drive in restaurant


Help me tie my shoes

Wash my hair in the bath

Pet me

Pick out my clothes

Pull me into your lap

Get my paci if you notice me chewing my lip

Cuddle me

Make me giggle

Use my little dishes for a meal

Bring me a drink in a sippy cup

Stick a crazy straw in my drink

Hold my hand in public

Order for me at a restaurant

Drive me places (and pick me up)

Go to my doctor’s appointments with me

Help me make tough choices

Let me fall asleep on you

Ask me to help you with things

Tell me when I’m a good girl

Tell me if I make you proud

Take care of me when I’m sick

Remind me to take my medicine

Suggest naptime, especially if I’m crabby

Read to me

Ask me about my favorite things; tell me about yours

Whisper secrets to me

Teach me new things

Remember my plushies’ names

Ask about my plushies and toys

Tuck me in at night

Remind me of bedtime

Ask if I remembered to do things

Kiss the top of my head or forehead

Color with me

Check for mean-monsters

Listen to my excited-babbles

Play pretend with me

Take me to a park

Push me on the swings

Let me pick the movie

Tell me I’m cute/adorable

Kiss my owies

Use awesome band-aids

Surprise me

Get me little gifts

Set up a bubble bath

Let me draw a tiny heart on you

Check on my planner

Make music with me

Pick my jammies

Cook with me

Take me to the zoo

Take me to the library

Plan and go on a picnic

Take a walk with me

Take me stargazing

Visit a museum with me

Paint my toenails

Make sure I have something to cuddle

Invite me to a tea party

Ask about my imaginary friends

Plan a themed date night

Play board games with me

Play video games with me (or watch me play them)

Do arts and crafts with me

Give me candy/sweets

Make me hot cocoa with marshmallows

Blanket. Forts.

Show me a place I’ve never seen before

Whisper “shhh” in my ear when I’m upset

Wipe away my tears

Take me to see a kiddy movie in the theatre

Sing with me when I break out into song

Call me “princess,” “little one,” “kitten,” “bunny,” “girl,” or “doll”

Appreciate little gifts I make/give you

Make a funny face at me in public

Scoop me up princess-style

Watch cartoons with me

Make me a healthy snack

Make a meal of special little foods

Give me an allowance

Have me complete chores

Remind me to wash my hands before I eat

Get things from places I can’t reach

Rub my tummy when it hurts

Start a pillow fight

Shoot me with a water gun or nerf gun

Quote from my favorite books and movies

Ask me silly questions

Try to win me a prize

Take me somewhere I need to dress up to go to

Ruffle my hair

Boop my nose if my emotions are getting too intense

Let me wear your t-shirt/hoodie

Write a note and leave it somewhere for me to find

Congratulate me for doing something difficult

Start my sleepy music at night

Take me to an amusement park

Take selfies/photobooth pictures with me

Make a pinky promise with me



I’ve been seeing the same POT for a month now. Yesterday was our fourth meet and I was going to mentally declare him an SD from now on. You’d better believe that was C A N C E L L E D.

After spending two hours getting ready, I drove another two hours in the snow in Toronto traffic to meet this man at a restaurant for our date. I got there, grabbed a table and sat down when he texted me saying he fell asleep and to order for him because he would be there soon. This really pissed me off because the last time we met up he was an hour late, and the time before that he was off by 20 minutes. Now, I had already spent money and time driving to the restaurant so my ass was NOT about to turn around and leave. No, I knew he would come, even if it took 2 hours. And it did. Straight up, two hours.

Luckily my boyfriend came and saved the day by covering my tab and letting me use his laptop to charge my phone in the restaurant. He stayed with me until this man arrived.

I walked out to his car, smiling and pretending everything was okay, because my ass already had a plan.

There was no way I’d be fucking and sucking this dude tonight. No way in hell! Had it been a vanilla man I would’ve already blocked his number and forgot his name but I was going to suck this man dry of every hour of my time that he wasted.

I turned to him, smiling and said, “babe, do you want to go to the mall?”

You’d better believe his ass took me to the Eaton Center, scrambling to make up for tonight. I had him withdraw $2,000 cash and buy me $400 worth of Steve Madden and Aritzia gear. Then, before it was time to leave, “I have to go to the bathroom,” I said, “I’ll meet you outside once you grab the car from the parking garage.”

And what the fuck did I do? I grabbed an Uber and hauled my ass back home. If anyone saw a young woman running down the street in Louboutins and an arm full of shopping bags last night, that was me.

After two hours of texting him and pretending I couldn’t find him outside, he got the hint.

