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How I Got A Little Robot

Pairing: tony x reader (platonic)

Request: anonymous asked: Can I request one where the reader is the typical girl next door? Shy, geeky glasses and no make up. She’s fresh out of high school and works as an assistant for the avengers. On her way in she overhears some workers make bets on who gets her first. She hurries to the lab shaken up and tells Tony. He goes into overprotective dad mode cause she’s only 18. He programs a suit to follow her around and fires the workers.

A/N: this is soooooo cute!!! It’s so fucking fluffy I’m gonna die. I so hate those people who talk about people in such way, because I have experienced it once and it really disturbs the person who was being talked about. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): sexual talk, swearing.

Word Count: 1530

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You had your breakfast hurriedly as you arranged all the files. Working with the avengers was very fun but the work that came with it, was not less. Being so young, they all looked after you and treated you like a sibling and not as an assistant.

You ran around your house getting each and every thing you would need for the day, the files, the pen drives, your backpack and other essential items. You quickly put on some moisturizer and sunscreen on your face, took a final glance at the watch and ran out of the house.

You fixed your glasses as you rode your bicycle through the roads. The warm, fresh breeze felt so pleasant against your skin and in your hair. A smile was plastered on your face before your phone rang, you quickly put in your Bluetooth head set and picked up the phone.

‘hey, sweetheart. Good morning.’ You could hear the smile in tony’s voice.

‘good morning, Mr. stark! I am on my way, I’ll be there in just two minutes.’ You paddled faster.

 ‘oh, it’s okay, kiddo. I just wanted to ask if you got the Israel file and did that little presentation thing.’ He asked.

‘yes, I did it and I got all the files.’ You replied. ‘see you at the towers.’

‘okay’ he hung up.

 You reached the towers and parked your bike. You corrected your backpack and made your way inside the facility. You were walking to the elevator before you were greeted by one of the usual young workers.

‘hey, (Y/n). how ya doin?’ he smiled.

‘oh, I’m good. Just in a bit of a rush, got a lot of work to do.’ you patted your bag and he nodded.

‘I will let you go if you answer this one question of mine.’ He crossed his arms and you furrowed your brows. ‘how do you look so pretty without any make up? and how do these glasses only add to it?’ he lightly tapped at your glasses and you took a step back. You chuckled awkwardly and rubbed the back of your neck.

‘you are just making fun of me, Richard. I’ll talk to you later, bye.’ You started to make your way to the elevator again.

‘bye, beautiful!’ he called after you and a heat rose to your cheeks. You were a rather shy person and such attention wasn’t something you were used to. You had almost got in the elevator before you remembered that you had forgotten your personal pen drive in the basket of your bike. You ran in the direction of the exit before you heard a murmur consisting of your name. you stopped and hid behind the wall. You weren’t the one to eavesdrop but someone was talking about you after all.

‘(y/n) is some fine piece of ass. I bet all of ya goons that imma get her first.’ An uneasy feeling seemed to have settled in your stomach when you heard this statement. To make it worse you recognised the voice to be Richard’s. you thought of him to be sweet, you could never tell he hid such bad motives under all that. You peeked and found two of his friends standing with him.

‘please, that girl is an easy one, ‘kay?’ the taller one said. ‘but I gotta say, she’s really fucking pretty. She’s one nice bunny.’ He crossed his arms and the other nodded in agreement.

‘ya know, I did a bit of research on her, turns out she never had a boyfriend.’ the guy you recalled as matt said.

‘ooh, virgin?’ the taller one asked with a sickening smirk and he nodded. ‘bet she’s a screamer.’

‘who screams your name to death.’ Richard added and they all started laughing. your heart started hammering against your chest, a lump had seemed to formed in your throat which wouldn’t go away. Sheer panic mixed with disgust and fear was what you felt. Not knowing what to do you dashed in the elevator and urgently pressed the button to the lab floor.

You were running to the lab when you crashed into tony. he stumbled back and let out a small chuckle.

‘gave you too much work, kiddo?’ he grinned. when you didn’t reply in your usual cheery voice and kept your gaze down, he got very concerned. ‘sweetie, you okay?’ he held your arms. You shook your head in a no. ‘what happened?’ he kept and arm around your shoulders and led you towards the lab.

‘the-the guys, Richard’s friends’ you tried to speak.

