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random modern eddie head canons:

-eddie is the superhero nerd friend. eddie watches every marvel show… even if they’re bad. eddie watches the D.C. shows, so if someone starts a Fight that dc is better, he knows the territory

-& he sees every movie. all of them. (his opinion is that marvel movies are generally better, but nothing that’s come out had topped the dark knight trilogy)

-richie could not give less a fuck about superheroes. they have a big fight and eddie kicks him out of the group chats and doesn’t talk to him for 27 hours because richie said that sky high is a better movie than the avengers

-he wanted so badly for so long to go to comic con and his mom always said No

-when mike was the first loser to get his license and a truck, he took eddie to comic con.

-eddie is a tiny hoarder. he keeps pencils until they’re nubs. he keeps his essays from the 8th grade ((what if I NEED them?!?))

-he is adept at hiding his mess but he can be a Mess. He just shoves all the shit under his bed when his friends come.

-his backpack drives stan insane. insane. it’s enormous and heavy. He has school work from September in may ((“i’m throwing this out, you don’t need this” “I will murder you where you stand”))

-eddie loves patterned socks. he loves funky socks. fuzzy socks in winter. He wears them under his pants with the hems rolled up in the Winter.

-he hoards chocolate tootsie pops like a little candy dragon. the odds that he has one on him at any given time is like 85%

-his favorite meme is “had it not been for the laws of this land i would have already slaughtered you”

Double Trouble: Monday Mornings

I know, I know… too many Dad!Shawn imagines out there but I couldn’t help myself. This takes place somewhat in the future and the twins are in first grade! Hope you enjoy xx

“Okay, so school starts at 8:15.,” Jo says, applying her night cream, hair up in a messy bun, while Shawn is brushing his teeth at the sink next to her. “I have to leave at six tomorrow to catch my flight. You get the twins ready, make breakfast, put their lunch boxes into their little backpacks and drive them to school,” she glances at him and he nods, toothbrush dangling from the corner of his mouth.

I gosh dish.”

Jo laughs, not having understood a single word. "What?”

Shawn takes his toothbrush out, washing his mouth. “I got this,” he repeats confidently, putting the toothbrush away.

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How I Got A Little Robot

Pairing: tony x reader (platonic)

Request: anonymous asked: Can I request one where the reader is the typical girl next door? Shy, geeky glasses and no make up. She’s fresh out of high school and works as an assistant for the avengers. On her way in she overhears some workers make bets on who gets her first. She hurries to the lab shaken up and tells Tony. He goes into overprotective dad mode cause she’s only 18. He programs a suit to follow her around and fires the workers.

A/N: this is soooooo cute!!! It’s so fucking fluffy I’m gonna die. I so hate those people who talk about people in such way, because I have experienced it once and it really disturbs the person who was being talked about. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): sexual talk, swearing.

Word Count: 1530

Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms

You had your breakfast hurriedly as you arranged all the files. Working with the avengers was very fun but the work that came with it, was not less. Being so young, they all looked after you and treated you like a sibling and not as an assistant.

You ran around your house getting each and every thing you would need for the day, the files, the pen drives, your backpack and other essential items. You quickly put on some moisturizer and sunscreen on your face, took a final glance at the watch and ran out of the house.

You fixed your glasses as you rode your bicycle through the roads. The warm, fresh breeze felt so pleasant against your skin and in your hair. A smile was plastered on your face before your phone rang, you quickly put in your Bluetooth head set and picked up the phone.

‘hey, sweetheart. Good morning.’ You could hear the smile in tony’s voice.

‘good morning, Mr. stark! I am on my way, I’ll be there in just two minutes.’ You paddled faster.

 ‘oh, it’s okay, kiddo. I just wanted to ask if you got the Israel file and did that little presentation thing.’ He asked.

‘yes, I did it and I got all the files.’ You replied. ‘see you at the towers.’

‘okay’ he hung up.

 You reached the towers and parked your bike. You corrected your backpack and made your way inside the facility. You were walking to the elevator before you were greeted by one of the usual young workers.

‘hey, (Y/n). how ya doin?’ he smiled.

‘oh, I’m good. Just in a bit of a rush, got a lot of work to do.’ you patted your bag and he nodded.

‘I will let you go if you answer this one question of mine.’ He crossed his arms and you furrowed your brows. ‘how do you look so pretty without any make up? and how do these glasses only add to it?’ he lightly tapped at your glasses and you took a step back. You chuckled awkwardly and rubbed the back of your neck.

‘you are just making fun of me, Richard. I’ll talk to you later, bye.’ You started to make your way to the elevator again.

‘bye, beautiful!’ he called after you and a heat rose to your cheeks. You were a rather shy person and such attention wasn’t something you were used to. You had almost got in the elevator before you remembered that you had forgotten your personal pen drive in the basket of your bike. You ran in the direction of the exit before you heard a murmur consisting of your name. you stopped and hid behind the wall. You weren’t the one to eavesdrop but someone was talking about you after all.

‘(y/n) is some fine piece of ass. I bet all of ya goons that imma get her first.’ An uneasy feeling seemed to have settled in your stomach when you heard this statement. To make it worse you recognised the voice to be Richard’s. you thought of him to be sweet, you could never tell he hid such bad motives under all that. You peeked and found two of his friends standing with him.

‘please, that girl is an easy one, ‘kay?’ the taller one said. ‘but I gotta say, she’s really fucking pretty. She’s one nice bunny.’ He crossed his arms and the other nodded in agreement.

‘ya know, I did a bit of research on her, turns out she never had a boyfriend.’ the guy you recalled as matt said.

‘ooh, virgin?’ the taller one asked with a sickening smirk and he nodded. ‘bet she’s a screamer.’

‘who screams your name to death.’ Richard added and they all started laughing. your heart started hammering against your chest, a lump had seemed to formed in your throat which wouldn’t go away. Sheer panic mixed with disgust and fear was what you felt. Not knowing what to do you dashed in the elevator and urgently pressed the button to the lab floor.

You were running to the lab when you crashed into tony. he stumbled back and let out a small chuckle.

‘gave you too much work, kiddo?’ he grinned. when you didn’t reply in your usual cheery voice and kept your gaze down, he got very concerned. ‘sweetie, you okay?’ he held your arms. You shook your head in a no. ‘what happened?’ he kept and arm around your shoulders and led you towards the lab.

‘the-the guys, Richard’s friends’ you tried to speak.

‘what about them? What did they do?’ he asked with anger evident in his voice. He sat you down and gave you a glass of water. You took a few sips before you were ready to speak.

‘they said such vulgar stuff about me, and made bets on who could get me first.’ You choked out disgusted. You looked at his face and could see and feel anger radiating out of him. he unclenched his jaw and sat beside you.

‘I’ll take care of those jerks, okay? You don’t have to worry about anything, they won’t know and will not trouble you again.’ He cooed and you nodded. He got up and made a call, he talked for a few minutes before nodding and sitting beside you again. ‘and those assholes are fired.’ He smiled and rubbed your back soothingly.

  ‘thank you, Mr. stark.’ You gave him a small smile. ‘thank you very much, you are very sweet.’

‘not more than you, cupcake’ he ruffled your hair and you chuckled. ‘you wanna go back home? Take a break?’ you shook your head in a no.