Now that I have a car I 1000% am going to do night drives to just eat in restaurants in strange places and watch the sunrise over foreign towns and sleep in strange motels and experience the country but only in its liminal hours when no one else is awake


Gutmann, John (1905-1998) - 1936 Monster on Broadway by RasMarley
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John Gutmann (1905-1998) Born in Breslau, Germany,

Not Another Number 8

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THANK YOU all so much for being patient and waiting for me to write this! Here is part 8! -Katie 💞

You climbed into the passenger side of the car while your stomach continued to do flips. Wearing your coat this time you were bundled up and began to watch the snowfall from the sky as you waited for Auston to get in. With your eyes focused on the sky, you barely heard the car door open for him to get into the car.

“Ready?” he questioned you as you still stare out the windshield.

“Yeah, of course.” You say turning to share a soft smile to ensure him. He starts the car to begin the short drive to the restaurant for you to make your first impression on his family. He reaches out for your hand and you politely give in. As his left hand is on the steering wheel he holds tightly on to your hand with his right.

“You’re gonna be just fine, Y/N. Nothing to be worried about.” He looks over to you to with a reassuring face.

“You keep telling me that, but I can’t help but to feel nervous.” You say justifying your feeling. Auston sighs and looks back at the road just moments away from the restaurant.

As Auston reached for the door you took a deep breath in. Squeezing his hand, he opens the door to the restaurant. He leads you through the small crowd of people already engaged in their dinners and conversation. You reach a small private back room where dim lights are lite through out the ceiling.

“Auston!” you hear a girl’s voice call out. You let go of Auston’s hand and let him join his family while you wait to be invited over. He instantly clicks right into the bunch and his faces lights up. You could tell he misses being around his family. While you awkwardly stood there, you locked eyes with Mrs. Matthews. She smiled softly at you.

“Y/N, what are you doing over there? Come on here and join us.” She says while waving you down. Taking slow strides you pace yourself to the welcoming family in front of you. Sheepishly you join Auston by his side.

“Everyone this is, Y/N.” he looks down at you and smiled as your name fell out of his mouth. You couldn’t speak so you just smiled a little.

“Of course we know her name, you haven’t stopped talking about her since you played the Pens.” One of his sisters piped up. You blushed a little, causing Auston to lock eyes with his sister. As his family took their seats they began small conversations about their flight here and how they were all excited for Auston’s game tomorrow.

“Surely you’ll be joining us Y/N, yes?” Mrs. Matthews asked as you picked up the menu placed in front of you.

“Oh definitely! I’m looking forward to it.” You gave her a soft smile.

“Do you like hockey?” asked Mr. Matthews.

“Of course she does dad, how do you think we met?” Auston exclaimed.

“It’s okay” you placed you hand on Auston’s knee calming him down “I’m a really big fan of the Penguins. I’ve grown up going to the games with my dad and my brother sometimes. They’re my favorite team by far.” You say while glancing at Auston with your last sentence.

“Can you ice skate?” asked one of his sisters.

“I can, but I’m not the best at stopping.” You could feel the heat on you face.

“Well we’ll have to go together tomorrow before Auston’s practice!” she replied.

“Okay, sure.” You agreed while Auston squeezed your hand.

Dinner continued very casual with simple questions about where you were attending college and how you wanted to pursue a job in social media for hockey.

Once you returned to the car you felt yourself breath fully again.

“You’re amazing, did you know that?” Auston said while leaning in to kiss you before starting the car.

“I’ve heard the before.” You commented.

“No, I’m serious. My parents really like you, and the fact that Breyana asked you to come ice skate with…” he trailed off with a grin stretching on his face.

“You didn’t full on introduce me to your sisters. You were very rude.” You playfully hit him in the arm.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see them both tomorrow.”

“Will you be there? Please, I don’t know how to stop well and I can’t be embarrassed in front of your family yet.” Your heart began to race.

“Oh I’ll be there,” you felt sudden relief “but not to help you stop.” Your eyes shot over to him. “You’ll be okay.” What was this boy doing to you? First making you feel all sorts butterflies trapped in your stomach, now a trial and error test round with his family.

You honestly could wait for the morning to come. You were anxious about skating and getting to know his sister more, well actually the other way around. It didn’t matter if you were ready or not. You heard the alarm that Auston set go off and rolled to your side. You were already awake, but you needed to actually move now. Auston didn’t budge as the alarm continued to ring. Reaching over him to turn it off your caught by a very tired Auston.

“What do you think you’re doing on my side?” he cocks an eyebrow.

“How long are you gonna let that alarm go off?” you fired back.

“As long as I wanted.” he pulled you on top of him, your head fitting perfectly under his.

“I can’t be comfortable with this alarm still going on.” You say freeing a hand and ending the alarm’s life. You could hear him chuckle as he pulled you back in. “I’m still nervous for today. I know you say I’m going to be okay, but it’s kind of a big deal.” He looks down at your face painted with worry.

“Y/N, I know you are. But my sisters are great, and so are you. Plus I will be there to move things along and I promise you I won’t feed you to any sharks. You should know I’m very afraid of those.”

“Oh are you?” you say playfully biting his neck now.

“Yes, but you are no shark. You’re too sassy and independent. Now we should probably eat and get ready. Mom will probably want to get there early.” He let go of you and you lost the warmth that you had from him.

