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Happenchance (Chapter 2)

Summary: Somehow and someway, Daveed and Y/N always find their way to each other in the strangest and randomest places. Told in drabbles.

Pairing: Daveed x reader.

“This isn’t the women’s bathroom.”

Daveed froze, quickly zipped up his pants, and eyed the girl who stood before the door to the men’s bathroom. “Uh,” he stammers, bewildered.

The girl, dressed in a tight black dress and bunny ears, tilted her head as she inspected him. Her face, tinged pink, and her glossy eyes screamed that she was drunk.

“Um, no, it’s not,” Daveed slowly answered her, still frozen to the spot.


Daveed yelped as the girl brought a hand to her lips and began to heave.

Shit. She was gonna vomit.

“Not here,” he said, grabbing her arm and leading her to the toilet. He sighed and turned away with a grimace as she began to violently heave.

Well, there goes the rest of the night.

Daveed rolled up his sleeves and gently patted the girl’s back, hoping to soothe the girl. He heard the door to the bathroom being pushed open and rushed footsteps, which oddly sounded like the sound of clicking heels…

“Listen here, you,” the door to the stall was swung open and Daveed didn’t have enough time to protect himself from the onslaught of a clutch being repeatedly hit against his back.

“What makes you think you can take advantage of a girl that’s drunk, huh?”

“I’m not -”

“I should call the cops right now -”

“Y/N, please, I just want to go home,” the tiny whimper behind them stopped the black clutch from hitting him.

Daveed was shoved to the side and was left to ponder why your name sounded so familiar…

“Oh Emma, I knew going out tonight would be a bad idea,” he heard you coo.

“I’ll regret it tomorrow,” Emma responded, closing her eyes. “I would have barfed all over the place if it wasn’t for him,” she added after a pause.

You turned and Daveed’s breath catches.

It’s been a week since he’s seen you and after a quick scan of your costume - or rather, the lack of - he confirmed that you were indeed trouble.

Trouble wrapped in a silky red ribbon.

You were dressed in nothing but two scraps of ribbons, thick enough to bind your chest and cover your bottom. The ribbons were tied into a neat bow, one resting in the middle of your back and the other on the curve of your butt.

You were dressed as a present for Halloween, and boy, did he want to unwrap you.

“Oh, it’s you,” you said, recognition flashing across your eyes before your lips curled up in a smile, “how appropriate, our hero dressed as Superman,” you poked the blue superman shirt under the open white button up he wore.

“Hi again,” Daveed replied.

“Thank you for helping Emma,” you said sincerely, squatting down and pulling her hair into a ponytail.

Daveed gulped and remained silent, willing himself not to stare too long when your costume shifted to reveal more of your skin.

Whatever you were wearing had to be illegal.

“Just give me a second and I’ll call Josh to come pick us up, alright?” you said to Emma, who was in the middle of heaving into the toilet.

Daveed follows you out of the stall, ears trained on your conversation.

Josh? A boyfriend perhaps? Daveed tried to ignore the tinge of jealousy that surged through him. He barely knew you, so why would he feel this way?

“Hi Joshua, Emma is too hammered to drive home, so if you could pretty please come and pick us up,” you said into your phone, pacing back and forth. “Alright, thank you, see you soon,” you hummed, hanging up.

Before he could stop himself, he asked, “Boyfriend coming to pick you up?”

His ears felt hot when your lips curled up into a knowing smirk.

“No, Emma’s boyfriend is.”

He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

You walk past him and help up the sleepy Emma, whose stomach has seemed to calm down. “Come on, Emma, just hang on for a few more minutes.”

Daveed opened the door for them, ignoring the stare of a man that they passed on their way out of the bathroom. “Will you two be okay? Do you want me to get you water or anything?” he asked.

You smiled. “Thanks but no thanks, Superman,” you murmured.

“Are you sure,” Daveed started, “I’d hate to let you guys go like this.”

“You’re a sweetheart,” you laughed. “Thanks for everything, Daveed. I hope I’ll see you again.”

And with a parting wink, Daveed was left behind, a sense of deja vu washing over him as he watched you two walk through the club doors.

He sighed.

Yep, you were definitely trouble.

An AU I like to think about sometimes is what might have happened if the Exile had stayed with the Republic Fleet after getting kicked out of the Jedi Order.