‘what about them? What did they do?’ he asked with anger evident in his voice. He sat you down and gave you a glass of water. You took a few sips before you were ready to speak.

‘they said such vulgar stuff about me, and made bets on who could get me first.’ You choked out disgusted. You looked at his face and could see and feel anger radiating out of him. he unclenched his jaw and sat beside you.

‘I’ll take care of those jerks, okay? You don’t have to worry about anything, they won’t know and will not trouble you again.’ He cooed and you nodded. He got up and made a call, he talked for a few minutes before nodding and sitting beside you again. ‘and those assholes are fired.’ He smiled and rubbed your back soothingly.

  ‘thank you, Mr. stark.’ You gave him a small smile. ‘thank you very much, you are very sweet.’

‘not more than you, cupcake’ he ruffled your hair and you chuckled. ‘you wanna go back home? Take a break?’ you shook your head in a no.

‘working here is awesome, I don’t ever need a break.’ You got up. ‘and here.’ You handed him the files and pen drive. He took them and kept them aside before turning to you.

‘if you see those low lives anywhere near you, you call me. promise?’ he looked you in the eyes.

‘promise.’ You replied.

The day ended quickly, and you didn’t see tony anywhere after that. When you asked Bruce he replied that tony was working on something in his lab and had asked for nobody to disturb him. you nodded understandingly and left.

You shuffled in your bed recalling the events of the day. Those comments had perturbed you a lot, you were disgusted and scared that they might find your address. But as the image of tony and his fatherly, caring words came to you, you had fallen asleep.

You were trying to find tony for you had to get some paper signed by him. you had entered the kitchen area when you spotted him with a toast in his mouth. He looked tired as he poured a green smoothie in a beer mug. You couldn’t help but chuckle. He snapped his head in your expression, almost losing the grip of his toast.

‘waw yew?’ he tried to speak with the toast still in his mouth, he took it out and kept it aside. ‘(y/n)! hey, sweetheart you’re okay, right? Nobody troubled you?’ he moved closer to you and you noticed the shadow under his eyes.

‘I am fine, sir. But I can’t be sure about you, you couldn’t sleep?’ you asked.

‘yes.’ he pointed and took a bite of his toast. ‘but for all the good reasons.’ He finished it and chugged his smoothie. ‘come, I gotta show you something.’ He smiled, grabbed your hand and took you to the lab.

‘what is it?’ you tilted your head. He stood you in the middle of the lab, instructing you not to move before he disappeared.

‘(y/n),’ he came back with and smiled at you. ‘welcome, your new constant companion.’ He announced and you furrowed your brows. ‘lil’ bot!’ he shouted and a little robot came wheeling near you.

‘nice to meet you, (y/n)’ it said in an adorable voice. You knelt near it and kept a hand on its round white head. you looked at tony with curious eyes.

‘this little robot is going to be following your everywhere now, if he senses any danger he will send signals and help will be there for you in no time.’ He explained and you blinked. ‘You like him?’ he looked at you hopefully.

‘wow.’ Was all that you could muster. ‘I can’t-‘

‘yes, you can.’ He sat beside you. ‘why don’t you name him?’

‘I am going to name him, Robin.’ You smiled at him and his digital eyes changed to pleased ones. It started moving in circles saying its name and you grinned.

‘that’s the reason I made him so cute, you know’ he tucked his hands under his head and leaned against the table. ‘he gotta match his cute owner.’ He smiled and you blushed.

‘thank you so much, Mr. Stark.’ You gave him a genuine smile. ‘I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for me.’

‘you don’t have to, kid.’ He looked at you. ‘you’re like my daughter.’ He muttered. You awkwardly held your arms up for a hug but he had his attention somewhere else. You cleared your throat and he furrowed his brows. ‘wh- oh!’ he hugged you and chuckled. ‘you’re adorable.’ He grinned.

Maybe I am nice - Montgomery de la Cruz (part 2)

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Word count: 861

a/n: I don’t like it that much but i feel like i’m letting you guys wait soooo long. I still hope you guys like it a little. By the way I have really good plans for these two!

Part 1


You woke up on the right side of the wrong bed but then why did it feel so good? You just didn’t understand. You only talked with him for 4 ,maybe 5, hours and it felt like you met your soulmate. It felt like the two of you meeting was meant to be. You were so confused by all of it you decided to leave before Montgomery woke up. You placed a small kiss on his cheek before getting up gathering your stuff.

