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How would bee and crosshairs and drift react to discovering their human companion had feelings for them? (And they found out in an embarrassing way like cade maybe blurting it, their human companion trying to rehearse their lines outloud, or something).


  • When Kade says in an accident, he stops and goes what? Wait, what!?
  • Then Kade goes aw shit, and does a little explaining, but the second he gets the chance he asks you out.


  • You were rehearsing in a mirror one day and he crept up behind you.
  • Once he felt he heard enough, “Hey, doll face.” he say as you jumped. And then he’d say a cheesy pickup line and you’d ask how long he was standing there.
  • “Long enough.” he smirks.


  • You were having a conversation after a long and tiring fight with some cons, and drift came back a bit more than injured.
  • “You know, we have the materials here to upgrade your weapons. Maybe an arm shield would look cool!”
  • “No need, I am fine without them.”
  • The conversation goes into an argument and then;
  • “Why do you bother to care so much, Y/n?!”
  • “It’s because I actually like you, Drift!” you’d almost scream as tears welled up in the corners of your eyes.
  • “What?”
  • “I’m sorry,” you started, “That’s weird, isn’t it?” you said, turning to leave.
  • “Wait!” he’d say and you turn to him. “I’m sorry, too.” and he’d go on to say he didn’t know you cared like that. “Please, small one, I like you too.”