dripping rainbow

As far as rainbow cakes come, this one’s probably my favourite so far. Its unbridled vivaciousness only slightly muted by its pastel hues, make such a happy sight, which is great for an equally joyous occasion.

Cake: Cupcake Jemma/Crumbs and Doilies

Let’s take this #ThrowbackThursday to 2012 and a #painting I call “Strawberry Whispers"😍🍓 You’ll be able to get her as a print at my @DesignerCon booth 1609 this weekend!😍💕 But if you can’t make the show don’t fret! Because she is available on store.camilladerrico.com!😘 But only until the end of my #BlackFridaySale!🙀 So make sure you check it out before she’s gone!!🎉 #camilladerrico #popsurrealism #desginercon #designercon #designercon2016 #dcon #poppainting #popmamga #painting #butterflies #dripping #rainbow #strawberrywhispers #art #prints #artwork

Drippy rainbow nails because I just couldn’t resist doing another set inspired by the work of Jen Stark. I added some little white sequins around the cuticle for a little something extra (find my review on this product here) and thought they tied in the shattered glass foil I used on my thumbs (review for this product here). It’s been a while since I’ve done anything quite so vibrant, and I really fell in love with this color palette. Thanks again to Jen Stark for the fab inspo!

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NT/NF Aesthetics - with llamas and stuff

NF Aesthetics - With Stuff

INFP: rainbow paint dripping down a torn-down Berlin wall.

See: dark and passionate. 

ENFP: feathers in hair looking sweet as fuck but ‘bout to fight the man

See: aggressive and passionate

INFJ: teddy bear on a book in the snow

See: loving, soft, with a hint of cold air

ENFJ: hot apple pie floating down a river

See: warm, delicious and free like an apple pie floating down a river

NT Aesthetics - With Llamas

ENTJ: llama organizing logistics of explosion

See: planner and boss

INTJ: llama pressing button for explosion

See: quiet instigator

ENTP: llama building materials for massive explosion

See: loud instigator

INTP: llama eating perfect icy fractal in a bathtub /not involved in explosions

See: doesn’t give a shit, just likes fractals