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Dean’s always prided himself on his need for speed mentality on the road. Flying down the freeway? No problem. Figure eights? Cake.

…But zipping away from the Bunker at 120mph on the back of a ’56 Indian is a different story. This isn’t really because he has an aversion to motorcycles themselves, but more that he’s terrified of the way Cas leans into his turns.

Dean squeezes Castiel’s middle tightly, heart caught in his throat as they hug the edge of the road. He hears Cas shout something from inside his helmet, and hopes to fuck it’s an exclamation of joy. He shuts his eyes just in case.

They’re on the road for about an hour, just driving around backcountry roads and zipping through fields, and by the time they’re entering the Bunker garage, Dean’s fingers are white and stiff from how tightly he’s been gripping Cas’s jacket. He stumbles off the bike with a faint, echoing sense of relief and pulls off his helmet, unzipping his jacket and flexing his fingers. “So, how’d you—”

Dean’s words trip over his tongue.

Cas has pulled off his own helmet, his longer hair flopping every which way as he shakes out the sweat-drenched strands. He tucks the helmet between his side and his arm before using his teeth to pull of his gloves, tugging down the zipper to his tight leather jacket. He looks over with the goofiest, biggest Cas-smile Dean has maybe ever seen.

When their eyes meet, Castiel smiles even bigger. “What?” he asks.

And yeah, he may drive like a yahoo. And Dean may worry himself sick until Cas gets off the damn bike, but he looks so—happy. He looks so happy.

Dropping his own gear on a nearby shelf, Dean strides towards Castiel and grabs his face, planting a kiss squarely on his mouth. When he pulls away, Cas is dazed. “What…?”

“Uh,” Dean huffs through a quiet laugh. “You’re…” He brushes a thumb over Cas’s bottom lip. “You’re a good flyer, Cas.”

Cas blushes under the praise, leaning in to apply a soft kiss to Dean’s lips. When he moves back, it’s with a head tilt towards the bike.

“Thanks for giving me my wings.”

Dating Dean Headcannons

I thought I’d do something new to honor the new season! And to keep in the theme of twelves, I’m gonna do 120 headcannons and have 12 gifs!

Dating Dean Winchester would involve:

1. Long rides in the Impala with the windows down and the music up.

2. Night drives.

3. Dean having his hand on your knee or thigh when he drives.

4. Sam ultimately gets booted to the backseat.

5. Dean letting you pick the music sometimes -after he approves it-

6. You and Dean switching off who cooks each day, and on Saturdays you order out.

7. Constantly sending Dean snaps of you.

8. Dean getting increasingly annoyed because he’s right in the next room.

9. He won’t admit it, but he find the filters you use to be cute.

10. You and Sam having to show Dean how to use any social media he has.

11. Watching “geeky” movies with Dean, because you know how much of a geek he is deep inside.

12. Calling him Han as a joke sometimes, and him calling you Leia in response.

13. Sam gets stuck with Chewy.

14. Constantly saving each others lives in hunts.

15. Everyone knows you’re each others weakness and more often than not it’s used against you.

16. Getting an Anti-Possession tattoo to match Sam and Dean’s.

17. Dean always getting super worried when your badly hurt.

18. Imagine how protective Dean is of Sam. He’s even more protective over you.

19. Hugging you tightly during difficult times.

20. Giving Dean hugs and kisses when he needs it. (Which is a lot, especially in the earlier seasons)

21. Always reassuring Dean when he needs it.

22. Reminding him he can’t save everyone.

23. Him breaking down he can’t save you.

24. But this is Supernatural and the boys find a way to get you back.

25. Dean being more protective than ever.

26. Going all out on Holidays to make up for shitty ones in the past.

27. Showing Dean more anime other than Hentai.

28. Anime rom-coms become a guilty pleasure of his.

29. Him giving you a necklace with his birthstone and he has one with yours.

30. Acting like children in the store, much to Sam’s annoyance.

31. Having Dean wrapped around your finger.

32. Laying in bed for hours in the morning because neither of you want to get up.

33. Tickle fights in bed.

34. Stealing his beloved bathrobe.

35.Training with Dean.

36. Kicking his ass the first time.

37. Him never underestimating you again.

38. Showing off to each other during target practice.

39. Showering together afterward.

40. Shower sex.

41. Sex in the back of the Impala.

42. Sex on the Impala. 

43. Rainy day sex.

44. Rough Sex.

45. Soft sex.

46. Wearing Dean’s shirt after.

47. Dean sucks at remembering your anniversary, but then so do you.

48. It’s okay though, because you don’t need a special day to show how much you love each other, cause you do that everyday. 