‘working here is awesome, I don’t ever need a break.’ You got up. ‘and here.’ You handed him the files and pen drive. He took them and kept them aside before turning to you.

‘if you see those low lives anywhere near you, you call me. promise?’ he looked you in the eyes.

‘promise.’ You replied.

The day ended quickly, and you didn’t see tony anywhere after that. When you asked Bruce he replied that tony was working on something in his lab and had asked for nobody to disturb him. you nodded understandingly and left.

You shuffled in your bed recalling the events of the day. Those comments had perturbed you a lot, you were disgusted and scared that they might find your address. But as the image of tony and his fatherly, caring words came to you, you had fallen asleep.

You were trying to find tony for you had to get some paper signed by him. you had entered the kitchen area when you spotted him with a toast in his mouth. He looked tired as he poured a green smoothie in a beer mug. You couldn’t help but chuckle. He snapped his head in your expression, almost losing the grip of his toast.

‘waw yew?’ he tried to speak with the toast still in his mouth, he took it out and kept it aside. ‘(y/n)! hey, sweetheart you’re okay, right? Nobody troubled you?’ he moved closer to you and you noticed the shadow under his eyes.

‘I am fine, sir. But I can’t be sure about you, you couldn’t sleep?’ you asked.

‘yes.’ he pointed and took a bite of his toast. ‘but for all the good reasons.’ He finished it and chugged his smoothie. ‘come, I gotta show you something.’ He smiled, grabbed your hand and took you to the lab.

‘what is it?’ you tilted your head. He stood you in the middle of the lab, instructing you not to move before he disappeared.

‘(y/n),’ he came back with and smiled at you. ‘welcome, your new constant companion.’ He announced and you furrowed your brows. ‘lil’ bot!’ he shouted and a little robot came wheeling near you.

‘nice to meet you, (y/n)’ it said in an adorable voice. You knelt near it and kept a hand on its round white head. you looked at tony with curious eyes.

‘this little robot is going to be following your everywhere now, if he senses any danger he will send signals and help will be there for you in no time.’ He explained and you blinked. ‘You like him?’ he looked at you hopefully.

‘wow.’ Was all that you could muster. ‘I can’t-‘

‘yes, you can.’ He sat beside you. ‘why don’t you name him?’

‘I am going to name him, Robin.’ You smiled at him and his digital eyes changed to pleased ones. It started moving in circles saying its name and you grinned.

‘that’s the reason I made him so cute, you know’ he tucked his hands under his head and leaned against the table. ‘he gotta match his cute owner.’ He smiled and you blushed.

‘thank you so much, Mr. Stark.’ You gave him a genuine smile. ‘I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for me.’

‘you don’t have to, kid.’ He looked at you. ‘you’re like my daughter.’ He muttered. You awkwardly held your arms up for a hug but he had his attention somewhere else. You cleared your throat and he furrowed his brows. ‘wh- oh!’ he hugged you and chuckled. ‘you’re adorable.’ He grinned.

Runaway chapter 1

Tw: mentions of homophobia, self harm, abandonment, deportation, smoking, homelessness, death, abuse, familial abuse, mentions of transphobia.
Tags: @polysandershell @analogically-prinxiety @the-prince-and-the-emo @dan-yuna @de-is-me @princeyandanxiety

Note: the ocs in this are 100% mine do not use without permission

Plot: Virgil runs away from home after being ignored for a long time

3 year old Virgil waddled up to Roman with a drawing he did of Roman slaying the monster that was under Virgil’s bed.

“Romam! Wook!” He held up the drawing to a video gaming Roman. Roman was more focused on the game.

“Screw off Virgil,  I’m busy!” He snapped as he lost the game because of the drawing shoved in his face. Virgil let out a whimper and ran to find one of his parents.

 Patton was busy making dinner, so the baby gate blocked the doorway. Patton also had his headphones on, blocking himself from Virgil’s cries.

Luckily, though Logan was busy doing work for his class, his door was open so Virgil ran right in letting out his cries. 

“Oh goodness. Virgil, what is upsetting you?” Logan didn’t expect an immediate response as he helped Virgil’s emotions calm. Virgil finally calmed down and started to explain that Roman hurt him, he made the now torn picture for Roman and Roman didn’t like it.

Logan got up with Virgil on his hip and went to the living room, turning off the gaming console.

“What the fuck?!” Ten year old Roman shouted and received a grounding.

“You broke the picture your brother made for you because you were playing your video games?” Logan scolded. Roman shrugged with a nod.

Virgil was 8 years old when Roman punched him for the first time. Roman was 15 at the time and had just been broken up with when Virgil wanted a hug, having been told if he didn’t smarten up in class, he’d fail grade 3.

“Not now Virgil,  I’m not in the mood” Roman had warned, he didn’t want to take out hid anger on Virgil.

“Please?” Virgil went closer and Roman lashed out, his knuckles smashing against Virgil’s young cheek and kept going. Virgil left as soon as he could, but no parents were home so he locked himself in his room and didn’t come out.

Virgil was 10 when the thought popped up in his mind. The thought of running away. It came to him while at school, in math class. If he just didn’t come home then he wouldn’t feel ignored anymore because nobody would be there to ignore him.

Virgil shook the thought away when Patton called for dinner. The thought persisted for 2 years. When he turned 12 and Roman got worse than ever, Virgil gave in.

Virgil folded his arms tightly around his chest, cold thin hands gripping behind his ribs above the thin jacket he wore. Virgil’s tired eyes looked back behind him once, right twice. He let his hair coat his forehead, the bagged eyes that were just touched by his bangs stared forward on these empty streets. A 4 a.m. stroll, a 12 year old boy with no place to call home.

Virgil coughed shallowly, the cold of March nights were affecting his immune system, making him drowsy and weak time and time again. ‘The bridge of second street’ Virgil thought, he needed a rest. So he continued through barren streets of closed doors and car alarms. The city ways were no place for a kid to be alone, but we’re the only place for kids with no home. Virgil’s backpack weighed heavy on his shoulders. Holding the $5 he gathered yesterday, his stuffed cat, and a half empty bag of chips.

Virgil ducked under the brick bridge, the wind was blocked from him now. There were stray cats a few feet away, Virgil didn’t mind though. He took off his backpack and put it on in front of him instead, so the bag was on backwards. Then he layed down and used the bag to rest his head on and cuddle best he could. Tomorrow…tomorrow… he always thought tomorrow would be better.

The sun awoke Virgil the next noon, he didn’t move from under the bridge yet though. He searched around for anything of worth. Finding only five cents and a rope. He placed them in his bag and began walking again. Ducking through alley ways and crevaces to avoid adults over and over again.

Virgil far from home. 4 cities away to be exact, he had been gone for a month. No window tvs or radio stations from cars had spoke of his disappearance. Virgil knew nobody cared at home, but he hoped someone would at least notice he had been missing.

Virgil walked and walked, he ended up on the other side of town as the sun went down. The town clock said it was 8 pm. Virgil was tired and decided he’d go into a library, a little bit of heat and unquestioned sanctuary would be nice for the next hour. Virgil walked to the books about animals and read about ducks until the librarian told him he needed to leave because it was closing time.

