Dear cuz,

Boy you know you left too soon. I love you and want you to know that I’m doing fine. Everything is not perfect but I am surviving. College is almost over for the freshman year. Trying to come out a winner in the end with these classes ya feel me? I told you I got a job. Man that job pay GOOD. Minimum wage ain’t got nothing on this! Lol! Moms ok and James back in school. He still rap though but school is his focus. Your father still trying to get through it. I need to text him. Mont is too. It’s harder on him due to the fact your father still ain’t set well with the situation. We all wanna get over it. It’s hard. I think I’m the only one still think you here. I hardly believe you dead. That white woman will get dealt with. God got her. Send your middle fingers down to her all you want. You right where you need to be. No more pain no more suffering and no more crazy hoes like Nicole running around HA! That girl crazy. Ain’t heard from Jazmyne but she still growing from what I seen on her tumblr. She ain’t done yet. Hopefully she do not lose these. Man. I miss you. You always said you was gonna come chill with me at UAB but that day never came. You work hard I understand. You made my graduation day forreal. I knew everybody else was gonna show. I was scared you weren’t gonna show. But you did. On Thanksgiving, I apologize for not giving you my whole attention man. I was just being stupid about my ex. I really wanted him to be there with me and my family but we were no longer a couple so there was no need for him to show. I still miss him and I love him as human. I stopped trying to talk to him because he in love with someone else now. Ha, i’ll take the shots of pain. You living better now. You don’t have to endure none of the stuff we regular people do. You an angel now. Sometimes i have visions of you getting up out that casket and the first person you come see is me and you say, “Jasmine, I’m here. I’m here.” But I always look up and you not there, I miss you. The crew miss you. Family miss you and we just wish we could hug you one more time dogg. You got a good heart and you knew something bad was going to happen that day. Just want you to know that I’m getting my life together for myself , my family and you. I wanna prove to you that I can do it and I wil make it. Graduating high school? Yea I did it. We all did. Nobody dropped out! Waiting on Ginger now. But college? Oh yea getting a job with my degree– now THAT’S making it. I love you cousin and we all miss you. I may not say anything everyday or send up a what’s up or anything but life trying to kill me but I won’t let it. I go to church every Sunday and I pray every night. I’m making a change. Tell Shad and Lil Johnny I said what’s up for me. I hope you loving every moment you spending with April. Ahhh man you know ya’ll had to catch up. Rashad? Oooo i miss him too. I would have loved to see him grow and become articulate and just the same as us. I miss him too. Just thinking about him growing up with me and Bre makes me smile to know how he is now. It’s a win-win for you huh? You meet your brother who never grew up and your mother who you never knew well enough. I’m happy for you. Watch over us man. Be our guardian angel and say a prayer for us. I’ll stay out of as much trouble as possible. I love you. Imma keep my head up don’t worry. 

#R.I.P. Driq