Revan might have had a more difficult time during the Jedi Civil War, for one thing. The Republic would have a rallying figure who could serve as Revan’s equal and opposite, which would definitely help with morale. Given the way the post-Malachor V’s Exile’s Force powers work, she wouldn’t experience a loss of connection with the Force, but would instead draw strength from her companions, getting stronger and stronger until she’d probably be able to give the strongest of the Sith a run for their money. Revan, if she has any idea of the true nature of the Exile’s powers, would probably deliberately avoid engaging her, and could easily be put on the defensive or sent into retreat by sending the Exile her way.

Then there’s the way the Exile would cope with all this. This AU assumes an Exile who wasn’t so broken by Malachor V that she never wanted to interact with anyone ever again, but it’s hard to say how well she’d do fighting against the fallen Jedi, some of whom she had undoubtedly known, cared for, been friends with. How would she cope with being set up as Revan’s equal and opposite, given their implied to be fractious relationship before Revan’s betrayal? Would she hold up under the strain of continuous fighting, or would she hit the sort of emotional nadir that she did in canon after Malachor V?

(Might Kreia take notice of the Exile, if for different reasons than in canon? What might the ramifications of that be?)

But what I like thinking about most of all would be the ramifications on the Jedi Order. What a PR disaster this would be for them: the High Council refused to get involved during the Mandalorian Wars, and then they went and kicked out the only Revanchist Jedi who didn’t betray the Republic.

The Exile would be a walking PR nightmare for them, lowering their standing with the Republic even further, and this might spur the Order into greater action earlier on. How would Jedi sent to fight cope with having to live in the Exile’s shadow? If they interacted with her personally? And just how big a fit would the Council throw if the Republic decided the Exile was the only natural choice to serve as their liaison to the Order?

They wouldn’t be really able to refuse the Exile becoming a liaison. The Order would already be in hot water with the Republic, and any explanation they tried to give for refusing to work with the Exile would just land them in worse trouble. They can either tell the Republic that in kicking the Exile out of the Order they were making an example of her to the rest of the Jedi–making a scapegoat out of her since they couldn’t get to Revan–which given the Exile’s status as the Jedi Order’s worst (PR) nightmare would make them look petty and shortsighted. Or. Or they can tell the Republic that they suspect the Exile is basically a Force black hole, that she is unconsciously feeding off of and dominating others through the Force. They can tell the Republic that they knew this, and told no one, and made no attempt to fix what had gone wrong with her, that they had just let the Exile go where she pleased, and made no attempt to keep her away from other people. I feel like even the most intransigent of the High Council knows what a hammer driving nails into a coffin sounds like.

So after the Council went to the trouble of kicking the Exile out, she’s back, and they can’t get rid of her without committing political self-immolation. Do they keep their distance, deal with her as little as possible, the better to keep her from “changing” them? Or do they finally get over their fear of the Exile enough to try to figure out how her Force bond power works, figure out what happened to her at Malachor V when her ability to perceive changed form and her power mutated, and how she might be healed? With these people, who knows.

Unexpected- Part Two

Plot: Josh Dun gets you pregnant and you both freak out.

Imagine: Josh Dun x Female Reader

Requested: No

Triggers: Mention of anxiety and throwing up/morning sickness

Enjoy Part Two! Let me know how you like it so far. Part Three should be up tomorrow.


Josh’s POV-

I had been so excited to finally come home from tour and see Y/N. Touring without her had led to a lot of broken drumsticks and moodiness on the road which had in turn led to Tyler and the rest of the crew staging an intervention, telling me to man up and make our relationship more committed. I’ve known for awhile that I wanted to propose to Y/N but my anxiety has gotten the better of me and it kept telling me that I’m not good enough for her, or she will come to her senses soon and break it off with me. However, I finally listened to Tyler and took the next step; I bought a ring and was planning on proposing the night after I got home from tour but when Y/N called me I instantly became scared that it was over.

Knowing that I would have to see her in person if I wanted to change her mind, I immediately hung up the phone after she called me and started driving over, my heart hammering and my stomach twisting. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if I lose her. It feels like a nightmare is coming true and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I slam my car door shut and run into Y/N’s building, pulling open the heavy door and running up the stairs. I find my way to her door and raise a clammy hand to knock.