Virgil took a seat on the sets of stairs that lead to the library doors. Pulling his knees to his chest and watching around. Fear twinged his nerves as a dark mass approached him. He didn’t want to get beaten if that’s what was about to happen. However, Virgil relaxed a little as the mass was simply more kids around his age. They sat around with Virgil, all were in worn jeans, muggy shirts and had messy hair. The youngest looked maybe 9 and the eldest was at least 18. There were 12 of them.

“Hey kid, want some food?” The eldest one offered out a box of granola bars. Virgil took one.

“Thanks” Virgil said just loud enough to be heard, he broke a small piece off the bar after opening it. Everyone had a granola bar in their hands. Virgil took off his bag and put the bag of chips in the middle of the group. Everyone took some. By midnight all the food was gone and everyone except the younger then ten ones and Virgil had had a cigarette. The group got up and started to leave, Virgil stayed in his spot unsure what to do now.

“Virgil, you coming?” The one called back and Virgil smiled. Grabbed his bag and jogged to catch up with them. The group talked about whatever came to mind. Something on the radio, something across the street, something another group member had did. Virgil had learned some of the ir names but not everyone’s.  He knew the 18-or-so year old was Greg, he got kicked out for being bisexual in a Catholic family.

 The 9 year old was Armen, her family had been deported back to Guatemala and since she was born here, she was allowed to stay but was left on the streets.

There was a kid around Virgil Age named Victor, he was the cleanest looking one. He had blonde medium length hair that fell down the back of his neck and a little in his face. His eyes were a pale green and his skin was milky white. Virgil and Victor talked as they followed Greg with the other kids. They all piled into Greg first story apartment downtown, there were many blankets and pillows and cups for tap water. There were 2 other guys there around Greg’s age.

“Ethan! Matt! We’ve got a new member. This is virgil” Virgil smiled a little as he was introduced and gave a little wave. “Victor, can you help Virgil get set up?” Greg asked and Victor nodded.

“Come on, you can sleep next to me.” Victor said half-excited. The younger kids all fell asleep as soon their heads touched their floor resting pillows. Victor set up Virgil’s pillow and blanket next to his own in the kitchen. They whispered about their pasts together until they fell asleep. Victor had run away too, he ran because his dad beat him every night. 


3 months had passed since Virgil had joined the group. Everyone had a job here, it was organized, reliable, it was safe. Virgil had found comfort and the group was often referred to as a family. 2 of the group had managed to get into a foster care system, Ella and her girlfriend J.J., the two 15 year olds. Everyone was both sad and happy to see them go.

Everyone had jobs, all the jobs helped out the family in some way or another.

 Greg, Ethan, and Matt, were all in actual jobs. They worked the exact same shifts at a local restaurant. Matt cooked, Ethan was custodian, and Greg took orders. Sometimes they were able to bring home food.
Jonny was a pick pocketer. He took little so it wasn’t noticed. He often took it from phone-distracted people. 2 dollars here,5 there, no one noticed no one cared. He usually came home with upwards of $15.
Elanor was a motherly, protective figure. She was 16 but babied everyone like a mom would. She made sure people showered at least once a week, they ate whatever was given to them, always was open to hugs, and was basically the shoulder to cry on too. Everyone loved her, Jonny had a special love for her though. 

Shark at 12 years old ran away from boarding school, now at 14 he was a street performer. He sang, danced, did magic, anything he knew. Money varied for him but every bit counted and he was always tired. If he was home, he was asleep. No one minded though cause they got to play with his magic supplies. Card tricks and games were the life of indoor fun for them.

Darnel, being 13, did gambling bets for elder generations.  Little games he always won. Like who can slam their hand on the count of three first. Whoever won kept the coin. People usually played 4 or 5 times. $10 was average for him, which usually had been converted into a bag of potatoes that would be turned into fries in the kitchen or mashed potatoes or whatever Ethan could do.

Virgil and Victor both just wandered the streets in search of free or cheap stuff, dumpster diving or clothes-drive diving. They had backpacks that were always full at the end. Sometimes Terra, a 10 year old in the group, joined them. Mostly though, Terra and Armen were kept at home under Elanor’s care and teachings.

*   *   *

“Virge, look at this!” Victor held out an old watch. Virgil looked up from where he was digging, a smile spread across his face.

“Dude!” Virgil dragged out the ‘u’ “does it still work?” He asked curiously. Victor stared for a few seconds at the glass front, then nodded vigorously, his blonde locks falling in his face some.

“Yeah it does, should we pawn it or like give it to someone in the group?” Victor asked. Greg’s birthday was in a few days, they weren’t sure if this was something Greg would use though.

“ We can check how much the pawn shop will give us for it.” Virgil suggested, a sense of unsureness in his voice. Victor nodded before they kept digging.

“Jackpot!” Virgil exclaimed a few minutes later. “Check it out” Virgil held up a bag of fast-food-kids-meals toys. Victor squeaked a little in happiness, they had secretly been on the hunt for toys for the house. You were never to old for toys in the family. Virgil smiled and put the grocery store bag of toys in his bag. This dumpster behind an apartment building always paid off. No one cared that they were in here either. They found a few more things like broken barbie dolls that Terra would love.

“Where to now?” Victor asked, Virgil had grown very close to Victor in the months they had been living together in that family. Victor had grown close to Virgil as well. It was going to get cold this weekend according to newspapers they can’t afford, they had been told to find stuff to keep the family warm this week.

 "Petsmart dumpster? Dog beds can be turned into small kid mattresses or big kid pillows" Virgil suggested, and off they went in search of stuff. Finding the off sidewalk coin here or there. Their clothes were clean, they had enough money on Friday as a group to wash clothes in the building cleaning room so everyone felt refreshed. This led to Virgil and Victor just looking like 2 guys hanging out.

They turned down the alley behind Petsmart and Victor helped Virgil in to the dumpster before being pulled up himself. “So dog beds,  animals, toys, dishes, and anything that can be pawned” Victor said and they went to work.

20 minutes later and they had 0 dog beds, maybe $20 of pawn, and a kitten in Virgil’s hood. “I found about 20 cans of wet cat food and a half empty bag of cat food. ” Virgil said and put them into his now full bag. Victor nodded then screamed a little in excitement as he buried his hand in the space in front of him and pulled out a large dog bed. One for a great dane or bigger.

“Little bit of freshener and a spot wash this’ll be great.” Virgil said happily “Okay let’s go home and drop off the good stuff then to the pawn shop and if there’s still time, we will go to value village donation bins on the west side.

“Oo fancy!” Victor smiled happily. Virgil held the tiny white kitten they had found in the dumpster in a bag, in his arms as they jumped down.
They ran as fast as they could back home. Elanor was helping Armen get dressed when the two showed up. “VV is that you?” They giggled at Elanor’s nickname for them.

“Yeah it’s us, we are just going to put our stuff in the closet so that no one sees it till we get back.!” Victor shouted said and they did just that other than the kitten. Virgil kept her in his jacket before they headed out with pawn stuff. The pawn shop closed in 20 minutes.

“Hey derek” Victor said as they entered, the pawn shop was huge and filled with useless things that were worth a lot. Derek was always fair fare with them.

“Hey vic, Virge.  What do you got today?” Some nogotiations, a little begging, and compromises later and they had sold almost everything for $60

“We have one thing we just want priced” Victor says,  Derek raised his brown eyebrow with curious blue eyes but nodded. Victor placed the watch on the glass counter and Derek choked on his own saliva.

