drive knee

Dapper Lexa:

- casually wears button-downs and white Oxford shirts that are always freshly pressed; they are tailored and her biceps look prominent and amazing and the unbuttoned collar makes Clarke weak at her knees;

- drives with one hand on the wheel;

- smells like a hint of leather and tobacco and spice and at the same time something clean and fresh;

- lounges in a white v neck and grey sweatpants at home;

- sips at expensive scotch purposefully, enjoying every drop;

- same when she eats Clarke out for hours;

- fucks Clarke just the way she needs to; makes love to Clarke just the way she feels for her;

- always opens doors for her girl and takes out the chair for her and walks into an elevator first but leaves last;

- makes Clarke go crazy with that swagger in her step, confident and calm and purposeful;

- is really into shoes. Like, I’m talking Oxford shoes and brogues and desert boots;


- strongly color coordinated outfits

- is the most discussed topic at girls’ nights; Clarke is bombarded with questions every time and she loves it because Lexa is amazing and sexy and all hers;

- has a vigorous health and workout routine and pays attention to what she eats; Clarke with her hot pockets only rolls her eyes at her Fine Stud’s crazy antics;

- into power play, like, a lot;

- is really into business and politics and at the same time art and fine wine;

- really, really into wine; the way she talks about wine makes Clarke aroused and jealous of the drink at the same time;

- sits with her legs apart and stands with her hands clasped behind her and a chin jutted up; Clarke is a total slut for those power displays;

Feel free to add/agree/disagree

Denerfing the Bayverse: Starscream

Bring him and every other tragically nerfed Cybertronian back from the dead.

Make him go through combat sims or something so he doesn’t suck at fighting (note: This needs to happen for every Decepticon except maybe Galvatron because he did okay in Age of Extinction).

Give him a slightly slimmer build (for agility) and Prime Starscream’s knee spikes.

And have him use his fantastic legs as weapons.

He jumps up and drives his knee into the side of some poor sap’s head.

Or picture this:

He grabs an enemy’s ankle with his birdy foot and pulls it out from under them to trip them, or just jumps, grabs their head with said foot and slams them to the ground. He then jumps on top and pins them down like a hawk with one foot, and finally rips out their spark with the other one.

He’s already got buzzsaw hands, let’s see those some more, too.

I’m pretty sure he’s got knuckle-claws also. Love to see those in action. He could create an opening with the buzzsaws and then start gouging and tearing with the claws. 

One of his arms transforms into a missile launcher and the other one into a chain gun, so he’s also got ranged potential.

As for characterization…Well, crap. We’ve kind of got the wrong movie series for that but I’ll give it a try: Maybe he’s invested in making more hatchlings and raising them and crap so his species doesn’t go extinct. Being a warrior’s great and all, but securing the future of all Cybertronians is a whole lot more important. It gives winning the war more meaning than “there are five of us left and zero of them and we’ll go extinct soon.” Also he was seen letting some of them use him as a jungle gym in one of the tie-in comics IIRC, so it’s not too much of a stretch that he’d be invested in making more now that Batch 1 has presumably starved to death. 

(Side note: If The Fallen had something to do with making Baby Bot Batch 1, Starscream’ll have to Hollywood Science his way into making Batch 2, but I don’t think anyone’s going to be too critical of Hollywood Science in a Bayverse movie.)

So maybe he finds those dudes melting down Cybertronian corpses and makes them a deal: Give him the location and resources to create and raise hatchlings and he’ll give them the eggshells and growth molts to melt down for…whatever they plan to do now that the whole “controllable robot army” plan fell through. As a bonus, helping to save Cybertronians from extinction will be great PR for the company that killed so many of them, making Cybertronians far less likely to kill them all in the future.

On Starscream’s side, he’ll have to make said hatchlings Decepticon-Autobot hybrids so they’ll have the best chance of living no matter what side wins.

This means he won’t be participating in any battles, but if anyone threatens his kids, well…We get to see the first half of this post play out.

Confessions 15 to 26

like this post

hopefully I’m not repeating any


15: I have 6 piercings

16: Ive kissed more girls than guys

17: this is really bad I know but I’ve probably shoplifted over $2000 worth of stuff in the past 8 months alone. I refuse to steal from individual people and mom and pop stores though, just chain stores.

