in close to get a tight shot of Eddies face and quickly had to zoom out to capture him pushing his side and knocking Richie onto the lunchroom floor. 

“If i’m still dealing with him in ten years…”Eddie looked dead into the camera with a begrudgingly happy annoyed face. 

“You’ll be one happy man, Eds!” Richie shouted from the floor. The camera faded to black to the sounds of their laughter. 


The shot was a close one of Stan’s lightning fast hand, turning his lock to get into his locker. “H-he gets it right every time, folks.” Bill chuckled as he spoke to whatever audience was ever going to see this. “Never f-f-forgot his combo…n-never been locked out.” he continued as Stan urgently threw the door open to block Bills shot of him with a smile.

 “Him however….” Bill turned around and zoomed in one Richie trying to jerk his locker open with Eddie opening his like it was no problem at his side. Bill laughed to himself. Stan closed his locker door and started off to his class, Bill quickly chased after him. 

“A-a-any comments, S-stanley? I mean it’s your last day of high school?” He poked the camera in his face as Stan laughed. 

“Get that shitty thing out of my face!” He pushed Bills shoulder and the camera faded to black once again. 


—”Ok, ok but what about you Bill?” Mike asked from his desk, pushing aside a textbook with an interested face. Bill shrugged to show him he needed to elaborate. Mike reached over and took the camera, capturing a few blurred whizzes around the classroom. He focused on Bill, behind him on the chalkboard were their last assignments as seniors. “Ten years…go” Mike captured the rolling gesture of his hand. Bill laughed in thought. 

“A writer…y’know t-t-those stories you a-all like so much. Maybe you’ll read them in a b-book someday.” He said with a mocking gusto. Mike chuckled and was able to capture the last bell of their school days. They gave each other the biggest grins and Mike zoomed in on the students passing the open door, all pushing against each other with excitement and shouting. At some point the kids in the hall seemed to split to opposite sides. Bill and Mike gave each other confused looks until…..

Richie whizzed down the hall and through Mikes shot on a small skateboard shouting along the way ‘We’re fuckin done here! after four years, woooooo’ Following after him, on running feet, were Beverly, Stan, Ben, and a very annoyed Eddie. 

“C’mon!” Mike handed Bill his camera and they both ran out to catch up. 


Bill was zoomed on rattling keys that were being shook in front of him. “Eddie’s letting me drive!” Richie shouted as he zoomed out to get a full shot of the group in front of Eddies car. 

“No he’s not!” Eddie shouted back, out of shot. Ben stuck his finger in his ear and cringed. 

“For such a small guy Eddie, you sure can yell.” He chuckled and Eddie snorted. Bill panned the camera to get a shot of each of his friends. Beverly stuck her tongue out, Mike pointed the classic finger guns, Ben just smiled, Stan looked away with a grin and chuckled, Richie winked and pulled Eddie into the view, who nodded with a smirk as if to say ‘Yup, this is my life right now…and I love it.’ 


The rest of the film Bill shot were odd clips of them in the car together. One of Beverly and Richie screaming the lyrics to ‘Back In Black’ 


Stan gazing happily out the window, quietly mouthing the words to ‘Imagine’ as his curls blew in the wind from the slightly cracked window.


Mike reaching over his seat to shove Richie after some Joke he must’ve made and then Richie proceeding to grab his arm to pull him over the seat and onto Beverly, Stan and Himself. 


Ben waving his finished product, his decorated cap with a plaster picture of the seven of them, under it read ‘The Losers club’. A chorus of ‘yeahs!’ followed. 


Eddie playing it off like he wasn’t just passionately singing along to ‘Daydream Believer’ and shoving the camera away at the stoplight. 


half of one of Richie’s jokes


all of them in hysterics, laughing so loud at god knows what. Beverly knocking her head back against the seat. Mike falling down to a laying position, undoubtedly clutching his stomach.  


A shot of Bill, and everyone trying to squeeze in behind him at some gas station. 

the camera fades to black. 


Drive By

Jax x Reader where the reader gets shot but Jax has to leave her.

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As you’re talking to Gemma, you look around the room, a content smile on your lips. Everyone in the clubhouse makes up part of your family, and you couldn’t be happier to be part of such a wonderful, yet slightly psychotic, group of people. You wouldn’t change them for the world.

“I’m really glad he’s got you, sweetheart. There’s nobody else I’d rather have as my future daughter in law.” Gemma says, her hand rubbing your arm lovingly. Before you can respond, glass smashing fills your ears, loud continuous bangs adding to the sound.

“Everybody down!” Chibs roars, the people in the clubhouse dropping like flies, trying to find cover. Gemma pulls you down, your body paralysed with shock as the bullets continue to smash through the walls, eyes searching to find your boyfriend, wanting to know he’s okay.

You spot Jax crouched on the floor, his brows knitted in worry as his eyes find yours. He shakes out of Chibs’ grasp, swiftly yet skillfully making his way over to you, sheltering your body with his own as you grip his shirt, the warmth and scent of him calming you slightly.

After what feels like forever, the bullets stop, motorcycles revving as the shooters leave the lot, the sound getting further and further away before it eventually disappears from your hearing.

“Are you okay?” Jax asks, his hands cradling his face as he watches you with concern. You nod your head shakily, forcing a small smile, your body revving with adrenaline.

“Jax, her leg.” You frown in confusion as Gemma speaks, you and Jax both turning your attention to your leg, blood seeping through your jeans. The adrenaline wears off as you begin to feel your injury, your lower leg throbbing painfully.

“Jesus christ.” Jax pulls his knife from its case hanging from his waist, carefully cutting your jeans, his hands ripping the denim until your leg is freed. Without the barrier, blood begins to pour out of the bullet hole below your knee, your eyes scrunching closed as white hot pain floods through your whole body.