Y/N’s POV-

Once you knew that Josh was about to come over, you tried to clean up and get rid of the horrible throw-up stench. You changed into a TOP sweatshirt and some black Nike athletic shorts, tying your Y/H/C hair into a messy bun. Running your hand over the small bump that was softly protruding from your stomach, you gave a small smile and tried to mentally encourage yourself.  Don’t freak out Y/N. Everything will be okay.

You walked into the living room and threw yourself on the fluffy white couch, picking off the remainder of the black polish on your nails. Suddenly you heard a knock at the door and felt the unmistakable feeling of butterflies making their way around your stomach. You shakily picked yourself up off of the couch and slowly walked to your door. Taking a deep breath you swung open the door to see a visibly-anxious Josh standing in front of you. Some of your fear melted away at the sight of your amazing boyfriend that you hadn’t seen in over two months and you momentarily forgot about all of your problems as you threw yourself at him, passionately kissing him on the lips. You molded yourself into his body as he wrapped his arms around you in a warm embrace. Finally you broke away and leaned your forehead on Josh’s, tangling your hands in his bubble gum-pink hair.  Feeling more confident you turned to look into his eyes and smiled. However, you could tell from Josh’s furrowed brow that he was not going to let you get away with stealing another moment of silence and you sighed.

“I know, I know, we still need to talk. C’mon lets go inside.”

You took his hand and ushered him in, closing the door behind him. You started to regain some of the nervousness you had felt before as you led Josh to the couch.

“Y/N, please tell me what’s going on. I missed you so much when I was on tour and I was excited to see you. I’m so in love with you… and I thought you felt the same, b-but now I’m not so sure. If you’re going to break up with me please just get it over with.” Josh blurted out, closing his eyes and flinching as though you were about to hit him.

Your heart dropped to the floor, seeing him in this pain and anxiety. You pushed away your fears and took a deep breath.

“Joshua, how could you even think that? I love you so so much, don’t ever think that I don’t feel anything but love for you. Not seeing you everyday for two months was like hell. It made me want to quit my job and go on tour with you, but you know that’s something I just couldn’t do. I’m so sorry that I made you feel more anxious than usual.” You brought your hand to Josh’s cheek and wiped away a tiny tear that was spilling over the rim of his eye. You leaned in for a kiss and were met with Josh enthusiastically sweeping you up into his arms as he met your lips. You wrapped your legs around Josh’s torso and you smiled into the kiss, elated at his reaction and quickly forgiving nature, but you were brought down from your high by the feeling of your growing bump pressing into Josh’s abdomen. He put you down as he felt your smile quickly turn into a frown.

“What is it? Did I hurt you?” You could see concern written plainly on his face and you knew that you couldn’t lie about your suddenly negative reaction to his kiss.

“No no the kiss was great, you’re great. It’s just there still is something I need to tell you.” You said, shaking your head. You sat back down on the couch, turning to face Josh. Even though you felt as though you were about to throw up again, you tried to encourage yourself. You’re fine Y/N. You can do this. Everything will be okay.

Taking a deep breath you started. “Josh, after you left for tour I started to feel really sick. I started to gain weight and I also became really hormonal and moody. In the beginning I figured it was just me doing a bad job of dealing with being in a long distance relationship again. But just to be safe, I took a pregnancy test and um…I-it was positive. I’m pregnant.”

It felt so amazing to get that huge news off of your chest you didn’t even notice Josh’s sudden reaction. You had figured that after your emotional reunion that Josh wouldn’t be upset, but apparently you were wrong. You turned back to look at him only to see him pale in the face with his head in his hands.

“I…I have to go.”

Your heart stopped.

“What?! Josh you’re being ridiculous.”

He got up from his seat on the couch and started to head towards the door, you following directly behind him.

“I’m sorry Y/N I just can’t do this.” He mumbled, running a hand through his messy hair.

“Josh what about everything I just said? I wasn’t trying to get you to kiss me or something, I was saying what I actually feel, which you know is scary for me.”

Tears were well on their way down your face as you followed Josh to his car.

“Y/N I can’t be a father right now, I just can’t. Please just let me go.” Josh said as he got into his car and shut the door.

Your tears turned into sobs as you watched Josh’s car get smaller and smaller. You stood outside of your apartment building until you couldn’t see Josh’s car anymore, shivering from the wind. Your stomach growled as you remembered that you hadn’t eaten anything after you had thrown up and you groaned, realizing that you needed to feed the baby. Resigned, you slowly walked up to your apartment building, shuddering as the air-conditioning hit you. Trying as best as you could to dry your tears, you sniffled as you walked into your apartment and entered the kitchen, opening your fridge in search of food. Finally you were able to get a meal of pasta and salad together, pouring the pasta in a bowl and placing it in the microwave.

