drips n drops

Rain || Luke Hemmings

it makes sense, hun. this happens to my brother often when he’s anxious.

I M A G I N E 

Drip drop drip drop.

Staring outside your foggy window was the sky crying away all of it’s feelings onto the earth as the human race was forced to deal with it. Why was it so sad? You ponder. Could it be how we destroy the environment carelessly without realizing the tragic effects it makes on the future? Is that why we do it, then? Depress the poor sky in order to water our crops and keep ourselves hydrated? 

You’re over thinking again. Stop it. Please, stop. 

“Y/N, want to come and play FIFA with us?” A cheerful Michael Clifford offered, causing you to grit your teeth in envy. How does he do it? “Ashton doesn’t want to play, as usual, and you’re–”

“Leave me alone, Michael!” You growled, almost glad that you wisely decided to lock the door to your room. “I want to be alone!” Your fingernails dig into your mattress like a dog clawing at its chew toy. 

“Y/N, you’ve been locked in there all day,” Michael says with a sigh. “Are you okay? D’you wanna talk about anythin–” 

“No!” You interrupt ruthlessly. “Just fucking go, Michael!” You screeched, twiddling your thumbs as you anxiously wait for Michael’s leaving. Listening to a deep sigh being let out, footsteps began, sounding distant with every step he took. It was then your turn to let out a sigh, one of relief and disappointment in yourself. 

Why did Michael even care anyway? He could be doing much more productive things like playing FIFA or enjoying himself some pizza. Why did he constantly have to check on you like a parent? Your bet was that he only cared because you were with Luke. 

You’re dating his best friend. 

Your breathing goes faster with every thought you contemplate in your head. A surge of insecurity struck you as you were supposedly ‘connecting the dots.’ The boys wouldn’t have been as nice and caring to you if you weren’t dating Luke. Because Luke cared, that instantly made them care because their best friend does. It all made sense! 

But, unfortunately, your wrong thinking only made matters worse.  

“Y/N?” You perked up at the voice that called your name. It was the one and only, of course. The one person who truly loved you, who wanted you. Who took in everything you were and knew how to handle you at your worst moments. Such a forgiving, caring soul. “Baby girl, why is the door locked?” The shaking of the knob made you jump a bit as Luke attempted to enter. 

“I-I’m sorry,” you say quietly, knowing that he didn’t really hear you. Breathing in and out with every step, you make it to the door and instantly fall into your boyfriend’s warm arms. “I-I just…” 

“It’s okay, Michael told me,” Luke said with a frown. He rubbed your back up and down, attempting to calm your nerves. “He looked paler than usual as the rest of the boys practically rushed me up. What’s got you so anxious, my li’l flowerpot?” 

“Nothing is wrong,” you spat as you hung in Luke’s embrace. “The boys don’t actually care, even if there were something wrong. I mean, I doubt they’d be going head over heels if we weren’t dating. They only care about me because of you after all, and that’s absolutely heart-shattering and–” before you can even continue, Luke’s long, cold finger rested upon your lips. Giving him a puzzled face, you look up to see him grin warmly at you. 

“You’re talking too much,” Luke says with a warm smile, making you flush a bit as you stare in awe. You were used to Luke being so calm during your attacks, but it always caught you off-guard every time. You were always so impressed that he’s able to, without needing to grab medicine or some sort of food. It was like he himself was the medication. 

“L-Luke…” you say softly as he allowed you to rest on his chest. 

“The boys love you, Y/N,” Luke says softly as he rests his chin on your head. “They fell in love you the first time I introduced you to them. Since then, they’ve always considered you a sister, Y/N. They want nothing to happen to you. They love you, and you really gotta glue that in your head.” 

“But Luke–”

“No but’s,” Luke says with a smirk. “C’mon, let’s cuddle on the bed, okay?” You nod gently as he guides the both of you to the bed. Getting you under the covers, Luke takes off his shoes and grabs you into his embrace once more. You blushed as the blonde boy began to nap. Your breathing calmed down while your anger finally simmered down and your body was still. Luke’s hot breaths hit your neck, making you smile lightly. 

Why hadn’t the doctors prescribed Luke long ago? You ponder as you fall into a deep slumber with Luke. With a gradual silence, the rain was no more and the night was humid with the earth drenched from the sky’s tears. 

oKAY so you guys, im taking my SATs tomorrow and im very nervous so please wish me luck xx