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Essays in Existentialism: Sisters

Wow… More amazing writing… Thank you. If u are taking prompts I would love a forbidden love, like best friends little sister or from the wrong side of the tracks…

“We can’t,” Clarke whispered, shaking her head. Lexa pulled her shirt anyway, scraping her fingertips along skin that became available. There was little resistance in her actions.

“This might be our only chance,” she whispered, nose dragging along Clarke’s. Her lips followed, reaching to touch her own. “You’re graduating tomorrow.”

“Anya’s my best friend,” the blonde argued as her shirt disappeared. That sentence gave her a tiny bit of spine to stand up to the onslaught of Lexa’s eyes and lips and nose and intoxicating closeness. Not enough, but some.

“I’m negligibly younger than you,” Lexa insisted. “One year.”

“It’s not the age thing, or that I’m graduating. You’re my best friend’s sister. You’re my sister’s sister. That makes you my sister,” Clarke worried, feeling Lexa’s fabric against her bare stomach.

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