drive n style

Shut Up And Drive Pt 2

a/n: you guys wanted a second part so here it is :) 

The rest of the drive to the lake was awkward at best. Somewhere in between the time it took you to redress and straighten yourselves up, the sexual haze that had clouded you both began to dissolve. Now that it had, it seemed your thoughts came through more clearly. Most of them sounded like:

What the hell did we just do?!

And some of them, the ones that scared you, sounded like…

And why am I thinking of doing it again?

No words were spoken for the duration of the ride. No music was played either. Your thoughts were soundtrack enough.

In fact you were so consumed with your thoughts that when Harry’s deep timbre suddenly broke the silence you jumped. You’d almost forgotten you weren’t alone.

“You’re going to chew your lip off if you keep doing that.”


His eyes glanced at your lips that had been caught between your teeth the better half of the last twenty minutes.

You released you lip and looked away when you noticed his eyes darken and zero in on that simple gesture.

“We’re almost there,” he said a couple moments later.

You nodded absentmindedly, enjoying the wind whipping through your fingers that dangled outside the car.

“You don’t have to worry about me saying anything. So you can feel free to flirt with Louis all day. I won’t stop you.”

At first you thought you hadn’t heard him right, “Excuse me?”

“I know you’re rethinking and regretting what happened. Just wanted to let you know you don’t have to worry about me saying anything.”

You squinted your eyes as you stared at his profile.

“Okay, your obsession with my non-existent feelings for Louis is really starting to annoy me, Styles. And you have no idea what I’m thinking, so you can stop right there,” you stated firmly.

“I could make a pretty good guess” he muttered, but you heard nevertheless.

“And you’d be wrong,” you muttered right back.

It was only a moment of quiet between you two before you erupted, “You know, you’re really infuriating!”

At his look of confusion and shock you continued, “I don’t like Louis anymore! It was a stupid little crush and it’s gone! And even if I did like him I don’t know why you care so fucking much, Jesus Christ!”

You leaned back in your seat after your outburst. A fleeting pang of guilt consumed you, but then it was gone. In all seriousness, Harry’s constant nagging when it came to your association with Louis was enough to make you want to pull out your hair.

It was only then you noticed you had arrived. You saw everyone in the distance, socializing, setting up camp for the day and already having an all around great time. You couldn’t wait for him to stop the car, just to get away from him. One moment you couldn’t get enough of him and the next you couldn’t get away fast enough.

“You really don’t have a clue, do you?” was all he said.

“Me?!” you asked incredulously.

“I don’t know how more obvious I can be before you get it,” he seemed to be containing his own frustration as he parked and shut off the car.

“What are you talking about?” you were wholly confused at this point.

“I basically spelled it out for you, Y/N. If you can’t figure it out by now then don’t bother,” were his parting words as he exited the car and walked off.

You remained seated still as confused as ever. What the hell was he on about? Just as you were about to shrug it off and leave the car your phone lit up on the seat next to you. You picked it up, intending to read the notification when you realized this wasn’t your phone. For one, where you were usually prompted for a passcode, this phone slid straight to the home screen in one swipe.  Harry must have mistakenly left with your phone, leaving his behind.

The wallpaper froze you. It was you. A picture of you laughing, that you never even knew had been taken, was mapped across the screen. Harry’s screen. Why were you his wallpaper?

And then things started making sense while simultaneously puzzling you.

You hustled out of the car and sped in the direction he’d taken off in. It didn’t take long to spot him. He’d wandered around to another bank of the lake, away from everyone else. He was perched on a rock with his back to you.

“You forgot your phone,” was all you said.

You marched over there in search of answers, but as soon as you approached him you didn’t know how to broach the topic.

He turned to face you, but didn’t say anything so you took that as your cue to awkwardly step forward and explain.

“You left with mine.”

He reached into his pocket and produced a phone identical to the one in your hand. He glanced at it before holding it out for you.

“Right. Sorry.”

You walked right up to him and replaced your phone with his.

“Why am I your wallpaper?” you blurted out before you could stop yourself.

So much for tact…

You watched as he raked his hands through the same curls your hands were fisted in less than an hour before.

His eyes refused to meet yours as they stared out at the water.

“On second thought, forget I asked,” you were about to walk back when his voice stopped you.

“Honestly, what did you think my response would be when you saw it?”

“I…” you were at a loss for words.

His eyebrows rose waiting for you to answer.

“I don’t know I was hoping you would say it was a joke or…I don’t know…” you trailed off pathetically.

“Well it’s not.”


“I like you, Y/N,” his words caused you to fall silent and his direct stare made you feel naked and exposed.

When you couldn’t summon the words to respond, he quickly ran his fingers through his hair before standing.

Just as he was about to leave you uttered out, “Why?”

He shrugged with furrowed brows, “What do you mean why? I didn’t choose to get feelings for you, Y/N. It’s not like I just up and decided one day to get butterflies every time you smiled. Pretty sure that’s not how it works,” his irritation sparked a bit of your own.

“Well, excuse me!  Don’t act like this is all my fault.”

“Oh, so I suppose it’s mine?”

“Could you not be an asshole for two seconds?” you snapped.

“Could you not be so bloody infuriating?”

“Ugh! You drive me crazy!”

In that moment you were aware that in the middle of the heated exchange you two had somehow ended up inches apart.

Before you could break the proximity his murmured reply came, “So do you.”

One second you were shouting and the next, your lips were occupied by his. Much like the first time there was no resistance. In fact, your arms snaked around his neck as his secured your hips. Tongues tangled and breaths became one as he resumed his seat on the rock and pulled you to sit atop him; resembling the position in the car you’d assumed not too long ago.

He broke the kiss then, to your chagrin, and leaned back to look at you. Your eyes fluttered open, meeting his playful gaze.

“Four months.”

“What?” you had no idea what he was talking about.

“I had you as my wallpaper for four months and you’ve only now figured it out. Took you long enough,” his smirk was teasing.

You rolled your eyes, and still couldn’t help but smile, “Shut up and kiss me.”

He leaned in, only too happy to oblige.