“Jackie boy,” You force yourself to open your eyes, your sight misty with tears as Chibs stands over Jax’s shoulder, the blonde haired biker completely focused on you. “Cops will be here, soon. Jarry said they’re gonna cuff us if there’s anymore shit this week.”

Gemma squeezes your hand reassuringly, your forehead sweating as you try to ignore the pulsing agony, Jax looking completely torn. “I can’t just leave her, Chibs. She’s been fucking shot!”

“Yes, you can.” you groan, pushing yourself to sit up properly. Jax shakes his head defiantly, but you speak before he get his words out. “You’ve gotta go, babe.”

“She’s right, darlin’. I’ll look after her, get her to St Thomas.” Gemma adds, knowing that no matter how much Jax wants to stay with you, he’s no good to anybody locked up. Jax looks between the three of you, his jaw locked in anger.

“Go, I’ll be fine.” Willing yourself not to cry, you try to adjust your leg, biting your lip so hard you can taste the blood. Sirens begin to sound in the distance, the other members coming to stand by Jackson, urgency on their faces.

“Fuck.” Jax curses, Gemma leaving your side to move to Jax’s position, fatigue beginning to slip over you, your head dizzy from the blood loss. “Look after her, mom.”

You rest your head on the wall behind you, closing your eyes yet trying to stay conscious. A pair of lips kiss your head, Jax’s aftershave filling your nostrils. You try to smile, forcing your eyes to open as you look up at your old man. “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll come and see you as soon as I can.” he responds, stroking your cheek protectively. You nod, a tired smile on your lips as you do so.

You don’t realise that you’ve passed out until you come to in a hospital room, the smell of bleach almost burning your nose. You move your head to the side, the chair next to your temporary bed vacant, though voices can be heard outside the room.

You try to ignore the needle in your hand, the sight making your stomach turn as you shift your legs, a hiss leaving your lips as you do so. Fucking bullet.

The door opens, a sigh of relief leaving you at the sight of your boyfriend, the concern in his eyes unable to be missed. A gentle smile plays on his lips as he shuts the door behind him.

“Everything okay?” you ask, your voice slightly croaky as you talk. He nods in confirmation, his feet moving him over to your bedside as he leans down to kiss you, his fingertips moving your hair out of your face.

“M'sorry.” he says once he pulls away, sitting on the edge of your bed, your hand being held in his as he strokes your skin soothingly. You shush him, shaking your head, just happy he’s safe and well.“We dealt with the problem.”

“I’m sure you did.” you respond cheekily, squeezing his hand. He smirks, bringing your fingertips up to his mouth and kissing them individually. “How long was I out?”

“Couple hours. You lost a lot of blood, babe, but doc said you can come home tonight as long as you promise to rest.” You roll your eyes, the sound of lying in bed and doing nothing completely unappealing to you, especially since you know Jax won’t be home with you.

“So, no sex?” Jax chuckles, shaking his head at your antics. He runs his tongue across his lower lip, and you can just tell he’s thinking about the night before, the two of you completely tangled in one another as you reached sweet bliss over and over.

“I’m sure we can figure something out if you’re feeling needy, darlin’.” he says, cradling your face between his hands as he watches you, nothing but love in his eyes.

“I’m always needy for you, Teller.”

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This is my lovely dog May although she’s better known as Meebles! I got her from the pound when I first moved out and we’ve been best friends ever since. She loves going driving (as long as she gets shot gun) and is the greatest adventurer that I ever could have hoped for 💞

- diaryofashowgroom

I was watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith earlier today and I was like “Haha isn’t that Bucky and Steve WAITAMINUTE. I can make this stuckony.”

So there’s Steve, who works for SHIELD. There’s Bucky, who works for the CIA. And then there’s Tony, who’s a contractor for the government but still CEO of Stark Industries. (Honestly when will he not be. I am a creature of habit.) The CIA and SHIELD discover that they’re all together, and decide well, that’s not good, they could share secrets. So let’s make them kill each other!  (Let’s assume there’s still HYDRA in SHIELD for this because I don’t believe Fury or Coulson permitted this.)

And for added pain (and to keep Tony under their thumb) they go to Tony and say “hypothetically if we each had an agent married to each other how would you fix this?” And Tony laughs and says “I don’t know, kill them both?” (He thinks it very clear that this is a joke because he is a contractor and his opinions on weaponry and defense are the only things that matter.)

Well, lo and behold, suddenly Steve and Bucky are sent to take each other out and they are shocked (and hurt!) to find out all the lies. Steve isn’t an art teacher. Bucky’s not a history professor. “Do you even love Tony, or was that a lie, too?!” they snarl at each other, and get into a huge fist fight in the penthouse, destroying everything.

And then Tony gets home early and finds Bucky has a knife to Steve’s throat, and Steve has a gun pressed to Bucky’s gut, and his home is a mess. “…Why?” he asks tiredly. “Oh my God I just had a hellish day of meetings and now this. Did one of you eat the last of the other’s ice-cream?”

“…I don’t even like rum raisin,” Steve says, and Bucky turns and just yells in his face in anger.

(Tony has no idea what’s going on and he is suddenly Frightened because he’s never seen them like this. Against literally anyone else’s better judgement, he walks up to them and just takes the weapons from their hands. And Steve and Bucky let him, because he is their precious civilian husband, and also threatening each other has gotten awkward now that they have an audience who is clearly not impressed.)

Of course, Tony clearing the chamber and unloading the gun expertly is the hottest thing ever and Steve and Bucky can at least agree on that. After some loud (and honestly kinda violent) life-affirming sex (for Bucky and Steve anyway), Tony makes them spill what’s happening. Tony, incensed, does some discrete hacking and realizes in horror that if anything gets out about it, the CIA and SHIELD are going to throw it back on him, even though it was clearly a fucking joke.

