drippy words

I was on a car trip recently with my parents. This song came on the radio and my mother was shocked to learn that it was my favorite Fleetwood Mac song. 

But how can it not be? It starts off their classic album Rumors and what a great start it is. It is downright EUPHORIC. You get thrown into Rumors right off the bat, with this song telling you “hey, you’re in for a great time.” 

Lindsay Buckingham is having such a great time, putting all his energy into singing about being the rebound in their relationship—but who cares, he doesn’t mind. The song just builds up, rollicking along in the background, pushing forward with guitars and percussion. It pushes forward to the end, where the chorus just explodes into a big push of joy, the sort of vibrance and energy that make you sing so loud you’re worried you’ll go hoarse.

A lot of Fleetwood Mac songs are, for lack of a better word, drippy. This song busts open the door, kicks past that drippiness and loudly proclaims that we’re here to have fun.

“Rhiannon” is a lyrical wonder. “Landslide” is downright beautiful. But “Second Hand News” is pure fun, which kicks it up a few notches in my book. It’s the song you roll down your windows, cranking up the volume as you do so. Besides, any song with lyrics like “bam bam bam bam DO IT DO IT DO IT” automatically makes it a great sing-along. At least you’ll know the words to that bit.