Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling - November 12

Hello dears!~ 🌻🌿
This is a spread I created for myself some days ago, for I wanted to gain some insight -and guidance- in to my creativity, inspiration and drive. And I thought it would be fun to share it with you all!

This spread fits any and all creative ways of expression! Be it painting, writing, photography, and so on. Hope you all enjoy! ☀️

1. Where are you creatively right now? (Your current drive - how driven are you in your creative endeavours
Your inspiration - where do you find inspiration/how do you get inspired)

2. -two cards- What is blocking and limiting you creatively?
(Your creative expression, drive and/or inspiration)

3. What do you need to work on to get rid of these blockages and limitations?

4. What can you achieve/how can you grow if you work on, and remove, these blockages and limitations?

5. -two cards- Where can you find, and gain, new inspiration, drive and creativity?

Feel free to try this spread out, and share your reading with me if you want! I love to see them! 💛🌿

And remeber that -if you want- it is always ok to tweak the questions so they fit you better~