“Where are you going?” Montgomery suddenly said with a very sexy raspy morning voice.

“I-um- I was kind of leaving?”

“Why?” he asked while sitting up. Oh god you forgot he slept shirtless. How good looking can someone be? You just didn’t understand.

“I don’t know, isn’t that what you want?”

“Do you really think I want you to be gone in the morning after we had such a good time last night.”

“Define good time?” you asked while you started to panic. Did you had a black whole in your memory? Did you had sex with Montgomery de la Cruz without remembering?

“I meant the talking and getting to know each other, relax.” He laughed before laying down again, his hands resting under the back of his head.

“Please get back in here?” you couldn’t help but smile and as he asked you crawled back under the blanked, your head resting on his chest and a deep sigh leaving your mouth.

“Isn’t it weird we’re laying here like a couple when we met not even 24 hours ago.”

“It’s only weird if you make it weird and by the way you look really good in my shirt. ”

You spent the rest of your weekend at Montgomery’s place and you loved every single moment of it. you just met but you already were inseparable. You watched movies together, cooked food, played video games. You were falling for him and you were falling hard and fast. You didn’t understand a minute about what was happening but you enjoyed it so much. Since a long time you felt like you had a chance to become happy again with someone who understood you to the fullest.

“Mont, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can babe!” That moment right there your heart blew out of your chest. it was the first time he called you babe, and it made you weak in your knees.

“What is happening between us?”

“Good question because I don’t understand it either. I always thought you were beautiful but from the moment we started to talk I felt like I was meant to meet you. I know this might seem weird but I feel like I met my soulmate. You – he hesitated a second – you’re just perfect.”

“Good, cause I was totally feeling the same and I was scared you didn’t.” You laughed before snuggling yourself in his grip.  He held you very tightly and kissed your forehead.

It was Monday morning and Jeff picked you up for school. On your way you explained Jeff everything that happened and how you were falling in love and you couldn’t believe it yourself. He reminded you a couple times about the fact you were talking about Montgomery, since he couldn’t believe the things you said were about him. when the two of you walked into school your attention was pulled by a huge crowd forming, you and Jeff made your way over there, to the first row. That’s when you saw Alex pushing Montgomery against his car and shouting he had to hit him. You could already imagine what you were going to witness. You just stared at Montgomery and you saw his fists were starting to clench. It seemed like he felt your presence because his eyes suddenly met yours. You tried to convince him with your gaze to not fight Alex and suddenly he let go of the tension he put on his fists.

“Just go Alex, find someone else to fight you.” He said before picking up his backpack and driving off to go park his car.

“What did you do to him?” Jeff asked, a couple other people in the crowd staring at you.

“I honestly don’t know.” You said before walking away, searching for Monty. He was just getting out of his when you found him.

“Hey Mont, are you okay? Alex pushed you pretty hard?” he turned around and smiled, before you knew it his lips were crashed against yours. Montgomery was kissing you deep and passionately, like he wanted to let you know how much he started to love you through a kiss. The kiss was even better than you imagined. He was cupping your face with his big hands and you felt his thumb caressing your jaw. It was a first kiss like in the movies. Montgomery broke the kiss and looked you straight in the eyes.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

“There is nothing more I want in the world right now.” You said still shaking on your knees.

I knew it from the start you were going to make me a better person.” he said before pulling you back in for a kiss.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! 

Stay (part 4)

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Pairing: Sam X Reader
Summary: God tells Sam and Dean that they do, in fact, have soulmates out there.
Warnings: angst and fluff, sad sammy. This chapter mostly focuses on Dean, but I promise you guys are about to get so much Sammy.
A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to post this, I hope you all like it!
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Dean traipsed into Sam’s hotel room with a giant grin on his face, ready to tell his brother about the amazing kiss he’d had with Vivienne. His eyes scoured the hotel room, before falling on a very upset looking Sam. This wasn’t Sam’s usual upset look. Sam had a mix of pain, sadness and anger in his face. His eyes were red like he’d been crying or maybe he’d had too much alcohol? Every good feeling Dean had recently felt was replace with a fear he couldn’t shake. 

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Metamorphosis- Chapter 1

Requested: no

Summary: You’re Melissa’s “adopted” daughter after her best friend died and left you to her. Scott pretty much ignores you until one day he randomly starts hovering over you. Then this new kid Isaac comes along and Scott takes him in so quickly. You resent them both until…

(I love ambiguous summaries, can you tell?)

