drive by shitting

Well this guy clearly doesn’t watch Doctor Who or he’d know that none of the doctors can park the tardis anyway because they always leave the brake on hence the tardis sound.


KiHo in Newton MV

The blue oceans, the white clouds, green grass… I… I can’t see any of it.

  • Me, banging on Todd Howard's door: Todd. Todd answer me. Todd why is there jet in vault 95. Jet wasn't made by Myron until after the Great War. It's made from Brahmin dung. Todd please answer the door. This isn't just a case of randomized loot. The terminals and Cait all mention it. why is there jet in vault 95. Todd.

Fitness blogger: *Does one bodybuilding competition*

Fitness blogger: *Reads one book on macro calculation*

Fitness blogger: *Has one year of lifting experience*

Fitness blogger: Yes, hi, I’m qualified to answer all of your questions. E-mail me about my online training and nutrition programs at and use my discount code IMFULLOFSHIT69 for 12.5% off of C4!!!!!


how people in insomnia drive

Noctis Lucis Caelum (who df gives a ticket to the prince)

Prompto Argentum

Gladiolus Amicitia (this is so accurate it makes me cry)

Ignis Scientia 

Cor Leonis (simply drives off that car, because he did no shit at all)

Iris Amicitia (she’s going places)

Cindy Aurum


Regis (he’s old, he forgets sometimes. mk?)

TF OC concepts:

- Orbital Strike Laser Satellite who transforms into a shy mech. Loves the planet and culture which they orbit around and would rather not be used their alt mode ability for devastating military attacks. being in space can get very lonely so they appreciate every little form of communication

- a mech who is a roomba . a normal roomba but 20x size of it

- Transformers whose alt mode is this:

a driving beer box