“Where did you guys find this?” He asked as he inspected and cleaned it with a baby wipe.

“Dumpster, now how much?” Victor pushed. Virgil and him had agreed that 100 or more they’d pawn and buy Greg a lighter that had a bisexual flag on it.

“I can give you guys 4-5 maybe 6?” Derek said

“ dollars” Victor said unimpressed.

“Hundred” Derek said, Virgil left the view so he couldn’t break character.

“Deal!” Victor said and collected the six hundred seventy five dollars they just gained from a watch. “Let’s go home” Victor said into Virgil’s ear quietly making Virgil shiver a little. Victor giggled and they ran home Virgil holding tight on to the kitten.

“What about west side?” Virgil asked and Victor shrugged as they opened the apartment door

“Tomorrow” it was 7 o'clock. Everyone would be home in about 10 minutes, Victor smiled fully and Virgil felt his heart melt a little. This was a good feeling, this was a warmth he heard his dad’s call love before. He hoped he never got used to this so it’d always feel warm. He hoped he never had to lose this.

One could hope.

Maybe I am nice - Montgomery de la Cruz (part 2)

Originally posted by couplenotes

Word count: 861

a/n: I don’t like it that much but i feel like i’m letting you guys wait soooo long. I still hope you guys like it a little. By the way I have really good plans for these two!

Part 1


You woke up on the right side of the wrong bed but then why did it feel so good? You just didn’t understand. You only talked with him for 4 ,maybe 5, hours and it felt like you met your soulmate. It felt like the two of you meeting was meant to be. You were so confused by all of it you decided to leave before Montgomery woke up. You placed a small kiss on his cheek before getting up gathering your stuff.

“Where are you going?” Montgomery suddenly said with a very sexy raspy morning voice.

“I-um- I was kind of leaving?”

“Why?” he asked while sitting up. Oh god you forgot he slept shirtless. How good looking can someone be? You just didn’t understand.

“I don’t know, isn’t that what you want?”

“Do you really think I want you to be gone in the morning after we had such a good time last night.”

“Define good time?” you asked while you started to panic. Did you had a black whole in your memory? Did you had sex with Montgomery de la Cruz without remembering?

“I meant the talking and getting to know each other, relax.” He laughed before laying down again, his hands resting under the back of his head.

“Please get back in here?” you couldn’t help but smile and as he asked you crawled back under the blanked, your head resting on his chest and a deep sigh leaving your mouth.

“Isn’t it weird we’re laying here like a couple when we met not even 24 hours ago.”

“It’s only weird if you make it weird and by the way you look really good in my shirt. ”

You spent the rest of your weekend at Montgomery’s place and you loved every single moment of it. you just met but you already were inseparable. You watched movies together, cooked food, played video games. You were falling for him and you were falling hard and fast. You didn’t understand a minute about what was happening but you enjoyed it so much. Since a long time you felt like you had a chance to become happy again with someone who understood you to the fullest.

“Mont, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can babe!” That moment right there your heart blew out of your chest. it was the first time he called you babe, and it made you weak in your knees.

“What is happening between us?”

“Good question because I don’t understand it either. I always thought you were beautiful but from the moment we started to talk I felt like I was meant to meet you. I know this might seem weird but I feel like I met my soulmate. You – he hesitated a second – you’re just perfect.”

“Good, cause I was totally feeling the same and I was scared you didn’t.” You laughed before snuggling yourself in his grip.  He held you very tightly and kissed your forehead.

It was Monday morning and Jeff picked you up for school. On your way you explained Jeff everything that happened and how you were falling in love and you couldn’t believe it yourself. He reminded you a couple times about the fact you were talking about Montgomery, since he couldn’t believe the things you said were about him. when the two of you walked into school your attention was pulled by a huge crowd forming, you and Jeff made your way over there, to the first row. That’s when you saw Alex pushing Montgomery against his car and shouting he had to hit him. You could already imagine what you were going to witness. You just stared at Montgomery and you saw his fists were starting to clench. It seemed like he felt your presence because his eyes suddenly met yours. You tried to convince him with your gaze to not fight Alex and suddenly he let go of the tension he put on his fists.

“Just go Alex, find someone else to fight you.” He said before picking up his backpack and driving off to go park his car.

“What did you do to him?” Jeff asked, a couple other people in the crowd staring at you.

“I honestly don’t know.” You said before walking away, searching for Monty. He was just getting out of his when you found him.

“Hey Mont, are you okay? Alex pushed you pretty hard?” he turned around and smiled, before you knew it his lips were crashed against yours. Montgomery was kissing you deep and passionately, like he wanted to let you know how much he started to love you through a kiss. The kiss was even better than you imagined. He was cupping your face with his big hands and you felt his thumb caressing your jaw. It was a first kiss like in the movies. Montgomery broke the kiss and looked you straight in the eyes.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“There is nothing more I want in the world right now.” You said still shaking on your knees.

I knew it from the start you were going to make me a better person.” he said before pulling you back in for a kiss.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! 

Stay (part 4)

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Pairing: Sam X Reader
Summary: God tells Sam and Dean that they do, in fact, have soulmates out there.
Warnings: angst and fluff, sad sammy. This chapter mostly focuses on Dean, but I promise you guys are about to get so much Sammy.
A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to post this, I hope you all like it!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Dean traipsed into Sam’s hotel room with a giant grin on his face, ready to tell his brother about the amazing kiss he’d had with Vivienne. His eyes scoured the hotel room, before falling on a very upset looking Sam. This wasn’t Sam’s usual upset look. Sam had a mix of pain, sadness and anger in his face. His eyes were red like he’d been crying or maybe he’d had too much alcohol? Every good feeling Dean had recently felt was replace with a fear he couldn’t shake. 

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anonymous asked:

hey!! i was wondering what your morning and afternoon routines were? much love xx

ooh fun topic!! mornings i usually have a pretty set routine, but sometimes i change the afternoon routines around. 

Mornings ☀️

  • Wake up around 7am depending on classes and have a glass of water and use eye drops for my dry eyes, then wash up and apply toner, lotion/serum, and a UV moisturiser
  • Grab my phone from my room and catch up on anything whilst eating breakfast
  • Change my clothes and tie my hair up
  • I’ve usually packed my bag the previous day so I just grab lunch and water bottle and put it into my backpack 🎒
  • Drive to the train station and then catch the train (where I either nap or study depending on how tired I am) and bus to uni. 

Afternoon/Night 🌇

  • Hop on the bus and browse tumblr or just relax since it’s too short and too bumpy of a ride to whip my laptop out. 
  • Get some study done on the train home whilst listening to music. 🎧
  • Get driven home and take a shower, change into something comfy and then have dinner. 🍽️
  • Usually I’m feeling a bit sleepy after dinner so I can’t really get straight into studying as much as I’d like to, so I watch some youtube videos
  • Study for about 2-3 hours 📚
  • Change clothes, wash up and put on moisturiser, then head to bed 🛌

Days off 📅

  • When I have the day off, I’ll usually wake up at 8:30 or 9am if i’m determined to study something because I’m not an early morning person. I’m still more productive in the mornings, but usually around 9am-12pm. Even if I wake up early, I’m too sleepy and out of it to concentrate even if I sleep at 10pm. 
  • Still wash up, moisturise, and change into something comfy before eating breakfast. 
  • Plan out my day, usually I allocate a subject per hour/two hour block. 
  • Study, stopping for lunch, and a bit of an afternoon break around 2 or 3pm because my concentration wanes after studying the whole morning despite taking short water breaks. I’ll usually just watch something for 1-3 hours. 
  • Study for about an hour more before dinner, then have another shorter break. Sometimes I’ll take a shower if I need to be more productive, because it feels just as refreshing as a break. 
  • Study for another 2-3 hours before heading to sleep because I’m feeling the pressure from studying at a slow pace throughout the day hahaha
Obsessive - Part 7

The first night under the same roof as Juice.