Word Count: 949

A/N: So this begins before Scott is turned and it’ll escalate quickly to (my version of) the present. I like to follow the story for the most part and just go on little tangents. So it’s a bit of a canon divergence I guess. Anyway, I’m super excited; this is my first multi-chapter fic EEEEP!!!

Also disclaimer: I know I tagged this as an Isaac fic. I swear it is, he’s just not in this chapter. If I made it long enough to put him in there, it’d be twice as long. I promise he’ll be in the next chapter. Bc this really is an Isaac Lahey fic. Have patience my children. We’re developing a story here. Sorry if it seems a bit rushed or sloppy. Im just so excited to get to the Isaac chapters. I already have the fourth chapter written. I was procrastinating the first one. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! Tell me what you think and what you want to see in the next chapters! 

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Obsessive - Part 7

The first night under the same roof as Juice.

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)


You pulled up at your house as it was beginning to get dark, bellies full of fast food and lugging bags from the grocery store filled with snacks and drinks. You also bought raw ingredients to cook dinner and make lunches for the week.

Juice had explained while you were eating at Del Taco that he would stay with you at night and bring you to TM in the mornings. There, you’d be able to work with Bobby like usual, but you would have to stay at the clubhouse until he was available to take you home in the evenings.

You felt bad hearing that he would still be responsible for club business during the day as well as dealing with tows for the garage. Since Clay had only excused him from club stuff that happened at night, it was just an extra job staying with you.

You had all the groceries unpacked and put away and the two of you retired to the living room, sitting on the couch with TV on, watching silently. Juice turned to you during a commercial break, “(Y/N)?” he asked, getting your attention.

“D'you mind if I hook my Xbox up? I brought it with me but if it’s going to bother you I–”

“–No its fine! Go ahead.” you smiled at him and he grinned back at you, leaning over his bag and grabbing the console and the cables and pulling them out, walking to your TV and kneeling in front of it as he began hooking everything up.

“You know, Juice. I know Clay isn’t giving you a break from working at the garage and stuff while you’re stuck babysitting me…”

Juice turned around from his spot in front of your entertainment center to look at you while you talked.

“If you don’t want to stay here, I understand. I know its an inconvenience and I don’t want to be a burden. The prospects probably aren’t that bad and I’m sure you’d rather be at your own house…” you trailed off.

Juice gave you a sad smile, shaking his head before he spoke, “I really don’t mind. I hate living alone actually… And it used to be okay because I had a girlfriend, but I’ve been single for a while now and it just….” you could see in his eyes he started to tell you something, but then changed his mind, “I dunno….I’m not all that good by myself,” he shrugged, turning his back to you once again and plugging the last cable into the console before turning it on. He stood and shuffled back over to the couch, plopping down beside you and setting one of the controllers in your lap, “Wanna play?” he asked, his grin once again gracing his handsome face.

You could totally get used to this.

“You’re going down!!!” you yelled at the tv, smashing buttons on the controller as you chased after Juice’s character on the first person shooter game.

“I’m sorry!” he chuckled, “I thought you were a bad guy I didn’t mean to shoot you!”

“And I’m not gonna mean to deliver this payback. Now quit bein’ a bitch a take it like a man!” you exclaimed, shooting after him.

“You’re not supposed to shoot your teammates!” he hollered and you both laughed some more, the pile of ashed out blunts in the ash tray on your coffee table the likely culprit for all the giggles coming from the two of you.

The time ran out in the match before you were able to get him back and he set the controller down beside him, leaning back and folding his arms behind his head, sighing from his laughter.

“I guess its probably time for bed, huh?” he asked looking over at you.

“Yeah, probably,” you sighed, standing up and setting the controller down on the coffee table. “I’ll go get you a pillow and blanket,” you finished walking down the same hall that your attacker had come from just hours prior.

You made sure Juice was comfortable before retiring for the night, taking a shower and then settling into bed for what would be the first peaceful night of sleep you had in weeks, thanks to your new guardian.

Juice laid awake on the couch, waiting until all the signs of you being awake were gone and he was sure you had gone to sleep. He got up, walking over to your kitchen counter where your laptop rested, and brought it back to the couch with him. He had been anxious since he arrived back to your place to see what was on the camera feeds from earlier in the day, but he didn’t want you to look at them because he knew it might be startling to you.
Hell, he was nervous to see what might be on them.
He pulled up the feeds and looked them over, then pulled out his usb drive from his backpack and exported the video files to the drive before pulling it out and placing it back in his bag. He put your laptop back making sure to leave it exactly like he found it, and laid down to sleep.