Now, Steve and Bucky are kind of pissed at each other for all the lies, but Tony has told them the truth from the get-go (”You’re not teachers?” Tony asks, betrayed, and they start to feel bad but then– “So the hot-for-teacher role play did nothing for you?” The noises they make are terrible but Tony is so earnestly afraid that they were just putting up with it that they rush to assure him that the role plays were definitely enjoyed on their ends. Sorry. I had to get some more humor in here.)

But now the forty-eight hours Steve and Bucky were given to kill each other are up and Natasha, Steve’s coworker (”I thought she was your PE teacher coworker!” Tony wails.) calls and tells him that SHIELD is about to head out and finish the job for him. Bucky gets a call from Clint (”He’s not just a homeless guy you help out?!” “I never said he was homeless, Tony, you just assumed he was because he’s a slob.”) saying the same thing, and also they’re going to consider Tony collateral damage. Steve and Bucky are furious, because Tony is innocent. “NOT THAT WAY!” they both shout when Tony opens his mouth to make a smart remark about his ‘innocence.’

Cue the car chase in one of Tony’s suped up cars. (”My baby,” he whimpers every time the car is dented and shot at.) At one point his driving gets so… creative, that Steve is almost thrown from the car and the only thing keeping him from being thrown was Bucky’s hand wrapped his wrist. For a terrifying few seconds, he was in midair. (But hey it caused one of their pursuers to flip so no harm no foul.) Bucky’s prepared to tease him mercilessly but then Tony blurts out, “Oh, wait, does being married before count as a secret?” And Steve and Bucky nearly foam at the mouth because whowhyhow?! “It was a Vegas wedding and we got it annulled when we were sober.” “What’s her name?” Steve hisses. “And her social security number?” Bucky adds. “First of all I can’t even remember my own social, and second you’re not going to kill her because it was Pepper and we were celebrating the great reception of the first StarkPhone.” The idea of trying to kill Pepper is daunting so they settle for grumbling mulishly to each other about it.

I’m not sure what happens next. Maybe they expose all the HYDRA agents in SHIELD, or Fury and Coulson finally catch wind of what’s going on and put a stop to it (but not before a huge shootout because I’m a sucker for those.) All I know is that I want them to end up at a meeting with the marriage counselor and Tony’s complaining about how Steve and Bucky don’t know how to communicate with each other. “Yeah, I really wanted to kill him recently,” Steve jokes. “But I just couldn’t pull the trigger.” “Ha. Haha,” Bucky says. “And I just couldn’t sink the knife into his chest.”

The marriage counselor (probably Bruce tbh the poor guy) says “But hey, you couldn’t do it. That’s good. What about you, Tony?”

“I communicate perfectly!” Tony sputters indignantly.

“Honestly he may communicate too well,” Steve and Bucky admit.

The marriage counselor just makes some interested noises because he isn’t sure what to say. (They eventually work things out though.)

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 5

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“I asked you last week to come over and hangout at my house but you said no. Plus, I’m busy these days. I’ll see you around kay?” You said walking away.

That night, Nari called to explain how pissed off Jay was.

“Y/N, he’s totally pissed, do you know what he said? Jesus. He said you’re a bitch for only using him as your boy toy and then ignoring him. Did you fuck him and not tell me!?” She gasped.

“Oh my god no! I almost did though…at your party.”

She yelped. “Almost!?”

“He didn’t want to…Nari, he outright rejected me, and when I invited him over last week, it was clear that he would never step into my house.”

“He’s the bitch! You gave him two shots and he’s that stupid?” Nari growled.

“It was only one shot and I was drunk so it’s no big deal, it’s better this way anyhow.” You concluded.

“I always knew you had a huge crush on him.” She stated.

“Okay first, no I didn’t. He was just a really hot friend that I started to like a little too much. Second, I think it’s better if I stay away from him.” You explained.

“That’s your choice I guess, but he’s really pissed. He’s even talking about you in school.” Nari said.

“If I hear him myself, I’ll tell Yoongi to kill him.”

“Speaking of Yoongi, I saw the way he was dragging you out the club the other day. It was a bit inappropriate for an employee…Is he your new boy toy?” She squealed annoyingly.

“He was just pretending to be my date, some old creep was trying to hit on me.” You explained.

She sighed. “I was hoping for something more juicy.”

“Keep dreaming.”


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DAY 3463

Jalsa, Mumbai                Sept 20,  2017                Wed 11:12 pm

Dearth .. significantly absorbed by them that play with plenty .. absence of substance, of matter, of space to fill, was ever an eternal issue .. a page, a letter, a home, a feeling and an emotion .. what ever else it encompasses shall ever be wantonly in need of more .. 

Hence ‘dearth’ ..

The dearth of acumen, of sense, of brainlessness, of intellectual property, of simple intellectualism .. and such, has been a practice now to embellish the insignificant .. significance has lost its battle to communicative device practices, that invade unannounced in the ‘battle of the bulge’ ; except that the ‘bulge’ has significantly been devoured by our own ‘dearth’ .. !!

Any more of this and about this shall build those very accomplished weaponry that when aimed shall not just find the proverbial ‘eye’, but shall also destroy the ability now, to be able, to be just, to be heard .. in the righteous realm of belief .. belief in what remained as fact, as opposed to what was made to look factual .. for God knows how much and to what extent the arm of content shall travel to just .. fill .. fill the coffers, or the coffered space .. 

Tathástu . !!  

That wonder, from the shores of Mediterranean Israel, who can now comfortably be termed as the greatest archival institution on Indian Cinema - Moses Sapir, send me for my remembrance and pleasure this -

… that scene from ‘Deewar’ that helped me shape and understand my character of Vijay .. the set built at that eternal studio, Chandivali Studios, the outdoor facility that has been around for time immemorial, and that has been a substitute location for every other location in any part of the World .. that studio held together the set of the temple in the film .. that set which was rebuilt inside the Rajkamal Studios on an indoor floor .. that set where the ‘aaj khush to bahut hoge tum’ was shot and .. that set where Vijay’s death scene was shot ..

