How long would a road trip to Pluto take?

Astrophysicist Adam Frank wrote a cool article for NPR about how long it would take a road trip to get to Pluto.

Assuming you drove the car at an average of 65 mph, it would take you about 6,293 years to get to Pluto!

If you don’t have the time for that trip perhaps you might consider flying? This is because at an average speed of 590 mph, you’d get there in 680 years. 

Well NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is traveling at over 50,000 mph and is about to reach Pluto - less than a decade after launching.

(Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)


17 Of The Most Shamelessly Whitewashed Movies Ever

I’m not going to get all cutesy with this intro. Instead, I’m going to cut to the chase: WTF is up with Hollywood’s obsession with casting white people as non-white characters? This was almost excusable in the early days of Hollywood, like when Katherine Hepburn–one of the most beloved and badass actresses of her time–was cast as a Japanese woman back in 1944. Still cringeworthy, but not entirely shocking given the time period. So why is it that in 2015 I’m anticipating the release of Pan, a dark Peter Pan prequel starring white actress, Mara Rooney, as Tiger Lily, a Native American character?

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