18: I drive with my knee a lot

19: I hate that I am but I’m actually really really good at lying and manipulating people to do things that I want 😖

20: when I was little I used to think that the big brother program would actually give you a big brother so I begged mom to call all of the time

21: I love cats and I will pick them up and carry them around no matter how much they try to fight me lmao

22: I really hate ’-poke-’ and the ‘c:’ , ’^_^’ , ‘xD’ faces. theyre annoying af

23: it also really annoys me when people say nu, yesh, yus, and yas

24: I’ve never celebrated a birthday or holiday

25: the one serious relationship that I had was with a girl

26: I taught myself to play the piano at 10 years old

3x3 workout

Circuit 1 — repeat 3 times

Squats — 20 reps
Reverse lunge with knee drives — 8 reps on each side
Jump twist and squats — 8 reps

Circuit 2 — repeat 3 times
Push-ups — 12 reps
Three-legged dog twists — 8 reps on each side
Single-leg crunches — 8 reps on each side (This one is killer for your core!)

Circuit 3 — repeat 3 times
Side lunges with hands raised — 8 reps on each side
Butterfly dips — 8 reps
Reverse crunch rolls — 8 reps

Problems of being in an old-ass fandom: really wanting to get in touch with an author to tell them how beautiful their fic is, that it’s driving you to your knees and making you want to weep because it’s so amazingly written and why on earth can’t you write like that, except the only contact you can find is an old email and you’re not sure if your message will get through because said email is from twenty years ago.

daphne - bees buzzing, heels on a pavement, red lights. corsets, hair slick with water. lemons, ravens, dramatic declarations, alarm clocks. the colour of a bruise, riding a bicycle for the first time, dancing on the edge between the sand and the sea.

pansy - cassette tapes, the revving of an engine, starless night skies. police sirens, lipstick stains, skinny dipping, high heels. silver and black, cigarettes held limply, bird cages. caution tape, skulls, unmade beds, fireworks at night.

astoria - driftwood, quartz, bird feathers, fog. electric guitars, dark reds, the rumble of thunder. whispers at midnight, a collection of mirrors, a voice echoing. dried flowers, skinned knees, driving around the countryside. running breathless.

—  the girls of harry potter, part four 1 2 3 5


Limsa’s never found a problem they’ve not solved with cannon-fire
And though I might look fetching in their red and black pirate attire
I have no real fondness for the posturing and grog, you see
Nor seasickness and backstabbing and Frontlines mediocrity.
For coin and country’s well and good but don’t believe aristocrats
You’ll find that ‘coin and still more coin’s entire worlds more accurate
Nanamo might be cute and yet I can’t help but be irritated
Knowing that my hard work’s for the profit of the Syndicate
And if you’re not a fair midlander or a wildwood elezen
Gridania’s off the table, you’ve a snowflake’s chance in hell with them
To live in any one of these would just be too unethical,
I can’t buy a house anyway, but every nation’s terrible.

You know it’s bad, the only land charitable to refugees
Is one that made a hobby out of driving beastmen to their knees.
Every man and girl and child who lives in Ul’dah has their price
And every other Twelveswood dungeon features human sacrifice.
The one who’s right in Vylbrand is the one who has the biggest gun
Ul’dah’s no different, it’s just whose purse there contains the largest sum
But both of those make perfect sense next to the Shroud where all agree
That stealing flower seeds is worse than working for the enemy.
Whether they are obsessed with power, sanctity or filthy wealth
It’s clear that the Eorzean Alliance can go fuck itself.
So though swearing to a Company implies that I’m dependable
I’m just here for the hunting glamours, every nation’s terrible.

Outside of the Alliance you’d think maybe it’s improved somewhat
But one look at the morbols in Mor Dhona tells me it has not.
A Coerthan’s idea of a trial’s a long drop into a ravine,
And Sharlayan seems nice but if you live there you’ll be killed offscreen.
Ala Mhigo’s occupied and even if it wasn’t, well
If you weren’t buddies with the king then you’d be better off in hell.
Amdapor ended the world once and Allagans were horrible
And Nym and Meracydia were likely as deplorable.
You know Empires are all bad news because it’s Final Fantasy
I thought that you’d have caught on long before we got to X-I-V.
I see no evidence to suggest Othard might be bearable
And, let’s be real, we all deserve this - every player’s terrible.

