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Do you have any pointers on watercolors? I got some paint and paper as a gift and I love trying new mediums, but it's really different from colored pencils.

hehe I’m pretty new to watercolour too! It’s very relaxing to work with watercolour paints. ^_^

Make sure you have some tissue and a clean jar of water to clean your brush between colours. Work in a bright space (near a window is good C:) and a flat surface (unless you want to have wet paint move down your paper (for certain effects ^^)

When I start painting, I drip some water on the colours in the paint pan that I want to use, so they are all moistened and ready to be used. 

You can load up your brush with colour and paint it on dry paper for precise placement of the paint (ex. adding fine details, outlining the art). Or use your clean wet brush to wet a specific area and then go get some colour and touch it to the wet spot and the colour will spread throughout that space. It’s really cool! You can add different colours and kinda blend them together with soft movements of your brush or just let the colours mix on their own.
If you want soft blending between colours (like adding blush to cheeks) you should add the pink colour when the skin colour is still damp. If you want sharp edges then you should wait for the underlayer of paint to be totally dry.

When I want a colour to be darker, I usually add more dark blue to the paint. ^^ And for lighter shades, I just add more water.
Have fun layering colours!! ^_^ When your painting is dry, you can add shadows over top of your drawing. I love using blue or purple for shading ^__^
Sometimes I do the entire drawing with watercolour, but more often, I use a mechanical pencil to lightly sketch first. Be careful that your pencil lines aren’t messy when you go to paint over it, because it’s hard to get rid of the pencil afterwards @- @;;;

Here are some watercolour youtube channels that I enjoy watching ^_^

Mateusz Urbanowicz

Peter Sheeler

Atelier Sentô

Star spangled brushwork

Summary: You need help painting your apartment, and the weather and Bucky Barnes are both hot. Sniping and sexy times ensue.

Characters: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 3,220
Warnings: NSFW, 18+ ONLY. Seriously. If you’re not of legal age, go away, this is not for you.

A/N: It’s my first attempt at smut and smut is hard (no pun intended). Any advice and/ or feedback is always more than welcome. 

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After years of saving pennies, working multiple jobs, and one too many nights of boxed wine and Ramen noodles, you had finally, finally, saved enough money for a down payment to buy your own apartment. Sure it was small and on the top floor of an elevator-less building, but it was yours, and that’s what mattered.

In a bid to save money like a responsible homeowner, you also decided to paint the place yourself, and with a little cajoling and a little blackmail concerning that time you filmed him singing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ while he made a PB&J, Bucky grudgingly agreed to help as well.

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The Night’s On Fire

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Warnings: Underage drinking, drunken sex.

You feel the bass pounding beneath your feet the moment you step out of the car. The massive house is overflowing with college kids (and brave locals), stumbling around with red cups in hand. You can see strobe lights flashing and smoke from the smoke machines drifting out of the open door and you know that this is not the place you want to spend your night.

“Smile, sweetheart,” one of the brothers slurs as you wait by the door for your roommate, “you’re at a party!”

Before you can retort, one of the more sober brothers working the door shoves him inside. “Sorry about him. He’s a new brother. They’re finally allowed to drink and he’s gotten a little out of control,” he explains. “I was going to ask over or under but because there’s vodka in your cup, I’m assuming over. Don’t tell me if I’m wrong.” He holds his hand out for yours and scribbles a circle on the back with a grin. “Enjoy the party.”

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Make Me

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“Honestly, if they’re not wearing cinder block shoes then they have to be running some kind of illegal zoo up there. There’s no other explanation for the noises that they make,” you complain as you glance up at the ceiling. You’re certain that, one of these days, the base between the two floors is going to give and your upstairs neighbors (along with their fucking petting zoo that you’re certain has to exist) will come crashing down into your bedroom in the middle of the night.

“They could be fucking,” Taehyung offers as he flips a page in his Biology textbook, “they could be into some really weird shit. You never know about these crazy college kids.” He glances up in time to catch the blank look you offer and shrugs. “Or they could have a petting zoo. I don’t know. They are loud, though. Have you tried talking to them?”

You sigh as you fold another t-shirt and place it into your suitcase. “No,” you grumble, “I wanted to avoid problems. I knew after the first day of living here that I wouldn’t be renewing but I didn’t think it’d be this bad for the whole year.”

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signs as some art movements and/or styles
  • aries: post modern drip painting /op art
  • taurus: abstract expressionism / color field /tachisme
  • gemini: surrealism / bauhaus / social realism
  • cancer: tonal impressionism / pointillism
  • leo: cubism / dynamism / futurism
  • virgo: ashcan school / american impressionism /symbolism
  • libra: pre-raphaelite / rococo / art deco
  • scorpio: suprematism /german expressionism /de stijl
  • sagittarius: der blaue reiter / fauvism
  • capricorn: mannerism / hudson river school / post minimalism
  • aquarius: performance art /fluxus / guerrilla girls
  • pisces: art nouveau / dada
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Some things I did yesterday as a stage manager
  • Used an exacto knife to pull dried paint from a drain
  • Laid on my back to paint the underside of a table, managed to drip paint all over my face and hair
  • Told two teenagers to stop fighting and be nice to each other
  • Told multiple adults to put their seat belts on, and then physically did it for them when they refused
  • Accidentally dripped wood stain on the stage floor
  • Tried to mix paint, but my lack of knowledge was my downfall
  • Popped an 18 year old upside the head because he was talking during an elementary school production