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TAINTED ⇢ anya cartwright & sebastian morgenstern 

“He has demon blood, Anya.” Jace said, eyes narrowing at me. I could feel his exasperation radiating from all the way across the room so violently that it felt like it had hit me square in the chest.

“You don’t know him like I do, Jace. I can help him.” I pleaded, trying to shake free of the grip Alec had on my arm. “Let go, Alec.” But he just stared straight ahead, knowing that if he looked at me he’d give in and release his hold. 

“Jace is right, Anya. You can’t save him, look at what he did to you.” Alec said then, looking to Izzy for help with trying to reason with me. What he did to me? He set me free. Blood began to boil, thickening like it was turning to ichor. I knew it meant he was near, and so did my friends as they all gaped at me in horror as my eyes began to turn as black as night. 

I need Your help

I am looking for job cause I want to get driving licence. So I wanted to ask You for helping me a little to reach it. And so I wanted to practice a little backgrounds, I’ll make special prices for my commissions for now. For every single one 0,5$ for background. So:

* 2,5$ (USD) for sketch with sketchy background. 

* 3,5$ (USD) for lineart with lined background.

* 4,5$ (USD) for flat clor drawing.

* 5,5$ (USD) for shaded drawing with background. 

Please, if You don’t buy it reblog so someone would see it and consider commissioning me. (read tags tho)

at orientation i found out i could make an extra dollar an hour if i drive a truck so forklift jess is comin’ outta retirement y’all hang some streamers lets get this party started 

the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that

I need to find mr new i can nicely ask him to stop playin johnny guitar so often 

End of me // A Day To Remember