For Juice, it was a restless night, he felt as if he was being watched and he would wake up frantic when he did sleep because he would hear noises. By 6am he was just laying there, staring at the ceiling and decided to go ahead and get up for the day. He turned on the lamp beside the couch only to be startled by the sight of your laptop, the same one that he had been on before he went to sleep, sitting on the floor next to the side table. He knew he had put it back where it belonged, and he began to remember what he saw on the camera feed as a chill ran down his spine. 

He needed to get the both of you to the club house. 

He didn’t want to burden you with the truth about the situation, so he picked the laptop up, carrying it to the kitchen counter where he had left it previously, and was greeted with another out of place item. One of the picture frames from your entertainment center was sitting there, smudged fingerprints all over it. He quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt and wiped the glass off, knowing the smudges would catch your attention if he didn’t get rid of them. He returned that as well to its rightful place before grabbing an apple, a banana, and a bagel with peanut butter and sitting down at the table to eat his breakfast and wait for you to emerge from your slumber.

The two of you pulled up to TM, Juice driving you in the truck, at 7:45am.
You were actually early for once and you knew it was all thanks to the cute Puerto Rican that was now opening the passenger door to let you out. You thanked him for the ride and walked inside the clubhouse to meet up with Bobby.

Juice stuck his hand in his pocket as you walked away, moving the small plastic and metal piece of technology between his fingers as he took a deep breath, he knew what he had to do. He  walked over to his bike, starting it up and speeding out of the parking lot. He pulled up at Clay’s house and went up to the back door, knocking and waiting until he heard Gemma’s voice, “Its open!” she called out and he walked in, bidding her good morning and asking where he could find Clay.

“He’s in the den, baby. Everything alright?” she asked, a investigative tone in her voice and he knew it was because he was terrible at hiding apprehension. He probably looked like a stressed out mess, and that’s because he was.

“Y-yeah. Just….. club stuff,” he shrugged, walking through the house to find his President.

Clay was sitting in an armchair reading the morning paper when Juice walked in.

“Mornin’ Juice,” he spoke, never looking up from the page in front of him.

“Clay….” the younger man spoke, barely a whisper as he choked on his words, “You gotta see this.”  

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Images released during Tazhayakov trial

  1. Among the images released during the trail was this one of a backpack, alleged to have been taken from Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s dorm room and thrown in the garbage. The FBI says it later recovered it from a landfill. Azmat Tazhayakov is accused of helping ditch a laptop and the backpack believed to belong to schoolmate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
  2. The backpack was filled with fireworks and other items.
  3. A UMass-Dartmouth academic planner was also among the contents of the backpack.
  4. What appears to be a homework assignment was found in the backpack.
  5. A thumb drive found in the backpack.
  6. The FBI says Vasoline, like this container found in the backpack, is an item that could be used by bomb makers.
  7. Authorities say the backpack was placed in this plastic bag and thrown into a dumpster.
  8. The backpack was recovered from the Crapo Hill Solid Waste Facility.
  9. The FBI combed through the facility to find the backpack.
Morning Rush

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The alarm goes off promptly at six in the morning, the shrill blaring impossible to escape. Groaning as the loud noise rudely barges through your dreams and drags you back into reality by the hair, you throw your arm in the general direction of the bedside table. It takes you three tries to find the alarm clock, and another three more to turn off the alarm successfully. Finding peace at last, you relax, feeling Jungkook turn beside you to snuggle into your back. As you drift off…


  “Bleurgh,” is your only response, and you try to burrow yourself deeper into the sheets, as though that could serve as any protection from the incoming, energetic toddler.

  “Your child is calling,” Jungkook complains, and you know that he wants you to take care of it so that he can sleep in for a few more minutes.

  “She’s your child before the sun is up,” you retort back grumpily, but you sit up anyway. Just in time, as the tiny human being rushes through your bedroom door and climbs onto your bed.

  “Mummy,” she greets, in a softer voice this time as she embraces you back. You ruffle her bed hair lightly, and she giggles as she mimics your actions, smoothing her small hand over your own tangled locks.