… and the Chandivili set where all the day time outdoor scenes were shot, and at night, where Vijay after getting shot, drives to, to meet his Mother ..

I was directed to bring the car, swirling it about, because of my wound and its condition, to stop at the foot of the stairs, come out and climb the steps to that very temple that I had ever refused to enter   …

BUT ..

In the heat of the moment and in my absolute stupidity, rammed the car on the steps and it climbed up a few decent steps on its own, due to the impact of the speed that I was driving it .. not rehearsed, not directed nor designed .. it just happened .. and safety be damned .. could have been ugly and the cause of severe accidental tendency ..

BUT ..

there it was on this very set ..

SO .. after the hit of the car on the steps and the coming out and the walk up the remaining steps was all done on a night shoot at Chandivili Studios .. and the entrance to the temple the clinging on to the bells and dropping down into my Mother’s arm and the death scene was done in the indoor studio, several days later .. continuity being maintained and the feel and condition and expression as well ..

How does one write a death scene .. what does one say .. there are limited reference points .. and Javed Saheb the writer put in some thoughts, but after discussion left it to me to devise whatever I felt would be the last words that Vijay would utter .. what came out and what you see is just that, in one single take .. the clock chime you hear in the scene is not a background sound or an effect put it later .. there was an actual clock on set and it went off on its own .. destiny, coincidence .. call it what you may .. I interpreted it as the death knoll .. that indicator philosophically that time was up .. 

There were times long after the film was released that Salim saheb and Javed saheb and I would sit late at night at my rented home and listen to the track of that death scene over and over again ..

What reactions my family had at that time, I shall keep to myself and away from public reading ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Imagine not wanting to go back to work.

A/N: Chapter 8, Part 2 of ‘Beginnings’ ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist; Chapter 8: ‘Beginnings’: Part 1)

Before the sun rose on Monday morning, Chris rolled over to find your side of the bed empty. He looked to the clock blearily, rubbing his tired eyes. It was only 4:37AM. He couldn’t imagine you’d want to be anywhere else at such an early hour when you had work at 9:00AM, you should’ve been wanting to catch up on as much sleep as you could possibly catch up. He looked over your side of the bed, then his, for Dodger who must have disappeared with his wife. Chris stretched, appreciating the relief his actions were giving his bones and muscles. He was thirty-nine now meaning age was slowly but surely catching up with him. You’d always argue when he called himself an “old man,” calling him a “dramatic baby” instead.  You assured him he was like a “fine wine” because he was “better with age.” He knew he was when it came to his appearance, but physically- his body was losing its ability to bounce back as quickly as it did when he was your age.

Chris pushed the covers off him and onto your side of the bed, yawning when he sat up. He stuffed his feet into his slippers and ran a hand through his hair as he exited the room to look for you. “Babe?” He called out, padding down the hallway to Jack’s room where he’d usually find you first. The room was empty, and so was Jack’s baby cot. He found himself increase the speed of his pace as he headed downstairs. He knew you were with Dodger and you had Jack and the three of you were fine, but it didn’t stop him from irrationally worrying.

“Hey,” he let out a sigh of relief when he saw the three of you in the living room; ‘The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was playing on the TV, but no one was watching. Dodger was watching the two of you, your gaze was locked on Jack whose back was towards the TV. “Was he crying?” He asked as he walked over, eyeing his giggling son on your lap; Jack clearly hadn’t been crying, you- on the other hand- did. Chris sat down next to you, smoothing Jack’s tiny amount of hair with his hand. “Do you want me to take him so you can go get some sleep?” He asked and you shook your head, gently bouncing Jack. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked, kissing the side of your head. “What are you doing up?” He wrapped his arm around you, gently rubbing your arm.

“I’m just spending some time with my son before I don’t have time for him,” you whispered then sniffled. Chris sighed with a sympathetic smile, pressing his lips to your hair once more. “You know I had a dream- well, it was more of a nightmare now that I think of it.” Chris drew back so he could look at you while you spoke. “I was on the set of the movie and Jack came to look for me and I ignored him.” You said and Chris chuckled softly. “It’s not funny, Chris.” You scolded with narrowed eyes. “I ignored our son. I clearly can’t handle two big jobs at once, I should just- I should just sell the script, let them do what they want with it and focus on this. On Jack, on being a mom.”

“Okay, let’s analyze this-” Chris was trying not to find too much amusement in your irrationality, “nightmare of yours. My first question is how did our four month old get on your set? Not only do you not have a location yet, Jack can’t even walk let alone drive a motorized vehicle to get to you.” You shot him a deadpan expression and he smiled. “If he were going to your set, I would’ve had to take him and like you’d be able to ignore your celebrity crush.”

“Will you stop making a joke out of everything?”

“I will if you will,” he retorted with a nonchalant shrug. “‘Cause clearly this is a joke. You can’t possibly be considering giving up your dream job to be a stay-at-home mom. You are going to get creative say, Y/N. You’re not just writing the script, the director is going to turn to you for your point of view. You are going to be able to tell a story, touch people with your writing. That’s- that’s the dream, I’m not going to let you give it up over a stupid nightmare which would never happen in the first place.”

“Maybe I’ve changed my mind, maybe Jack’s-”

“Baby-” he huffed then let out a weary laugh. “You and I both know this has nothing to do with Jack. You’re worried about the job because that is what you do, you worry. You’ve been worried about it since you got it, you’ve just been distracted enough to not deal with it. But now you have to which is why you had that nightmare, your subconscious knows and is coming up with an excuse for you not to do it.”

“You’re wrong,” you bit as your eyes welled with tears.

“The tears in your eyes say otherwise,” he cupped your face in his hands, thumbs brushed your tears away before they could roll down your cheek. “I know you’re scared, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Jack, Dodger, and I- we want you to do this. This is a dream come true for you, I don’t care how scared you are- you have to do it because I can’t have you regret this for the rest of your life.”