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)


You pulled up at your house as it was beginning to get dark, bellies full of fast food and lugging bags from the grocery store filled with snacks and drinks. You also bought raw ingredients to cook dinner and make lunches for the week.

Juice had explained while you were eating at Del Taco that he would stay with you at night and bring you to TM in the mornings. There, you’d be able to work with Bobby like usual, but you would have to stay at the clubhouse until he was available to take you home in the evenings.

You felt bad hearing that he would still be responsible for club business during the day as well as dealing with tows for the garage. Since Clay had only excused him from club stuff that happened at night, it was just an extra job staying with you.

You had all the groceries unpacked and put away and the two of you retired to the living room, sitting on the couch with TV on, watching silently. Juice turned to you during a commercial break, “(Y/N)?” he asked, getting your attention.

“D'you mind if I hook my Xbox up? I brought it with me but if it’s going to bother you I–”

“–No its fine! Go ahead.” you smiled at him and he grinned back at you, leaning over his bag and grabbing the console and the cables and pulling them out, walking to your TV and kneeling in front of it as he began hooking everything up.

“You know, Juice. I know Clay isn’t giving you a break from working at the garage and stuff while you’re stuck babysitting me…”

Juice turned around from his spot in front of your entertainment center to look at you while you talked.

“If you don’t want to stay here, I understand. I know its an inconvenience and I don’t want to be a burden. The prospects probably aren’t that bad and I’m sure you’d rather be at your own house…” you trailed off.

Juice gave you a sad smile, shaking his head before he spoke, “I really don’t mind. I hate living alone actually… And it used to be okay because I had a girlfriend, but I’ve been single for a while now and it just….” you could see in his eyes he started to tell you something, but then changed his mind, “I dunno….I’m not all that good by myself,” he shrugged, turning his back to you once again and plugging the last cable into the console before turning it on. He stood and shuffled back over to the couch, plopping down beside you and setting one of the controllers in your lap, “Wanna play?” he asked, his grin once again gracing his handsome face.

You could totally get used to this.

“You’re going down!!!” you yelled at the tv, smashing buttons on the controller as you chased after Juice’s character on the first person shooter game.

“I’m sorry!” he chuckled, “I thought you were a bad guy I didn’t mean to shoot you!”

“And I’m not gonna mean to deliver this payback. Now quit bein’ a bitch a take it like a man!” you exclaimed, shooting after him.

“You’re not supposed to shoot your teammates!” he hollered and you both laughed some more, the pile of ashed out blunts in the ash tray on your coffee table the likely culprit for all the giggles coming from the two of you.

The time ran out in the match before you were able to get him back and he set the controller down beside him, leaning back and folding his arms behind his head, sighing from his laughter.

“I guess its probably time for bed, huh?” he asked looking over at you.

“Yeah, probably,” you sighed, standing up and setting the controller down on the coffee table. “I’ll go get you a pillow and blanket,” you finished walking down the same hall that your attacker had come from just hours prior.

You made sure Juice was comfortable before retiring for the night, taking a shower and then settling into bed for what would be the first peaceful night of sleep you had in weeks, thanks to your new guardian.

Juice laid awake on the couch, waiting until all the signs of you being awake were gone and he was sure you had gone to sleep. He got up, walking over to your kitchen counter where your laptop rested, and brought it back to the couch with him. He had been anxious since he arrived back to your place to see what was on the camera feeds from earlier in the day, but he didn’t want you to look at them because he knew it might be startling to you.
Hell, he was nervous to see what might be on them.
He pulled up the feeds and looked them over, then pulled out his usb drive from his backpack and exported the video files to the drive before pulling it out and placing it back in his bag. He put your laptop back making sure to leave it exactly like he found it, and laid down to sleep.

For Juice, it was a restless night, he felt as if he was being watched and he would wake up frantic when he did sleep because he would hear noises. By 6am he was just laying there, staring at the ceiling and decided to go ahead and get up for the day. He turned on the lamp beside the couch only to be startled by the sight of your laptop, the same one that he had been on before he went to sleep, sitting on the floor next to the side table. He knew he had put it back where it belonged, and he began to remember what he saw on the camera feed as a chill ran down his spine. 

He needed to get the both of you to the club house. 

He didn’t want to burden you with the truth about the situation, so he picked the laptop up, carrying it to the kitchen counter where he had left it previously, and was greeted with another out of place item. One of the picture frames from your entertainment center was sitting there, smudged fingerprints all over it. He quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt and wiped the glass off, knowing the smudges would catch your attention if he didn’t get rid of them. He returned that as well to its rightful place before grabbing an apple, a banana, and a bagel with peanut butter and sitting down at the table to eat his breakfast and wait for you to emerge from your slumber.

The two of you pulled up to TM, Juice driving you in the truck, at 7:45am.
You were actually early for once and you knew it was all thanks to the cute Puerto Rican that was now opening the passenger door to let you out. You thanked him for the ride and walked inside the clubhouse to meet up with Bobby.

Juice stuck his hand in his pocket as you walked away, moving the small plastic and metal piece of technology between his fingers as he took a deep breath, he knew what he had to do. He  walked over to his bike, starting it up and speeding out of the parking lot. He pulled up at Clay’s house and went up to the back door, knocking and waiting until he heard Gemma’s voice, “Its open!” she called out and he walked in, bidding her good morning and asking where he could find Clay.

“He’s in the den, baby. Everything alright?” she asked, a investigative tone in her voice and he knew it was because he was terrible at hiding apprehension. He probably looked like a stressed out mess, and that’s because he was.

“Y-yeah. Just….. club stuff,” he shrugged, walking through the house to find his President.

Clay was sitting in an armchair reading the morning paper when Juice walked in.

“Mornin’ Juice,” he spoke, never looking up from the page in front of him.

“Clay….” the younger man spoke, barely a whisper as he choked on his words, “You gotta see this.”  

Metamorphosis- Chapter 1

Requested: no

Summary: You’re Melissa’s “adopted” daughter after her best friend died and left you to her. Scott pretty much ignores you until one day he randomly starts hovering over you. Then this new kid Isaac comes along and Scott takes him in so quickly. You resent them both until…

(I love ambiguous summaries, can you tell?)

Word Count: 949

A/N: So this begins before Scott is turned and it’ll escalate quickly to (my version of) the present. I like to follow the story for the most part and just go on little tangents. So it’s a bit of a canon divergence I guess. Anyway, I’m super excited; this is my first multi-chapter fic EEEEP!!!