  “Good morning, our Sarang,” Jungkook greets, poking an eye open beside you to wave at your enthusiastic toddler.

  “DADDY!” she shrieks, almost deafening your ear.

  Jungkook laughs, taking her from you. You do this every morning, so you know the drill. Sarang is so attached to you, that if she doesn’t see you for prolonged periods of time, it puts her in a bad mood. And that means baby tantrums. Or long, loud wails. Neither are particularly pleasant first thing in the morning. So while Jungkook keeps her occupied, helping her change out of her pink fluffy pajamas while preventing her from noticing your absence, you hurry to the bathroom, where you had already laid out your outfit for today the previous night. You take a quick bath, dry your hair, get changed and apply a thin layer of make-up, reappearing in the room just as Sarang begins to question, “Where’s Mummy?”

  “Mummy’s right here,” you coo, taking her back from Jungkook. Jungkook smiles slyly at you and gives you a quick peck on the cheek before you disappear into the bathroom with her to clean her up, too. He himself heads off to use the second, smaller bathroom off the corridor. It takes a certain amount of cajoling to get Sarang to brush her teeth, which she absolutely hates because she dislikes the minty taste of the toothpaste, so it is at least fifteen minutes before you can move Sarang out to the kitchen, sitting her on the high chair where she can safely watch over you prepare dinner from a safe distance. You put a kettle of water on the stove, and while waiting for that to boil you drag out the cereal from the top shelf and a jug of milk from the refrigerator onto the dining table so that Jungkook can help himself when he is done washing up.

  “Mummy, I don’t want to go to school today,” Sarang declares loudly, just as she does every morning.

  You go through the motions with her. “Why not?”

  She pretends to think for a little while. “Because Mummy’s not there!”

  “What do you want to do if you don’t go to school?”

  “I want to stay at home!”

  “Then who will take care of you?”

  Another short pause. “Daddy!”

  You finish mixing up the formula for her milk powder and return the can to the shelf, before sitting down before your child to look at her in the eye. “You know what?” You tap her little nose gently with your index finger, and she scrunches it up all adorably as she giggles, trying to get away from you. “Maybe you wished hard enough, because you get to stay at home with Daddy all day today!” You aren’t lying; you and Jungkook had discussed the arrangement for weeks since you had first known that he was going to get a day off, and you had even contacted the preschool teacher to pull Sarang out of school for a day. Sure getting an education is important, but so is family time, so is father-daughter time, especially when Jungkook is so terribly busy all the time, sometimes having to be out of the country for weeks at an end…

  Sarang squeals excitedly. Then she stops and asks, “Mummy will be there too?”

  “Mummy has to go to work, little one.”

  “No!” Sarang protests stubbornly. “Mummy be there with Daddy and Sarang.”

  “Is being alone with Daddy that bad?” Jungkook demands, stepping into the small space. Thankfully, because the kettle goes off at that moment and its piercing shrieks indicate that the water’s done. You share a glance with Jungkook, and leave him to pacify your daughter while you prepare her warm milk and baby oatmeal - the perfect nutritious breakfast for an overly-enthusiastic toddler. By the time you place her meal before her in a plastic bowl (with accompanying plastic cutlery, specially made for children), her milk (warmed to exactly the right temperature) in her favorite bright yellow sippy cup, she’s smiling her trademark gummy smile, having just lost her front tooth two weeks ago. Jungkook may not have been there often, but when he is he certainly works his magic.

  Alas, there’s no rest when you have a four-year-old toddler bouncing around you, and you decide to take the first feeding shift, prodding Jungkook to go settle his breakfast. Sarang is perfectly capable of eating by herself, but both of you have come to a consensus that you will have to feed her breakfast after one failed attempt that left her covered in oats and the both of you terribly late for work/dance practice. You play airplanes with her while she eats to coax her to finish her meal faster, pretending that every spoonful of oats was an airplane waiting to land in the hangar that was her mouth. You don’t understand how this works, but Sarang appeared to love it after Jungkook tried it on her once, and you’ve been doing that ever since then to persuade her to eat the foods she dislikes.

  You’re almost done with the oatmeal when Jungkook beckons you over to switch shifts with him. He takes over with the remainder of the oatmeal, then the milk, while you polish off the cereal with cold milk that Jungkook has already helpfully poured into a bowl for you. It’s not the most nutritious of breakfast, but at least it keeps Jungkook and you going until you can get a proper meal.