You sighed, bringing Jack towards you for a hug; one that was more for you than him. Chris managed a small smile as his arms enfolded you and Jack. Chris was right. You may have been worried about not having time for Jack, but it was also as an excuse not to chase after your dreams. It was an unbelievable excuse anyway, you may have loved being a mom now but it was never something you strived for. Those who knew you knew that, and while they would’ve respected your decision, they would’ve also berated you for being an idiot. And you were being an idiot, you could do both jobs at once because you had Chris. It would’ve been insulting to not just yourself, but him too if you gave up your dream job to be a stay-at-home mom. It would’ve also driven you insane, perhaps even to post-partum which you’d successfully avoided so far. Chris was right, you had to do this even if you were terrified of screwing up. After all, the biggest screw up would’ve been to not do it at all.

“You’re going to nail it,” Chris assured you as he pulled away. “You were made for this, Y/N. This was what you were destined to do, we both know that. All those times where you’d talk my ear off, painting a picture for me with your words and your visions- you have the capacity to do this. This is just the beginning for you, you are going to go on to do amazing things. I told you that when I took you to Dolby and I meant it. So if I believe in you, can you please believe in yourself?”

“Myself, no. But you,” you swallowed then nodded. “You, I’ll believe. If you say I can do this, I can do this. I can do this,” you nodded along with Chris. The breath you’d been holding in was slowly exhaled as you realized Jack from your hug, sitting him back down on your lap. He grinned toothlessly at you and Chris, tiny hands grabbing at your grey t-shirt. Looking at Jack reminded you of how badly you freaked out when you were pregnant, and again when you were in labor. Thinking about those times reminded you of all the other times your overthinking freaked yourself out. You looked up at Chris and managed a smile when you saw him smiling at you. “You must be sick of this by now,” you chuckled with limited humor.

“Sick of what?”

“How often I do this,” you answered. “Overthink, freak out, and doubt everything.”

“If you didn’t do that once in a while, you wouldn’t be the girl I fell in-love with. And I couldn’t possibly judge you when I’m the same.” He reminded you, nudging you playfully and drawing a smile onto your face. “And no, I’m not sick of this nor will I ever be. When you overthink and freak out and doubt everything, it reminds me of the kind of person you are. You’re caring and humble and well-prepared and…” He trailed off, his eyes narrowed slightly as he thought back to your other freak outs. “And I’m really sorry I said this isn’t about Jack, I know not having time for him is something you’re genuinely worried about.” You nodded, letting Jack wrapped his hand around your finger. “You are going to have time for him, Y/N. I promise you’re not going to miss out on anything, not his first word or his first step- nothing, because I am going to make sure of it.”

“I don’t think I tell you I love you enough.”

“You had a human for me,” he leaned over and kissed the top of Jack’s head, smiling at you.  You smiled back, placing one hand on his knee. “Message received, sweetheart. Now come on,” he took Jack from you and rose to his feet. With Jack secured in one arm, he grabbed your hand with the other and pulled you to your feet. “You need your sleep. It’s your first day, you want to be bright eyed and bushy tail when you go in.”

“Will you text me photo updates while I’m at work?”

“Of course I will,” he smiled. “I’ll send you photos of us waiting with our half a heart best friend necklaces, waiting to join our halves with yours.” You rolled your eyes, trying hard not to laugh. “We should get one of those four piece necklaces so you don’t have to have three halves to wear.” When he said that, you couldn’t contain your laughter anymore; the necklaces didn’t even exist. “What,” he chuckled, “I’m just being considerate.”

“I think you need your sleep too, Evans.”

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Part 3


A/N: *Emerges from my cave and months of inactivity* Hey guys. I watched the new music video. so uh… yeah. Enjoy!

“Can I tell you a story?”

You snuggle closer to Dan, smiling at his words. “Of course you can.” You grab the bottle of liquor from him, taking a swig. The liquid burns down your throat, but you relish in the warmth that pools through you.

Dan looks up to the sky, a small smile on his face. “Once upon a time, there was a sweet, innocent boy, and a beautiful, incredible girl.”

You snort in derision. “There’s hardly anything innocent about that boy.”

A dark bar, the air heavy with the scent of old cigars, sweat, old love, lost love, new love. The strands of your pink wig whirl around as you laugh and dance, almost oblivious to the sudden disappearance of your car keys.


Out of the corner of your eye, you catch the thief in the act as he swipes your keys from your table and hurries off outside. Eyes widening in panic and anger, you abandon your partner and wind through the bodies of people to run outside. 

“Hey!” The stranger stops in his tracks. “I saw what you did, bastard. Give them back, now.”

The stranger turns around, and you’re confronted with a lanky man with high cheekbones, wild, dark hair, a somewhat bashful grin, and the darkest, bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. They seem to pierce right through you.

“Oh, these are yours?” He gives an unconvincing laugh. Your scowl deepens, though you take note of the obviously British accent. “Sorry… I was only going to borrow it.” 

You quirk an eyebrow. “Really?” you deadpan, completely unconvinced.

The stranger nods, eyebrows drawing together into a pitiful, earnest look. “My friends and I are racing to see who can get to the Joshua Tree National Park. I… would’ve given it back, promise!”

You know his story is complete bullshit, but you can’t help but smirk all the same. There was something about this guy…

“I’ll drive you there, alright?”

The stranger looks up at you, surprise lighting up in his eyes. “Sorry?”

You cross your arms. Your smirk evens out into a full smile. “I’ll take you to the national park.”

“It’s a ways away.”

“Then let’s road trip. You pay for gas, I get to sleep in the backseat, and we’ll take turns driving. Deal?”

The stranger doesn’t move for a moment, clearly contemplating the plan, before he steps toward you and sticks out his hand. You shake it. 


I was only going to borrow it…”

You laugh at Dan’s feeble attempt to defend himself.

“… besides, it’s a shit car anyway. Someone was bound to steal it. You’re lucky it was only me.”