49. Dean always seeing things that remind him of you and buying them for you.

50. Pranking Sam with Dean

51. Teasing each other constantly. 

52. Falling asleep on Dean’s shoulder.

53. Singing along to music with Dean.

54. Making faces at each other when your bored.

55. Dean kissing your forehead.

56. Playing with Dean’s hands.

57. Dean being your personal heater when you’re cold.

58. Making him grab stuff you can’t reach.

59. Hugs from behind.

60. Stealing Dean’s jackets

61. Binge watching Netflix on nights were neither of you can sleep

62.Buying Dean pies

63. Trying to bake Dean pies

64. Dean flirting with you even though you’re already together

65. Dealing with drunk Dean

66. Drunk Dean being super affectionate

67. Drunk Dean mumbling about his really great girlfriend while you take care of him.

68. Drunk Dean giving you sloppy kisses on your cheek

69. Drunk Dean getting pretty hand-sy, but even drunk he stops when you tell him to.

70. When you’re drunk Dean talks to you very softly.

72. And gives you pancakes with aspirins in the morning.

73. He holds you hair back while you puke.

74. And runs a bath/shower for you.

75. Dean always being really careful with you, because he’s afraid he might break you, no matter how much you tell him otherwise.

76. Finding Dean gazing at you when you wake up sometimes.

77. Tracing over Dean’s freckles.

78. Dean taking you on surprise dates.

79. Trying to scare each other.

80. Pranking each other.

81. Dean being corny sometimes.

82. “Can you leave the room, it’s getting too hot in here.”

83. “I saw the most beautiful girl in my bed this morning.”

84. Making strange things in the kitchen and having each other try it.

85. Dean always reminding you how much he loves you.

86. “Did you see where I put my other boot?”

87. “Dean, can you open this?”

88. “Hold out your hand and close your eyes.”

89.”Dean, I know you’re hiding somewhere!”

90. You and Dean finding a lake near the bunker that you go to sometimes.

91. Skinny Dipping.

92. Resting your head on his shoulder and watching the sunset.

93. Dean playing with your hair.

94. Lip Syncing with Dean.

95. 80s movie marathons

96. Matching sweaters that Dean hates, but wears them for your sake.

97. Snowball fights.

98. Roasting Marshmallows.

99. Eating bags and bags of Halloween candy.

100. Dean can literally clear out a whole room a demons by himself if it means saving you.

101. Sharing knowledge of Supernatural things the other doesn’t know about.

102. You and Dean are often married while undercover.

103. Dean letting you drive Baby.

104. Gabriel flirting with you as just another way to annoy Dean.

105. Even when he had the mark Dean never hurt you.

106. Anyone who is Dean’s enemy is your and vice versa.

107. Both of you getting jealous of past lovers.

108. Getting Dean a kitten, because if he doesn’t like dogs your convinced he must like cats.

109. Dean begrudgingly becoming fond of the cat.

110. Him naming it Pantera, after the band.

111.  Dressing the cat up, much Dean’s disapproval.

112. Asking Dean to teach you how to fix cars.

113. Dean carrying you to bed when you fall asleep in the library.

114. Giving Dean some covers when you wake up in the middle of the night and realise you stole them all.

115. Dean always being supportive of you.

116. Randomly doing nice things for each other.

117. Old people looking on at the two of you fondly.

118. Dean telling you your beautiful. 

119. Asking Dean about various scars.

120. Never having to question your love for each other.

Okay but imagine Dean asking Cas to drive because he’s too tired or too hurt or just because. And when Dean hands him the keys, Cas is a little overwhelmed, because Dean might as well be saying “I trust you with my whole life”. Cas wants to hug him, or kiss him, or tell him that he understands and he loves him too, but instead he just takes the keys.
Dean stretches out in the back and Cas drives so carefully, always protecting Dean. When Dean falls asleep, Cas realizes that Dean must feel safe, and again Cas wants to hold him, wants to wrap his wings around him. But he knows he isn’t allowed to do that yet, so he just keeps driving, heart so full he thinks is might burst every time he glances at Dean in the mirror.

Dating Dean Winchester Would Include:

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Author’s Note: Hey guys, I’m hitting y’all with another one of these. It’s the day after Thanksgiving while I write this and I have a cold and I don’t have the mentality to finish up a oneshot for this week, so I hope you all like this instead. - Haley xx

  • Knowing Dean your entire life 
  • Being a hunter’s kid so you know what Dean has gone through 
  • Sitting up front with him in the impala 
  • Even sitting in the middle when Sam’s there 
  • Listening to his favorite songs while he’s gone 
  • Taking long showers together 
  • Watching tv on your off days together 
  • Calming him down after a fight with Sam or Cas 
  • Getting into fights with Dean as well
  • Having makeup sex 
  • Sam loving you like a sibling 
  • Dean saying I love you first 
  • You and Cas being best friends 
  • Sometimes you get to drive the impala 
  • Dean teaching you how to make his mom’s tomato and rice soup 
  • Hunting beside him and Sam 
  • Never leaving Dean’s side 
  • Loving him forever
  • Dean being fiercely protective over you
  • Sam teasing both of you
  • Dean always holding your hand

A drabble inspired by a song that came on the radio while I was driving home today.

