Fic Rec Day!

Destiny’s fic recs! I am seeing so much recs on my dash and it makes me happy. I’m going to pick a few that I haven’t seen rec’ed yet that I personally have enjoyed, though of course there is always going to be some gem I am forgetting ;-;

All of these are Solavellan or Solas centered, since that is sort of my interest currently.

Box Built Around the Sun by @gogohellgranny - A beautifully written post-Trespasser story still in progress, written from Solas POV. The writer has a very unique voice for Solas that I am quite fond of. 

Steel, Cold and Brittle by @theindomitable-ladymal - While Solas and Saehin is a fun and silly romp with elven zombies, I think ladymal is in her element with this angsty post-trespasser plot. Excited to see how this turns out <3

Daughter of the Dales by @evelynwaaaaah - I have been following her stories since they first started on ao3, I’m a big fan of her Elvhenan Arises series and her portrayal of Hal and Solas is just really loving and beautiful and makes me so happy. 

Envy Me by @pridetothefall - And the follow up Metu Vincta, where Senna and Solas must deal with the aftermath of the whole Envy situation. Creepy and awful but in the best way, it’s really good :3

Downshift by @littleblue-eyedbird - Solas is a drag race driver. That concept alone was enough to get me interested, but it’s super cute and I’m very excited to read more!

Unending Wake by @harellanart - AMAZING time travel fic with gorgeous artwork for each chapter and an incredible story from start to finish! 

Before the End, a New Beginning by @spirrum - A really interesting and well written take on the “oops lavellan got pregnant” idea. I’m very interested in where this story goes :D

Rise of a God, Fall of a People by @tsyele - Probably my favorite Arlathan set story along with Looking Glass. Sadly unfinished, but is an interesting take on Elvhenan society and Ghilan’nain’s ascension to godhood. Also I just really love Ghilan’nain! Also recommend checking out The Breach by her, as well.

@feynites - All of her AUs. All of them. 

And some other amazing authors whose stuff I have enjoyed!