You pout, patting the metal hood you and Dan are lying on. “Excuse me, it’s a classic.”

Dan shakes his head, relinquishing the argument to you. “Right.”

You poke his side. “And what happened, on that trip?”

Dan tilts his head, looking up at the inky black sky. “Oh, the boy and girl started off rocky. It was such a split decision, neither one knew how to act.” He intertwines his fingers with yours, gazing down at it reminiscently. “But then, the girl started talking. About her interests, her dreams, her view of the universe. And slowly, yet surely, the boy started to fall in love.”

You feel yourself start to redden, so you roll your eyes and nudge him playfully with your shoulders. “Really though, what fantastical adventures did these kids go on?”

Dan hums. “Well, there was that time the boy jumped into someone else’s pool with his clothes still on…”

The water is still, quiet and, above all else, cold. Your breath fogs up in front of you, a reminder of the childhood days when your imagination transformed you into a fearsome dragon. The stranger – Dan, his name is – tugs on your hand impatiently. “Come on, let’s jump in the water!”

“Dan, you’re still dressed!” Your words are lost behind you as a string of giggles bursts from you. 

Dan looks back with that now-familiar mischievous glint in his eyes. “Come on!”

Okay, okay,” you pant out, ripping your hand from his. You look uncertainly at the icy water. “Okay… on the count of three.”

Dan grins and nods. He looks at the water, obviously mentally bracing himself. “One…”

You bend your knees. “Two…”

“Three!” Dan leaps into the water with a yell. The sheet of still water shatters as Dan hits the surface.

Meanwhile, you’re still on dry land, laughing as Dan splutters to the surface, looks around for you, and proceeds to give you the finger when he realises you hadn’t jumped.

You smile fondly at the memory, except…

“It was a lake, not someone’s pool!”

Dan shrugs. “Either way, you lied to me about jumping in together.”

Rather than reply to his accusation, you take another swig of the bottle. “What about that time the guy dared the girl to run through some stranger’s house?”

“I’m getting to that part!” Dan grabs the bottle back indignantly. “Now where was I…”

The car comes to a sudden stop in the middle of a quaint, suburban neighbourhood. You jolt awake from your nap to find the vehicle sitting idle in front of a house. The front door is open, with only the screen door barring the way inside. 

Dan turns to you with a crooked, devilish smile. “I dare you to run through that house.”

You stare back at Dan for a heartbeat before bursting out laughing. “Yeah, sure. Lemme just solicit through and trespass on private property. I might even get lucky and get shot.”

“I’ll drive for the next twelve hours, and I’ll buy you dinner.”

You quirk your brow at that. Now that’s a more intriguing offer. “And I just have to run through, yeah?”

Dan nods.

You tap your chin. “Drop the 12-hour drive, but you have to come with me.”

Dan grins, sticking his hand out. You shake it hard. “Deal.”

You open the door and step out of the car, walking nervously up to the door. A part of you hopes that the handle won’t turn, or that the door would still be locked, but the door opens with ease. You step in, looking cautiously around. You glance back at Dan, beckoning him in before you sprint through the modern-looking house, Dan in tow. You give a squeal when you find two elderly couple on the couch, absolute confusion and panic written all over their faces. 

“Sorry, pardon me!” Dan shouts behind him as you make a beeline for the back door. You hear the old man shout behind you, but you and Dan are already out the door and running back to the front. 

You jump into driver’s seat. “Come on!” 

Dan wrenches the door open the ducks quickly into the passenger side. The wheels squeal loudly as you stomp on the accelerator. The car shoots forward and you glance at the rearview mirror to find the couple running outside. The old man raises his fist angrily at the car, and you and Dan laugh almost maniacally as the adrenaline rushes through you.

And the old man even had a gun!”

You throw your head back in a loud laugh. “What?!”

Dan looks at you with a serious expression, but you can see the mirth in his eyes. “Yeah, that definitely happened. We could’ve died!”

You scoff playfully. “Yeah, sure.” You snuggle closer to Dan, and you feel his arm hug you protectively. “Remember that dance class? You didn’t even want to try…”

Dan’s face, etched in embarrassment, as he looks at the groups of people in the dance studio milling around. “I’m not sure about this.”

You latch on to his arm, smiling encouragingly at him. “I am. And I’m always right.”

Dan rolls his eyes. “Right, I forgot.”

You grin as you pull Dan into the studio. “Come on!”

Dan hum in disagreement. “What are you on about? I totally outdanced you.”

Dan gives his full, toothy smile at you, his eyes practically sparkling despite the relative darkness of the studio. He’s drenched in sweat and his moves are still jerky and awkward, but you lean in to hug him regardless. 

“You were great, Dan,” you tell him. You don’t see his expression, but he gives you an extra squeeze before pulling back. His face has a strange expression on it, but you can’t pin down what it is.

“Thank you.”

“Right, that’s why you’re such a great dancer now.” You laugh as Dan shoves you. Had it not been for his arm, you probably would’ve gone sliding off.

Dan leans his head against yours. “And finally, when the boy and the girl, after so many miles and so many days, reached the national park, the boy revealed his big secret…”

“I actually didn’t have a crazy race with my friends here.”

You roll your eyes, leaning your head on Dan’s shoulders. Both your legs are hung over the edge, swinging carefree over the hundred-foot drop. “I figured when you didn’t even so much as talk about them during the entire trip.” You lift your head to look at Dan. The sunset, with the pink hues, strikes his face and accentuate all of his most special features. The curve of his cheekbones. Each long, sweeping eyelash. The freckles splashed over his nose and below his eyes. A faint breeze ruffles his wild hair. “But tell me. Why did you steal my keys in the first place?”

Dan smiles, looking down at your intertwined fingers. “Well… I wanted to grab your attention. Seeing you dance up on that table, with that bright wig, and those beautiful eyes… I knew I had to grab your attention somehow.”