Also disclaimer: I know I tagged this as an Isaac fic. I swear it is, he’s just not in this chapter. If I made it long enough to put him in there, it’d be twice as long. I promise he’ll be in the next chapter. Bc this really is an Isaac Lahey fic. Have patience my children. We’re developing a story here. Sorry if it seems a bit rushed or sloppy. Im just so excited to get to the Isaac chapters. I already have the fourth chapter written. I was procrastinating the first one. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think and what you want to see in the next chapters! 

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Images released during Tazhayakov trial

  1. Among the images released during the trail was this one of a backpack, alleged to have been taken from Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s dorm room and thrown in the garbage. The FBI says it later recovered it from a landfill. Azmat Tazhayakov is accused of helping ditch a laptop and the backpack believed to belong to schoolmate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
  2. The backpack was filled with fireworks and other items.
  3. A UMass-Dartmouth academic planner was also among the contents of the backpack.
  4. What appears to be a homework assignment was found in the backpack.
  5. A thumb drive found in the backpack.
  6. The FBI says Vasoline, like this container found in the backpack, is an item that could be used by bomb makers.
  7. Authorities say the backpack was placed in this plastic bag and thrown into a dumpster.
  8. The backpack was recovered from the Crapo Hill Solid Waste Facility.
  9. The FBI combed through the facility to find the backpack.
skylines:the prequel (ch. 3)

Hey loves, thanks for all the love and support on chapter 2. Catch up on the original series here. I still need to add the prequel chapters to the link.  Enjoy! Chapter inspiration song: I Should Be-Dru Hill

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters. They belong to James LaRosa and Vh1/Viacom (sadly).

5 weeks later

Five weeks after making the LA Devil Girls, they were finally preparing for their first performance. They would be performing for a charity event at The Grove. Jasmine made sure to let them all know that this was Terrence’s event and they had to be perfect. By week three of practice, they were all tired of hearing it. Of course, Jasmine put herself front and center because she lived for attention. Even if that meant bad publicity.

After practice, Ahsha quickly packed up her things and got out of the dance room before Jasmine even had the chance to say anything to her. The past few weeks had been tough for the new Devil Girl with Jasmine on her neck every five seconds. The girl was purposely trying to make Ahsha’s time as a Devil Girl miserable. Some of the other women on the team noticed how Jasmine picked at Ahsha but no one would dare stand up to the vicious leader. They would be off that team faster than they got on it.

“I’m honestly this close from slapping the shit out of her, Bobbi. This girl just won’t back off. Kept telling me I was in the wrong spot today when I was standing where she told me to stand,” Ahsha yelled into her cellphone when she got to the car. “If I deck her, I hope my parents don’t mind bailing me out.”

“Girl, I would kick her ass for you if I were there. She’s jealous of you. Didn’t you say you got a high fan vote for the tryouts,” Bobbi questioned, attempting to calm her friend down.

“Yeah. She’s been on my ass since tryout. Other than that, I’m having a good time. The rest of the team is sweet and they all probably hate Jasmine too. How’s Canada treating you,” she continued before taking a deep breath.

“Oh no, you won’t change the subject that fast. How are you and this Derek guy? You still playing games or are ya’ll going to the altar by next week,” Bobbi questioned in excitement. The topic of Derek came up every time they spoke. At times, Ahsha regretted telling her about the Devil player. He came up in casual conversation when Bobbi asked if Ahsha had found a man yet.

“I’ve already told you that he is trouble. He’s cool as a friend but I’ve seen way too many women hanging on his arm. Throw in the constant partying, temper and God knows what else,” Ahsha said. “He probably flirts with me and goes home with a groupie right afterwards. Not even trying it, Bobbi.”

“Hmm, seems like you’re interested enough to keep tabs on the man. Why are you frontin’ like you aren’t liking him,” Bobbi pushed. Being in college with Ahsha for four years, she knew when she was crushing on someone. Instead of admitting it, Ahsha would pretend she hated their guts. This crush was no different. Derek Roman had her attention and she was liking what she was seeing.

“Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Everyone knows he changes his women every day of the week. Plus, we can’t date players unless you’re Jasmine,” Ahsha explained. The bitterness in her voice wasn’t easy to miss.

She hated the fact that Derek was sort of growing on her. When they did cross paths, he was always pleasant. Ahsha assumed he was pleasant to anyone he wanted to sleep with though. Her growing attraction to him is what made her attempt to avoid him most of the time. Working in the same arena didn’t help and those attempts turned into fails. They ran into each other often.  With off-season workouts for the players and practice for the Devil Girls, they were both always in the arena.

Their last run in with each other was in the weight room two days ago, when Derek helped her with the bench press. Getting a close look at those bulging muscles didn’t help her case. Him standing over her as she bench pressed had her mind going other places and she felt guilty as hell.

Bobbi wasn’t the type to let up and Ahsha knew that. So, what she said next was no surprise. “Swear you need some loving from somebody. You’ve been uptight ever since Geron’s dumbass. I’ve been praying for you and it looks like that prayer was answered with Derek Roman.”

“I’m not looking for a fling and that’s all that would be. A professional baller isn’t the answer to your prayer.” The fact that she was even arguing with her friend about a man was amusing.

“The universe is giving you dick! Take it,” Bobbi shot back.

That comment made Ahsha slide down in her seat. “I will talk to you later. I’m about to drive.”

“Mmmmhhhm, you’re mad because I’m telling the truth. Love you, bye.”

With that the line went dead and Ahsha groaned in frustration.


Devils and Devil Girl Charity Appearance

Terrence watched as volunteers helped set up for the charity event later that afternoon. As a player, he loved giving back to the community and putting a smile on people’s faces. His foundation was finally where he wanted it to be and holding this event was proof of that. Children were lining up for the backpack/school supply giveaway, while others played games they had set up.

A few Devil Girls were waiting for Terrence to give them instructions. “Hey ladies. Don’t think I introduced myself to all of you. I’m Terrence.”  He extended his hand towards Ahsha, the only rookie in the group he hadn’t assigned a task to.

“Ahsha, nice to meet you,” she replied, firmly shaking Terrence’s hand. “We weren’t sure where you wanted all of us to go.”

“We’ll work in stations. Ahsha, you’ll start with me over at the autograph station. Alexis to the kids karaoke, Kiara to the face painting and you can stay here Mia. We’ll rotate stations after 45 minutes,” Terrence explained. They broke off into their assigned groups and Ahsha followed Terrence to their working area.

“How long have you been running your foundation,” Ahsha asked Terrence, trying to keep up with his long strides.

“This is my fourth year with the foundation but the first year we’ve done the backpack drive. Took me awhile to get it up and running. Baby steps,” Terrence answered as they approached the autograph table. “Derek should be at the table in a few. No telling where his crazy ass is. Wouldn’t be him if he wasn’t late.”

Ahsha laughed to hide the big smile on her face at the mention of Derek. Here she was giggling like a school girl about a man she didn’t like ‘in that way’.

Too bad Terrence had already caught the glimpse of excitement and called the young dancer out on it, “What’s up with you and D?”

“Huh,” Ahsha’s eyes widened. She was caught off guard.

“I’m not here to snitch on you. But I notice the little looks here and there,” Terrence whispered, whipping his head back and forth to make sure no one could hear their conversation. “Derek’s a good dude…he can…sometimes his head isn’t on straight-“

“Did I hear my name,” Derek grinned, taking the seat between Terrence and Ahsha. That silly grin was contagious. “What’s up, Davenport!”

