drive a chevy


As long as TV and Movies keep giving us new Star Cars, I’ll keep updating my collection. The newest instalment is as follows:

1. Rick And Morty: Space Cruiser

2. The Fate of the Furious:  Ice Charger

3. Baby Driver:  Subaru WRX

4. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman: Captain Nemo’s car

5. Into the Badlands: The Widow’s Car

6. Ghost in The Shell: Batou’s car

7. The Americans: Philip’s Camaro

8. Bob’s Burgers: Bob’s Station Wagon

9. Drive: The Driver’s Chevy Chevelle

10. John Wick. John’s Mustang.

Coming soon: Preacher and Blood Drive!



Handcrafted German Dry Gin in a handsome American 1962 V8 Chevrolet C10 Panel Truck. An excellent recipe! By the way, the next G20 Summit will take place on the 7th and 8th of July right in the background at Hamburg’s Messehallen Convention Centre.

Never Forget

We all like to talk about EH/DK and the 13 like we know them, like they’re our friends. And that’s a good thing, because it’s important to remember all of them. We like to act like they’re still here, in a way. We like to put them in our lives and think about how they’d be if they were “modern”. How they would be as adults, or if things had been different.

But they’re not here. As much as we wish, and pray, and cry, Eric and Dylan still killed themselves in that library. Dave Sanders still bled out in that classroom. Those innocent teenagers still died on that campus and in that library, the same one that still doesn’t exist anymore. That memorial is still there.

Eric isn’t here to make fun of fidget spinners, play the new Doom, or be a Marine.

Dylan isn’t here to marvel at how far computers have come, fill his instagram and Facebook with emojis and awkward posts, or finally find love.

Rachel isn’t here to spread her faith, sing and act in the theatre, or get married and have children.

Daniel Rohrbough isn’t here to enjoy new computer games, having his driver’s license, or revel in the memories of his days on the farm.

Kyle never got to enjoy his new friends at Columbine, being a firefighter, or experience the joys of becoming a more open and confident person.

Steven isn’t here to serve his country, enjoy the new Star Wars movies, or tell stories to his sister’s children.

Cassie isn’t here to advocate for Christ, go rock climbing, or enjoy the privileges of a college education.

Isaiah isn’t here to be a music executive, play football, or wrestle.

Matthew isn’t here to play football, see his little brother all grown up, or to stand beside Greg Barnes and tell him it’s okay.

Lauren isn’t here to play volleyball, become a biologist, or save another animal.

John isn’t here to be with Michelle any more, drive around in a Chevy, or help poor families get what they need.

Kelly isn’t here to be a songwriter, write a book, or publish her auto-biography.

Daniel Mauser isn’t here to watch the new Simpsons episodes, go on his first mountain hike, or eat pepperoni pizza.

Corey isn’t here to fish with his friends, be a Marine, or enjoy America’s many campgrounds.

Dave isn’t here to see his grandchildren all grown up, enjoy retirement, or see any more softball and basketball games.

These people aren’t here to joke about Trump, take a side on the issue of police action, or buy the newest iPhone. As much as we theorize, we never will truly know, because they’re not here to give us the answers. They died because nobody cared enough.

Never Forget.


Brian x Sister!Reader

“So, why’re you in here so often huh?” Mia asked as she leant in and smiled at him. “I mean really.”

“I’m looking for someone.” Brian admitted after weeks of getting nowhere and all his leads reaching a dead end.

“Oh, yeah who?” She asked and watched Brian smile to himself.

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