You laugh, though you can feel yourself blushing. You know the sunset is highlighting your now-rosy cheeks. “That could’ve backfired so hard, though.”

Dan lifts his hand to your face, his thumb trace up and down your cheek as he leans forward. “Maybe, but this has surpassed even my wildest dreams.”

You smile softly back and let your eyes flutter closed. And in that darkness, in that silence, you feel his lips touch yours.

You open your eyes and pull away from Dan’s kiss at a large rumble in the sky. You and Dan look up just in time to see a large jet lift up from the ground. It soars through the air and into the inky night sky.

You snuggle back into Dan’s body. “You tell it differently every time,” you say softly.

Dan returns with his special crooked grin. “Well, I like my version better.”

~~~~~ willyumfarquarson ~~~~~

DAY 3346

Jalsa, Mumbai                   May 26/27,  2017                  Fri/Sat 12:07 am

Birthday - Jaspreet Singh Ef .. wishes for the brightness of life and the joys of living .. and success .. love from us all

There is absolutely no reason why the post of BLOG 3345 dated May 25th 2017 should make any sense to any of you .. but there is a sense .. it is a sense filled with deep sluggish brain retard and a dollop of induced madness .. I am in all sense on my way to that destination that spells either a reform home or better an old age one ..

Hehaahehahahee ..

But seriously though .. a day shall come when those very transcripts shall reveal a mind disturbed by sleep deprivation, a complete loss of memory, and more ..

With all its unresolved printings and inconsequential wordology .. it does seem logical to be able to analyse what really goes into a mind that has to absorb a million degree of matter, both logical and non ..

We are an exhausted civilisation .. our faculties have been flood bombed by the vastness of information which the brain, hitherto a silent spectator, has had to contend with each nano second ..

Names thoughts ideas locations events linger precariously at the edge of our tongues, yet are unable to consolidate through memory the exact details and train of thoughts that may have prevailed ..

A colleague gives me an exercise, which he claims gave him and millions of others the power of memory ..

At the end of the day close your eyes before retiring and start narrating to yourself, what you did from the moment you left your bed till the time you hit it again ..

EG :

I opened my eyes after the disturbed night sleep, looked at the clock, time to get set for the gym, done that, trainer and rehab person give gyaan, shower and while in shower the mind rattling off the various duties to be conducted after, drive after prayers to work, rain in most shots, getting drenched, covering with the protection of towels, drive back dinner with family, a reasonable chat on the matters of life and books and events and future prospects .. 

and so on .. and it shall be discovered after a few months that there is immense potential within to improve manifold your memory .. did try it once .. and forgot all else in the process .. heheh .. this is not to belittle the program, but it does and must have some qualities that have been tried and tested .. for it to be so pronounced in its findings ..

Memory .. memory .. memory .. is this all that can be talked about at this hour of the night you may ask .. but truly its a topic that plagues many .. and it does get a bit embarrassing at times ..

names are the main worry .. they slip the thought pulses in the cranium .. so Shashi ji, Shashi Kapoor had the most effective and brilliant concept .. at a social gathering, on meeting a known acquaintance he would extend his hand out and say :

‘Hi .. Shashi Kapoor ..’

…. and invariably the person meeting would say his or her name and the work and deed was done .. simple but effective ..

Good night all before I slip back in time to the post of the YESTERDAY .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

she’s gonna save me (call me baby)

A very happy belated birthday to the amazing @superirishbreakfasttea! Tbh,  I wanted to write like 10k of this but had to restrain myself….

“Really?” Raina asks with a perfectly arched eyebrow. “You’re going to pick that one?”

“You told me I could pick whoever I wanted,” Daisy replies stubbornly, staring at the glossy headshots spread across the table.  It’s her fake boyfriend, after all. If she’s going to spend the next few months being photographed getting coffee and posing on the red carpet with someone, she should at least get to choose who it is.

“Robbie Reyes?  Really?  You think that the tabloids are going to react well to America’s sweetheart dating the same guy who once punched James Hellfire in the face at an afterparty?” Raina counters.  

“Hellfire is an asshole,” Bobbi interjects. “And everyone who was at that party says that Reyes didn’t throw the first punch.”

Daisy gives her a grateful look.  She hired Bobbi as her manager the minute she turned eighteen and the other woman’s never steered her wrong.  Bobbi’s the one who landed her a supporting role in last year’s  Best Picture and the lead in last summer’s biggest comedy and Raina may be the reason she’s been appearing on more and more magazine covers lately, but Bobbi hired Raina as her publicist in the first place.

“You put him on the list,” Daisy tells Raina. “Therefore, I get to pick him if I want to.  And I do.”

And that’s it.  Robbie Reyes, action star and former street racer, is now her latest celebrity boyfriend.

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Slower (2) - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by wintersoulja

Words: 1441
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: probably swearing, fighting, talk of guns, getting shot, hospitals, a horrible atte,pt at writing flirting
Requested: kinda its a part two so
Authors Note: yayyy this was so fun! I loved part one and this was just so much fun to follow it up with. (Also, i was too tired to go through all the tags at the end to make sure they’re working so if they aren’t i apologize and i will fix it tomorrow when i am more awake)


Part One

Pietro’s mind could not wrap around the fact that you weren’t bothered by him. He was used to people falling for him instantly, as he flirts his way through life. He could have anyone he wanted; it wasn’t hard for him to get someone, but of course; he chose the one person that was unaffected by his personality.

However, it did get to his head. Being so obsessed with you and everything about you, it distracted him from what he really needed to be focusing on. You and Pietro worked well together as if something were to happen that needed to be stopped quickly, you could slow time and Pietro would run to whoever needed it. Sure, you could have done it, but moving while your stalling time uses a lot of energy you don’t normally have. So, it was nice to have the speedster on your side.