“Man, can you ever be on time for anything,” Terrence replied, shaking his head at his friend.  

“Hey Derek,” Ahsha threw back. Simply being in each other’s presence had Ahsha’s skin tingling. Their chemistry was so strong that it was almost potent. A dangerous mix that was about to explode at any moment. Sexual tension had been building for the last five weeks and it was getting harder to ignore.

“Aww you wanted to work at my station,” Derek mocked.

Ahsha chuckled. “I was assigned by your teammate. Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Nice looking out, T,” Derek joked, giving his best friend a fist bump.

Terrence sighed loudly and stood to his feet, “I will leave ya’ll to sign autographs. Try to stay out of trouble,” he added.

“You never stop do you,” Ahsha questioned, a small twinkle in her eye as she stared back at the baller.

“You don’t want me to, do you,” Derek shot back, his leg bumping hers under the table. He wasn’t lying either. As much as they downplayed their constant flirting and the obvious chemistry, Ahsha didn’t want him to stop. Since the first day they locked eyes, there was an instant pull that had only worsened as the weeks went by.

Their banter was interrupted by Sloane and Pete, who had surprised their daughter at her first appearance as a Devil Girl. “I didn’t know you two were stopping by,” Ahsha shrieked, running around the table to hug her parents. When she was a small girl, they made sure they attended every recital, performance, fundraiser, or whatever their baby girl had going on for dance. They were her biggest fans and supporters.

“Surprise! Thought we would stop by to see you and plus your dad wanted to make a donation,” Sloane hummed, wrapping her arms around her daughter.

“Hey sweetie,” Pete threw in, kissing Ahsha’s forehead. “This place is jammed pack and it looks like you’re about to get a lot of fans at your table.”

“Yeah, they really come out for the Devils and the kids love the games and free stuff, of course,” Ahsha added.

Pete noticed the tall player sitting behind the table. “Derek Roman,” he began, walking towards the player with his hand outstretched.

“Uh oh, you know your father won’t stop talking if it’s about sports,” Sloane chuckled, giving Derek a small grin before turning her attention back to Ahsha. “I’m going to find the donation table. I’ll see you later, baby.”

“Thanks for stopping by,” Ahsha replied, before turning around to see her father and Derek in deep conversation.

“You know, basketball players turn into great tight ends if they have the right training. We could really use you with the Raiders,” Pete joked, slapping Derek on the shoulder.

“I wish I could help but I’m not into the heavy hitting. Gotta keep my body healthy if I want to see my kids grow up. But it looks like you all did great in the draft this year. Bet you’ll do well this season,” Derek said, not even noticing Ahsha standing in front of them.  “That new QB is badass.”

“He is,” Pete agreed. “The Devils seem like they’re on the right path too. Maybe there will be two championship teams in California this year.”

“I sure hope so.”

Ahsha cleared her throat. “Sorry to interrupt your convo, but we have fans coming.”

“Oops, well you heard the lady. Nice meeting you, Derek. Guess I’ll be seeing you at the games,” the father said, shaking Derek’s hand again. “Talk to you later, honey. Better go find your mother.”

“Bye dad.”

Derek waited until Pete disappeared into the crowd. “Meeting the parents already,” he gloated, taking his seat. Fans were beginning to line up at their table.

“That wasn’t by choice,” Ahsha responded. “My dad just likes to see you play.”

Why did she even say that? Derek would use that as ammo against her. “Word? Hmmm, that means I’m in good with dad. Now I have to work on getting in good with you,” Derek teased, the seriousness in his voice causing butterflies to form in Ahsha’s stomach. This was the first time Derek had openly admitted that he had any interest in her.

Thankfully, two children interrupted them and Ahsha didn’t have to respond. “Can we have your autograph, Mr. Roman,” a small boy asked, holding his basketball up to the table.

“Sure, little man. What’s your name,” Derek asked, walking around to the front of the table. He kneeled so he was on his level.


“Nathan,” Derek nodded, writing a message on the ball with a sharpie. “How old are you?”

“I’m seven,” he gushed, excited that he was talking to someone he looked up to in sports. Ahsha’s heart began to melt as she watched Derek bring a smile to this kid’s face.

The other child stepped up to the table with a poster. “Can you sign this…please,” the girl asked, her cheeks puffing out as she smiled back at Ahsha. No one had ever asked for her autograph and it shocked her to see a small girl smiling up at her like she was the best person in the world. The moment almost made her tear up.

“Sure, what’s your name, sweetie,” the dancer questioned, grabbing her sharpie and walking around the table.

“Denise,” she giggled, placing the poster on the table for Ahsha to sign. “Thank you!”

Denise’s smile widened when Ahsha placed the signed posted back in her hands. She had no idea who Ahsha was but the fact that a Devil Girl signed something for her was enough to make her happy. “Oh, you’re welcome. You have fun out here today. Maybe I’ll see you over at the bouncy house.”

As the two children ran off with their signed items, Derek and Ahsha returned to their seats. “Cute kids,” Ahsha said, breaking the silence.  “Who knew you would be so good with children?”

“D-Ro loves the kids,” he beamed. Children always put Derek in a great mood. Surprisingly, he didn’t have any of his own but he enjoyed their innocence and honesty. Kids were never out to hurt you or take advantage of you, something he didn’t get from adults in his life.

The rest of Derek and Ahsha’s time at the autograph table was spent taking pictures with fans and signing posters and apparel. That didn’t stop the baller and dancer from flirting or stealing a look. They even sat a little closer than they needed to and Kyle noticed right away.

“You and Derek seem to be getting comfortable,” Kyle said as Ahsha came over to relieve her from the photobooth station. “Could you two be any more obvious?”

“It was a small space,” Ahsha quickly stated, embarrassed that they had been caught once again. “Swear you and Bobbi read into stuff too much.”

Kyle sighed, rolling her eyes dramatically before calling her friend out, “You aren’t a good liar, Ahsha. He likes you and you like him back. No one’s judging you for it. Good thing you don’t have a boyfriend though. Because that would only last a hot second with Derek Roman on your heels. Just saying,” the blonde shrugged. “I better head over to my next station. Have fun with the kiddos!”

Kyle’s words seemed to echo in Ahsha’s head as her eyes wandered over to the station next to her, where Derek was working. The man was fine as hell and she couldn’t deny that, plus the way he carried himself added on to his sex appeal. Looks didn’t matter when a man couldn’t be faithful and Ahsha knew Derek had hoes. Women waited for him after games and he even had a reputation for missing practices due to his ‘bad boy’ behavior. He had even been suspended for a few games the last season. Derek wasn’t the type of guy you took home to your parents. At least not the man Ahsha thought she knew. The person she had yet to meet had a big heart that had been broken a few times. Which was why he built a wall around it and put on a façade. Sure, Derek was cocky but on the inside of all of that he could be selfless.

Feeling eyes on him, Derek slightly turned his head to find Ahsha staring at him. This time she didn’t even try to hide the fact that she had been caught.


