drive ins diners and dives

Alright guys, announcement time.

For a while I’ve wanted to branch out in cosplay. And I did that. And it was all leading up to this moment. As of today, I have officially sold all of my old costumes, including Final Fantasy ones, to make way for this, my dream cosplay.

I’ll be cosplaying Guy Fieri at every con now, and I’ll be making every outfit he’s ever worn in Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives). I know you think is just a joke or some stale, unfunny meme(me), but this is my cosplay life now.

Thank you guys, I hope you’ll join me in going to Flavortown!

I’m Guy Fieri and we’re rolling out, looking for the greatest diners, drive-ins, and dives at the end of the universe.

There are 42 flavors in Flavortown.

free ideas for lucasfilm
  • plo koon & kit fisto romantic comedy
  • alderaan netflix show (jimmy smits reprising for bail….)
  • ahsoka movie in which she finally gets to kiss a girl
  • netflix show about queen jamillia’s court on naboo
  • the star wars version of diners drive-ins and dives where anakin takes on a guy fieri-esque role and tours the galaxy sampling the best live bugs on each planet