  Then all the cutlery goes into the dish-washer, and before you know it Sarang’s bag is on her shoulders and you’re rushing your family out into the garage. Jungkook drives, while you keep Sarang occupied at the back of the car with the toys she has brought along in her tiny backpack. The drive to your office only takes fifteen minutes, but you feel like you’ve been drinking tea from fake plastic tea-cups for about two hours when Jungkook pulls up at the curb behind the familiar building.

  “Thank you, Jungkook,” you tell him as you disembark, catching his sparkling eyes from the rearview mirror and hoping that he understands just how grateful you are for his presence every single hectic morning. “Goodbye, Sarang! Mummy will be back soon.”

  “MUMMY!” Sarang was only smiling just a minute ago, but now she has began to wail loudly (and frankly it is a teeny bit embarrassing). “Mummy,” she whines, “I want Mummy to stay and play with Daddy and me…” She trails off into a series of spluttering coughs, the way all toddlers do when they are crying their lungs out.

  Jungkook gets off from the front seat and unstraps Sarang from the back, carrying the crying child in his arms even though she is technically too old to be carried. “Let’s walk Mummy to the door and wave bye-bye, okay, Sarang? Then you can’t cry anymore.”

  You sigh, knowing that such a thing will never happen, but relent anyway. Sarang stays quiet for as long as it takes for you to get to the entrance of your office building, then, as though she knows what is coming, starts to wail again. You try to pacify her with a doll you had good sense to stuff into your handbag this morning, but she’s only happy for about two seconds before she continues her antics.

  “Sarang, listen to Daddy,” Jungkook smooths her hair. “Remember what Daddy told you about ladies whom Daddy likes?”

  You raise your eyebrow at him, wondering what he’s been up to with Sarang behind your back.

  Sarang nods.

  “Well, I forgot to tell you that Daddy likes brave ladies!”

  “Brave ladies?”

  “That’s right, brave ladies!”

  You laugh at his exaggerated tone, and he shoots you a knowing look.

  “And brave ladies don’t cry when their Mummy goes away. They have fun with their Daddy instead!”

  “Really?” Sarang sounded doubtful.


  She sniffs and rubs her eyes with one tiny fist. “Is Mummy a brave lady?”

  “Of course she is! Mummy is brave giving birth to you.”

  In spite of yourself, a tiny smile crept up onto your face.

  “Okay,” Sarang decides. “I’ll be a brave lady.”

  “Good girl,” Jungkook praises, winking at you.

  “Sarang,” you reach out to shake her hand, “Mummy will be back soon, okay? Have fun with Daddy and be a good girl.” You peck her on the forehead, making her giggle, and then reach over to press a light butterfly kiss onto Jungkook’s lips. Sarang squeezes her eyes shut and makes grossed-out noises as though seeing two adults kiss is the most disgusting thing she can witness in this world.

  You turn and walk through the sliding glass doors into your office building. You wait for a few seconds until you are sure they must have gone before you step out again to watch them leave.

  Sure enough, Jungkook’s familiar broad shoulders are retreating into the distance, his gait reassuring even after all these years. And Sarang, your Sarang. When she had been born you were both so, so happy that you finally had a complete family to call your own. She had inherited her father’s dark hair, large nose and bunny teeth, and your curls and dimples. She had a bit of both of you in her eyes, and even up till now it was still amazing how you and Jungkook had come together to create this… this person who brought you so much joy and happiness in this world when you had once thought that Jungkook was all you needed.

  Sarang looks up and notices you, but before she can begin shouting you hold a finger to your lips to quieten her down. She mimics your action, and you wave goodbye at her with a little smile on your face. She waves back and blows a kiss in your direction. You pretend to catch it to your heart and she must have giggled a little.

  Then Jungkook turns a corner and they disappear from sight.


This #TravelTuesday, the #mypubliclandsroadtrip follows Colorado’s Alpine Loop for remote historic spots and scenic wilderness views.

The Alpine Loop is one of America’s Back-Country Byways, providing an off-the-beaten-path trip for adventurers in cars, motorcycles, 4x4 vehicles and even mountain bikes. Tucked away in the San Juan Mountains, the byway winds through the towns of Lake City, Ouray and Silverton, Colorado, for 65 miles.  

