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If you like animation and cycling, this is well worth 10 minutes of your time

me, driving around the sp studios in a hot pink convertible with a bumper sticker that says “honk if you love craig tucker”, wearing heart shaped sunglasses, and blasting lana del rey: kyle is a trans boy

matt and trey: please leave it’s been two weeks

Potter Week Prompts day 8 “Happee Birthdae”

Thanks to @taryndraws and her prompts for giving me 8 days of art direction, it was a lot of fun!



“ I listened to the track repeatedly the entire drive to the studio. I barely had the lyrics down when we filmed. My first shot which was me crawling behind a paper board with a slit cut in it so it only revealed a part of my face. Every time I couldn’t remember the words, I ducked down so only my eyes were visible. By the end of the shoot, I couldn’t not hear the song in my head.”

(Christy Turlington)

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A very "legit" source on twitter(DanielR) claims JL is really bad and producers don't know how to fix it. Apparently he has being right before. I just find it a bit suspicious how this tweet came out 24hrs later after the JL pic came out..

The term ‘’legit’’ is used with extreme fluidity when it comes to rumors about the DCEU. The source could have been someone who lives near Burbank and occasionally drives by WB studios. The standards for journalism when it comes to these movies is fucking non-existent. He doesn’t provide a source and his Twitter is otherwise full of the kind of shit I’ve heard a thousand times already like accusations that Snyder ‘’doesn’t get or like these characters’’ and accusing it of being cynical and venerating the DCAU. 

Overall nothing I’ve seen of this guy makes me think he should be taken seriously. He strikes me as a purist keen to believe the worst so anything he says should be seen through that view. This should be treated with the same attitude as so much of the shit that always gets said about these movies. My worry is that people will believe him like They did with that stupid fucking letter and then it becomes a big self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s astonishing to me how many people don’t get that, when you’ve prepared yourself to hate something or see it as a trainwreck, odds are that’s exactly what you’re going to do, regardless of the quality.

As for the timing, it is fucking convenient. It’s a bit like people suddenly giving a shit about something Ezra Miller did two years ago after the first look at JL was shown.

20/100 || 21/01/16 || This is not my favourite subject if I have to be honest, but I have to do it so I’m trying to do it at my best. I can’t wait ‘till this exam is done, even if I have to wait a little less than a month. After this I will finally have two weeks of break after months of non-stop studying.


by Adastra615

Prompts: Ballet AU, Young Baelfire, Ticket to nowhere

There’s an ache in Gold’s chest the first time he sees her, but rather it’s the melody – Tchaikovsky’s Danse Chinoise blaring loudly through the CD player on the stage, the thunk of slippered feet, and her voice counting away the measures – that is the real culprit. The latent pain in his ankle flairs and he wants to flee.

Bae moves effortlessly across the stage, like he’s born for it, an assuredness to the pirouettes and Tour en l'airs. Such confidence seems foreign in his shy son, so closed off since his mom left. In that way they are exactly the same.

Gold hasn’t been outside the house much since it happened. It’s only after Bae begs him to let him start ballet classes that he gives in and drives him to the small studio- an old converted theatre. The chairs in the audience creak and the stage is at capacity with five students. At first  he doesn’t think he can stay, but then he sees her. He’s only spoken to her on the phone: She’d said her name was Belle French and he’d thought she had the most beautiful accent.

She holds herself so carefully, assured in her steps, and yet there’s something sad in her expression that even from the back row seems to bleed through. He sits down, stays.

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Ah right, I doodled these dongles last night! I told Hydok that I’d practice drawing the blue naruto for her, so I decided to test drive Manga Studio 5. I’m not sold on the default brushes but the inking tools in general have a really nice, dynamic feel to them.

Also can you believe that when I first experienced SE five years ago this goofball was my least favorite? He was just too big for me to handle at the time. I have sinned. I am sorry.

Question: Which one of these are considered “ANIME?”

Answer:  TOP ROW (L/R): Isao Takahata’s “The Story of Princess Kaguya” (Ghibli), Takeshi Koike’s “World Record” (Studio 4c),Atsuko Fukushima “Genius Party Intro” (Studio 4c)

SECOND ROW (L/R) :Tatsuo Sato “Cat Soup”(J.C.staff), Shinji Kimura “Deathtic 4”( Studio 4c), Isao Takahata “My Neighbors The Yamadas” (Ghibli)

THIRD ROW (L/R): Shinya Ohira “Wanwa The Doggy” (Studio 4c), Koji MOrimoto “Dimension Bomb” (Studio 4c), Kazuo Oga “THE NIGHT OF TANEYAMAGAHARA” (Ghibli)

FOUTH ROW (L/R): Naohisa Inoue “IBLARD JIKAN” (Ghibli), Kazuto Nakazawa “ Moon Drive” (Studio 4c), Junichi Sato “Sailor Moon” (Toei Animation)

All of these are created produced and directed by highly skilled ( and mostly unknown) animation directors in Japan. I guess the point of this is to prove that it would behoove one to do a little more research before writing off animation from an entire region( Japan) as something that’s all the same to be lumped up into the same approach based off of their terribly poor exposure to the mainstream of it (That’s like assuming all animated content in America is Pixar and Adventure Time), or worse; lumping it all as a genre and not a creative medium with tons of different voices and approaches. 

“Anime” アニメ in Japanese is just a shorter way to say “Animation” アニメーション It’s not a genre. it’s a medium. Tell your school teachers. ^^