dripping in luxury

day five - kylux positivity week

Drabble for day 5 of @kyluxpositivityweek: bdsm + biting. one time where hux gives kylo what he wants, and one time he doesn’t. {warning for angst/self-esteem/punishment issues on kylo’s end.}

Sometimes it goes like this:

 Hux makes Kylo crawl across the floor, naked and head bowed, allowing Hux the perfect view of the way the dim light washes over his toned back.  By the time Kylo reaches Hux, who’s perched on the edge of the bed with his legs spread and making a Kylo-sized space, he’s already half-hard and dripping on Hux’s expensive, luxury rug; he’ll take his belt to Kylo’s hide later for this transgression.  But right now, Hux yanks Kylo’s hair to lift his head up, and despite the rough treatment, Kylo doesn’t make a sound, doesn’t meet Hux’s eye; Hux gives him a pat on the cheek in reward.  Kylo’s eyes flutter shut as he exhales a silent breath, like he’s never experienced anything more fulfilling than this: being on his knees, body and soul yearning to obey and please.

“Disgusting,” Hux deems, the unspoken and perfect hidden beneath derision.  

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AURORA HAD BEEN TO MANY PLACES during the short twenty years she’d been alive, most of them either dripping with luxury or crawling with a collection of storybook villains. and yet during all those “business” trips to spain with her father, not once had the girl stepped foot in barcelona. that was all going to change tonight. seeing as the cruise was docked on one of the spanish country’s most famous cites, aurora wasn’t about to lay about and sleep on the ship with the rest of the sheep and waste a perfectly good opportunity to get up to no good. the brunette slunk along the exit, the moon dotted sky above not yet touched by the rising sun’s golden rays, despite the early hour. sensing a presence behind her (a skill aurora was perhaps all too good at thanks to her job description) she spun around, face half concealed by the tremedous shadow the ship casted along the dock. ❛ is there a reason you’re following me? ❜ she asked, blue eyes narrowed into slits, a dark brow arched in question. ❛ because to be frank, i don’t think you’d be able to handle where i’m headed. ❜