U.S. settlers moved into the area in the late 1800s to search for silver, gold, lead and zinc. They constructed a network of roads and railways so they could transport ore and supplies through the mountain ridges. Most of the mines are closed today, but the roads still remain, offering a rare and intimate view of historic southwestern Colorado. Remnants of the area’s past dot the byway – visitors may see once-booming ghost towns, old mine shafts and railroad fixtures.

Pictured here, Animas Forks was once a thriving mining town of 30 cabins and a hotel, general store, saloon and post office. When gold mining profits declined, investment in the town declined as well. And the town was a ghost by the 1920s. The BLM Colorado and local partners maintain this ghost town as a stop for travelers along the Alpine Loop.

Morgan Jones, Prophet?

In season 3, episode 12, Rick, Michonne and Carl stumble across a very survivalist mode Morgan Jones outside his apartment as they scavenge for guns for the prison. There, he tells Rick of his prophetic visions, which at the time seemed like the ramblings of a madman. But looking back on it now, it is now possible that these words were the words of the lone sane man in an insane world. I will go through these quotes one at a time to show how they are relevant to the Beth/Morgan connection and the Beth Resurrection theories.

“It’s my job to clear.”

            Scott Gimple wrote this episode. If indeed he had a plan prior to becoming official showrunner, it not only makes sense that the trio should come across Morgan at this point, but also that he make his second return at this juncture in the story. Morgan’s job is to clear. Add this to the very painstaking writing on his apartment walls (which the producers said they spent hours being meticulous about) “Zack turned” “Eugene turned” “Transport Bef” “No more cypress” “The handoff” “No KIA for Bef” “ Not happen/lived” “Ibben lived” etc. we can easily conclude that he was being set up to “Clear” something later on. That thing may very well be Beth’s alleged death by a bullet to the head.

“You don’t clear me!”

            This was shouted in Rick’s face. If we look at it deeper, it could mean that—in actuality—Morgan is the one who clears Rick, rather than the other way around. Morgan returns at this point to clear the error Rick made in not going along with his original plan to take Grady by stealth force and instead listening to Tyreese and Daryl. The error apparently cost Beth her life. But what if it didn’t? What if Morgan’s ‘coda’ is to reverse Rick’s decision by being the one who discovers Beth after she saves herself (to paraphrase Daryl’s words)? I looked up ‘coda’ the musical term on youtube, and I found out that in a D.S. al coda, the music stops at the coda, goes back to the D.S. and then returns to the coda but with a different ending.

“The weak people—the people like me? We have inherited the earth.”

            Who—prior to season 4B—was seen as weak in our group of survivors? Beth. Beth! We learned differently in season 4. We learned that Beth is—quoth Norman—“emotionally one of the strongest”. Additionally, in season 5A we also learned that Beth is physically very capable as well. But prior to season 4 we knew none of this. All we knew was that Beth was a girl who initially thought she couldn’t handle the world which was now presented to her. She was weak. But she survived a suicide attempt. She survived a winter moving around with the group with no safe haven to go to. She survived seeing her mom and half-brother turned. She survived the illness at the prison. She survived weeks meandering around with a hopeless Daryl. She survived all the abuse she took at Grady at the hands of Dawn and her slimy male officers. She proved that she isn’t weak, but originally this was how her character was presented. And she inherited everything. She inherited the will to survive from her late father, Hershel “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living” Greene himself. She inherited a set of skills at the prison, the ability to kill walkers. She inherited another set of skills in her time alone with Daryl—the ability to track. She inherited a third set of skills in her days at the hospital—the ability to kill people. The “weak” Beth Greene inherited all the skills need to live on this new, zombie-plagued earth.

            Morgan Jones is not back by accident at this point, my fellow Team Delusioners. Nor was his appearance in 312 some coincidence. It seemed out of place at the time, but in light of recent events, it makes more and more sense to those of us who know how to read the signs. Morgan is the ‘coda’ to Beth’s alleged demise. He is the link to show that we will go back over the music to the D.S. to get our alternate ending.

One more thing: Remember on their way to King County, Rick, Michonne and Carl drive past a backpacker who begs them to stop, and they don’t? Yet, after encountering Morgan, they stop and pick up the backpack on the way back to the prison, even though the backpacker is long gone? What did Beth have with her when she was taken by the Grady cops? Her black backpack with the money Daryl took from the country club next to it. What did Morgan see on the ground outside the church in his ‘coda’? An identical black backpack with money spilling out of it.

Holy. Shit.