Arriving at the rink you clung to Auston’s side. Holding tightly to his hand you can start to see the familiar faces from last nights dinner.

“Are you ready Y/N?” Breyana spoke up.

“Yeah I think so.” You say letting go of Auston and slipping your hands into your coat pockets.

The Matthews began to lace up their skates and you just sat there starring at yours. I can do this it’s going to be okay. You told yourself. One skate at a time, you become more confident and Auston reached his hand out to help you up. Wobbling a little, you were greeted by Breyana, which you understood is his younger sister.

“Can I skate with you first?” she asks. You look over toward Auston.

“Go on, I’ll catch up with you later.” He guarantees you. You offer your hand to Breyana and she gladly accepts.

The two of you begin to skate and for once, you’re not too worried about falling on your face because you don’t have to stop.

“So what’s Auston like with you?” Breyana turns to you.

“What do you mean?” you look at her eyes wide open.

“I mean, are you two serious or are you just another fling?”

“Well Breyana, I sure hope I’m not another fling. And I told your brother that. From what I’ve seen so far, I really like your family and how close you all are. I’m really close with my family too. In fact I miss my older brother right now, and I know for sure he’s missing me too.” She smiles a little, as she seems to understand what you’re feeling.

“Well I’m sure it’s time for someone else to skate with you Y/N. Alex I’m sure has some questions for you too.” She gives you a teasing face and you smile back holding in your nerves.

Alex skates by and links arms with you, “Hey Y/N.”

“Hi Alex.”

“I’m sure you’ve had a little heart to heart with Breyana?” she insists.

“Breyana is really sweet.” You reply.

“She is the baby of our family.” She clung harder to you.

“I just want to make sure you’re here for the right reasons. I don’t want any heartbreak on either side. I’ve been through a difficult break up before and I don’t want my younger brother to experience this either. And if you’re in this for money-“ she stopped in front of you,” you should just leave now.”

“Alex,” you started,” I just want you to know that I really like your brother for who is, not what he has. Some how we really click and I want to make this work. Unfortunately with heartbreaks, and I’m sorry you went through such a tough one yourself, but you can never predict them. I don’t want to hurt your brother. That’s not an intention of mine.” Alex’s stern face smoothed out.

“Auston was right about you.” She spoke softly. “You’re not another number.”

A small sneer appeared on your face and you could see Auston in the distance now with his parents, his mom beaming while just getting to be around him.

“Come on Y/N, let’s go join the rest. You’re definitely in.” she grabbed your hand.

“What do you mean in?” you yelled as she yanked you across the ice.

You rejoined the rest of the family and were lined back with Auston.

“Okay so we’ll see you guys for dinner before the game?” Auston raised an eyebrow to his family.

“Yes, we can’t wait.” Alex and Breyana both squealed at the same time.

“Looks like you made a good impression, like I knew you could.” He whispered in your ear causing you to blush.

You both hugged his family goodbye for now and headed to the car.

“Do I even want to know the questions they asked?” he leaned down kissing your cheek.

“That’s between your sisters and me.” You winked.

Date a girl you met at an unfamiliar fast food place on a long trip. You pulled in at about 2 AM after almost a full day of driving. It was the only restaurant you’ve passed in what’s felt like hours, and the town it’s in doesn’t even seem to be on the map, but at least you know this chain sells coffee. Upon going inside the first thing you noticed was the radio playing a country station that you can only barely make out over the static. After looking around a bit more you notice this location seems to have some sort of “tropical island” theme going on, with a mural depicting a pod of dolphins swimming through a hot pink ocean, accompanied by a glass display case on the wall filled with glittery sand and plastic palm trees. This would make sense if you were anywhere near an ocean, but you’re pretty sure the closest body of water was that duck pond you passed a couple miles back. The only other customer here is a girl sitting in the corner furthest from the register. She has curly green hair and is wearing a hoodie that doesn’t look like it’s been washed in years. She’s intently slurping a chocolate milkshake, but is surrounded by several empty cups, implying she’s been here a while. It almost looked like she’d been staring at the doors impatiently before you got here. She made eye contact and smiled as you came in.

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Supercorp prompt: Supercorp goes out to like a French restaurant or something and Kara is surprised and really impressed when Lena speaks French. She ends up saying something like "but learning languages is so hard you should be really proud of yourself!". And then Lena remembers Kara is bare minimum bilingual and asks her to say something in Kryptonian. Kara does Lena gets very turned on and they end up leaving the restaurant early ;)

gkldfgjlkdfgjldf i fukn love this im gonna write it once im done w my other prompt im love u

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How do I change the scene smoothly? Like if a character wants to drive to a restaurant, but has to walk to her car and talk to her companion? Is it okay to jump from scene to scene often?

Accounting for Lost Time in Scene Transitions
Using Transitions to Skip TIme
Scene Transitions


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