Dean Winchester is a terrible singer.

Or at least, he pretends to be. And he pretends to be a terrible singer all the time.

More often than not, if they are in the Impala, Dean is singing. Loudly. Off key. Messing up the words and making odd sounds in attempts to sing along with the guitar solos.

Sam finds it incredibly irritating, because it loses it’s charm about five songs into any road trip and Dean just won’t stop, dancing around and drumming on the steering wheel as he drives, growling out dirty lyrics at the top of his lungs.

“Can’t you make him stop?” Sam asks Cas finally. “Withhold sex or something?”

Dean snorts a laugh. “Cas wouldn’t give up a second with this sweet ass just so I’ll stop singing. And didn’t you say we weren’t ever going to mention me and Cas having sex again?”

“Yeah, well. I’d deal with a conversation about my brother and my best friend getting it on if it meant you’d shut up.”

Cas stays silent. He’s learned his lesson about getting in the middle of these types of arguments.

Besides, he doesn’t mind Dean’s terrible singing.

Because Cas has heard Dean’s real singing voice. It happens sometimes when they’re driving alone, late at night, when everything is still and quiet and it feels like the whole world exists solely inside the metal frame of that car. The radio will land on a cheesy soft rock station, and Dean doesn’t bother to change the station, because that would mean pulling his hand away from Cas’, and well, that’s just unacceptable.

So instead, Dean will roll his eyes and leaves the station where it is. And then Cas hears it. The low, quiet humming that slowly turns into actual words. Deep and sultry, and much more on key than it ever is when the sun is up.

There’s one song in particular Dean sings to him, a soft ballad about “turning your angel eyes my way”. Cas knows the general public probably thinks it’s saccharin and a little cliche, but he loves it. He wants to answer the questions Dean sings, to tell him exactly what he did to win Cas’ love. But he also doesn’t want his own voice to interrupt, so he never does. He just listens, lets Dean’s voice flow through him until he’s dizzy with it.

Dean and Sam continue to argue, but this is one fight Cas can’t help Sam win.

He wouldn’t mind if Dean sang every minute of the day.


Head Lights

Sister Winchester : Head Lights

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Word Count: 2715

Summary: Sam has disappeared and whilst you and Dean try to find him, Dean turns into a jerk like your father and becomes reckless whilst driving to an unknown location.

Warning: Car crash

A/N: Firstly I apologise for the title, I couldn’t think of anything. ALso sorry for wrecking Baby it hurt my heart doing so. Lastly I have done so many ‘happily ever after’ endings to my sisfics but for this one I thought I’d try something different hahah sorry xx. Idk if there is room to add a second part but i’ll just see how popular this gets and if anyone asks for it I can work on it. love you long time, thank you for the 500 followers xx

Part 2

Dean’s expressionless and stony face had his gaze entrapped on the vacant highway whilst the pair of you sped off into the night. You were used to Dean driving over the speed limit, but right now going double the speed limit was a little too fast for your liking. The cabin of Baby was thick with tension radiating off Dean and you knew better then to poke the bear, so you stayed quiet and prayed to Chuck that you wouldn’t crash.

Dean wasn’t in the right mind and therefore it was just plain dangerous that he insisted on driving. Since Sam disappeared, Dean had gone from bad to worst until he wasn’t even himself anymore. He hardly ate nor slept and just kept researching leads to find Sam. When no leads would appear, Dean would drink and drink and drink. He had bags under his eyes and he was paler then normal due to exhaustion and malnutrition. He had also lost weight making his clothes baggy on him. You tried as best you could to look after him and make him better but he always pushed you away and there was no way of persuading him otherwise once he had decided on somethig. Therefore, why you found yourself in the Impala in the early hours of the morning with your maniac brother driving.

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If you’re like us, you can’t wait for hiatus to end. How about a few episode coda fics with hurt!sam that take place between 12.08 and 12.09 to tide you over until then?

Caged by Dean_hugs_Sammy (Gen)
It had been forty-five days so far. Forty-five days separated from his little brother, and it was driving Dean insane. 

Lockbox by Lennelle (Gen)
You’ve been here before. Incarceration is no stranger to you.

Solitary by paintitb1ack (Gen)
Sam isn’t broken, not yet. But he’s getting there.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy by @semirahrose (Gen)

Forces by @themegalosaurus (Gen)

12x08 episode coda by @lalalinka (Wincest)

Barred Windows To The Soul by funnylittleowl (Wincest)
Sam drew a pair of eyes on the prison cell wall at the third day. 

Just Another Cage by @wetsammywinchester (Wincest)
The worst part about Supermax is the isolation. Especially when you’ve spent your life no more than fifteen feet away from the person you love. 

Any other fic recs to add to the list? Tell us about it.

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