Two Days Later

The Devils organization had their downfalls but fans couldn’t complain about the luxuries they got as a fanbase. Like every offseason, the Devils held a game of Reds vs Blacks, where the Devils’ roster played against each other. Dancers even joined in on the fun and were split into teams to compete against each other in a dance battle. Season ticket holders were invited to get a sneak peek of the 2002 Devils basketball team and dance squad. This was one of the highlights of the year for dedicated fans.

“Here comes your man,” Kyle whispered to Ahsha as they sat on the court cheering for the ‘Red’ side. The crowd cheered as Derek dunked the ball. “He’s showing off for his lady.”

“If you don’t stop,” Ahsha muttered through her teeth. “You play too much.”

That didn’t stop Kyle, who was just like Bobbi when it came to teasing their friend. “Uh oh, he’s looking this way. I dare you to blow him a kiss.”

“I’m not doing that!”

Kyle laughed at her friend’s shyness and turned her attention back to the game. The ‘Red’ team won by ten points, while the ‘Black’ team dancers won the battle.

After the game, Derek approached Ahsha while she was walking out of the locker room with Kyle. “Hey, wanna celebrate the win?”

“You’re acting like it’s a big game,” Ahsha chuckled earning a slap in the arm from Kyle. “Ow!”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, hun. See ya later, Derek,” Kyle gushed before leaving the two alone.

Derek arched his brow, “Hmm, well you don’t have any excuse to not come now.”

“I never said I was coming.” The constant push and pull between them definitely made things hotter. Sexual tension was building by the second and they both could feel it. As dangerous as this could be, Ahsha was intrigued. Why? She didn’t know. “If you can keep your hands to yourself, we can hang.”

“I’ll be a good boy,” Derek said with a mischievous grin. “I promise.

They ended up at a small bar across town. It was one of Derek’s favorite spots when he wanted to be away from the glitz and glam of the city. In this part of town, he wasn’t bugged about autographs. Ahsha was shocked about how laid back the place seemed, the total opposite of Derek’s usual antics.

“Wouldn’t think you’d like hanging out here. It’s so…”

“Quiet,” Derek finished as they began a game of pool. “Yeah, I know. I don’t always like to be around all the action. This place is pretty chill.”

“Hmmm,” she hummed in return, concentrating on the pool game that she honestly didn’t know how to play. When her first attempt at a shot was a fail, Ahsha threw her hands up in surrender. “Confession: I don’t know what the hell I’m doing?”

“I think that’s pretty obvious,” Derek answered, getting behind Ahsha to fix her form. “Hold here and here.” Placing her fingers in the correct spot on the pool stick, Derek moved in closer. “Don’t grip it too tight, loosen up a bit.”

Who knew a game of pool could be this erotic? Derek’s cologne and the feeling of him resting against her back, was almost too much to handle.

“Now shoot,” he muttered in her ear. Ahsha shivered as her bottom bumped into Derek, giving her the first feel of what the Roman Emperor had to offer. “Nice shot.” Ahsha’s breath hitched when his hands grazed against her hips.


Too bad neither one of them could even focus anymore. That bit of intimacy had them both hot and bothered, though they tried their best to hide it. They finished the game and Derek decided to take Ahsha “somewhere beautiful” after she mentioned loving city skylines. “Where are we going,” the dancer questioned, not recognizing the scenery.

“Stop your worrying. I’m not trying to kidnap you,” he chuckled, driving up the last hill until they reached the location.

A gasp escaped Ahsha’s lips when she saw the view of the city from the overlook. Though she was born and raised in Los Angeles, she had never been to this spot. It was a secluded area that even the most adventurous people didn’t know existed. The beauty of the city below them was breathtaking.

“Wow…. this is beautiful,” Ahsha beamed.

“Yeah, pretty amazing, huh,” Derek added, unbuckling his seatbelt and climbing into the backseat of the convertible. He helped Ahsha climb over the seats and join him on the trunk of the car. “Plus, a lot of people don’t come up here. I come here to clear my head sometimes.”

“So, this isn’t a spot you take all the women you’re pursuing,” Ahsha joked, playfully elbowing Derek’s side. “I’m kidding.”

Derek laughed along with her. “No, you weren’t. But no, I don’t usually bring anyone up here. People don’t find the beauty in stuff like this. At least not the people I know… or knew.”

Not knowing how to respond, Ahsha nodded and relaxed against the trunk.

“You getting shy on me,” Derek asked after they were both silent for a few minutes.

Honestly, being this close to Derek and getting to see a different side of him, did make Ahsha nervous. There was no way she would admit that to boost his ego even more. “I don’t have a shy bone in my body, Roman,” Ahsha lied, glancing over at him.

“Sure, Davenport,” Derek teased, biting his lip.  “You say one thing but your actions say another.”

Shaking her head, Ahsha replied, “And what are my actions saying?” She didn’t even notice that they were sitting much closer. “Since you think you know everything about me.”

Derek leaned in, their faces now inches apart. “I can read body language.”

Hormones were raging and all the tension that had been building over the last few weeks was about to explode. That shyness that Derek spoke of wasn’t there when Ahsha pressed, “What exactly is my body saying then?”

By this time, they were both close enough to feel the heat rolling off their bodies. Derek’s eyes traveled to Ahsha’s lips as he made his move. Once their lips touched, the sparks flew instantly. Slowly moving his lips against hers, Derek’s hand caressed her cheek.

Caught off guard by her own actions, Ahsha pulled back, taking time to reflect. This was the same guy she vowed not to get involved with when she first made the team. A vow she was certain she couldn’t keep anymore. Ahsha leaned back in and pulled Derek’s face to hers, this time deepening the kiss. Their tongues moved slowly against each other, both getting a taste of the sweetness they had been yearning for. Ahsha’s back collided with the car as she pulled Derek on top of her. The cool breeze traveled under her jean skirt. Derek quickly settled between the dancer’s legs, their lips still connected.

Ahsha’s panties were soaked. Breaking the kiss, Derek’s lips fell to Ahsha’s neck, applying deep kisses to the sensitive skin. His teeth grazed her collarbone, making a path to her raised skirt. Their eyes locked and Ahsha’s heart began to thump against her chest. She hadn’t had sex in months and that wasn’t by choice. Maybe Bobbi was right and she needed a good lay to loosen her up. Derek’s hands caressed her opened thighs. Licking his lips, the baller’s head disappeared between her legs. A low moan escaped Ahsha’s lips when she felt her underwear being moved to the side and Derek’s tongue sinking into her slick folds. The sensation sent her hips forward causing Derek to hum. People weren’t lying when they said Derek had a mean tongue game. People. The fact that people around town talked about the man’s sex game was a problem. This was trouble. The type of trouble Ahsha needed to stay away from, even though she was attracted to him. Very attracted.

Suddenly, reality began to hit the dancer. Derek Roman was laying in between her legs, his face in all her glory while they were laying on top of his bright red convertible. She was literally acting like a damn groupie right now. This wasn’t her and giving Derek the only thing he wanted from her wasn’t smart. She needed to stop this before it went too far, no matter how good it felt.

“Derek…Derek,” Ahsha moaned, pushing on the top of Derek’s head. “Stop.”

Honoring her wishes, Derek sat up, “What’s wrong, you okay?” The expression on Ahsha’s face had him worried. Did he do something wrong? What made her change her mind so quickly?

Not even able to look him in the eye, Ahsha replied, “Just take me home, please.”

This was only the beginning.

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