An oil video for the song “Of Holy Colors” by Jane Jane Pollock. DrippyEyeProjections. Edits by Justin Klein

“There’s a lot of the Southern gothic found within Jane Jane Pollock, a coed foursome hailing from Tallahassee by way of Thomasville, Georgia. In its handful of released songs, there’s always a slightly forlorn echo and a definite pensive mood, with twin female vocals trilling in and out of each other à la CocoRosie. In fact, throughout the rest of the group’s down-tempo ditties, there’s a lot of that other act’s characteristic experimentation with unusual, twee instruments — from melodica and ukulele to circuit-bent toys and even pots and pans. Still, Jane Jane Pollock manages to keep things original. In other, more up-tempo songs, there’s a rowdier, oompah-oompah vibe full of actual guitars and heftier textures, sort of like the soundtrack to a shoddy state fair haunted house.” ~Arielle Castillo | New Times