Sitting on the floor you broke back down, mentally scolding yourself for being so pathetic. You stayed in complete silence except for your sniffles and the whir of the microwave. What am I going to do?, you thought. I’m going to be a single mother, stuck with a terrible job and no support system! You were lost in your growing anxiety and terrifying thoughts until the buzzing microwave provoked a rumble in your lower abdomen. Pushing yourself up off of the floor, you grabbed your food and walked into your bedroom, forcing yourself to sit up in bed and eat. Once you had finished your food, you got up and changed into pajamas, aka one of Josh’s oversized shirts that went down to your knees. Turning off the lights and getting back in bed, you scooted over to what was usually Josh’s side of the bed and felt the tears come once more. You felt so empty and hopeless and unbelievably exhausted. Knowing that you needed sleep, you tried to calm yourself and slow the tears, breathing steady, slow breaths until you drifted off into peaceful sleep.

Love can be a steamroller,
Flattening every thing in its path.
Love can be a hammer,
Driving stakes thru hearts.
Love can be a kite,
A broken string and its gone.
But, love can also be a feather.
Soft as a whisper.
Light and free and wind driven.
Sturdy and fragile at the same time.
Love can be all these.
It’s up to the lovers.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a dictionary about fighting words instead of just kick, hit, punch and also a thing with curse words like the meaning of them (English isn't my first language) Happy v-day and thanks for your work! I was the one who sent in the earlier question about the boy and the girl, but please don't answer with '' I can't write your plot for you '' I just think you're really talented and I'll take any tips I can get, cheers! :)

Them’s Fightin’ Words!


  • Blow (“landed a blow on”, “dealt a powerful blow”)
  • Box (“boxed his ears”)
  • Buffet
  • Chop
  • Cuff
  • Haymaker (used, “swung a haymaker”/”hit someone with a haymaker”)
  • Paste (slang, “I pasted her” means “I hit her hard.”)
  • Punch
  • Rabbit punch
  • Slap
  • Slug
  • Sock
  • Strike
  • Swat
  • Thump
  • Uppercut (usually, “landed an uppercut”)
  • Wallop


  • Boot (“Booted his ribs”)
  • Donkey kick
  • Dropkick
  • Punt
  • Roundhouse


  • Bash
  • Beat
  • Clash
  • Collide
  • Crash
  • Drive
  • Hammer
  • Impact
  • Recoil
  • Shove
  • Smash
  • Trip

I also did a page on words you can use in a sword fight. Many of them will be useful to a generic fighting scene as well.


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The Boots

Historical accounts have described the boots as the, “most severe and cruel punishment in the world.” With this method, iron or wooden boots would be placed upon the victims’ legs and a solid wedge would be inserted between the legs and walls of the boots. A blow from a sledge hammer would drive the wedge deeper into the boot, bringing an excruciating amount of a pain to the victim.

Public Domain / Via Flickr: britishlibrary

THEME: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

“The world is a mess, and I just need to rule it.”
“Wow, sarcasm.  That’s original.”
“A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”
“I’m just a few weeks away from a real audible connection.”
“Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?”
“Dude.  You are NOT my nemesis." 
"And these.. are not the hammer.”
“You’re driving a spork into your leg.”
“What a crazy random happenstance!”
“Do I even know you?”
“Goodness, look at my wrist, I gotta go.”
“I hate the homeless…ness problem that plagues our city.”
“I have a PHD in horribleness.”
“I hear it’s better the second time, they say you get to do the weird stuff.”
“Give my regards to St. Peter.  Or whoever has his job, but in Hell.”
“Oh I’m in pain… I think this is what pain feels like!”
“Everyone’s a hero in their own way.”
“I won’t feel a thing.”

Imagine ViTri returning Ren back to Aoba once they deemed him submissive enough.

Rejoiced at finally being able to reunite again with his loyal companion, Aoba tries to switch him on but finds out that he can’t. When he opens up Ren’s main CPU latch, he discovered that Ren’s main hard drive have been hammered in with nails and is broken beyond repair. Aoba then falls into despair and spends the rest of his days at ViTri’s place pretending that Ren is still alive, interacting with him and hearing him “respond” in return.