….and now I want to write the inevitable modern James Bond-esque spy AU for Leliana and Cassandra, oh gosh.

Because we all know that after Leliana stabs someone with her stiletto heels she’s going to rappel down some building and Cassandra will be there in their nondescript black Jaguar to pick her up, with a Ziplock to put the bloody shoes in and some wet wipes and hand sanitizer to clean up with–

–and in the back, a bag of replacement shoes–

–and they’re from Payless.

“Payless?” Leliana says, incredulous.

“What’s wrong with Payless?” says Cassandra, who is herself wearing a pair of Payless sneakers. (She also has her hands at the ten and two positions on the wheel.  Never mind that she could steer with one hand and lean the other elbow out the window like a badass. Never mind that Leliana knows full well that she can do stunt driving with only her knees while using her hands to return fire out the window. No. In the city, Cassandra keeps her hands on the ten and two positions.)

“Oh,” Leliana says, as they squeal out into traffic, Cassandra’s hands firmly in the correct position. “You have so much to learn,” she adds, and leans forward to press a kiss to Cassandra’s cheek, a kiss that leaves the vivid red lipstick mark that her target wanted but never got.

Cassandra grunts again in ostensible disgust, but she can’t hide her smile, and she doesn’t wipe away the mark as she slides the black car effortlessly through traffic.

And sometimes when we touch
The honesty’s too much
And I have to close my eyes and hide
I wanna hold you til I die
Til we both break down and cry
I wanna hold you till the fear in me subsides

At times I’d like to break you
And drive you to your knees
At times I’d like to break through
And hold you endlessly —Sometimes When We Touch, Dan Hill

Whenever I hear this song, it always reminds me of Usuk, I think it just has that mix of uncertainty and tsuntsun-ness of those two xD

I love my height but...

I’m 6′3-6′4 ish. I am not extremely tall or anything but I’m tall nonetheless. When you are tall you have to worry about hitting your head on shit. Once I hit my head on top of my grandmother’s door frame to the front door of her house. That shit hurt like a mug!! 

Sometimes it can be difficult when you are trying to drive because your knees touch the stirring wheel. I have to have to sit in the back seat. Your legs is all bunched up. It’s just not ordeal. But let me tell you the fucked up part about being tall. I think it has to be the people who are my height though. Maybe if I was just a few inches taller or shorter I wouldn’t have this problem but listen though. Seriously!!!

Remember I said I’m about 6′3-6′4 right? So apparently counter spaces are built to the height of my groin area. This has always been the case since I’ve reached this height but listen though. Every time I stand at the counter to wash the dishes my dick get wet and it look like I peeped myself.But it gets worse. One time I pinched the tip of my dick on the counter reaching for something sitting on the top of the cabinet. I’ve burned my dick from the steam from an iron once that’s why now I only iron from the bed. I even burned my dick on a hot stove once. I can’t even hug little kids standing up, that’s why I always run. They think I want to play and shit, naaaa b. 

Bruh, I know I can’t shrink so I pay that God helps me grow a few more inches. This is a struggle for me. I will sacrifice the pains of sitting in the back seat, shitting in bathrooms with little to no leg room. I will sacrifice not being able to have the sheets cover my entire body. I’ll sacrifice ashy ankles because my pants high-waters and black people always get ashy when they cold even after they put on lotion. 

But frfr though, when I finally find my dream home I’ll have to make sure the countertop space is a higher than the standard height. I wish ya’ll knew the struggle. 

Split Squat Jump

A. In water: Start with your left leg forward, both knees bent into a lunge position, arms straight out to the sides.

B. Jump up as you drive your right knee up towards your chest and land in the starting position. Repeat, then switch legs.

This explosive exercise works your entire legs up into your hips. Make it harder by progressing from deeper to more shallow water.

Father, let all things that burdened and troubled me drive me to my knees before You in prayer. Let me fervently seek Your face all days of my life.