Ever since you joined the Avengers, it was hard for anyone to ever win. That was, until this fight where Pietro didn’t listen to you and flirted the whole time. Frankly, it was driving you crazy that he wouldn’t listen. Typically, you would get a good shot at the villain and slow the time for Pietro to knock out, but he wasn’t listening.

“Pietro! Listen to me!” You shouted through the comms as you fought off enemies. Sure, you could have stopped everything and just pushed them all over, but it doesn’t work like that. You may be powerful, but you also know how much energy slowing and stopping time takes. It could use all of your energy up to get rid of the smaller threats, and it wasn’t worth risking your shot at their leader just to get rid of a few pesky rats.

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rebel w/out a cause

hi guys. So, I watched Rebel Without a Cause a week or so ago, and I definitely have some stuff to say. (Unpopular opinion, I liked the movie! PLEASE DON’T THROW THINGS!!) Anyway, this movie hits many relevant arguments, but the overarcing theme or topic of the movie that got me thinking the most was the quote right before the chickie fight, when Buzz tells Jim he actually does like him, and Jim’s like, “yo, why are we doing this then?” and Buzz says “hey, you gotta do something, right?” When humans become teens for the first time, it is also the first time we face real, adult problems and must confront them. What this quote, or this theme of the movie is saying plays right to the title. A “rebel without a cause” is someone who isn’t satisfied with society, but doesnt have a specific aim to fight for, so they just “do something.” and if that something is drive a stolen car off of a cliff, so be it. Teens don’t value destruction, they value change - they just don’t know how to go about the process. Teenagers value action without thinking about consequences, so when conflict arises, they retreat to the “I’m just a kid” line. This differs from characters who live in fear, such as the adults in the movie, who clearly value minding consequences than anything else. Both Jim’s mother and father were fearful in their own ways, because they valued the “what if” scenerio. Mom was mortified of Jim acting out, constently demanding they move city to city. Dad was fearful of Jim in a different way, clearly caring about his well being, but at the same time, would not stand up to his wife for him. (I feel like the dad was a super complex character, but overall he valued consequences much higher than change.) This movie in particular was a very different style of movie than I’m used to, (from 1956) simply because of the difference in the portrayal of teens. I feel as if teens today react very internal when conflict arises, we are constantly keeping baggage behind closed doors, where teens in these movies are VERY brash and bold, and jump the gun…or drive off of a cliff…or try to shoot someone until they get shot down, and James Dean comes screaming “I GOT THE BULLETS!!” and everything is awkward…but anyways. I think this movie is to show both adults and teens, but mostly adults, that the other genoration’s problems they face are very real and very valid, even if our values are different. also i found a gif of James Dean saying I GOT THE BULLETS, so there you go.

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rebloggable masterlist - just to make your lives a little easier ;)

(☆) smut | (✿) fluff | (❆) angst️ | (☼) general

↳ the voice (☼) : wanting to follow your dreams, you audition for the voice and choose to train under jungkook’s coaching, where you will experience hardships along the way. the voice!au. fic. on-going.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (hiatus)

↳ cuddles (✿) :

it was a long day of work, and you come home to a lonely jungkook who just wants to spend time with you. surprise!au. one-shot. hue hue hue.


↳ fake friends (✿❆) :

jungkook’s childhood friend comes for a visit and she can’t know that you two are dating, but there’s only so much you can take.


↳ perks (✿) : you attend the BTS concert in Anaheim to support your best friend, Hoseok, and his members, but you manage to mess up your ankle. best friend!au. one-shot.


↳ picture! picture! (☼✿) : you finally go to the wings tour in chicago. you weren’t lucky enough to be eligible for soundcheck, but you were lucky enough to get something else. one-shot. 


↳ bad dates (✿) : you’re on a date with an asshole. who’s going to get you out of this situation? one shot.


↳ cutie at the drive thru (✿) : while your roommate went to a college party, you were stuck working her closing shift on a saturday night. but then all of a sudden, you get hit on in the drive thru. college!au. one-shot.


↳ autograph (✿) : you are an idol in a newly-debuted 4 member group. you’re at a fan sign held before the concert, and someone pays a visit. idol!au. one-shot.


↳ concert blues (✿) : you are an idol/vocalist in a 4-member girl group. you perform your solo but are suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. then, someone surprises you on stage. idol!au. one-shot.


↳ today (❆✿) : your long-term boyfriend broke up with you because he was in love with someone else. a good amount of time was spent crying over him, hating yourself, even blaming yourself for the break up. but one day, someone will come along and teach you that you shouldn’t live in yesterday’s sorrow, but in the mystery of today. neighbor!au. one-shot.


Okay, but do you know what I would really want to see (but would settle to read, because you know, realistic dreams and all)?

I’ve seen that post about the Queen having been a military truck driver back in the War and driving the King of Saudi Arabia.

So just imagine Kingsman agents being sent on a mission to protect the Queen for some reason or another.

And of course there comes a moment where Eggsy and his partner for the mission (not Roxy, I want a stuffy knight who likes Eggsy all right but finds he lacks certain manners) have no choice but to flee whereever they are with the Queen in a car. And the other Knight would never have let Eggsy drive usually because all the agents have seen footage of his driving exploits and no, they’re protecting the Queen for God’s sake this is no time for endangering her life with reckless driving. But unfortunately getting shot at prevent him from getting behind the wheel and he’s forced to sit in the back with the Queen.

Eggsy of course doesn’t wait a second before peeling off fast and of course there’s a car chase that ensue in the streets of London, until other agents can come help them out of the situation by apprehending the terrorists (or whatever they are) and the Knight with Eggsy feels a bit faint and is pretty sure he’s going to have to live with the guilt of participating in giving the Queen an heart attack.

Until the Queen starts excitedly whooping (and the Knight would never have thought to hear such a sound coming from her) and Eggsy turns for a second so they can exchange an excited grin and the other Knight groans pitifully when the Queen starts encouraging him to go faster.

So yeah, I just want Eggsy having fun showing off his skills to someone who trully appreciate them.