dripping rainbow

Do you remember “The Hourglass Game“? 🐙🌷❤ She’s from my Spilled Milk exhibition back in 2013! 😄 I wanted to share her for this weeks #throwbackthursday! 😊 I wanted to try something different than my usual color palettes and compositions, so I went outside the box with this one! 🎨🖌 The outcome was my first attempt and breaking down the girl’s figure. I wanted to portray a certain mood so I used deeper colors in the background and tried some slash-like dripping effects! 🖤❤️ It was really fun to try something opposite of what I would normally make! 😆 She serves as a reminder to push myself to try new things while painting because you never know what the outcome may be! 😉💖 I even made her one of the images you can choose in my new Custom Print Shop on store.camilladerro.com! 😁 I have over 50 images you can choose as well as what paper type and size! 😀Whatever choices you want, I’ll make it and send it to you! 💌💕 Please check it out ☺ and make sure have a great morning cuties!

As far as rainbow cakes come, this one’s probably my favourite so far. Its unbridled vivaciousness only slightly muted by its pastel hues, make such a happy sight, which is great for an equally joyous occasion.

Cake: Cupcake Jemma/Crumbs and Doilies

Let’s Go Largo

Summary: Largo: slow, when referring to a tempo. Jason loved playing the piano. It practically saved him and gave him something to live for. Jazz, ragtime, blues, boogie woogie. He loved it all. Except classical. He could often be found playing in the coffee shop owned my his friends. The appearance of a certain blue-eyed classical pianist shakes things up. But in a good way. 

A/N: Mood music: Ed Sheeran’s “What do I know?”

Music terminology used: forte: loud; piano: soft, quiet; rondo: played in a round or circular pattern; ritardando: to slow the tempo, slow down

I also encourage you to follow the pieces that are linked throughout the fic.

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Treble Espresso was everything that Jason could ever ask for in a coffee shop. It wasn’t too small, but still hidden away from the main streets of Gotham. A well-kept secret among the rest of the shops that hipsters took for themselves. But Treble wasn’t for them. It was for Jason and other music and non-music lovers alike.

It welcomed jazz artists, blues groups, ragtime bands, hell, Jason was pretty sure that a folk group had booked the place so they could play one night. It had acoustic sessions and open mic nights. And what Jason loved the most, was that it had an upright piano. And that the place was owned by two of Jason’s friends, of course.

The piano was in pretty bad shape when Kori and Roy had first taken on the lease in the hopes of opening their own coffee shop. It was out of tune, the paint was scratched, and at some point or other a group of mice had made their home inside of it. Hammers were missing and strings were broken, but beneath it all and how beat up it had become, Jason saw how beautiful it was.

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anonymous asked:

imagine roxy, with a little bit of jake's hope to back her up, manages to undisappear functional quest beds for the trolls who hadn't yet gone god tier. karkat volunteers as the first to try them out and the night before he and dave just. hold each other. cry a bit. for fear that it won't work, and that this'll be their last night together. imagine karkat is killed, and there's a few tense seconds, but then he ascends, dripping rainbow fire. imagine dave and karkat immediately starting to (cont)

sob, and they’re laughing and smiling and dripping tears and snot all over and hugging each other and kissing, quick and chaste but as many times as they’re able, and it’s totally embarassing but they’re too happy and relieved to care

I hope you know I’ve already begun a fanfic about this, so ty anon

small excerpt:

Dave shifted uncomfortably and bit his lip, unsure how to ask what he wanted to ask. “You’re not gonna… do that thing, right?”

Karkat frowned, confusion and worry crossing his face. “What thing?”

“You know, like in the movies,” Dave began, hands gesturing even more wildly as he spoke than normal. “The whole, ‘if I have to die, I want you to be the one to do it’ thing. Because I’m telling you, man, I can’t fucking handle that. I can’t do it. I don’t even like this idea in the first place, you know. I-”

“Oh my god, shut the fuck up,” Karkat cut in, wrapping his arms around Dave and clinging to him tightly. “I’m not going to do that to you. That’s the most selfish, inane wriggler bullshit I’ve ever heard. Look. I might be a fucking coward, but… I’m not going to put something like that on someone else, alright?”